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Forsaken and Betaken

Chapter 4

by Catherine C. Straub

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Forsaken and Betaken
Chapter 4

Give thanks to the Lord for he is good; his love is everlasting.
— Psalm 107:1

The hourglass of time sand settles down showing how infallible we are.

Amidst thundering rain or hail storm warnings, the female occupants (of two houses planned to venture out celebrating – prepared to go dining.

"Well, do you 'ever look spiffy' my girl," Marcy teased – impatiently waiting in the car, honking the horn. She felt a bit tired running around two hours prior to the dance? Tonight they'd have a delicious dinner, sick of donated funeral food.

Beth amazed being home, rushed about feeling lonely...

"I might as well see 'what a dance is like' if Aunt Gen and I enter the convent. She'd still play bingo." Marcy gawked... at Beth. She wondered if Aunt Gen was just humoring her... she held in her laugh. Beth continued. "I'm 'happy to be home' Mother," she felt like sobbing." It had to be – the change coming back, 'after the traumatic event' leaving here, or the deaths.

"Darling – now 'whatever is the matter,' she peered closely at her, are you feeling okay?" She pulled into the diner parking lot – and held her. She sobbed, and Marcy patted her slim back.

"Sweetie... blots your face. I'll come in the rest room with you; don't worry about the others. Emmy wants to see you." Beth turned to her, hearing all the consideration – but it still didn't help – living away. She blotted her face with cold water around her eyes and examined her mother....

"It's the move – and Aunt Gen is always busy with her affairs."

"You should 'consider.' It was only a suggestion – after what occurred that day with pushy Kieran. Moreover that darn man was so oriented to wrong. They must take after their dad." Marcy took her arm, as they left the car. "Let's go inside and get nourished. Do you ever get the right nutrition?" She put her arm around her waist, and they walked to the table. The other two could tell matters were "touchy."

"I want to hear your 'whole affair' with Mitchell," Beth sat next to Emmy, leaned, and murmured, like (they were alone) in the tree house. She always liked Beth, considering each other sisters plus friends.

"We 'only ordered' drinks and finger food. Try a cheese stick," Flo said; biting into one. The waitress hovered near by... Strenuous, they gave their order, so they could converse more freely....

Emmy whispered in confidence... "None of my classmates have matured, and I feel like I'm in a class with babies." Flo slyly eyed her... What was bothering her, more likely her education? "Aunt Flo, how could I work out my 'extra studies' to graduate when I ought to?" Flo pondered the idea, what could happen? She should be a 10th grader.

"I'll speak to the principal. I rather assume you'd use your summer free time.

That doesn't seem enough time? Don't worry about it. You may have to attend another class on break, do you study two a day?" Brother! She must be a genius.


At different intervals dining that evening, Emmy and Beth noticed this male teen at another table – staring their way. Giggling, she nudged Emmy. He was tall, trim and handsome with blonde, short cut curly hair, a Roman nose, and baby blue eyes. They watched him stand and near their table, staring at Beth. He introduced himself as: Valery Warren Wilds the 111 from Chicago, Illinois. He caused an eruption at the table; demanding his way likes the wealthy do.

"We're the Steward and Nelson families. We're happy to meet you Valery!" The older women shook his hand, "won't you have a soda drink with us?"

"Ah – my folks are just partaking of dessert. I accept your offer with a Pepsi regular?" His eyes fell on Beth, and she gazed into his. She never imagined she would meet a young man interested in her, just for herself. Here she was in tears not long ago, and now she met Valery from her area.

"What area is you from," Flo asked.

"We're located in the 'northern part' of Chicago on North Saint Clair Street. We decided to get out of the area tonight to another residential area?"

"I'm attending high school 'in the north.' Tonight I'm with my family and all of us are going to a lounge dance, near here, at eight thirty. Would you like to meet us there?" She beamed brightly.

Showing his pearl white teeth. "We both left to come or leave home?"

"Go see what the elders feel? The music is: the Big Band style?"

He stood – sure of himself, with his family rank, and wanting to see Beth. He approached his father, mother, and Grandmother, on his mother's side.

"Valery did you meet the young lady, you wanted?" His grandmother engrossed, asked.

"Grand mere, yes, they're going to a varied lounge at eight thirty located near by. We're invited to come... to hear (they termed it) the Big Band Sounds."

"I would love to go, Grand mere stated – peering at her son's sour expression. Claret, You and Vestina make an enchanting ballroom couple, why the scowl, they are people too – humor me, I'd like to hear the orchestra?" Valery kissed his favorite Grandmother, when she leaned her cheek. The favors, she did for him, were numerous. He accepted his father's nod – walked back to the table, and sat.

The food was delivered, so being Valery dined, he pushed closer to Beth. She was in heaven with his smiling face. She was thankful; she said a prayer. Flo gaped at the newcomer, and his diverse financial rank. He must take after his grandmother. She never met the rest of them, but they could not be jewels on earth with their rich status. She felt dubious for some unexplained reason, why she mistrusted the man. He seemed kind, and like Job, and look at that.

Marcy noticed the same thing? Could he be the answer to prayers on earth or torture for the family? For what company, living in a weird place. Now Beth, probably, wanted her to stay up north. Marcy was not for it.

Eight thirty arrived and they went to their cars. The nightclub located in the next block excelled in fine dance and drink? Beth was still in a daze, but came out of it fast when her mother spoke: "A man not a woman isn't 'the same' as a guardian. I demand, you to stay here?" She stared at her daughter's rebellious face.

Flo watched the scene... What a fluke coming out. Youths, she thought – feeling alone in another place: being tested. She was ridiculous grabbing on to anyone. Marcy barely held in her words, how quickly Beth fell for a stranger. Another disaster, she was sure, but what could she do?

"I doubt he goes to the high school, Mother. She saw her expression change? I will find out? I hate to 'return here' with Kieran's women."

They arrived with unsolved decisions. "We will talk it over later?" Emmy was stunned "what occurred," and irate Beth ignored her. They entered the lounge with lanterns lit on the wall. The other family did not sit with them, but near enough for Beth and Valery revolving back and forth with both relatives.


Dubious Mitchell entered the lounge peering around – spotting Emmy. He moved toward her... noticing a strange boy by Beth. He soon found out his name, and made a note to himself, to check him out? He sat down next to Emmy and introduced himself, and he did the same. He seemed nice, but he probably was a pusher of sex at least? He assumed; Beth was the same age as Emmy and Joyce.

When they took the floor, eyes fell on Valerie's parents with their statute and bearings. Vestina stared at the group inviting them to this affair. She noticed a better postured man with them. She supposed, maybe it was okay to fraternize, but she could not move with her husband. She believed his mother would, and mark her words; she stood and using her cane walked over to their table.

Flo and Marcy – stared at the elder woman – casually strolling their way? She stood in front of the table in all her grandeur. "I'm here to thank you for inviting us. My stubborn backward son in law will not budge, but I will sit for a while if my aching bones will take it." Valerie beamed, the occupants introduced themselves. Marcy changed seats with Flo, and bent an ear... toward the grandmother. "You see Madam? What age is Valery? These teens 'generally get involved too early' anymore?" She crossed her fingers at least; she was a wise woman. But did she ever refuse her charming grandson. Females are the gender that gets caught?"

"I recognize what you're indicating." She tried speaking over the loud music.

"Valery is now a junior, and only one year to complete his high school education? They don't send him to a special school for reasons concerning business practice. I say – to be on the same level with others," she supplied.

Flo eyed Marcy – not blaming her; the way female matters where? Emmy was in Mitchell's arms moving around the floor. Her aspirations were to be a housewife and mother (of the future) with a family. She didn't care if she worked out side the home if they could get by, if not with Eugene?


"Those parents of his probably consider Valerie's kids illegitimate spawn – and find a woman suited for him." Marcy shouted at Beth climbing in the car. "I called Aunt Gen tonight and we are driving there right now?"

"I wish you would not make so much of these men. I know; I'm only in mid high school level, but these boys now days are different?"

"You are sure a baby, would be considered enough for them to approve marriage for you two? That is the position; we women are in? He isn't even eighteen, but I bet; he had many teens."

"How can 'you feel' that way, Mother? Look how your husbands behaved?"

That matter's a sore point – boys and men are trouble controlling masculinity.


Emmy rode home with Mitchell. Marcy was traveling back north.

"Mitchell does you think, she's in danger, he's not a senior?"

"Let's ride to the station. I'll check it out if he has a rap sheet? He did seem commanding, and she has two years (at least) of school?" She nodded. He pulled in back of the station.

In a few minutes, he handed her the news. The sheet listed: minor crimes: messing with drugs, various complaints from parents of girls, he pushes himself.

"I'll take you home and maybe you can catch Beth and tell her?"

Marcy answered Aunt Gen's phone. "Emmy, what is it; he has a rap sheet for passing illegal drugs and parent's complaints fooling with young girls. Oh God, why my daughter," she sank in a chair. The irate daughter moved in the room.

"What is it?" Her mother hung up the phone? Beth glared at her.


Nothing went well after Marcy stated her feelings – subsequent to Emmy's call. Aunt Gen convinced them to leave. Outside in the dark, they reluctantly descended the steps of Aunt Gen's house, slamming the door of the car, feeling barmy.

Loosing the Lotto goes similar to strumming the sad "strings of our hearts." The harms, we experience in life. Accepting a windfall of cash makes you feel exhilarated, not down in the dumps like teenagers do.

"Before I had her believing, she's coming back to be with us. I should have kept her at home – in the first place, and given her my love. Look how, she talked to me, like 'she belonged' to that family."

"Come on Marcy let's say our prayers." She took her hand, and they bowed their heads....

"Now next: let's try to get sleep? I can't believe she dumped you. That says; she's really a seditious and quandary daughter. It reminds me of being mutinous. You thought she's good. Here she dated in tenth grade. They're 'two of a kind'?"


In Lincoln Park, Chicago, during the night rain hit all sections of the area. As usual spring over flowing water brings flooding worries.

Flo's house occupants collected umbrellas for the walk to school. Marcy ordered her boys to take rain coverage. Carl and Thomas left obeying, ready to hop, skip, and jump, to meet the other teens on the way to class. Emmy rushed along with the others usually next to Joyce. She must keep up with classes, no extra time allowed for study halls to learn the next grade.

On Sunday Flo and Marcy awoke two hours behind, but made it to church.

Mitchell was feeling great. She would make a good young mother for his children. She was the element of his dreams. Flo and Marcy arrived to see him.

"What can I do for you ladies today?" He smiled, broadly at them!

"Other then my late husband taking our dog Cherie and dumping her, I require the prosecutors home address, because I can not take it if evil Eugene gets off. In addition, it was what Kieran wanted, so he could plan his own revenge. I must try everything to keep him locked up?" Marcy had forgotten the loss of Cherie.

"Quickly... I need you to call a counselor about my relationship with my daughter. It seems to be spiraling 'out of my control' happening the prior evening.

That's when she met that rich kid. Add when Emmy called with his criminal record?" Mitchell eyed them as they spoke it seemed they met up with "a bomber of a situation" a rich kid out for his own wants. Mitchell and Emmy had a good lead where Cherie was taken. It seemed her rogue expired husband hid her in a back room at work.

"I was floored... when she came in the room! I gave her an example of his doings. A good question: did he really fall in love? I bet he met her at school today. Aunt Gen had bought her a phone of her own. I have been the biggest fool sending her away?" Marcy was down as she could be, and he sensed it?"

"At times, teenagers are 'hard to phantom?' Emmy seems more mature, Flo said probably, because of her life. Glory Be, what she endured – to toughen up."

"I'll make a call right now to a lady, I know, and see if she can work magic for you? You'll require a prosecuting attorney. Eugene did plot, but it must be proved.

"The 'neighbor kids' and yours surely know; he pulled vice. Will they help in the right way? Did they say or indicate they'd be off school?"

"God no, what are 'we women' supposed to be? Can't you do anything?"

"Now women try to 'be strong in adversity,' so Beth sees the 'right path.' Flo you get your situation worked out? Eugene should pay for his crime. We'll get it worked out; you don't need it for sure?" Flo stood feeling better! He had a working effect on woman and all for the good? Marcy still felt shaken with her daughter's attitude, and turned to see him smile? He walked around the desk and put his arms around the both of them. "Try not to let these matters govern your life because on earth, problems always happen?" He jested with them, and they let him know he was nonsense.

After the Chief of Police called the prosecutor and counselor, the women went home with the assurance, Marcy's appointments early in the afternoon. Flo spoke to the prosecutor in the office. He offered: "The two boys are due to leave school to testify?"

"Let's partake of coffee and breakfast at home. What do you say Marcy?"

They got in the car and sat a few minutes... considering...?

"I'll fix breakfast," Marcy said. When did Cherie disappear? Satisfied she turned to her. Come to my house, we are running late today? "I just can't believe my only daughter is a problem?"

"We heard his rap sheet." "I didn't notice Cherie vanished. Mitchell thinks he knows were she is... to return her. I'm waiting ...

"You're kidding. You were ready to bring Beth home before you heard this?"

"Come into my dungeon. You will never savor as good a breakfast. Our work is sure cut out for us?"

"I'll attend the doctor with you, and wait around...."


Marcy with Flo at her side – reclined in front of the counselor relating her story.

"My recommendation for now is: not to instruct her or open you mouth even if you two had trouble with men? It looks like she did too? It won't help your relationship (with her) if her feelings are engaged for this kid. Say you force the issue to leave him, you loose out. You put her into the aunt's hands. I'm sorry that matters worked out worse because you dined out that night?

"I thought I had a good daughter not a defiant one. I still have problems accepting it. I will behave. He even has a rap sheet with the police."

"Those rich boys aren't usually raised right, but he isn't the worst, I heard? She already was a typical proto type high school girl with a boyfriend, or wants a more serious attachment. Can you make it in a week to see me?" Marcy nodded.

Outside the weather wanted to warm up. Flo imagined like birds Emmy and her flying from house, to house – peeking in windows to see if her brother was around. Emmy's mother and father treated her like porcelain china. It was a good thing she toughened up – a week passed and they never returned.

"We have talked so much let's eat at my house now?" She pulled in her drive.

Mitchell picked Emmy up at school, and she was surprised. "First: I found Cherie and let's get her, and return her." "I thought maybe you, wanted to meet my parents that live nearer to the city."

"Of course, I always wanted to meet your parents, but I let it up to you to ask? He kissed her for being what he wanted her to be. They're aware about your age. I think I could talk them in to standing up for us to marry if you want to earlier than eighteen?" He stopped at Job's work place. In back found the malnourished dog. He handed the poor dog to Emmy, embracing it....

"I can't believe you just said my life wishes. Just so I could finish school. I wouldn't mind starting out younger... birthing children?" She beamed at him; he was just what, the doctor ordered. She rushed in the garage and to the leash. She yelled in the door. "Aunt Flo the dog is back. He's chained in the garage."

Mitchell pulled in the driveway of a pure white two story house. Emmy peered at his parents (both the same height) 5 foot 8 inches, short necks, and squat bodies, the same height of 5 foot 8 inches, and brown haired. Their dog, Margie, came out to meet them wagging her tail. "Mom, dad, Margie meet my lovely fiancé, Emmy." Emmy wondered how they had Mitchell, so tall. She beamed, they seemed such a nice couple and it made her miss her family? They noticed, "A cloud cover her face" for a minute, and then she was her normal cheerful self.

"Come in for 'an early dinner,' and go ahead and call your aunt. We don't want her to worry?" Emmy listened to the woman, and followed the others inside the two story house. She was shown where the phone was....

Flo was astonished; she went to his parents' house, after they dropped the dog off. The poor thing, so skinny, how could he be so cruel, now gone for good. She's more flabbergasted, the dog was returned. The question was how to protect Cherie?

Why didn't that brother Farth nourish the dog? Was he a monster like Job?

Emmy was working on her education, and it would be two years before she moved up to her rightful class. Flo really loved that girl like her own. It had been six years ago that haunting night time visit turning into nightmares. That Job gave worse nightmares with his horrid actions making her heart break.


Mr. and Mrs. Morrison wanted the best for their only son, amidst four daughters. They loved this young girl that lost her family, and decided to support them. That was if they urged to wed earlier than her eighteenth birthday. She wanted to start a family sooner maybe due to losing hers?

After a delicious meal, they prepared to leave. Emmy felt elated – wishing her aunt was there, instead of these new relatives since they wanted to set up the wedding date. They approached the rectory. "Let us do the talking?" The elders spoke and they followed to the door....

One of the younger priests came to the door.... "How can I help you?"

"We are the father and mother of Mitchell, here. This is Emmy and they want to get hitched. We will stand for them at her age? She would like to start having a family and finish school....She lost her family and the police don't know what happened to her parents." Emmy listened with a stolid face and half an ear.... Her mind reverted to the priest, who was talking... "Within a month and hurry and get those invites and necessary items and promise to take Pre Cana instructions. How's next Tuesday evening at seven Pre Cana nights, October 18th at 10 in the morning for the wedding?" He glanced at the calendar?

"Fine, and great news, said Mitchell and thank you Father Theodore!" They strolled out of the rectory.

"We can find invites on the way back, and the next day we will fill them out?

Joyce could be my Maid of Honor and one of your sisters a Bridesmaid. Do we want more than two attendants on both sides?"

"Probably, I don't care who we have in our wedding." He drove away from the house into a secret cove.... Emmy intended seeing Eugene that day.

Flo was waiting for her, and when she walked in the door, she embraced her; she'd brought the dog inside, so tickled. How to hide her was a big question. Flo felt time passed. "Tell me what happened? Are you getting married soon?"

"We'll work it out, so I can finish my education."

"I've money for your high school and saved some for additional schooling?"

Emmy stared at her with all the love she knew. She surely was a rare jewel.

"Aunt Flo? You are too good to me," she embraced her. "What do you feel about Mitchell finding Cherie?"

"I'm delighted; the dog might have to be hid. We came home with out Beth. I imagine she went to school today and met him. Marcy always thought she was a good girl, not rebellious, trying to protect her, and look what happened." "The counselor advises not arguing with Beth if her feelings are engaged for this kid.

"I haven't seen Marcy since this afternoon. Emmy went to her homework.

Flo hurried across the street. The door was open. "Marcy?" "Hey. She pushed her arm, what's up."

Marcy gazed at the wall. "She called ... and said we are through."

How ratty could kin or people be? The more she peered at Marcy – the madder, she became. So livid, she stood and dialed her Aunt Gen. She heard the phone picked up. "This is Marcy's friend, her mother's in shock here. What is that brat up to? We need to call the police to handle this matter?"

"God alive, I bought her the phone. I'm taking it away from her. I have never seen her like this (from the time) when she met that convict."

"A rich boy and you better not say anything now, but tomorrow have the phone disconnected. Do you know anyone (in the law) that could watch that kid?"

"I'll see what I can work out, when I check if she went to sleep. She is just using the phone to call him. It was meant to call her mother or girlfriends?"

Aunt Gen seeing her asleep, snatched the phone, and tiptoed out of the room. Immediately, she called the police to pick up the rich boy, Valerie Scott.

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