Chubby Angel

Angel Doll Pattern

Christianity Oasis provides this this free chubby Angel pattern to make a chubby Angel doll which has easy instructions and pictures to make this adorable Angel doll pattern very doable.

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This Chubby Angel pattern website was inspired by Scripture describing a Virtuous Woman.

Proverbs 31:13
She seeketh wool, and flax, and worketh willingly with her hands.

Chubby Angel Doll

Chubby Angel Pattern and Tutorial

Welcome to our Christianity Oasis Crafts program. This is our absolutely free Chubby Angel pattern download with a step by step Chubby Angel tutorial which has easy to follow instructions on how to make a stuffed Chubby Angel Doll. The Chubby Angel pattern project is appropriate for mid-level skilled crafters and a gift appropriate for recipients of any age. This Angel Doll make a SON-derful gift

Chubby Angel Doll

Completed Chubby Angel

Chubby Angel Pattern Materials you will need:

  • Sewing Machine
  • Pins
  • Scissors
  • ½ yard Flesh-tone Fabric
  • ¾ yard White Fabric
  • ¾ yard Ribbon
  • Thread
  • Polyfil
  • Hand Sewing Needle
  • 50 yds. Yarn
  • 2 buttons

Print the Chubby Angel Pattern

Please read all directions before you begin your Chubby Angel doll project. Prewash your fabric before cutting out the Chubby Angel Pattern as most fabrics will shrink when washed. The Chubby Angel pattern fits on three pieces of standard or A4 copy paper. Note: The sewing instructions for the Chubby Angel doll are not included on the pattern itself.

Download the free Chubby Angel Pattern here.

Cutting the Fabric

This Chubby Angel pattern allows for ½ inch seams. The seam allowance is already figured into the pattern, so there is no need to adjust the pattern or add any seam allowance to it. Lay out your pattern with the arrows along the straight grain of fabric. Cut out as many pieces as the pattern piece indicates and transfer all markings to your fabric using a disappearing marker, transfer paper, or another method if you prefer.

Pattern Pieces and Fabric Cut Out

Tip: If you have a pattern that you use often, try cutting it out of a strong quality paper towel. The paper towel is easily pinned through onto your fabric and doesn't rip like paper does when pinned through repeatedly for multiple uses.

Note: The Chubby Angel Doll pictured in this tutorial is made from a simple white sheet. The flesh colored fabric is the same fabric, tea dyed. If you intend to make your Chubby Angel doll as a gift, then felt is a nice selection for your fabric.

How to "Tea Dye" Fabric

These instructions are for approximately ½ yard of fabric.

  1. Boil approximately one half gallon of water. Remove from heat and add 2 family size (or 8 single serving size) regular (black tea) tea bags to the water and let steep for 2 to 3 minutes.
  2. Add your fabric to the pot and be sure the entire piece is submerged in the tea.
  3. Let the fabric soak in the tea for about 30 minutes.
  4. Use more tea bags for darker color and less tea bags for lighter color. You may also leave the fabric steep for a shorter time for less intense color.
  5. Remove the fabric from the tea and rinse in cold water. Hang, iron, or machine dry.

Sewing the Chubby Angel Doll

When sewing your Chubby Angel, use ½ inch seams unless otherwise specified. Lock all seams at the beginning and at the end of each seam.

Feet: With right sides together, stitch front foot to back foot, leaving open where indicated on pattern piece. Clip the curves of the seam allowance after sewing. This prevents the bunching up of too much fabric inside the piece after it is turned right side out.

Stitching Chubby Angel Feet

Turn right side out. Stuff with Polyfil and baste the opening closed by hand or machine. Repeat with other foot. Baste feet to the right side of the bottom matching points A and points B. The feet will be inside with the seam allowance edges even when you sew the bottom to the body pieces.

Basting the Chubby Angel Feet to Body

Body: With right sides together, stitch the body front to the body back at both sides from point C to point D.

Gathering: Do not lock stitching at the beginning or end of your gathering stitches. Leave tails of thread approximately 5 inches long at the beginning and at the end of your gathering stitches. Starting at the center back, and using the longest stitch on your machine, stitch ⅛ inch from the bottom edge all the way around the body front and body back. Repeat ⅛ inch from the top (or neck) edge.

Attaching Body to Bottom: With right sides together, pin the body to the bottom at 4 points: matching point C on bottom with side seam on each side and matching center front of body with center front of bottom and matching center back of body with center back of bottom.

Wrap the tail of the beginning of your gathering thread around your index finger and hold it taut while sliding the fabric with your free hand along the thread to gather between your pins. Gather half of the circle holding one tail, drop that thread, then wrap the tail on the other end around your finger and gather the remaining half of the circle.

Note: Be sure that if you use the top thread tail at the beginning to wrap around your finger that you use the top thread tail at the end as well. When you have the entire circle evenly gathered all around, pin between your original 4 pins all the way around. Beginning at center back, stitch body to bottom.

Attaching Chubby Angel Body to Bottom

Turn right side out through neck opening and remove feet basting.

Arms: With right sides together, sew arm front to arm back, leaving open where indicated on pattern piece. Clip the curves of the seam allowance after sewing. Clip seam allowance close inside thumb area.

~~~ A day hemmed in prayer, seldom unravels. ~~~

Stitching Chubby Angel Arms

Turn right side out. Stuff with Polyfil and stitch the opening closed by hand using a ladder stitch.

Ladder Stitching the Arm Opening

Repeat with other arm.

Attach hands together in front of body at point F in a praying position with needle and strong thread.

Attaching Chubby Angel Hands Together

Attach each arm to body at point E on side seams with needle and strong thread, making sure thumbs are pointing upward in front of body.

Attaching Chubby Angel Arms to Body

Wings: With right sides together, stitch one wings piece to the other, leaving open where indicated on pattern piece. Clip the curves of the seam allowance after sewing.

Stitching Chubby Angel Wings

Turn right side out. Top stitch each dotted line starting at the edge of the wing and stitch up to the end of the line, then with your needle down in the fabric, lift your presser foot and pivot the wing 180° then stitch back down over the first stitching to the edge of the wing. Tie off the ends of the threads and draw them through with a needle to the inside of the wing and cut. Stuff wings with Polyfil, making sure to stuff in between the top stitched lines and stitch the opening closed by hand using a ladder stitch.

Attach wings to center back, matching at points G and H with needle and strong thread. You can use buttons instead of leaving the stitching show, or attach a couple of little ribbons tied in bows to hide the stitching.

~~~ Lord, grant me that I may see to stitch until my dying day. And when my last short thread is clipped and scissors tucked away The work that I have done live on, that other folks may see The pleasure that I have known, Lord, in the skill you gave to me. ~~~

Attaching the Chubby Angel Wings to the Back

Face: This Chubby Angel doll face was done with an appliqué technique. It's a little fussy to do since the pieces are so small. You can always use buttons for eyes and fabric paint or Copic markers for the mouth, or any other technique or design you wish for your doll's face. Finish the face before sewing the head front to the head back.

Detail of Chubby Angel Face

Head: With right sides together, stitch head front to head back, leaving open where indicated on pattern piece. Clip the curves of the seam allowance after sewing.

Stitching Chubby Angel Head and Neck

Turn right side out.

Stuff the head with Polyfil and baste the opening closed by hand or machine.

Stuffing the Chubby Angel Head and Neck

Hair: This is the fun part! Be sure to read through the Chubby Angel doll instructions below before beginning.

Curly Yarn Doll Hair

  1. Using dowels close to the diameter of curl you desire, wrap yarn snugly around the dowels. (The dowels used in this project are disposable chop sticks!) To start off, wrap around the tail of the yarn to anchor it, then continue wrapping to the end of the dowel.
    Tip: It may be easier to hold the dowel between your thumb and index finger with the yarn lightly under your thumb and then twist the dowel with your other hand. At the end of the dowel, anchor the end of the yarn under the last loop and pull it very snug.
  2. Soak your yarn dowels in water until saturated. This may take an hour or so. Note that you may have to anchor them down with a plate or something because the wood and the air in the yarn tend to make them float.
  3. Next, squeeze as much water out of them as you can, then blot them on a towel. Place them on a clean cookie sheet or baking pan (you don't want light colored yarn getting stained by anything) and bake them at 200° Fahrenheit for about an hour, checking them every 15 minutes. You only want to dry the yarn, not melt it.
  4. Once the yarn is completely dry, remove from the oven and let it cool to room temperature, then loosen the end that was wrapped first and unwrap by gently pulling it off the dowel.

Note: This project required 25 nine inch dowels or chop sticks.

Making the Chubby Angel Hair

Cut the tails off each end of the yarn where it was tucked under.

~~~ While stitching threads with gentle care, I pray this humble little prayer, that with this work the world may see, the beauty in simplicity. ~~~

Close Up of Making Angel Hair

Lay each length of curled yarn next to a ruler and adjust it to a length of 12 inches.

Details About Yarn Doll Hair

Cut each length into three equal 4 inch lengths.

Close Up of Yarn Doll Hair

Do this to 15 of them. Starting about one half inch above the neck and about one half inch in front of the side seam of the head, tack each strand of curly yarn at its center point in a line around about every one half inch to the other side seam. Start the next row about one half inch above the last row and position each strand of curly yarn in between the ones in the row below, so that you will be tacking your strands in a pattern like polka dots.

How to Sew Yarn Hair to Chubby Angel Doll Head

As you get close to the top of the head, make your lengths of yarn shorter for bangs. Fill in any spots that may seem too bare. Style the hair any way you like. This angel has her hair up in a pony tail.

Stuff body with Polyfil, then using your fingers, form an opening in the center of the neck opening of the body and push the neck down into it. Gather the neck opening of the body to fit snugly around the head, matching points D on each side. With a needle and thread, stitch the head to the body all the way around. Tie a ribbon around the neck.

Close Up of Chubby Angel Head Completed

Now, back to the praying hands of your Chubby Angel doll... Tack them together once more at the palms of her hands to bring them together in more of a praying pose. You can include a halo for your Chubby Angel, buttons, ribbons or anything else that you like.

Completed Chubby Angel Doll

Finished Chubby Angel, Front View

... And the back view!

Finished Chubby Angel, Back View

If you like this Chubby Angel Pattern project for the creation of an Angel Doll or know someone who would, please pass on a link to this Chubby Angel page or feel free to include a link on your website.

God Bless.

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