Paper Angel

Angel Paper Doll

Christianity Oasis has provided you with this free paper Angel chain pattern and Angel paper doll pattern tutorial. We also provide Christian activities and Christian entertainment as to enLIGHTen your Christian walk path. Enjoy !!!

Woman Having Christian Crafting Ideas

This Paper Angel forum with an absolutely adorable and awe inspiring Angel paper doll chain pattern and tutorial website was inspired by Scripture describing a Virtuous Woman.

Proverbs 31:13
She seeketh wool, and flax, and worketh willingly with her hands.

Easy Paper Angel Tutorial

Free Angel Paper Doll Pattern

Welcome to our Christianity Oasis Crafts program. This is our absolutely free Paper Angel pattern download with a step by step Angel Paper Doll tutorial which has easy to follow instructions on how to make a Paper Angel chain.

Paper Angel
Angel Paper Doll

Materials you will need:

  • Paper
  • Sharp Scissors or Safety Scissors for children
  • Double sided or foam tape (optional)
  • Decorative background paper (optional)
  • Picture frame (optional)

Print the Angel Paper Doll Pattern

Please read all paper Angel instructions before beginning your angel paper doll chain.

Step 1. The pattern fits on one piece of standard or A4 copy paper. You can fold and cut the paper doll angels on the same piece of paper that you print it on, or trace it onto other paper if your printer will not accept the paper you choose to use. The completed cutting measures approximately 6 inches tall by 9 inches wide.

Download the free Paper Angels Pattern here.

This is a screenshot of the download:

What the Paper Doll Angels Download Looks Like

Note: The instructions for the Angel paper doll chain are not included on the paper Angel pattern itself.

Folding the paper Angel

Step 2. Cut the edge of the paper off even with the side of the Angel paper doll pattern (indicated in photo by the red line).

First Cut of Paper Doll Angels

Fold the paper along the inside edge of the paper doll angels pattern (indicated by the dotted blue line) with the printed side on the outside of the fold. Continue to fold the paper as you would fold a paper fan. The pattern will make a chain of 7 paper doll angels across a regular size sheet of copy paper (8½ x 11inches or size A4 paper). Of course if you wish to have a chain of fewer paper doll angels, only make as many folds as you desire.

Folded Paper Doll Angels Before Cutting

Angel paper doll pattern Note: When folding your paper, it seems that after the first fold, the tendency is for the consecutive folds to come out just a hair wider than the last. It's a good idea to practice making a few folds on a separate sheet of scrap paper before folding your paper with the Paper Angel printed pattern on it.

Paper Angel Tip: If you want to make your folds as straight as possible, lay the paper on a smooth flat surface. Place a ruler along the fold line and run the blunt side of a butter knife (not the serrated side) along the straight edge of the ruler with just enough pressure to lightly score (not cut or tear) the paper. This will provide a nice straight edge that will fold easily when you gently squeeze it together.

Step 3. Once you have the desired amount of folds, cut the paper even along the last edge.

Hebrews 13:2

Be not forgetful to entertain strangers: for thereby some have entertained Angels unawares.

Cutting out the Paper Doll Angels

Step 4. Sharp scissors help tremendously when cutting out Paper Angel dolls. Curved fingernail scissors are excellent for this craft as they make it easy to cut curves and sharp angles. However, children should use rounded end scissors for children when cutting out the Paper dolls. Simply cut along the lines of the paper paper Angel pattern, leaving the open spaces at the top and bottom of the wings and the bottom of the gown uncut so that the Angel paper doll chain remains attached to one another at these areas.

Paper Doll Angels Cut and Proper Scissors

Note: Work slowly as this is a delicate project, especially around the halo. It is very easy to cut too far if you cut too quickly.

Step 5. After cutting, carefully unfold your paper Angel chain and flatten them by pressing the folds of the paper open with your fingertips.

Completed Paper Doll Angels

Ideas for your Paper Doll Angels:

These paper angel chains are a fun project for children; however, you can also cut your paper angels out of onion paper or any other type of decorative paper, then attach them to a contrasting color of background paper and frame them for a handsome and elegant gift or heirloom.

The thinner your paper is, the easier your paper doll angels will be to cut, however it will also tear more easily, so use caution and handle them gently.

Be sure to always test on some scrap paper before using any kind of glue on your paper doll angels, as some glue will show through or wrinkle the paper when dry. Double sided tape is one option for attaching your paper doll angels to a background and double sided foam tape also works very nicely, as the paper doll angels are held up off of the background paper and cast a faint shadow on the background paper which gives a nice effect.

If you like this Angel Paper Doll project or know someone who would, please pass on a link to this Paper Angel page or feel free to include a link on your website.

God Bless.

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