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Christianity Oasis has provided this Christian Sketches forum with free Jesus Sketch pattern. The Sketch of Jesus Christ has SON-derful gift potential. You need only use your imagination.

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Proverbs 31:13
She seeketh wool, and flax, and worketh willingly with her hands.

Welcome to our Christianity Oasis Crafts projects, a branch of our scripture based Virtuous Woman program, which is an amazing adventure for every woman.

Jesus Sketch Tutorial

Free Sketch of Jesus Christ Pattern

This is our absolutely free Jesus Sketch pattern download with a step by step sketch of Jesus tutorial which has easy to follow instructions on how to make a Christian sketches. The awe inspiring Jesus Sketch is great for coloring, transferring, framing, etc. This free sketch of Jesus pattern is a fun-tastic project for every age.

Sketch of Jesus Tracing

Jesus Tracing Pattern

This Jesus Tracing will download four different sized tracings so you can use it on a variety of projects. Lengths and widths given are in inches.

Length × Width

3 × 2¼

4 × 3

7 × 5¼


10¾ × 8

This Sketch of Jesus Christ can be used for a number of different things. Here are a few Jesus sketch ideas:

  • Transfer it or any Christian sketches to the pocket of a T-Shirt and embroider it or paint it with fabric paint.
  • Embroider it on a throw pillow.
  • Copy it on paper for small children to color.
  • Trace it onto a piece of onion paper or other specialty paper and frame it.
Small Framed Jesus Tracing

Materials you will need:

  • Carbon or Tracing Paper
  • Pencil
  • Paper

Print the Pattern

The Jesus Sketch pattern fits on two pieces of standard or A4 copy paper.

Download the Sketch of Jesus Christ pattern here.

Print the Sketch of Jesus pattern.

Tracing the newly formed Jesus Sketch

Place a piece of carbon or tracing paper under the picture with the coated side facing the surface you want to transfer it onto. Trace all the lines of the picture, pressing firmly enough to transfer through both the picture and the carbon or tracing paper.

Note: If transferring onto fabric, do not use carbon paper, but rather a tracing paper suitable for fabric as the carbon will smudge and will not wash out.

If you like this Sketch of Jesus Christ Tracing project or know someone who would, please pass on a link to this Christian Sketches page or feel free to include a link on your website.

God Bless.

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