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Christianity Oasis provides this Jacob Bible study on the Jacob Bible story on Jacob Bethel Events. We'll look at all aspects of the Christian Walk bringing forth truth, understanding and peace.

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Daily Bread Bible Study
The First Book of Moses Called Genesis
Chapter 33

Jacob Bible Study Lesson

Jacob Bible Story on the Jacob Bethel Return

Welcome to our Christianity Oasis Daily Bread study program. This is our Jacob Bible study taking a look at the Jacob Bible story concerning the Jacob Bethel Events and how the Jacob Bible story affects your be-YOU-tiful Christian walk.

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The First Book of Moses Called Genesis
Chapter 33

Jacob Bible Study Explained
Jacob Bible Story on the Jacob Bethel Return Home

And now for the moment you've all been waiting for. We've been learning about the life of Jacob. He overtook his brother Esau's inheritance and blessing and left his homeland to flee from Esau's anger. The Lord told him he would return to the Promised Land someday. He found refuge with his Uncle Laban and married two of his daughters. Jacob has eleven children now, and plenty of flocks, herds, and servants. He is returning home after twenty years.

Jacob has sent a generous gift ahead of him and he offered it to Esau by messenger in hopes of a peaceful return. Finally, when Esau is in Jacob's sight, Jacob hurries in front of his wives and children and bows to the ground seven times in front of Esau. Esau ran to meet his brother, embraced him and kissed him and they both cried. Do you remember that Isaac told Esau that he would forgive his brother when he got the chance?

Jacob Bible Study on Peace
Jacob Bible Story on the Jacob Bethel Meeting

Jacob answered, They are the children that God has blessed me with. They all came near and bowed. Esau asked, What do you mean by all the gifts that you sent before you? Jacob said, They're a peace offering to you. Esau told Jacob that he had enough and to keep his things for himself. But, Jacob was so relieved about finding grace with Esau that he urged him to accept the gift, and he did.

Now, with peace between the brothers, Jacob settled in the land of Canaan north of the Salt Sea and Esau returned to his home south of the Salt Sea.

Jacob Bible Study Summary
Jacob Bible Story on the Jacob Bethel Conclusion

Forgiveness is something that we must not only expect, but provide with all. If there is someone you have not forgiven for wronging you ... Consider doing so now. As Jesus said, you must forgive all. Lest the cancer of hate eat you up inside.

Coming up in our next story, another son for Jacob, so keep your bookmark here and join in again as we explore the Book of Genesis in Daily Bread.

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