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Christianity Oasis provides the Coming Apocalypse Scenarios study on how long until the end of the world and asking just what are the end of the world scenarios? We will be looking into that as well as all aspects of the End Times revealing truth which brings forth understanding and peace.

Welcome to our Christianity Oasis End Times program. This is our thought provoking and very concerning ... The Coming Apocalypse Scenarios quest for facts. We will be sojourning into the End Times while taking an in depth look into how long until the End of the World and asking various sources to explain to us exactly what are the end of the world scenarios?

The truth and very valuable message within this End Times scenarios study and the coming Apocalypse Scenarios quiz is absolutely awesome and will truly enLIGHTen your path, if you so choose to delve into it.


You are really going to enjoy this End Times path to peace if you choose to partake of the many End Times studies that we have awaiting you and then perhaps take the many trivia tests that we have for you afterward to see what you have learned. When the End Times is upon you, the the End of the World scenarios may demand that you make choices which very well may be the difference between life and death and could even determine your eternal fate.

Therefore, we have created situations which may confront you within the coming Apocalypse Scenarios trivia quiz. The various end of the world scenarios that we have presented for you are Biblical inspired and based upon events that will take place during the End Times, despite the answer to the often echoed question ... How long until the end of the world?

We have given you multiple choice reactions for you to choose from for each of the coming Apocalypse Scenarios that you will be asked to respond to. Just as it will be during the actual End Times, in this test ... There are results for each choice.

If you would like to prepare yourself before or after you take the End of the world scenarios trivia test on the coming Apocalypse scenarios, as to better understand the answer to the infamous inquiry ... How long until the end of the world, you can do so at ...


This End Times scenarios quiz is for educational and entertainment purposes only. God is full of Mercy and Grace and is the only judge. Therefore, it is He and He alone that will determine who enters Heaven and who does not.

The End of the world scenarios quiz nor anything or anyone else has the power to make that determination ... God alone has that power. The Coming Apocalypse Scenarios trivia program seeking to know how long until the end of the world as well as what are the End of the World scenarios is available to you, simply to help your prepare for the End Times.



What are the "End Times"?

A) The end of the world because of a giant meteor that destroys all mankind.

B) A 7 year period of time of tribulation divided into two 3½ year periods of time becoming worse as time passes until becoming a time worse than ever before.

C) Aliens who have been lurking in the shadows come out of hiding and invade the earth destroying all types of life from plants to animals to humans.

D) A very popular doomsday newspaper

End Times

Why does a Christian need to know about the End of the World scenarios when all Christians will be Raptured.

A) Not true, Some Christians are raptured and some Christians stay to be further refined and some Christians remain to rebuild the Earth after the End Times.

B) True. All Christians will be Raptured and there is no need for a Christian to concern themselves with the various Apocalypse scenarios.

C) The word Rapture is not even in the Bible so it is not a real event.

D) You don't know what a Rapture is so let's go to the next question.

Rapture and Left Behind Study

The End of the World scenarios say that the mark of the beast is:

A) A mark that is placed on every Christian.

B) A mark that all are forced in order to buy or sell showing allegiance to Antichrist.

C) A mark of protection.

D) A birthmark everyone will get starting in 2010.


If you take the coming Apocalypse scenarios suggestion of the mark of the beast in the End Times:

A) You can change your mind later, have it removed and still go to heaven.

B) You will go to the Lake of Fire forever.

C) If you say 10 Our Fathers and 10 Hail Marys it will disappear.

D) They will give you a pitchfork as a gift and you will grow horns.


According to the End of the World scenarios ... Antichrist gets his power from where?

A) Satan

B) A magician

C) God

D) A cracker jack box


The coming Apocalypse scenarios situation... People proclaim a miracle. A man was brought back from the dead. They make him the new world leader. Some say it is the long awaited messiah. What should you do?

A) Worship him.

B) It is Antichrist. Do not be deceived.

C) A person can be their own god. Honor yourself.

D) Flip a coin.


Antichrist just started his reign of terror. How long will it last?

A) 10 years

B) 3½ years

C) 1000 years

D) Forever


What do you do if one the End of the World scenarios is that you haven't taken the mark. You and your children are starving. You have to have the mark in order to buy or sell anything.

A) Steal some food for you and your family.

B) Be patient. The Lord will provide. Do not take the mark for any reason.

C) Ask God to understand that you want to take the mark to buy food, not because you worship satan.

D) Make a sign that says: Will work for food - Christian employers only.

End Times

According to another of the coming Apocalypse scenarios ... What does the cloning process have to do with the End Times?

A) Absolutely nothing. It is a great idea for science.

B) Antichrist will be resurrected from the dead and this process could be how it occurs.

C) They will need this process to make food during the famine.

D) People will have to work so hard that they will need to clone themselves.


During the End Times, what countries should we watch out for as being Antichrist empire?

A) United States

B) China

C) Europe, Iraq, Iran, Greece and states that divided from old Soviet Union.

D) Definitely Canada


According to the End of the World scenarios ... When you see wars and hear of rumors of wars, what else should you expect to see next?

A) Famines.

B) A new president.

C) Rain for 40 days and 40 nights.

D) Peace.

End Times

When the time of the Rapture arrives, How do you prepare for your departure according to the End of the World scenarios shared in the Bible?

A) Be in a certain secret place and all join hands.

B) God will know where to send His angels to find you.

C) No Christians are ever Raptured, they stay on Earth.

D) You say beam me up God, three times.


When you hear about the temple in Jerusalem being defiled, an abomination of desolation being set up and the daily sacrifice being taken away, what do you do?

A) You are not Jewish so it does not matter.

B) Prepare for the start of 3 and a half years of horror or to be Raptured.

C) It is finally over. Peace on Earth.

D) You have no idea what that means so forget it.


Being a Christian in the End Times, you see the sun get dark, the moon turn to blood and the stars fall ... What should you prepare for?

A) To either be Raptured or to get ready for 3 and½ years of hiding from antichrist.

B) To travel to Jerusalem.

C) Get plenty of fuel for your lanterns.

D) Hibernate for the season

End Times

Your best friend tells you that they heard Jesus has returned and knows the secret place where He is what should you do according to the coming Apocalypse scenarios?

A) You grab your keys and hurry away with them to see the Messiah, without looking back!

B) You gather the family together, and all go together to meet Jesus.

C) You don't believe it. He will not be in a secret place or in the desert.

D) It must be true, because you just read your horoscope which said a secret will be revealed to you today.

(Matthew 24:24-31)

End Times

The End of the World scenarios question ... You will know if it is really Jesus or not when He returns:

A) Because only He can do miracles.

B) By the scars in His wrists and feet.

C) If every eye can see Him coming in the clouds of Heaven.

D) Because you have good intuition . . . You will just know.

(Matthew 24:30)

End Times

According to the coming Apocalypse scenarios, during times of war, scattered world wide, what should you do:

A) Pay attention to the news of the wars because it may be a sign of the first seal.
B) Not be alarmed, it will pass, it always does.

C) That day is the end of the world.

D) Invest in protective biological warfare clothing.

End Times

The End of the World scenarios question ... You hear that a worldwide famine is coming. What should you do?

A) Work overtime and save as much money as possible.

B) Just cut back on things a little. Besides, this is the 21st century, they make it sound like the stone ages.

C) Consider changing your lifestyle. You may be living in the wilderness sooner than you think.

D) Rob a bank.

End Times

New diseases are in the news constantly. How do you protect your family and yourself?

A) Avoid situations that expose you to these threats. Educate yourself and your family about these dangers.

B) Live like your normally do, and hope that you are never afflicted by pestilence.

C) Immunize, immunize, immunize.

D) Become a vegetarian and buy only foods that have been treated with pesticides.

End Times

People don't agree with your beliefs about Christ. You should:

A) Keep your beliefs to yourself.

B) Agree with them to keep the peace, but keep your faith in your heart.

C) Be strong and stand up for your Lord, no matter what, even to death.

D) Change your religion.

End Times

According to the End of the World scenarios Scripture ... You were not taken up in the first rapture. You should:

A) Grieve for yourself.

B) Keep your faith. Help others who also were not "Raptured" and endure the Great Tribulation.

C) Be mad at God. Might as well join the crowd now.

D) Do some scientific research. There's sure to be an explanation of why so many people have disappeared.

End Times

Another "disaster" ... One third of the earth has been hit by a strange storm of hail and fire mixed with blood! The trees and grass are burnt up, ⅓ of the sea turned to blood, the sea life died and the ships are destroyed.

A) It's clear that the first and second angel have sounded their trumpets.

B) It's just God's way of renewing the earth.

C) Plant trees.

D) You knew you should have moved to Iceland when you had the chance.

End Times

During the End Times, you're having lunch at the river near your camp when you hear a report on the radio that a meteor has hit the earth and they say that the oceans have turned to blood. What should you do?

A) You gather your usual amount of water from the clear river and take it back to camp for the others.

B) Do not drink freshwater or use it for any other purpose until you confirm that it is safe to drink.

C) The impact was so far away, you couldn't even feel it, so it's not your problem.

D) Wait until the kids are done swimming, then go back to camp to tell the others about the report.

End Times

The sun, moon and stars have become darkened for one third of the day and night. How long until the end of the world from that point?

A) It is the fourth trumpet.

B) It is probably just a solar eclipse.

C) You should stock up on batteries and firewood.

D) Those aerosol cans have finally gone and destroyed more than the ozone layer.

End Times

The Coming Apocalypse Scenarios question ... A new chip becomes available that is to be implanted in your right hand or in your forehead. Computers are able to automatically scan it when you walk in the door at the grocery store and each time you put something in your basket, it adds the amount of the item to your account. They send you a bill at the end of the month. You don't even have to stand in a check out line anymore!

A) Don't get the chip. If it isn't the mark itself, it is satan's trick to get people used to things like this.

B) Check out the company that makes the chips with the Better Business Bureau.

C) If it doesn't look like the number 666, there must not be anything wrong with it.

D) Tell all your friends and family about it, so they can join in.

End Times

Someone grabs your children and says they will kill them if you do not take the mark of the beast.

A) Try to negotiate with them, money talks.

B) Take the mark and save your children. God will understand.

C) Do not take the mark no matter what. Your children will go to Heaven and so will you.

D) Ask if you can have a few moments to think about it.

End Times

Satan, antichrist and the false prophet have instructed their followers to kill Christians. You are in a camp with fellow Christians and you're in charge of the campfire.

A) You burn only dry wood that does not cause much smoke so that the camp will not be discovered.

B) You make the biggest fire you can because there are a lot of people who need to warm up.

C) Once the fire is burning well, you can leave it unattended and visit with the other Christians.

D) Carefully stack your firewood, douse it with gasoline and light it up!


During the End Times, someone threatens to kill you because you are a Christian. You have a gun. What do you do?

A) You shoot them in self defense.

B) Deny your faith, to save your life.

C) Sacrifice your life for Jesus sake and the gospel.


End Times

Another The Coming Apocalypse Scenarios question ... You've been in the wilderness for 3½ years. It looks like things in the world have settled down.

A)You come out of hiding in the wilderness and head for home.

B) You don't come out until 1335 days after the abomination of desolation was set up.

C) You don't need to come out you are preparing for Armageddon with everyone else.

D) Hop in your S.U.V. a few days early and get a head start on the rush back to civilization.

End Times

The horrors of the world are getting so bad these days, you can hardly believe it. What do you think?

A) You wish the End Times would happen soon so the New Heaven and the New Earth can be here.

B) You try and accept the ways of the world and "adapt" to this day and age.

C) You resist the devil, pray for those who have stumbled and lead as many as you can to follow Christ.

D) Sell everything you own and donate the money to the Worldwide Disaster Fund.

End Times

How long until the end of the world situation ... A group of people who claimed to be Christians and also claimed to be your friends suddenly broke out in sores, just like all the people who had the mark.

A) You have them too.

B) You feel sorry for them. Get them some medicine from the first aid kit. It looks very painful.

C) Your "friends" are working for satan. They have tricked you. Do not associate with them anymore.

D) They probably all came across the same batch of poison ivy.

End Times

According to the End of the World scenarios from the Bible ... When Antichrist is reigning terror, where do you hide for the 3½ years?

A) God will hide you in the wilderness.

B) You do not hide. Christians are not afraid.

C) Brazil

D) In the basement of your home.

End Times

How many nations will Antichrist empire consist of?

A) 3

B) 10

C) 2000

D) None


What countries are NOT mentioned in the End Times according to the coming Apocalypse scenarios?

A) United States, Mexico, Canada

B) China

C) Europe and Middle East

D) All countries are mentioned.


You hear of two men doing miracles and preaching Jesus, during the last 3½ years. Who are they?

A) Antichrist and the false prophet

B) The two witnesses

C) The two countries that rule the world.

D) Jesus and Peter

End Times

Violence and terrorism are running rampant throughout the world. A Great depression is on and many are starving, without employment and many are homeless. A leader stands up and promises to bring back prosperity and to provide you with all you need by placing a mark of identification on everyone. This mark on the hand or head holds all personal information. This leader says that those that do not take the mark must be one of those terrorists and should be removed from society by putting them to death. Being a good law biding citizen, what do you do?

A) Take the mark gladly and welcome the change.

B) Find an excellent tattoo artist and have them attempt to duplicate the mark.

C) Refuse the mark and accept consequences.

D) Contact the artist of the mark and offer different designs for the mark.


How long until the end of the world scenario ... Very frightening events have been occurring around you and it seems the whole world has gone mad. A close friend tells you that they have found the savior of the world and everyone they know is following him to be safe. what do you do?

A) Find and follow this savior to be safe.

B) Warn your friend that this is a trick and do not follow them.

C) Not follow this leader and trust your own instincts and power to get you through these times.

D) Get his E-mail address from your friend, locate the nearest online gift shop and send him a card.

End Times

The Coming Apocalypse Scenarios ... The new leader of a nation is impressing millions of people. He seems to even do miracles like making fire come down from heaven.

A) You think he may be Jesus because of the miracles.

B) You think he has the spirit of Elijah.

C) He is the false prophet trying to deceive as many as he can.

D) He is Benjamin Franklinís clone.


You may have a condition that could be fatal if you donít take medication for it. You should:

A) Ask your doctor for a prescription for a 3½ year supply.

B) God will feed and nourish you in the wilderness during the End Times.

C) There will be healings and every BELIEVER will be healthy in the End Times.

D) Get a second opinion.

End Times

The End of the World scenarios situation ... When you see the abomination of desolation set up in the holy place, you should:

A) Go home, pack a few things and head for the wilderness.

B) Go to the police station for instructions.

C) Flee immediately to the place God has prepared for Christians and donít look back.

D) Withdraw all your money from the bank.

End Times

If there is a new peace agreement made during times when there is very much turmoil
between nations, you should:

A) Be relieved and thank God.

B) Beware of false peace.

C) Say extra prayers for world leaders.

D) Find your copy of ďWe are the WorldĒ and sing along.

False Peace

How long until the end of the world scenario ... If you are a Christian hiding in the wilderness during the End Times and an aircraft
flies overhead, you should:

A) Light up a flare.

B) Send a smoke signal.

C) Go under a tree or someplace where you canít be seen, it may be an enemy.

D) Make a wish.

End Times

During the End Times it would be best to have:

A) A revolver.

B) A rifle.

C) Faith.

D) A roll of lifesavers.

End Times

During the End Times in the wilderness, it would be best to wear:

A) Red, because bugs donít like red.

B) Something that blends in with the surroundings.

C) Sackcloth and ashes.

D) Your Sunday best.

End Times

During the End times:

A) Everyone will be their own boss.

B) Someone who understands will instruct many.

C) The eldest will be in charge.

D) Each person will get a manual with the rules.

End Times

According to the end of the world scenarios Scripture ... When the End Times are over:

A) It will just be over and everything goes back to the way it was.

B) There is a certain chain of events that God has planned that will occur before
during and after the End Times.

C) Everyone and everything will just suddenly disintegrate.

D) It will be called the Gib Gnab, or Big Bang, backwards.

End Times

There are so many strange events occurring around you. Suddenly millions of people vanish. You believe that this must be the "Rapture" you heard so much about. Does this mean you are going to Hell?

A) No, you still have a chance to believe in Jesus and save yourself.

B) Yes, you are destined to hell so you might as well live it up.

C) No. Just because millions of people disappear, doesn't mean I need to believe in Jesus.

D) It depends on how much money you have, because you may be able to buy another ticket up.


After ⅓ of the world's freshwater has been poisoned, what should we expect next?

A) ⅓ of the stars, sun and moon get dark and ⅓ of day shows no light.

B) Oceans turn to blood.

C) Antichrist prepares for Armageddon.

D) A fisherman's revolt.

End Times

The the end of the world scenarios say ... 144,000 will be sealed with God's seal. Will it be you? We do know they will be:

A) 144,000 from all nations.

B) 144,000 men and women Israelites.

C) 144,000 Jewish men.

D) Anyone who signs up in time.

End Times

During the sixth Trumpet ... How many men will die, will it be Christians?

A) 7000 ... YES

B) ⅓ of mankind ... NO

C) All

D) 1000 with the jawbone of a donkey ... OF COURSE

End Times

During the 5th Trumpet when the locusts are released from the bottomless pit, how long are they allowed to torment unbelievers?

A) 1 year

B) 3½ years

C) 5 months

D) Until the Bug-B-Gone starts to work

A great burning star (this could be an asteroid, comet, meteor, etc.) falls from the sky and ⅓ of the rivers and fresh water of the earth become poisonous, and many people die from the water. Whatís happening?

A) The sun is exploding again

B) Itís from the effects of global warming

C) Itís the 3rd Trumpet

D) Those people who work at NASA made a big boo boo

How will you know how to get to the place God has prepared in the wilderness for Christians during the End Times?

A) there is no place to hide

B) God will gather you with other believers

C) Itís on the other side of the Red Sea

D) Show your pastor the secret handshake and heíll give you directions



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