Why We Ask for Love Offerings

Christianity Oasis Ministry has provided this brief page that we call ‘Donations, Why?' to give you a glimpse of why you may consider making a Love Offering to this ministry, and a few short answers as to just what this online ministry is all about.

Why We Ask for Love Offerings

Welcome to our haven before Heaven.

Christianity Oasis Ministry

If you are new to the Christianity Oasis Ministry we certainly do not expect anything from you as you have yet to discover just what God has led you to. Please read on to get a sneak peek at what we're all about.

But, if you have been visiting the Christianity Oasis Ministry and partaking of its fruits and will choose to take the time to actually read the shared words within this message, you may come to understand something in a different light and find promised blessings come upon your life.

The Christianity Oasis Ministry began back in the early 1990's as a very small street Ministry. Christianity Oasis was a physical Church (building) for some time, but preaching to the choir was not our sole calling and we felt led to bring in more souls to the Lord. In particular ... The lost and troubled.

With the leading of our Lord ... It has evolved into an Internet Ministry over the last decade or so, where we now reach tens of thousands of souls each month. It is like evangelizing on every street corner in the world, at the same time.

Over the years, the Christianity Oasis Christian community has become very popular. In both the interactive areas and non-interactive areas. According to the stats of our server of all web pages within the Christianity Oasis community ... An average of 110,000 unique visitors are led to the Christianity Oasis Christian community monthly (This stat includes visits to ALL web pages which we have created of which there are thousands.)

Hundreds of those visitors have chosen to become members of Christianity Oasis interactive areas (Forums and Chat Rooms) and enjoy many extra Christian features within the forums and chat area. True Christian fellowship in an atmosphere of safety, peace and serenity, being one of the best treasures within.

What is it that people like about the Oasis?

It is because of the Holy Spirit within.

Not just within the the Oasis itself, but rather the Spirit emitted from the thousands of Christianity Oasis studies, programs as well as the forums and chat room. As well as the Spirit within the souls who have been called and have chosen to share His Light thru them with others within this Ministry. You can feel the truth within the words and deeds. As a result, it has brought forth the truth that Christianity Oasis ...Is God's Ministry.

If you have been sojourning through the Christianity Oasis Christian Community, then you know ... You've felt it.

It is why you keep coming back.

Countless souls are coming to know Jesus and many that do know Him are establishing a better relationship with Him as they befriend many more fellow Christians and those souls who came here hurting are being healed from within by the healing formula of truth and the Spirit of God within our Members.

We have many teachers and pastors who write and request to use our material in their preaching and teaching in schools and Churches.

We have received literally thousands of testimonies by E-mail which proclaim how they have been saved by God by way of the Christianity Oasis Ministry.

We have a plethora of testimonies within the forums which reveal renewed understanding, enhanced Faith, healing and lives having been changed due to the Christianity Oasis Ministry being used as a tool of God.

Why We Ask for Love Offerings

Though we deemed it as a noble concept to provide the Christianity Oasis Ministry without any financial support from others for the first several years, and did so by working odd jobs ... We went broke because we were unable to work away from the Oasis, because of the Ministry growth and the time required to serve God properly. Over the recent years, we sold all that we had to keep the Ministry available for those souls who needed it.

We had a choice of saving ourselves or saving others ... We chose the sacrifice path as our Lord did.

One of the things that we believe in, is taking a leap of Faith. I am not talking about doing something that is a little risky; with hopes that it will prosper ... I am talking about doing things that are so seemingly impossible, that it is guaranteed to fail without the Hand of God.

We took a leap of Faith and chose to serve God by way of the Christianity Oasis Ministry for our Father andHis children and by the Grace of God ... It is flourishing Spiritually.

But, financially, it lacks at times ... In particular during these tough economic times and this is why we call on those who are being served by way of this Ministry to assist us in keeping this Ministry available ... IF they can, just as it is with every other Ministry.

As Christians, we know that paying attention to the tiny details of one virtue, can not make up for the complete neglect of another duty. So as shepherds, teachers, and disciples of Jesus Christ and the Gospel, we have invited and encouraged our members to make Love Offerings so that this Ministry can continue to flourish as to reach more souls for the Lord.

It all boils down to this:

The future of Christianity Oasis depends on Love Offerings. We are God's servants and yours. We love our calling and serving our members is an honor and a privilege. We sincerely hope from the bottom of our heart that we can continue to do so, but if we do not receive the needed financial support each month, from the souls who partake of this Ministry ... Obviously we will be forced to consider other alternatives in serving the Lord. It all depends on those who believe in the Christianity Oasis Ministry and its purpose.

God's will ... Be done.

Where Does the Money Go?

This is our full time ... Job (more of an adventure).

We have chosen to give our lives to this Ministry, where we provide others with a safe environment to learn of Jesus.

The Oasis Christian community is massive ...

This requires that we spend 12-16 hours each day maintaining this Christian community. Our administration is very time consuming.

For example ... Dealing with keeping out various types of predators from the chat rooms and forums that you see at other chat rooms and forums, making it unbearable to hang out there much less learn of God in Love and peace ...

We upgrade to new systems as needed to keep up with the necessary technical changes that are required to keep up with spammers and scammers to keep the Christianity Oasis community safe and serene for our members and guests.

We also deal with issues which arise when you have hundreds of Christians of varying levels and beliefs together in one place ... To answering hundreds of letters that we receive each day from lost or troubled souls that are led here by God and seek answers to serious issues. As we all know, there is no quick fix ... But rather a long term foundation of trust must be established as we slowly lead these lost and troubled souls back to the Lord, from some of the horrible places the world has taken them, leaving them lost and feeling unworthy of Love and Grace.

We also create eBooks for Christian authors at no charge who seek to get out their message, but the world will not give them an opportunity.

We also create new Christian studies and programs for our members often as to provide them with educational and spiritual means by which to continue along the Christian path.

We optimize the thousands of pages within this Christian community for the search engines as to keep pages highly ranked on search engines as to bring in the sheep as we were called to do. (Note: 70% of our studies, programs etc. are ranked on first page of Google and/or Yahoo when optimized keywords are typed in.)

This is just a few of our daily tasks.

We also do small revivals if and when we get a lil extra income.

I could quote Scripture upon Scripture revealing that such servants are to be provided for by those who partake of their works for the Lord ... But, that is not the intent. We are simply providing an answer to any questions that may be on some of the minds and hearts of others who hang out here at the Oasis Ministry, as to why we ask for monthly Love Offerings.

If we do not receive those funds by way of Love Offerings, we have to work away from the Oasis as we oft times do and the lost and troubled souls suffer as they do not get responded to in a timely manner and they fall away. The Chat and forums become a playground for predators. The studies and programs cease. No new features are created. And, if one will ever watch ... The Spirit of the Oasis slowly changes.

How Much is Needed

We were once asked ... Why don't you get a job instead of asking for money.

Tsk tsk ... Silly wabbits.

We have a job. We work for the Lord.

And ... we serve you, for Him.

Therefore this Ministry is our full time job and source of income to provide for the Ministry and those who serve Him by way of the Oasis Ministry. We need to be able to spend every waking hour working on the Oasis and still be able to pay the bills and eat ...

How Much Do We Need?

We do not have a high dollar lifestyle as those from the Oasis who have visited our old home can attest (which we lost due to lack of finances and now live from place to place). In fact, most would say that we live below poverty level.

Now ... We are very content, and Love serving the Lord, so do not get me wrong and think that we are complaining about our lifestyle and administration.

Not a chance !!!

The point is that we are not seeking to live comfortably. Just to live, while we serve the Lord. The basics are all that we require. So, we need only enough to pay bills and eat.

Believe me ... We know what a drag it is to talk about money.

You should try being the ones having to ask those whom they provide service for, for their pay.

That sounds weird doesn't it?

How we would have the audacity to suggest that we serve you.

Well, God says that is exactly what is taking place and the Bible also says a servant truly is worthy of pay for the work that he or she does for Him.

Here is Wisdom ... People go to a Restaurant and someone does no more than take your order and bring food to your table and most decent people know it is righteous to give them a tip.


Cuz they served you.

Is this Ministry not a Spiritual Restaurant for the Soul?

Does your Soul not feed here?

Are we not worthy of a small tip for serving you in the place that you find Spiritual nourishment, encouragement, education and fellowship?

If one would just choose to give what they give a waitperson to feed the flesh, to the Lord who feeds your soul ... God's servants would not have to be begging for it.

Like the waiters and waitresses that work hard for their tips, we work hard too ...

It is not mandatory for you to give in most places, nor is it mandatory here ... But, it is righteous.

That is the reason for our asking for monthly Love Offerings, you know ... To keep the Oasis available for you.

Again ... If you are new to the Christianity Oasis Ministry, we certainly do not expect anything from you as you have yet to discover just what God has led you to.

But, if you are a regular member here and have felt His Spirit within the Christianity Oasis Ministry, please consider this truth ...

We can not carry this burden alone. We need help from those within the Body of Christ. We need those who know the Christianity Oasis Ministry is real ... To represent.

If sharing this is still deemed by you as unacceptable or wrong in your mind and heart ... Contact our Boss.

You will like this part ...It is a Toll free call.

His number is 1-777-P R A Y E R.

Ask Him to reveal truth to you. Ponder and pray on this and ask if this is His Ministry or just 'some website.'

For those who feel led to help support this Ministry ... Expect the promised blessings as we both know that Christianity Oasis is His Ministry.

For those who have given to this very worthy cause in the past years, we say Thank You for giving to The Lord by way of the Christianity Oasis Ministry and we hope that you will choose to do so in the future. And though you may not hear them ... Many lost and/or troubled souls also thank you too.

If you do not feel led to give ... Don't.

Either way ...

Luv ya more than you will ever know.