BTK Photos

Christianity Oasis has provided these BTK pictures of this prolific serial murderer of men, women and children at various ages and at different stages in his life. There is even a BTK photo of him confessing to the crimes.

Living Water at the Oasis
Living Water at the Oasis

BTK Strangler

by Brandon Peace

BTK Photos and BTK Pictures

Dennis Rader a.k.a. The BTK Strangler

Dennis Rader

Dennis Rader

Senior in High School (BTK pictures)

Dennis Rader Senior Picture

BTK Photo from the Wichita Eagle

Dennis Rader at work (BTK photos)

Dennis Rader in Work Uniform

BTK Photo from CNN

Dennis Rader during arraignment (BTK pictures)

Dennis Rader Being Arraigned

BTK Photo from Getty Images

Dennis Rader AKA BTK confesses to the murders (BTK photos)

Dennis Rader During His Confession

Photo from the Wichita Eagle

The information on this website was gathered from many sources including:

The Wichita Eagle



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