BTK Strangler

Christianity Oasis has provided this thought provoking BTK book sharing everything there is to know about the BTK serial killer. We also have books and studies looking into Spiritual Warfare which surrounds us all, as well as studies on the coming End Times. Don't be scared, Be prepared.

BTK Strangler

Welcome to Christianity Oasis - Purity Publications eBook Forum. This utterly unique and very popular BTK Book takes an in depth look into the horrendous murders that took place decades ago in Kansas, but still haunts and even influences people today. We are talking about the BTK serial killer also known as the BTK Strangler who murdered at least 10 men, women and children in a most disgusting and disturbing manner. Christianity Oasis in association with Purity Publications presents you with this BTK Book, free of charge, for your research, curiosity and increased understanding of the spiritual realm.

BTK Book on the BTK Serial Killer

This very informative and spiritual based story we have chosen to share with you in this BTK book begins back in 1974. It was a more wholesome time for most folks in the United States back then compared to how it is now. Pleasant walks, doors and windows left unlocked, children playing in the streets without violence or worse; You know, kinda peaceful and serene time period in life. But, things were about to change when a serial killer emerged on the world platform whose despicable reputation had people living in the Wichita and Park City, Kansas area frightened.

This serial killer thought he was a clever one because he baffled the authorities as he mocked them with communications of various sorts. This mysterious monster called himself the BTK Strangler because of the very distinct BTK serial killer M.O. (Modus Operandi) ... Bind, Torture and then Kill his victims.

These mysterious and grisly BTK murders took place between 1974 and 1991. The BTK Strangler was constantly writing letters to the police providing facts that only the killer would know and even sending souvenirs from the murders. He even made a 911 call after a murder to reveal where the murder took place. His intent was to basically taunt and torture the police. BTK did this for almost 20 years and then as suddenly as he started, the BTK serial killer just vanished into thin air. Nothing was heard from the BTK Strangler for decades. And then ...

In March of 2004, the notorious BTK Strangler resurrected as if from the dead. He began his usual taunting of the police and threatening violence. What happened next? You will have to read this free BTK Book which not only discusses the BTK serial killer case but, also looks into the root of the evil that seems to dwell within such people as the BTK Strangler. We will be looking into spiritual warfare and how it may apply to some of the serial killers from the past and present. In particular, the BTK serial killer who it took authorities over thirty years to capture. But, in a wild and crazy set of events, on February 25, 2005, (About 30 years after the BTK Strangler began his reign of terror) They finally captured the BTK Serial killer. His name was Dennis Rader.

Again ... We hope you will choose to sojourn through our massive selection of excellent eBooks, studies and programs at Christianity Oasis. Many looking into the mysterious spiritual warfare and how as disturbing as this may sound ... Like it or not, you are right in the middle of it. As well as absolutely awesome studies on the End Times which are on the way.

For now though, prepare for a journey in the spiritual realm of the mind of the BTK serial killer as we open the BTK book of terror titled ... The BTK Strangler.

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