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Forsaken and Betaken

Chapter 9

by Catherine C. Straub

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Forsaken and Betaken
Chapter 9

Do not store up riches for yourselves here on earth, where moths and rust destroy, and robbers break in and steal.
— Matthew 6:19

In the time of King Herod – Mothers cry out in the night losing a child...

In the mental ward – Flo painfully stared at Joyce – the one, she felt, she could count on – out of the pack of wolves – bred in a cave where they belonged. She had just responded, her absence of animosity for Thomas today. Flo raged inside – sick of kids responding irate, they're all nuts. Marcy looked on such a Fair Maiden once, now known as a jealous spiteful sister.

"Than what is it? 'None of you kids' have given Emmy a fair time with her loss? I don't believe you're interest in him. It was spite and now it shows?"

"I need 'my medication,' please tells the nurse... I want to see her?" She turned her head on them. They walked out of her room, Flo still upset. She had to calm down; Joyce was still lying to herself.

"Flo we might go nutty... listening to her?" Flo peered at her folded hands.

"Isn't it amazing, said Flo? Kieran recalled – and said Beth didn't shoot him."

Outside they peered at the blue sky. "How far the jail is, we need The Chief, or Second in Command, Flo said. We can't punish Beth. But I hate the idea of her around – if we could send her back with Aunt Gen?"

"We have to tell them to go see him. It sure doesn't hurt to say it twice." They strolled in the police station – staring at the neat looking place, compared to prior?

"Could we see the New Chief, or Second in Command?"

"Just a minute – go sit down?"

They sat five minutes... before the aide, motioned to them? They followed him, he opened a door, and they walked in. The recent Chief of Police with thin curling balding blonde hair – around thirty year old, and baby blue eyes, sat behind the desk. "How can... I help you?"

"Are you aware last night a certain Beth Nelson was brought in for supposing to shoot Kieran Steward in the back. My son that was shot wants to see the police, and tell what he saw."

"What is your name madam," he peered interested at Flo.

"I'm Flo Steward the mother of the shot victim."

"I have the information here. What hospital, floor and room?" She gave him the data.

"Thank you that will be all then." They turned with permission to visit the cell of Beth Nelson. They were led downstairs and to the back where her cell was. Beth moved to the bars. "MOM, I HATE THIS PLACE! HOW DID THIS HAPPEN?"

"It seems – you're elder brother, Carl set you up – shooting Kieran. He saw him in the mirror right before he's shot with a snuffer. They should be on their way to see Kieran, and not long before Carl is arrested."

Beth hung on to the bars and bawled. "So, I'll not be convicted for trying to kill him. I already missed one day of school?" Flo handed her Kleenex tissues, sorrowfully watching.... She should not be punished for her kin.

"Darling tries to pray and speak to God, pleaded Marcy. He is our salvation, understands your anguish, and will sooth you?" Beth stared – her mother said: the words of healing.

"Go do what you have to? They will be bringing my lunch tray?" She felt calmer. Matters were better when; she and Aunt Gen were on a religious track. Flo pulled into her garage. Inside, she checked under lampshades and everywhere.

"Personally – I relinquish to think anyone were in here. I don't smell that Havana cigar smell like prior. Do you have a room for me tonight? I will lock it up. I do not like a place when intruders come in like they own it?"

In a half hour, they were there to meet Emmy.

Emmy jumped inside – "There is a spot to park in front of the jewelry store?" They jumped out, slammed the car doors, and soon were opening the door to the store. A younger man was working or filling in for lunch hour? Flo explained the circumstance... "What type ring would you like from Thomas?" Mystified the young man looked on... She must want a husband bad. Jesting silently, he'd offer for her – as they scanned the varied rings.

Emmy stared at the glass case – encased with variety rings "I like that one there? Marcy? Are you going to bring him here?" She wished it was Eugene?

"I can remembers it. I won't say anything... You pointed that one out?"

"Okay. I need to get back to study and slave over courses for certain grades, from 8:30 in the morning until 8 at night, as if you didn't know."

"Fine let's roll, Flo!" They dropped her off, and went back home. At six o'clock, they needed to return and see Chad. Marcy liked the new single Chief of Police, minus a wedding ring. How in the world did you catch a policeman with out a case? She noticed his flaming eyes, as he spoke to Flo. Surprise! He winked at her, as she turned to leave – peering back.

Flo started dinner – impatient for news, and called the second floor to see what ensued. Chad answered the phone. "Kieran 'confided to the cops' – what really happened and they left. Like a dork, she picked up the gun; he shoved over? I hear on the radio, 'they arrested indignant Carl' at school, acting like he's guiltless..."

"Who is sure, they are going to release her, asked Chad; anymore than Carl. She touched the gun, and left her fingerprints on it? They may think the two contrived to harm Kieran?"

"Ahem, Flo cleared her throat... I just 'thought of something,' she recalled. How did Carl know when he pushed the gun – over, it would mean something...?"

"An unregistered gun was fired. His plans were to frame Beth, said Chad. She didn't have to pick up the gun, it was there and fired. Who would be so stupid to leave the gun there in on the act, and run to get help?"

"In a couple of hours, I'll see yah. Say I quit for the night, and we go out for drinks, we need a gallon?" She laughed – hanging up....

Marcy reflected about Beth and school, but she's a suspect trying to kill Kieran. She went to her son's room. He just had to know about the ring, she chose. "Thomas? We looked at rings. Emmy pointed to an engagement ring, she wanted. The refund for the engagement ring was a whopping $1,500, like the wedding dress. Thomas was elated about the news, he's hearing. Prior to picking her up at eight, he'd pick up the ring and present it to her.

Everything moving likes freight train for Thomas, but he did not care if he was shoved into marrying young. He had loved her a long time. He could remember when, she first was brought to her aunt's house for the supposed fatal week. The next day he saw her outside. He stared – she's a little beauty. It amazed him gaping at a female. She crosses the street, pestering him to play in the tree house.

Every year in the summer before that disaster time, when they visited, she urged him to sit in that tree house with her. Now, it reminded him of building a family, and house together even contracting for work? He never could desert her pregnant with a child. Emmy thought about going to the store with him. She's excited (for the time to come) to gaze in the ring case with Thomas? It was their dream and the reality of their life together. Her mind always darted to Eugene.

At six, Flo and Marcy pulled in near the hospital, parked in their usual spot. They rushed into the elevator to the second floor. Chad was waiting for them and they went into see Kieran. "How are you tonight, Mom?" Kieran stared at her; she looked worn out. She had quite a trial like Marcy's kids turned into crooks. Twice two pulled some thing on him by vengeance. Carl was jealous of his popularity with the females. The woman stood around looking anxious and questioning.

"Sit down and relax, Mom, you're starting to remind me of 'a Jack in the Box'?" Flo, Chad, and Marcy curiously eyed him...

"I supposed my report, 'what I saw,' did not get Beth released? Carl was arrested, so something was accomplished. No killer would escape... leave the gun in plain sight. Why are they keeping her, because of her fingerprints or picking up the gun?"

"I feel, she must have been in shock... Then she realized it and dropped it like

'A Hot Potato,' said Marcy." "Are you two going out, she peered at Chad and Flo?

Well, Flo can I take your car and park it? She hesitated... You can use this key to get in, if I am asleep?" Marcy looked rather cagey what's up her sleeve.

Marcy pulled in on the side of the police building. She walked around the corner to the back door? She tapped on the window. The chief peered out, it being dusk. He viewed the other woman here earlier, and let her in. She rounded the desk, and sat down. Her perfume wafted in the air, she folded one leg over the other.

"I'm wondering why you're keeping my daughter locked up. A real killer would not leave a gun lying on the floor, and go for help?"

"That's true. We are keeping her due to handling the gun. Her fingerprints were on it (looking like) she's in on the plot instead of plotted against by this heartless brother. He has communistic attitudes; did you know this?"

Ugh, Marcy gaped, feeling dazed – where he'd get godless ideas.

"I just hope she can hold up to all this tough business. Lately ... she's rebel acting – so I guess, she'll survive."

"Would you have a drink with me?" He said kindly....

"First: you should see – Flo's cellar window." They went to Flo's car.

"By the way, my name is Percy Head. I have my car here to follow you."

Shortly, she pulled Flo's car in the garage. Percy met her, as she fit her key in the door, and pushed it open. They descended the steps to the basement.

"It is that shut window there," he moved toward it. Moreover, upstairs I can show you the phone; the bug was in? You see Emmy that lives here, was engaged to the last chief that recently lost his life!" They peered at the other; curious what was going on...?

"You don't have any evidence it has to do with their disappearance? I must check if there is a level cop there about the investigation into the chief's death? It sounds fishy... They did not investigate her parents' case like they should?"

"Her parents have been missing 'for near six years.' Emmy lives in this house and she dated the dead chief, checking on the case, and then he just stopped, and by that time, they were engaged. In the next week 'he's dead killed or murdered' in a car crash. We still don't know what happened." They climbed the steps.

"If you don't 'stick us in jail' we possess the file on her vanishing parents.... In the early morning after his death, Emmy cleaned out his desk, and the file on her parents. We still possess it. We've been followed, when we went to see his dad and mother. I think, Flo thought when he died; the other cops would destroy the file and any information in his desk pertaining to the case of her parents?" Percy wondered as they climbed the steps? What was going on here?

"I can't fault them with 'uncivil law officers,' so you should return it any day. I'll put the case back in the file, and his notes? "Let us go out? Oh, first show me the phone where the bug was?"

"Flo said the man 'smoked Havana Cigars?'

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