Diane's Poetry

Apples and Oranges and Pears, Oh My

by Diane Adele Strong

Living Water at the Oasis
Living Water at the Oasis

Diane's Poetry
Apples and Oranges and Pears, Oh My
by Diane Adele Strong

Apple          Orange          Pear

Apples, and Oranges, and Pears – Oh, My!

There once was an apple that lived in a tree,
who cried, "Oh ... if only an orange I could be -
I would be very happy just not to be me.

The orange heard him crying and said,
"Let me see ... I know that if I were a pear, I would
be the happiest fruit that you ever would see."

The pear said, "I think that if I could jump down
from this tree where I'm hanging ...
right onto the ground, I'd hunt for some way
to grow hands ... and grow feet ...
I'd be so happy ... my life so complete."
Then ... from above ... a voice they all heard -
It was God who was speaking -
He gave them these words:

"I created the world ... you're part of the Plan ...
Be content and be thankful -
don't you understand?
Each one has a role in My Grand Design -
Some are called aardvarks ...
and some ... porcupines!"

"I leave it to you ... now what will it be? -
Choose to remain quite safe in your tree?
Or live on the ground - if you have the nerve
but you might end up as a jar of preserves!"

The apple said, "Tell me ... oh, what
should we do? I guess that the smart
thing is ... listen to You!"

The orange and the pear agreed to comply,
and God said, "Remember ... and please realize,
that joy and contentment ... now make no mistake -
greatly depends on the choices you make."

"Ask Me to guide you ... take My advice -
Listen for My voice to lead you through life.
If you will do this ... just wait and see -
You'll be quite happy to live in a tree!"

The story ends here ... as all stories must -
The apple, the orange, and the pear came to trust
in God's plan for their lives, the rest of their days -
(and, they didn't end up as preserves - by the way!)

Diane Adele Strong

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