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Diane's Poetry


by Diane Adele Strong

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Diane's Poetry
by Diane Adele Strong

Schmoopie ...

Shmoopie Playing with Tissues    Shmoopie Playing with Pencils     Shmoopie Knocking Over Plant


"Now and then I pull a little tissue from the box ...
Now and then my toys fall in the sink and get quite lost ...
Now and then I chew erasers from her pencil tops ...
I wonder if she'll figure out how this old plant fell off?

Shmoopie in a Harness of Sorts

Just as I thought...she saw the plant...and right away blamed me!
I told her that the dog ... old Jiggs... he did the dirty deed!
But would she listen? No, siree - she put me in this vise,
And said, 'Perhaps you'll tell the truth next time, instead of lies'!"

Truthful lips shall be established forever,
but a lying tongue is credited but for a moment.
Proverbs 12:19


Diane Adele Strong

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