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Christianity Oasis Ministry has provided this E-book Gifted Child Story - The Gifted Child written by Author Martha Brooks. We hope you will explore our many studies and programs at Christianity Oasis that look into all aspects of the Christian Walk and reveal truth and bring forth understanding and peace.


Welcome to Christianity Oasis Purity Publications. This E-book is titled Gifted Child Story - The Gifted Child written by Author Martha Brooks. Christianity Oasis in association with Purity Publications proudly presents you with this The Gifted Child E-Book free of charge for your enjoyment.


Spiritual Gifts

The Gifted Child

by Martha Brooks


Chapter One
Chapter Two
Chapter Three
Chapter Four
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Chapter Eleven
Chapter Twelve
Chapter Thirteen
Chapter Fourteen

Chapter One

On a winter's day in England, Joanne made her way to a orphanage. In her arms her baby daughter was asleep. As the train got closer to London, her heart felt heavy. Little April was born blind. Her father would not marry Joanne, and left the scene as fast as he could. Joanne had no family in her life, and she was unable to keep her baby. As the train stopped at Fenchurch Street Station she had to get a taxi to the home.

Once in the taxi, she held her child closer than ever. She knew that her child could be adopted out from the orphanage. That she will never see April again. Joanne could not fully take it in that her baby was blind. It caused her far more problems. The taxi stopped, and she got out.

As she went into the home, she was greeted by a very large and jolly lady. Joanne said, "I am Joanne french, and my baby is to come here today." The lady said, "Yes we have your name here, come with me and we will place your child in the baby wing of the home." Joanne said, "No! You take her now, and let me go." The lady said, "Joanne, it would be better for you to say goodbye to your child, to help you get closure. You do have to sign papers." Joanne said, "I will sign the papers, and then go." The lady could do no more, but she offered Joanne to come to their chapel, and at the very least pray for the best for Joanne, and April. She said, "Do you want to see where April will be living whilst here?" Joanne snapped back and said, "This is-----So-----Hard for me, Joanne was crying now, and she continued saying, "I cannot go and pray, what a ridiculous offer, as I am leaving my own child." The papers were shown, and Joanne signed them. Once signed, April was no longer hers.

Joanne left the home, and took a bus back to the station. Her arms felt empty, her heart felt like a big hole was there, and no heart left. She thought about April's father and how he left her to get on with the pregnancy alone. She took the train back to barking station, and then to upminster Station to go back to her bedsitter.

Getting back into her bedsitter, she made a hot drink, and looked at the box she had for a cot for April. She had very little for her baby, and it was very hard. She thought, my baby is never going to be mine again. Why was she blind at birth? How was it I only had her for three weeks, and now she is gone? How could this all happen?

Joanne went back to work the following week, and took denial as her crutch. She behaved as if she never had a baby. Life was going on anyway. Joanne was going to learn some of the greatest tests in life as she went through her pathways.

In the orphanage, April was given a full medical, and her blindness was for life. What was noticed by the carers, was that April did not cry much. After a few weeks, one of the carers said, "This baby is unlike the others. She seems to be peaceful, and --- I cannot explain it really, it's like she is special, or gifted. The other carer said, "Yes Trudie, she is different, I have noticed it too!" Then Paula said to Trudie," She is blind, but have you noticed how she looks around as if she can see?" Trudie said, "Yes I have, but she is blind for life, so do you think she senses things like she would with sight?" Paula said, "Well, as I am a Christian, I have faith in the reality of healing, or gifts given for those that are born this way." Trudie said, "No, the baby is blind for life, it just could be nothing at all."

April reached the age of one year, and a couple wanted to adopt her. They were given April for weekends to start with, as a blind child is more in need of patience than a sighted child. Both of the adoptive parents to be, were eVangelists. Mr. and Mrs. Granger could not have children. They wanted to adopt April, rather than a child that could see, because they felt April would not get a chance of adoptive parents. They also felt she was the child "The Holy Spirit" Had for them. After the trials of weekends, things went well, and the adoption was granted.

Mrs. Granger, said to her husband William, "We will have April baptized." William said to Diane, "Yes, and have you noticed how April looks around, and yet is blind?" Diane said, "She also never cries much, at times I have heard her making sounds, sounds we have not taught her." they knew that April was a gift to them. William said, "The other day, I had a book in my hand, I pretended she could see it, and told her the story." Diane asked, "What did she do?" William said, "She touched the pages. Her eyes were toward the pages, she heard the sounds of the pages, but how can she see, as she is blind? But one thing I did notice, when I read the story of "Jesus Christ," A small one for children, every time I said "Jesus," She smiled and made sounds of happiness." Diane said, "Do you think that we may have a child that is far more than being blind?" William said, "I sure do, I just get the feeling something is going to be with this child, something we as yet do not know about."

One Sunday they were in church, and April was clapping her hands as the band played the hymns. She was looking around as if she could see, but they knew she could not. At any moment the name of "Jesus Christ" Was said, April glowed with the name.

As April got to two, it was obvious that she had gifts. The Grangers gave her a happy home, and absolute love, and still they noticed something different about her. Diane was asking in prayer what the reason was for April being so gifted?

One afternoon, a lovely sunny day, April was beginning to talk. She said, "Bird, bird." Diane said, "What bird, April?" April looked up to the sky, and said, "Bird." Diane looked up, and there was a bird. She thought, no, April is still classed as blind, but she says bird, and I see a bird. So Diane said, "April tell me the color of the bird." April said, "Bird." She gave no color. She just said after that, "Bird flies." Diane looked again and saw the bird flying."

Diane took April to a professor who was an eye surgeon. William took the time to go as well. After a long testing of April's eyes, the professor said, "She has no sight at all in her eyes, there is no chance of her ever being able to see. He then said, something is different about her blindness, it would be unfair for me to say that she has a chance of eye sight, but as you said about the bird, that is almost as if the child can see while blind. Yes, something is odd here."

William, and Diane, prayed many times for April to gain sight. As Christians, they knew prayers were heard, and answered at the will of "God." That night they put April to bed, and later in the evening, Diane went in to look at her, making sure she was covered and warm. As she went into the room, above April's bed she was sure she saw a light, and April was looking at the light. Diane thought, no she cannot see that, it's gone now anyway, but how come she looks at things, and is blind?"

The next morning William went to get April up, and he heard her talking to someone. He stood by the door, and only just caught the words, "Abba, father." April was smiling. Both William, and Diane, got frustrated with this, it really seemed as if their child was gifted, but with what?

Their prayers for the day included April in the morning, both were watching April, and she said again "Abba, father."

April was given gifts of unseen things by those that cannot see. William said, "God" Works in mysterious ways, "Abba, father" Is in the Bible, but April cannot read, what is going on here?" Diane said, "Yes something about being adopted and saying "Abba, father" Is in Romans I think, in the Bible, you know how I often get some of the readings mixed, but I do think it is Romans."

They went on with life, and April was nearly four. This child had an energy of love around her at all times. William said, "I am thinking we are given a bigger gift with adopting April. Be great to see how it all unravels Diane."

Chapter Two

William took time to look up "Abba, father." He looked at it and said to Diane, "This child cannot read, yet she is saying this? It is in Romans, and I am-----How on earth can she know this?" Diane said, "William, this is a blessing, it is filled with love, and has a direction that we are to see unfold. Maybe the blind do see? It could be eyes that we do not know about." William said, "I am wondering if it is eyes of her spirit. Could it be that her spirit is with her real father?" Diane said, "God," That is our real parent."

April was growing into a very light hearted girl. Her hair was golden, and her eyes were bright blue, her body was slim in size. Her character was like a angelic child. Her speech was softly spoken. She had no demanding ways about her. She managed to get around, and do things without sight in her eyes. Diane had managed to get all she could learn about a child that is blind. Her schooling would be in a special school for the blind. All this was looked into as her school days would be in another year.

In church she still looked around, and by now both William, and Diane, did not question it. They spoke to the Pastor about April, and the words she spoke. The Pastor just looked at them with great interest. Pastor Paul said, "We are to understand I take it, that April is gifted. There is a good reason for this blessing upon you having adopted this child. For her to say things that she is unable to read, is from "The Holy Spirit." I am really interested in her growing years, because there will be manifestations of truth. It will be like steps as she grows." Pastor Paul thought a moment and then said, "Glory be, what if she is given sight in the coming years? How wonderful that would be."

Diane went to see her friend Celia. On arriving, Celia came out of her house in a hurry. Celia said, "Diane, glad your here, my brother has been seeing a lady, ugh! Sorry to start as soon as you arrive, but-----Oh----Let's get in first, and I'll make us morning tea." Diane sensed something negative.

Celia said, "April, how is she doing at her pre school kinder? You said on the phone that she had to get used to being with other children, and that it was a place for children like her, you know-----Um-----Deaf children and blind children." Diane said, "Why do you slack your words when you mention children with abnormalities? Every child is as worthwhile as the ones with all faculties. Stigmas are a waste of time, and I apologize but, it shows lack of understanding. These dear ones need all the support, not the stigma of them being different. In the love of "The Lord," Not one lamb is to be left lost. Imagine if these dear children were given just the needs to stay alive, and no love, just left without true care, and it does happen. Sorry Celia, I am very protective of children like my April." Celia said, "I am sorry, I just have a lot on my mind, and you're right, no child should ever be without love."

Diane said, "April is doing quite well, she goes three mornings a week, and is communicating with others well. Now what is it you wanted to share with me?" Celia said, "Oh! My brother rick is seeing this new age woman, who has convinced him of her being able to tell him about his life." Diane said, "Oh no, how did he get to meet her?" Celia said, "He broke up with Jenny, and got very hurt, so one day he saw a new age shop, and went into it.

This lady does readings, so he thought to get some help for his hurt. She told him all sorts of rubbish, and then charged him one hundred pounds. Then she enticed him, so he took her out for dinner, and naturally paid for that as well. He stopped going to church, and took up reading all this material that is really weird. He has changed so much even I do not recognize him. He bought a wizard figure, it's ugly to me, but he said it will bring him fortune." Diane said, "You know as well as I do, that it's the enemy that is working here on him. Has his health altered at all?"

Celia said, "Yes, he has had headaches, lack of sleeping, and thinks he sees things in the night!" Diane said, "He needs prayer, and we can do that, but it is up to him to seek the true help, because as he was a Christian, in his deepest part of his soul, he knows it's not good. Have you spoken to him about it being the enemy?" Celia said, "Yes, but he said, that from what it looked like, having the church and losing Jenny, he cannot see the harm in this, to him it sounds more interesting, and that he felt his headaches were due to his work, and losing Jenny." Celia said, "We cannot do anything but pray for him. Oh Diane, can we go and see Lotty together this morning? She is a humorous person, and a bit of a nutcase, but she certainly lifts my spirit."

Diane had a few hours to do as she pleased, and thought this a great idea. Celia called Lotty, and she was delighted of them coming over to see her. Lotty gave them both a big hug, and put her paint on their cheeks in the process! She had been painting her back bedroom, and being Lotty, she would have it everywhere.

Lotty said, "How about you put on the kettle, and I will put cream on my home made scones? Diane sat down, and Celia put the kettle on, but lo and behold, Lotty had the cream ready for the scones when the phone rang. While they were waiting for Lotty to end her call, the cat from next door came in the kitchen. Diane, and Celia, went into the bathroom, to get the paint off their faces. Celia laughed and said, "Trust Lotty to put blue paint on our cheeks." Diane laughed and said, "Well you did say she would cheer us up, and we never know what she will do next, which is interesting."

The cat had gone to the bowl of cream, and was licking it up with glee. The cats paws were in the bowl too! Lotty ended her call, and went to go into the kitchen, but on the way, walked right into her vase of flowers, which crashed to the floor. The sound scared the cat, so the bowl of cream went flying along with the cat's quick departure. Diane, and Celia, came back to the kitchen, wondering what the noise was.

Lotty said, "What has happened in here?, I must have left the back door open. There by the back door sat the cat, licking herself clean from the cream delight she had eaten. Diane just burst out laughing, and so did Celia. They said that they left the kitchen to get the blue paint off their faces, that Lotty had accidentally in her big hugs, put on them. The scones were on the floor as well, and there was no chance of scones and cream now. Lotty said, "That cat is a menace at times, I will go and get the mop." Lotty went near the fallen cream, and slipped, and fell down. She was not hurt, but she said, "I have the cream all over my dress now, plus I went and walked into my vase of flowers in a hurry to get back to you two, so there is water, and broken vase, and flowers all over the hallway.

The three of them got the cleaning things, and began to clear up the rather large mess. Diane said, "We missed out on morning scones now, what about going to mac Donald's for early lunch?" The three laughed all the way, and Lotty giving her jokes of life on the way.

Going back to Celia's, Diane said, "Bet you feel better now after all that lot." Celia said, I sure do, it was fun in a way, and I also know that my brother is a man, and I must not allow this to invade by faith. Let us both have a word of prayer for him, when we get back to my house before you leave to pick up April." They gave a very strong request for Celia's brother rick, to see the darkness he has walked into, through being heart broken over Jenny, and that he would see that he could have asked for help directly from "The Lord." Celia said, "I think I got some of that by just listening to rick, and as he talked of this woman he now wants to be involved with seriously, I felt a real danger there for him. After he left, and I saw the changes in him, not knowing him as I used to, I got a feeling like something was invading me too!"

Diane said, "I do know that one is wise to be aware of the type of company they keep. The enemy uses ways that are not even thought about. Only a small opening can and does give harm. We know Celia, that "God" Loves us, and that no sick health is from him, it may be wise for you to back off for a while with rick." Celia said, "Rick has backed off of me already, he will not come and visit me after I said I did not like this new age rubbish." Diane said, "Celia, just pray for him, if he wants this path, he can only find that in time, the harm from the enemy will be hurting him far more than going back to "Jesus Christ," Which is the only way to be saved." Diane left to get April. Celia felt more at ease now.

Diane went to get April, and on the way home April said, "I did finger painting, but I could not see it, so I tried to see it with my other eyes." Diane cautiously said, "Did your other eyes tell you the colors?" April said, "I felt the colors with my other eyes." Diane thought-----Felt? Well I never knew that she could feel what she cannot see. Then Diane said, "I have your finger painting in your bag April, I did not look at it yet, but I will when we get home."

Going in the house, Diane was eager to see her child's painting. As she took it out of the bag, she unrolled it and looked at it. She just thought, how is this coming? There in the painting done by April's fingers, no brush work at all, she saw an eye, and around the eye were colors. Above the eye there was a faint figure of an angel. It was not detailed, but had illustrated. Now Diane was in joy, she could not wait for William to come home. She gave April a huge hug and said, "April what did you think while you were doing this?" April said, "Miss Smithers said she was watching me, and that she was happy to see me do that." Diane said, "Did she say anything about what you did?" April said, "No mummy, she just said, wow! And stayed there, I told her I felt it and that is how I see it." Diane said, "Did Miss Smithers say anything at all after you said that?" April said, "She just said, you feel what you see?" Then she did not say any more."

They had gone to the shops to buy April some paints and paper to paint on. Diane thought this would be a good way for them to see what is going on here.

William saw the finger painting, and just gasped at the illustration, and he said, "Diane, I want Pastor Paul to see this. I will call him now, and see if we can get him to come and see us tonight." Diane agreed to that.

Pastor Paul came in the evening, and looked at the finger painting. He said, "This is from above, it has to be, she says she feels it, and feeling it, she sees it. That she uses her other eyes. Her spiritual eyes are not blind. This is a very extraordinary gift. I have never come across this before. We are-----I think-----To give thanks for this young child's gifts, and to let her express herself fully, for although this is in your family, it is also a gift that is to come out to others. There is a strong message here. I am so certain that April is here to give the strength of love, to show how strong the spirit of mercy is showing truth."

Now the time was coming for further proof of why April was to be blind, and yet see.

Chapter Three

April was getting ready for her first day in the school. For a child of five, she was quite able to dress herself. Diane just had to do her hair. "April," Diane said, "How are you feeling about your new school? Because this time you will be there five days a week." April did a little whirl of a dance, and said, "I will be able to feel the books. You said it is written in brail, has bumps in it. I want to read." Diane said, "April, how did you get "Abba, Father," Did you feel the Bible?" April said, "I see "Abba, Father." He comes with my other eyes." Diane left it at that, because she felt April will be able to express this better when she is older. But she wondered, how does she see, and not have her eyes? The other eyes see?

Driving to school Diane felt a pang of absence not having April around as much. Going into the first infant's class, she met Miss Sanders. Miss sanders said, "Welcome April, you will have a good time in this class. We will be teaching you many things that are for the blind to sense with." April said, "I have my other eyes!" Miss Sanders looked at Diane, with a questioning look. Diane said, "She has gifts that are unfolding. She has been that way since we adopted her." Miss Sanders did not further that, as she did not understand. The school was a Christian school, but these things had never happened. Miss Sanders did have strange things happen, but nothing like 'other' eyes.

Diane left April and took a drive to Celia's. She felt really lonesome without her child, and needed some comfort. Celia said, "Glad to see you. April is going to be doing well I feel, so it's just the change of her being away for school hours that is upsetting you, it's perfectly natural. They decided to go to the shops and buy some clothing for themselves. This would help Diane take her mind off not having April that day.

When they arrived near a car yard, Celia saw rick there. She said to Diane, "Rick is in the car yard, he has a woman with him, look at her!" Diane looked, and saw a woman dressed in strange clothes, with blond hair, that had purple edges, she would be hard to miss. Diane said, "Oh my, this must be that woman you told us about?" Celia said, "Yes, no doubt it is. I wonder what rick is doing in the car yard. He has just got a new car. How about we go in and say hi, and perhaps he will tell us why he is in there." Rick saw them coming, and said, "Hi there! This is crystal." They said hello to her, but asked rick if his new car was in trouble."

Rick said, "No, I am going to buy crystal a car." Celia looked at rick in disbelief. She saw that this woman had black makeup so hard around her aging eyes, brilliant red lipstick, her skirt was so short, and her top showing just about all her breasts. Then the woman spoke," I am crystal, and run a new age shop. Why not make an appointment and let me do a reading for you." Diane said, "No thank you, it's against my true "Lord." I would never take another idol for him." Celia nudged Diane and said, "I feel the same way, I do not need what you call reading for my life." Crystal gave them both a dark look, a very dark look.

Rick said, "We have to get to talk to the manager of this car yard, as crystal wants this bright red car, so you both better go and do what you were doing." He too gave them a dark look. Diane said when far enough away, "Oh what a horrid feeling I got near her, did you get that Celia?" Celia said, "Yes, I did, I think we both could do with talking to Pastor Paul about this, we need our armor now strongly."

They shopped for clothing, and had some fun doing that. On the way back to the car, Pastor Paul was in the car parking lot. He saw them, and greeted them warmly. Diane said, "We were coming to see you." Pastor Paul said, "Come this afternoon, about two o'clock." So they said they would be there.

They arrived there, and went into his office with Pastor Paul. Celia told Pastor Paul about her brother. She gave all the details she knew. Diane said, "I felt really uncomfortable when I met that lady that does the new age thinking.

Pastor Paul said, "This lady is working with the darkness, and unknowing to her, she is walking the path of satan. So many of these people believe in this, that they become attached to the wiles of all satanic lies. It begins with some truth, enough to give false intentions that all new age people are forever in life, meaning reincarnation, angels, all manner of things. The whole thing is to destroy them." Celia said, "Oh! So rick has given himself over to that side of life at the present stage?" Pastor Paul said, "Yes, the one thing that is going for him is that he knew "Jesus." That may well rise against this pathway that he has come to now. That is why prayer is very important for him, but you Celia, would be wise to have no contact with the woman he is with now, because she will try to convince you enough, to get you to go the same way. You told me that rick is spending a large amount of money on her, correct?" Celia said, "Yes, a new car." Pastor Paul shook his head, and looked to her concerned. He said, "Well rick has already begun to get destroyed, as long as he gives in to her darkness, he will continue to be getting his life's work destroyed. The real reason is to destroy his eternal life. So if he looked into this, once he realizes what this woman is up to, he may I pray, just return in time. It is so much a twisted path, that people get inquisitive, the smallest of openings really does allow the forces to move in. Diane, please keep yourself away from Celia's brother, and this woman." Diane said, "I saw her today, so how will it be?" Pastor Paul said, "Our prayer after this talk will cut that off."

Diane felt safe enough after the prayer, she felt no threats at all. Celia felt the same. Celia said, "If rick does not see what this woman is doing, he is blind." Diane said, "Yes, funny how I know a blind child can see though." Celia said, "I think rick is mixing up his heartbreak healing with a really rough woman, that is using his hurt feelings to gain for herself, and after he has spent all, she will dump him, and he can do nothing about the money he spent on her." Diane said, "I just Hope that does not send him round the bend, and further away from truth."

Diane went to pick up April, and to her surprise, Miss Sanders was holding April's hand waiting for her. April ran to her mother saying," I did see today, I did see." Miss Sanders said, "April is blind I know, but how could she see a rainbow? I thought she was imagining it, so I looked out the window, there above the hills was a bright rainbow. Now April did not say the rainbow was above the hills, she just said rainbow, rainbow, and pointed out the window. How can she point to a window? How can she point towards the direction of the rainbow? I am in surprise, because no child I have had in my class, has had this kind of knowing. None."

Diane said, "She feels it, that is how she sees it." Miss Sanders said, "How can feelings give sight?" What does she know about rainbows?" Diane said, "Miss Sanders, please do not be so surprised, as you know all of us are "God's" Children, so if it pleases him to give her spirited eyes that are not blind, that is his gift to her, so that we are given the gift through her. So it will be. I do ask you to not make her a favorite. She is the same as the rest of the blind children, and I want her treated equal. If she says she sees with her other eyes, she does. I know she sees, but not how we do." Miss Sanders agreed to make April equal, but said, "It will be hard to not notice "Jesus Christ" In her face. I saw that many times today." We start the day with a short prayer, and her face showed the love of "Christ" Within her. We end the day with a short prayer, and the same thing happened. I am just in awe of this, I have never encountered such a child, she is what I call a holy child." Diane said, "Do not make more of it than it is, in other words, allow "The Holy Spirit" To take her for his work, when it is in his supreme time, OK? But remember she is a child."

April had talked about her day at school and then she said, "I saw a rainbow, it had colors in it, and it shone brightly." Diane said, "Did you know where the rainbow was?" April said, "Yes in my other eyes." Diane said no more, she felt being her first day at school, April will need to have some rest, a nice bath before bedtime.

William heard all about April's day at school, he left talking to her about it until the weekend. He had to go away for a few days to do a work project.

Diane was so happy about April having her other eyes. She thought-----I just wish I knew how it comes to her to see things she cannot see with her blind eyes. She knew it was gifted to her daughter, but the intelligence behind that is far higher than human intelligence.

Joanne, April's real mother, had never gotten over giving her daughter away. She knew she was adopted, but her whereabouts, she never got to know. Joanne had nothing but the memory of her. She thought about her being blind, and thought that her life would be very limited. Joanne did not know her child was given the gift of love from above.

Chapter Four

Diane and Celia were both having a morning together, enjoying each other's company. Diane said, "Celia, I was thinking about April's real mother just recently, I thought that she might one day try to find her daughter." Celia said, "Does that concern you much?" Diane said, "Well, thinking about it, if April's mother did not have April, we would not have her, so in a way she is as important, so I thought if she did try to find her, then I would not be against that." Celia looked at Diane and said, "You would not be upset? I think most adoptive parents would be." Diane said, "To me "Our Lord" Gave us April through her mother, we are doing our best for April, and if her mother needed to know how she went through life, then she in my view has that right." Celia said, "Golly Diane, you really are very spiritual about this." Diane said, "Flesh is born of flesh, but the real birth is born of spirit, because we are spirit, the spirit that belongs to "God." They had a good morning and then went on their ways.

April had her years in the infant class, and was moving to junior class. Miss Sanders told the new teacher that April is a very different child, and that if she says she sees with her other eyes, take notice of it, but do not make her above the other children. Miss Sanders said, "Her mother is strict on April being treated as the other children, and her gifts must not be given higher attention, just take notice, and allow it to be part of April's learning and growth." The new teacher Mr. Kingston said, "I will be looking forward to this, from what you have said, and what is in her reports, this child is-----Oh lets say-----With a sight unknown to me, until I have her in class. Does she talk about her other eyes, as in where they come from?" Miss Sanders said, "No, but she says two words a lot, it's "Abba, father." Mr. Kingston said, "From my knowledge that is in Romans, about being adopted by our real parent, when saved. How can this child know that? Interesting, I am looking forward to this."

April began her junior class. Mr. Kingston was eagerly waiting to meet her, but kept his eagerness from his face. April came dressed in a blue and white dress, her long golden hair in ringlets, and her body language was determined. Mr. Kingston met Diane, and they passed a few words.

During the class time, April was listening to Mr. Kingston talking about the beginning of life for "Jesus Christ." The other blind children just sat there still, but April had joy in her face when Mr. Kingston said the words "Jesus Christ." He noticed her joy, and it was obvious she knew who he was. He then thought to give each child a chance to say what they felt about "Jesus," And how they put him in their minds." Every child spoke that they heard of him, but none said they knew him. He came to April, and said, "April, how do you see "Jesus?" April said, "I see him every day, and every night, I see him with my other eyes, he loves me." Mr. Kingston was flabbergasted by her answer, he was short of knowing what to say next. He carefully said, "April, tell the class what you know of "Jesus." April said, "He has been with me since I was very small, I feel him, and he looks after me, and I know "Abba, father." Now Mr. Kingston was dumb founded for words. He thought, I cannot go against that, because if "Our Lord" Has gifted this child, then she will see what he wants her to see. Mr. Kingston said, April, your other eyes, where do you keep them?" April put her hand to her heart, and said, "Here, in here I have another body, nobody can see it, but we all have another body. It's invisible, but real."

Mr. Kingston had to end the conversation, as he was taken by sharp surprise, and he thought how he did not know about another body. The class ended, and Mr. Kingston went to his head of the school. Mr. Kingston said to Mr. Fairly, "I have this new child in my class. I am a little concerned about her mental health." Mr. Fairly sat back in his chair, and laughed. He said, you mean April? Let me tell you, this child is not having mental problems. Miss Sanders had this concern, she found this child very intelligent, and quite by far capable of independence of her own. Our school is Christian, so are our teachers. Tell me Mr. Kingston, have you thought that the other body April mentioned to you is the spirit? The spirit belonging to "Our Father in heaven." Every one of us has this body, as April calls it, that is invisible."

"For many it sleeps, for some it sleeps for all their lifetime. For the saved, it is born, we could say born again, the heart is where the feelings are from "Our Lord" Easy to see why. He takes up that heart that was dead to the truth of life. "Jesus" Does not come empty handed, when his child comes to him, that was dead, he comes with life, purest love there is, the armor for salvation, and safety. He comes with sight, ears that hear, cripples that walk. Oh come on Mr. Kingston, you know all this." Mr. Kingston said, "No-----I knew about what I have learned in life as a Christian, but this child has explained it very well, and you have just described it into my image of understanding. I apologize, as I did let the thought come that she may have a mental problem when talking about another body. My goodness, we all can learn, even when adult, I have learned today. It is so interesting, and makes sense now. Do you think Mr. Fairly, that "Our Lord" Sent her to earth in her blindness to bare witness to his truth?" Mr. Fairly said, "I knew about April's gifts from Miss Sanders, and did not the "Lord" Say, the blind shall see? Yes he did, who are we to question his miracles?" Mr. Kingston said, "How right that is. It is certain, that this child is gifted, and how she allows the growth of her gifts, lays in the hands of "Jesus Christ." Do you think when she gets older, she might have some children making fun of her?" Mr. Fairly said, "That is likely. But that will not stop her gifts, just let her be, and if she says anything about her other eyes, listen carefully. But as her mother wishes, do not give her extra attention."

Mr. Kingston now knew how to handle this. He knew that he had never thought of the spirit being another body. It would be, but the only body that is eternal is the other body. He smiled, and thought how beautiful the way April put it was.

April was happy at school her learning to manage in life was incredible-----Her age being young, and her mind being much older in her gifts. She learned to do many things, and had a determination hard to beat, as she was one never to be beaten. Her nature was very soft, and gentle, but a real fire was in her to do all she can herself.

Her junior years were coming to an end, and Mr. Kingston was unhappy to have her leave his class with the others, but her especially, because this child had taught him much, without trying to.

Diane now had April getting to her twelfth year. She had grown into a very lovely young girl. One day April went to go outside, and she heard another child say, "April, come over here, and play with me." April had never left her home without telling her mother. She went toward the voice, and suddenly a car came towards her, she got hit by the car, and was laying face down in the middle of the road. All the neighbors came outside, as the car horn was loudly blaring before the accident.

Diane came running outside, and she never thought to see April laying down hurt. Her heart sank, her neighbor went to call an ambulance, in emergency. The driver of the car said, "My good God, why did she just walk right in front of me, she must have seen the car, or at least heard it?" Diane said, "My daughter is blind, and-----How close to her were you before you saw her?" The driver said, "As you know this bend is near your house, and she just came out and went out onto the road." The details were given. The ambulance arrived. To Diane's heart, she thought she might loose April.

When the ambulance took April's life force to see how she was, they told Diane that she was alive, and breathing with a bit of difficulty, and that she was unconscious. The whole thing made Diane just fall into panic. She called William, who came to the hospital. April was taken to theatre. Both William, and Diane, could not speak, but prayed all the time. They called Pastor Paul, and he came as soon as he could. Pastor Paul was very supportive. He said, "We do not know why this happened. April has never just left her home without you, so let us believe there is something greater here, than it appears now."

After surgery, the surgeon came to them and said, "Your daughter will live, her head was fractured, but not enough to cause her harm in her life. She will be able to speak to you tomorrow, so if you wish, you may stay overnight." They agreed to, and Pastor Paul said that he will cancel his morning's service, and stay as well.

The next morning was very tense for both William and Diane. They were asked to go in to see April, but to not over tax her in too much talk. April had her head covered with medical dressings. Her eyes were bruised. She opened her eyes, and said, "Daddy, mummy, what happened to me?" Diane looked at William and said, "How can she know we are here? Being blind unless we talk, she could not know." A miracle had taken place. They thought her other eyes must have told her they were there.

After several days, April's eyes were given sight. The surgeon said, "We knew she was blind, by your telling us, and us seeing that in theatre. None of us know how she got her sight. She was telling us what she could see," Diane said, "She must have told you it was with her other eyes." the surgeon said, "Other eyes? No, she is seeing, she is able to see. I am not sure what you mean by other eyes, we all only have two eyes." neither parent said anything to that. As they got near to April she showed them that she had her eye sight.

Diane said, "Are you certain she is actually given her sight? She was born blind." She can see you, she told us she could see the nurses. We have no possible way of knowing how this happened, considering her head injury. It could have been the shock of that, but we are lost to know how. I have never come across this in my medical life at all. In fact her recovery is swift, and her abilities are all normal. She will be able to leave the hospital in two weeks time. We just want to monitor her for that time, and to see that the injury is healing properly."

When the surgeon left them alone, both William, and Diane, fell upon their knees, and cried so hard in thanksgiving for April to be healed. April said, "I can see you, and I think my other eyes are still with me, but I now have these eyes." She put her hands to her eyes. Then April said, "I had "Jesus Christ" Come to see me in this hospital." both parents stopped to listen. April said, "Yes, "Abba, Father." You see he comes to see me for as long as I can remember. "Jesus and Abba, Father" Are one, the same, if you know what I mean. I was laying here, and I saw "Jesus" Come to my bedside. He came in brilliant light, and I saw him first with my eyes, these eyes, she put her hands again to her human eyes. He came first with my other eyes, then touched me with light, on my head, and then I saw him from my other eyes, to these eyes. I could not sleep after that, because he spoke to me saying, "My child, I love thee, you will see now, because of your faith in me. Ye have shown the truth whilst blind in your eyes. The work I have for thee will continue, all gifts ye have are from me. My path is narrow, and your love for me is wide. Go forth and give unto all the truth, as I give it to thee through your life. I will never leave thee." After that he went up into the room, and through the ceiling, and then gone."

The tears from both parents were coming fast, and their love for "The Lord" Was deepened. They saw for the first time, a real miracle. April said, "I have to stay here for a while, but can you get me into a school that will teach me to read from books? I will be able to learn things with my new eyes. "Jesus" Told me that he wishes me to read the Bible, and to grow in his truth." Diane said, "April, you now can see, why is it you're not very surprised about this?" April said, "My other eyes did look for me before, "Abba, father" Told me I will see, but he never told me how, or when. So I just looked with my other eyes, and my other body, here," As she put her hand to her heart.

The miracle went through the whole area she lived in. Pastor Paul, was in total awe of this, he had not seen a miracle this large. Pastor Paul, made one whole Sunday service, in thanksgiving, and total gratitude to the mercy of "The Holy Spirit." He said, "Who would have thought an accident would give April her sight? What a miracle. Nothing is limited to our greatest and only "Lord."

April was ready to come home, and she knew already what was given her, was to give to others.

Chapter Five

April was able to leave the hospital. She had healed so well, that she could now see the surgeon at intervals as an out-patient. Before she left, an eye professor looked at her eyes. He said, "How this young lady got her sight is beyond me, knowing her background of her eyes, as being blind for life."

William and Diane both came to get April. Both were so eager to have her home again. They knew that things would be altering quite a bit now.

Before they got there, William said, "The driver of the car that hit April, has made a statement to the police. They could not find that he was at fault, so he may get off it." Diane said, "That is because April was blind when she just walked on the road, she had not gone halfway, so he would never have seen her in time. I did wish at the time, that Geraldine did not call her to come over to her house." William said, "It was so unusual for her to leave the house without telling us, to guide her." Diane said, "She now has her eye sight, I do not think even if we could take the driver for damages, because you and I know, when we drove to the bend near our house, he could not have seen her in time." William said, "Correct, because there was a car parked on the turn of the bend, when April went to cross over. That is all documented. He really would not have had time to stop before hitting her. Come to think of it, she got hit, and her head injury was from the impact of the fall, that threw her, and she landed on her head. It's so good that she did not sustain further injuries, or-----You know Diane-----Be dead." Diane said, "Let us enjoy the miracle for what it is."

April was looking out of the car window, and she said, "I missed so much being blind in my new eyes now, I see so many colors." Diane said, "You saw colors before your new eyes April, you said you did." April said, "Yes I did, but I often felt nobody really believed me. I think miss sanders did, and Mr. Kingston did. I know you both did. But some of the children just teased me."

As they were going along, William took the country roads, as there was more to see there, than shopping malls. April said, "I still have my other eyes, and my other body. My other eyes saw colors far different to my new eyes." William said, "Tell us what you mean by that." April said, "I remember seeing a bird, and mummy said she saw the bird, but how I saw it was like this, it had a large golden light around it." Diane said, "Yes she saw the bird, but when I looked up, I saw beauty, but no golden light." April said, "The rainbow, now that was moving, it's colors were so bright, that it looked like it had life in it, oh! Who will believe this?" William said, "We will April." She recounted her other eyes giving her many sights that were from above.

They arrived home, and outside the house was a tall banner saying, "Welcome home April." As they drove in the drive way, Pastor Paul greeted April. Inside the home he had invited many people from the church. There was to be a celebration, and a party on one. April just looked at the banner, and said, "Mummy, what does it say?" Diane told her the welcome, and that inside there was more surprises.

They all cheered as she entered the room they were waiting in. There were piles of presents on the table, and floor. After the cheering, so many came forward to offer assistance to get April the best education there was. She had to learn many new ways of life now.

One lady said, "How do you feel with your eye sight now?" April said, "I saw before with my other eyes, now I have two sets of eyes. Silence fell in the room, because April said, "You see, "Abba, father" He came to me all the time, I saw "Jesus." It was when "Jesus" Touched my head in the hospital room, that I got my other set of eyes. Oh really! I wish you all could see him, he is magnificent, he is pure love, and purest of all the kingdoms that he glows, and when I saw him I wanted to go with him, and he told me I had things to do here. He looked like he had a human body, but he was light, a light body, the body I call my other body, is part of that light. His touch on my head was giving many lights in colors to me, I saw them with my other eyes. Then it felt like the lights were going into my head, and my eyes had warmth around them, my other eyes stopped seeing for me then." One man there was a Christian, but with reservations of the people that claim to see visions. He said, "April that is a nice story, but I think the hospital doing your operation, got you to see."

April stood up, and looked long and hard at this man, his name was Mr. Heathery. She said, "You may say what you will, it makes no difference to me, just I fear the thoughts that people can deny the highest of all, and the intelligence that we do not have, being ridiculed." The man, was thinking, that she uses words she has never read. Could he perhaps have been mistaken by his negativity? April then went over to the man, and gently gave him a hug, and said, "I do know that each of "God's" children have different gifts, and that for some, growing in "Christ" it takes longer. I was able to talk well because of my dearest parents. They nurtured me, and gave me every bit of their time to help me. If you think of that, that is how "Jesus Christ" Looks upon us." April looked at Mr. Heathery, then continued to say, "If I had not taken the mercy of my parents help, I would have had no help given to me, because I chose to be in denial. It would not have been my parents choice for me to be so, the same is with "Our Lord." He wants to help us all. If we do not listen to him, then we too are without all the nurturing.

" Mrs. Beverly said, "I have money that is in need of good use, and I ask if you will put April in a private school, where she will get full attention to get her lessons up to date, in time of course. We had no children, and this way, I feel that we will be giving to "The Lord" who will direct it to where it's to be met." Here is a check to get her into all her needs, and she may get to university later in life." Please do not stop my giving this." Diane just looked shocked. She said in tears," Mrs. Beverly, how can I ever thank you and your husband? This is so much money, I doubt it would take it all." Mrs. Beverly said, "She can then use the rest to her own desires later on."

Pastor Paul said, "May I say that April is gifted, and her abilities have been far more than many blind children. There has been times when I thought her words were much older than her age is. Some of us never see "Jesus Christ." Those that have, believe me, he has a purpose for them. I suppose if the door is only partly open, then the full use of the door cannot be." Diane said, "April knows that I wanted her to be treated the same as anyone else, yes we taught her to speak, but her need now is to learn to read, and have her education caught up with. Because of her blindness, she had schooling that was limited to some degree."

They then got April to open her other presents. She had so many things that she never looked at before. Instead of feeling them, she could see them.

Everyone had a happy afternoon, and all had given goods to April that were of use. At the end of the celebration, Pastor Paul said, "We will finish this wonderful day with prayer." He was about to start, when April said, "My new eyes are tired now, and I must use my other eyes." all sat there in wonder, because April had never had her other eyes in wide sharing.

April said, "We have "Our Lord" Here, he is listening to us, he is able to be everywhere at once."

Pastor Paul said, "Let us pray, and let us thank for all healing that is given." He conducted the prayer beautifully. Then it was time for the visitors to leave.

The house seemed very quiet after such a happy time of having their daughter back home. April said, "My new eyes are not tired now." William said, "You were right when you said you now have two sets of eyes, one, your human eyes, and the other your spiritual eyes." April said, "I have to learn so much now." William and Diane were overwhelmed by the whole healing April had been given. April went to her bedroom, and slept very well.

The next morning, William and Diane were going to find a private school. None seemed to be the right one. A call came from Pastor Paul, who said, "I have just been looking for a Christian private school, and I found one that would be great for April, if you agree." William said, "Where is it?" Pastor Paul said, "It's in Thornlie, that is about thirty minutes drive each day though, is that too long for you?" William said, "No, nothing is too far because I know you were led to find this school, thank you so much." Pastor Paul said, "I asked them when they could see April, in case you did agree to it." William said, that's fine, what day?" Pastor Paul said, "Next Monday morning, because they have a school holiday for two weeks after that, so if you and they agree, April can start in three weeks time." William thanked Pastor Paul, who said he would go with them if it might be of help. William said, "I think it might be great to have you with us. Do come, and another thank you."

William told Diane about the private school, and that the time would be three weeks before April starts. Diane said, "It might have to be a little later, we will have to see what the surgeon thinks when we take April next Wednesday for her check up."

Wednesday came, and April was taken to the surgeon, and to see how she is going. They asked him about her starting school. He said, "I think she will be fine for the three weeks ahead, I just have never seen a patient heal this quickly before. I will see her again before she starts, and that may well be the last time. She is really a fortunate young lady."

William and Diane thought about going away for a time, taking April for a short holiday. William was given the time off, and he said, "How about we go to the place that we went to on our honeymoon?" Diane smiled, as she remembered the lovely place. She said, "Oh she will love the pools there, you know the ones that are hidden in the great park? Then she can have time to relax, and be really ready for her school." William said, "Yes, she will love the forests, and the animals that run free, she will be able to see them."

Saturday morning, they took the luggage to the car, and took their drive to ♱ the elms ♱ as they got close to it, the scenes were soft and natural. Diane said, "Oh, I am enjoying this William, we have not had time away for years." They booked their caravan in advance, so they could go straight in, and settle down.

Saturday afternoon, they went to look in the hidden places, because Diane had told April about them, who was eager to see them. April said, "Why are the pools hidden?" William said, "Well they are not really hidden, but they somehow seem to be very peaceful. We will walk over there near the waterfall, and then you will see. April walked near the falls, and looked over the rocks in the side of the falls. There she saw a very soft pool and said, "Here one is, oh look at that, it is different to what I imagined a pool to be."

On the side of the pool were little flowers, pink and yellow ones. April went to look at the other side of the pool. To her delight there were doves there, she wanted to know the names of these birds. William sat down and said, "The pool is not deep at all, but doves come here. We saw them when we were here many years ago." William then laid down, and had a sleep. Diane read her magazine. April said she wanted to see if a dove would come near her. Diane said, "Probably not April, do not scare them." April went near a tree and sat near the dove, who was by the pool. The dove came near April, and she did not move, so as not to scare it. The next thing April knew, was the dove came near her hand. She whispered quietly, I can see you with my other eyes," The dove came closer, and sat by April's body. April said, "Did "Abba, father" Send you to come to me? Because I was told not to scare."

April caught a bright light above the tree, and saw the light change colors. This time she could see it with her eyes, and her other eyes. She knew it was not a rainbow, and the dove went over to the other side of the tree, so April followed the dove. There in the light descending came a voice, and said, "Blessed are ye, take the light to all your life, ye are my precious child, I love thee." The dove had settled on April's shoulder, whilst these words were said. April smiled, she knew what this meant. She walked back to her parents, and Diane saw the dove on April's shoulder, and said nothing. She could tell by April's face, that she had a message given her. Diane had seen this look before.
The dove then flew off and went away. April said, "I have had a lovely time here, can we see another pool tomorrow?" Diane said, "Yes, but right now we will go and order our dinner."

William ordered a steak and salad, Diane ordered a lamb roast, and April said, "I like the look of that." Diane said, "What April?" April said, "That there." Diane looked, and laughed, as she was pointing to the outside of the diner, William looked too, and he just burst out laughing, saying, "You mean the fish and chips?" April said, "Well they have no plates, they eat it out of paper!" There were a few people eating fish and chips, sitting on the benches outside the fish and chip shop. So William said, "We can order it in here for you April." April said, "No daddy, I want to eat it as they do." Now William and Diane had their first taste of April wanting her own way! William said, "We have ordered ours in here, and cannot just leave it." April said, "Well I can go and buy it, and you can sit in here, and I can sit out there." Diane said, "Alright, but I will ask the waiter to hold back my dinner, while I go with you to buy it." April said, "No mummy. I want to buy it." Diane looked at April, and could see her determination to do for herself. William and Diane were so used to April being dependent on them, that this was strange to them. Diane said, "You have no money April, so you cannot buy it." April said, "You have money, so give me some, and I will go and buy it." William said, "Diane, we can see her from here, and she will not be unsafe, here is some money April, and go and buy your fish and chips. But sit on that bench there."

April took the money, and went into the fish and chip shop. She asked for what the others were eating. The owner looked at her saying, "They order what we fry on the menu." April said, "A menu what is that, a food?" The owner said, "Where are your parents?" April said, "Look in that place over there." He said, "So they know you're here?" April said, "Yes." By now the owner was not sure what she wanted, so he asked her if she wanted the lot." April said, "Yes, I want what the others have eaten out of paper." The owner said, "Wait here, I will send my kitchen hand to your parents, and ask them what you want." April was now indignantly saying, "See what you're cooking, I want that!" The owner said, "I have orders of fish and chips, hamburgers, and all that is on the menu. Unless you tell me what you want, I cannot know." April saw the owner pull out fish and chips for one order, and she said, "That is what I want to buy, my parents gave money to buy it." The owner asked again," you want the lot right?" April said, "Yes."

When she got the package, it was Avery Large. The owner had got so uncertain of her order, he cooked her, fish and chips, with calamari rings, prawn cutlets, along with dim sims, and crab sticks. She paid him the money, and left the shop. William came outside and looked at April saying, "You were a long time in there getting your fish and chips." April said, "He did not know what I wanted, so he ended up cooking me all this." William looked and saw all the food in there, and he roared with laughter, and went inside the fish and chip shop. He said, "Pardon me, but my daughter was in here, and did not make her order correctly, I apologize for that, but she was blind, and got her sight, some weeks ago. She wanted food out of paper, and was adamant about doing it for herself. She does not know as yet, how to do all this, but she wanted to try." The owner said, "Yes I had trouble knowing what she wanted. Tell you what, how about I give you all a free meal tomorrow? Because she paid for enough food for four people, due to me not knowing what she was not clear about! Now I understand, she sees now, and is trying her own independence."

William said, "That is nice of you, but I do not expect that. We have never had her this way before, because she depended on us, so it is first for us too!" The owner said, "How often would I hear of a blind child from birth, getting her sight at twelve years of age, coming into my shop, and doing her first ever order, even if it was a muck up! Now I think it's really funny, but also very good, because she showed me she meant business. So please, tomorrow, when you are ready for a good fry up, allow me to give you a free by three meals. I felt when you said she got her sight back, something miraculous happened to her." William said, "You do not know how right you are, it was a miracle. Alright, I take your offer, in gratitude, thank you. See you tomorrow about five p.m." Then the two men laughed about it all. Meanwhile April was eating her meal, she had food all around her mouth, and said, "I had to eat all this, but I cannot, it's too much. Why did the man not understand me daddy?" William explained why, and said tomorrow they will have food from there, together on the benches, out of paper! He will then tell April how to order properly next time, and said, "I did not tell you how to do it, I just thought you would get your fish and chips, but he laughed, and said, "April, you did well, but bet you're far from hungry now."

Diane, said to William, "I think we are in for a lot of changes in April now. She has never been so strong in her wanting her own way before. I think that her independence is a natural thing to be, but I never expected it, gave it no thought. It's really funny in a way, but it has made us realize, we have to allow her her own independence, and the correct manner to do that, and not give her a full free range, or otherwise we may get her wanting her own way. She will have to be taught now to consider this in a good way."

The days ahead were going to be a time they will see April wanting to take charge of her own life. April meanwhile knew that she had a great deal to learn.

Chapter Six

To the fish and chip shop William, Diane, and April go, after having a day looking around the beautiful area they had gone to. The elms gave such a peace. No noisy traffic, no crowds of people, and not one bit of trouble. Diane began to notice that April was really becoming independent, and felt a kind of loss, to how it used to be. William on the other hand was very pleased with April although he did feel at times a loss of April needing him the way she used to.

They stopped at a vineyard on the way to the fish and chip shop. William liked to have a good wine, and wanted to taste the products, before buying some. He was not a constant drinker, but used wine for occasions. Diane tasted some, and liked the blackberry wine. April said, "I want to try some." Diane said, "No April, you are too young, so please do not touch the glasses for customers to taste." April just shrugged, not looking pleased about that. To her a drink was a drink, and never knew about alcohol.

William went to the other side of the wine trading shed, and talked to the man that owned it, about his vineyard. Diane was talking to a woman that was interested in making her own wines at home. April got bored, and stood there thinking, nobody is near the glasses, and I cannot see why I cannot taste a drink. She went to help herself to a glass, and drank it! She thought, that was nice, but it burnt her a bit, when it went down her throat. So she picked up another, and drank that one, she thought yuk! That one was horrid. She was about to take a third, when William saw her, and he said, "April! Do not drink any of those glasses. It's for adults only." April said, "Why? I cannot see why?" William said, "April, did you drink any of them?" April said, "Um-----Yes daddy, I did, and now I feel-----Ugh !-----I feel funny, my head feels funny." William said, "Oh no, we better get mummy, and get you back to the caravan." April said, "What about the food in paper? I wanted that." William thought, she is thinking straight, if she remembers that they were on their way there, after the vineyard visit, but he half expected a reaction, and there was.

April began to laugh, and giggle, and everything said to her by William, and Diane, she laughed at. Both parents were annoyed, but they said to each other, that one of them should have been with her, and that they did not really expect her to take a drink. April laughed at them and said, "I think you're funny, and I feel dizzy, and-----Now I feel-----Sick." They went back to the caravan, and April fell asleep on the couch. William said, "I have to go and tell the owner of the fish and chip, shop we cannot have the free meal today, and tell him why, I bet he will laugh, because it is funny in a way, but also our own lacking of not knowing that April will now be different, and watch her, and explain things better." Diane said, "Yes, she is becoming very strong in her will for doing for herself. I just Hope she has not made any harm to her new eyes."

William told the owner of the shop that they were unable to have the free meal today, and the owner said, "Well, come later tonight then." So William said, "My daughter was with us in a vineyard." The owner said, "Oh yes, Mr. Downing is the owner, and his wines are great!" William said, "Yes so I found out in my daughter!" The owner of the fish, and chip, shop said, "Your daughter?" William told him what happened! Well did the owner laugh loudly? Yes! He said, "You will have your work cut out with that girl, I can see that, and now she has sight, she is trying out innocently things, and daring to try to be daring." William said, "So I believe now, neither of us expected her to be so active to things as quick as she has been. We have to understand her, and try to show her the good things, and the ones that can be harmful." The owner said, "Oh come on, she is not bad, she did not know, and it is so funny, it would be better to see the funny side, and deal with it when she is not tipsy." William said, "Yes tipsy at twelve eh?" They both laughed, and the date for the free meal was for the following day. So all was well.

Diane watched April sleep, and then she saw April rise up from the couch saying," Mummy, where have I been? I feel as if I went somewhere I had never been before, so where was it?" Diane said, "April, do you remember drinking any drinks in the vineyard shed?" April thought for a minute, and then said, "I think I did yes. No, I know I did, but it burnt me, and another was horrid, and then I was somewhere else, but do not know where." Diane said, "April, you took a path unknown to you, and that is why you lost your way. That is why you did not see where you were." April said, "My new eyes showed me nothing, and my other eyes did not work, so I remember feeling sick."

Diane then began to explain that all new things she will learn, must be checked before she tries anything. That some things are very harmful in the wrong hands. Also if she wants her own independence, she must learn to be well mannered about it, and not force it, so that she gets her own way. Life is not like that, Diane told her. Diane then said, "April, we should have told you that drink for a young girl like you, is harmful, and is dangerous, we just were so used to you being so quiet, and always with us, that we forgot your new eyes will attract you to things you never knew about. So forgive us April. We forgive you."

April said, "I don't like how it made me sick, and then not knowing where I was. Diane hugged her, and William just came back, and said how the owner laughed so hard about that, and the free meal is still there tomorrow. Diane said, "I am hungry now, so I will make us some beans on toast for tonight." April said, "I do not want to eat, my stomach feels funny still, I just want to go to bed, and sleep."

April was fine the next morning. But William, and Diane, made an appointment with a doctor in the elms small town. When they had April checked by the doctor, he checked her eyes, and said that she is fine, nothing has happened to her eyes, and nothing has happened to her head. She was just under the influence of alcohol, then he said, "Pardon me," and laughing himself, he continues to say, " This is funny really, the innocence of it, and the lack of her knowing, I would not blame yourselves too much, it has shown you that all other ways are about to rise, and you both will learn a great deal, and April will be learning too! Go on with your holiday, and just make sure she is advised, and supervised gently, so that she does not do anything like that again."

They took an early lunch packed in a picnic basket, and went to another waterfall. Now here was a peace far better than the last one. April picked some flowers, and began to make a decorative design with fallen bark from the trees and the flowers. Diane watched her in awe, because how would she know to do that? She was showing an artistic nature arising. William was watching her too, and went to look at the finishing result of her design. He said to Diane, "Look at the way April has shaped her work on a natural nature shape." Diane looked, and she saw in the middle, a twig that looked like a figure of a man, and flowers around him. Then bark. As the base of the design, it looked spiritual, and as if she had talent for artistic nature.

April went for a short walk, and the doves came. She sat by the waterfall, and looked above her. At the top of the waterfall, was a light again, she knew she may hear the silent voice again. Both William, and Diane, could see her, but not the light that she could see. The light descended, and April waited. She heard, "My child, fear not, from here ye will be safe, and honor thy parents, for they are your guides in learning that thy new eyes will need ye to be obedient to the new paths you will travel. Be patient, and be listening to me. Ye are my child, I will not forsake thee. The path is going to give you the way I have planned for thee. I have work for thee, in mature years. It will unfold in the right time. Give as thee do for me, and your blessing will be granted thee." Then the voice stopped, and the light went above the top of the waterfall, and disappeared. A dove sat on April's shoulder, as she walked back to her parents, who saw the dove fly down to her. They knew she had a message, the gospel of truth, the mercy of "The holy spirit." It was a confirmation, that April was healed and was going to be growing into a servant of pure love. The peace April had around her was felt by William and Diane. They did not question her, and left it up to her to tell them, but in her own time. They both knew that when "The Holy Spirit" Spoke in silence, it had effects of time to take in the gospel of truth, message of life.

April had in the day become less demanding to want her own way. She was now looking forward to the food in paper, that was going to be their dinner in the early evening.

Chapter Seven

April was up early, and asking if they could go to the rivers. William said, "April, there are rivers, but not quite here, it's a drive away." April said, "I wish we could go there today, because there by a river, near somewhere called ♱ the oaks ♱ is a church, that is going to have a service today." Diane looked at William, and then said, "April, how do you know about this? We never told you anything. Did you look in daddy's map book?" April said, "No, I dreamt about it. There is a place called ♱ the oaks ♱ and a church there, and it's near one river." The church is called ♱ the oaks survival church.♱ It is a white building, and has a school near it."

William looked at Diane, and said, "This we must do, because April got this for a reason. Let me look in the map book, as we never went to the rivers when we had our honeymoon." April said, "What is a honeymoon?" William and Diane laughed and said, "It's when we got married April." April was not that impressed, because she did not know about marriage. She did not even ask what that was. They were going for their free meal at seven o'clock, and as they had all day, William found ♱ the oaks ♱ and said, "Will be a bit of a drive, but if you know there is a service April, by your gift, then we will be there on time.

They took off, early, and stopped at a cafe for breakfast. After that, they drove on. April was very quiet, and looking like she was somewhere other than in the car. Perhaps day dreaming, her parents thought. April then said, "Someone in the church is important, but I do not know who that is." William and Diane did not question her, they knew by now that her gifts were accurate, as always.

They got to ♱ the oaks ♱ and turned a corner, to see a white building, rather like a hall, with the church's name on the board. There were people going inside it, and they parked in the street nearby.

They entered just as the service was about to begin. They sat down, and waited for the minister to start the service. Near them was sitting a younger lady, looking quite sad. Diane said to her," Are you alright? You look sad." The lady said, "I have only just started to come to this church, a few weeks ago, I just have something I have to work out, and I had been very worldly, until one day, a friend suggested I came to find "The Lord." So, as far as I am concerned presently, I do not see what good it will do. I moved to this town just recently." Diane said, "You're probably trying to settle into a new town, and feel a bit lost. May I ask your name?" The lady said, "My name is Joanne." Diane looked at her, thinking, something about her was close to how April looked, but she passed on that as coincidence.

The service began with a happy hymn, and the minister looked gentle. He then began his sermon. It was about families that have lost one of their own. How important it is to bring the lost family member to prayer. He said, "In today's rushing world, to go nowhere in a way, but to wear people out by the rushing and hectic race of today's lifestyle, so many families, are far from that. Divorces are a way of life today. Children born to parents that have had for a reason, misplaced their child. Mothers that grieve for their lost child, or children, that have heavy hearts. Fathers that take off, and leave their homes never to return. My message today is about looking in the heart, and giving compassion to the parent, and child, that have had to part. Too much judging of these situations, just harm the hearts of the broken families. If faith and belief can heal the crippled, blind, deaf, and dumb, only one way. "Jesus Christ" Was not an historic story, it was fact, and sent by the "Heavenly Father" Who so loved his son, that he gave him for love, and peace, and evil to be stopped. I still get very moved by how he suffered, and the total suffering of the whole world of mankind."

" What often gets to me is, all people are "God's" Family. Yet not many support the burdened with the love that "Jesus" Suffered, saying that at one time he thought in great loss for a moment, that his "Father" Had forsaken him, on the cross. He felt the loss of his family, in the heavenly kingdom. We know that he was not forsaken. He felt the loss, that parents who lost their child, or children feel. So he knows about that. Who are we to never support the loss, and help in all ways we can? That is part of his work for us all. Along with my reason for this to be understood is, people who have no children lost to them, cannot help another, if they do not understand this loss. But if they for one moment stopped to think, what if my children were not in my life, how would I feel? By that one thought, they may just realize that any mother or father, that has lost their children, has a large hurting heart, because these parents have not been given the chance to be heard. In many counseling sessions, I have hard parents that have lost their children, find that their children were brainwashed, against their natural parent. That means the parent that has lost their child, or children, now have a bigger battle to be heard, and know that their child, or children, now have a false view of their natural parent, and the child, or children, have a feeling they were abandoned, and hold, for as long as they give time to this false talk given them as children, has not only damaged them, but further harmed any chance of the parent trying to put the records correct."

"I knew of one mother, that went across the world, in a state of utter loss, who gave her home goods up, and took the journey. What did the children do? Nothing, just gave her no attention, and judged her. The damage done was from their own grandfather, who had not only destroyed the marriage of his son, to the children's mother, but he got so interfering, that it ended in divorce. The son was under his father's control, and did what he said. The son's wife, asked for them to move away, so that they can live their own life. The son did not take responsibility, and stayed with his father's control. This mother, after nearly thirty years, went half way across the world, only to be told she was not going to be listened to, and one of her girls was a Muslim, and slave of men. So this daughter had very bad depression, known as o.c.d. So she could not see the amount the mother had done, to try to resolve the harm done to them, and to her. On her return, she ended up homeless. One daughter was in her home country, and she dumped her mother. Now this daughter had her mother all her life, but she too, went to the darkness, thus leaving her mother alone. The mother became very ill, and had major surgery. The daughter, the only next of kin, would not take the call from the hospital, as her next of kin, the only one the mother had. So the mother was left. Now in all fairness, where was the heart in any of this? None."

" The mother took all her strength to get up, and do her building of finding a home, and getting her furniture, on a low pension. Others took from her. None could see when she had further disability. Obvious that she cannot walk well, let alone go down on the ground, and yet allow her to do for them. She had eleven months of no home. Her daughter ignored so far, that she would not allow her mother to be a full grand mother, and stopped her having time with her grandchild. The daughter was resentful at her mother going overseas to see her other daughters, to try, as I said, to put the records straight, which would have healed all of them, as also healing their mother. This daughter had her mother, as I said, but even there this mother lost."

"There was far more happening to this mother, but it is enough to say, here we have the dark force harming, and any person increasing that harm, by words of no understanding, made more harm. Today this mother is now in pain all the time, and is getting to feel that all her efforts of not giving up, must be useless. Doctors gave pills. Pills just made her drowsy. Pain was still there, and nothing in any drug could heal this. It again is a false measure to give such pills, and send her on her way, without any action to do what is needed. Get her operated upon, and get out of pain."

"I was given from "The Holy Spirit" To hold a sermon on this kind of breaking of human contacts. That "Our Lord" Said he would be sending to those who hear him, to come here today. It is to be given some thought to. As in all this "Our Lord" Grieves for his lost children. Now that may just make any one think to take thought upon it. So why then ignore the parents, who have lost their children, what is the difference? The two forces, the truth, and the false. I bid you all, to give prayer to this, and take notice of those that are showing strength, to stay above all the pain. Comfort are the flesh needs. Comfort of the spiritual health, is far more important. May we end here, and in prayer ask for those that walk the road of "Christ," Pay attention to the real ones in need. It does not mean giving them flesh things of needs, but heart to give the love of "Jesus Christ" To them from us. Anything given that is for flesh needs, if given in the name of "Jesus Christ," that is the gift he means to be given, not the superficial one. Let us pray."

Joanne was in tears, and Diane saw that, but did not give her any comfort, during this sermon, because the sermon was to be given for all to not miss one word. Joanne kept looking at April, on and off, thinking, this girl is so like me to look at, I wonder why? She just shrugged it off, and thought perhaps it is the thought that this girl would be around her baby's age now.

After the service, April was going over to Joanne, and said, "Hello, I am April, do you live here?" Joanne said, "Funny that, my baby, I gave her the same name as you have, but she was blind." April said, "I was blind, but I got my sight, and I had my other eyes while I was blind." Joanne did not connect this, just thought it coincidence. Diane thought, as she heard this, could this be in any way a connection to April? After all, looking at this young lady, and April, the only difference was the hair color. Diane did not have any heart sinking feelings, she just thought, it was strange they came here, and to see a young lady, who lost her baby, looking so like April. It passed her mind, that one day, she expected April to have her mother come back into her life. Diane had a healthy outlook, and knew she would never be against it, if it happened. William was of the same heart.

Joanne left the building, and was not seen again. William and Diane took the drive back to the elms. April said, "I know that we were meant to go there. That lady that was near us, I felt I knew her, but how?" Diane said, "Yes April, she looked so like you, it may just be a reason that we do not yet understand."

They went for the dinner out of paper, and the owner was so glad to see them. He said, "Now here is the young lady who does not know what a menu is." He tried to show April, but as she could not read the letters, she just listened. Then she said, "Daddy, I have to learn to read, and to know what all this means."

The owner had given them the free meals, and he wanted to know more about how April got her sight. Meanwhile, after the meal, April was still thinking about the lady in the church. She felt something about her.

The holiday was spent with many joyful trips, and many gifted blessings. They were to return back home.

Back home, they bought April her school uniform. She was excited, and said, "I wear this every day at my school?" Diane, she looked at her with pride of heart, and said, "Yes April, it is part of the rules." The day came for her first day to commence.

In the years that were to follow, there were many things that April will be experiencing. Often she found herself thinking of the lady in the church. Now her early teenage years were going to be active in many ways. There would be very humorous times too!

Chapter Eight

April went to her first day. She was to be in a class for reading abilities, this school has had many that have had to learn to read. Her teacher was Mr. Anderson. He had some information of her previous special school, so he knew she had abilities that were different. He was quite interested in her insights that were recorded about her alertness, and how she seemed to be gifted.

As the others were in class, they all wanted to know April's name. One of the girls said, "I am Skye, and I would like to be friends, as we are sitting together in class." April said, "Sure, hi Skye," Then they both burst out laughing, because the 'hi Skye' rhymed. This was a good start. April explained she was learning to read. Skye said, "You will be going through the alphabet first, to sound the single sound of that letter. I can hear you speak very well, so I bet it will not take you long." April said her parents did teach her to talk, and as she could hear, from a baby, she could learn from them.

In the afternoon, there was a game of netball, a game April never knew about. She had trouble standing still when she caught the ball. She just laughed, and felt good about catching the ball. Mrs. Blane did not scold her, as she knew it was new to her. What she was getting taught was, to use her mind, and alertness, as to when she could move, and when she could not. Plus look to where the ball is directed, and try to get it onto her team. April enjoyed her day at this new school. At the end of the class time, Mr. Anderson had a rule, to say a short prayer for the goodness of the day, and to keep all safe.

April's first term was going well, she had taken to read short stories. Mr. Anderson was surprised at her going so well so quickly. Her speech was an aid to this, having her parents talk to her in good language terms. Diane came to get her, as she did not want April to take the bus just yet. She felt that could be later, and then give her the sense of directions. She took the journey that the bus would take, so that April will memorize the journey, and know when to get off, both ways.

William was very happy with her progress, and gave her the first piece of jewelry, a necklace, with a cross on it. April was overjoyed at this, for to her it was her symbol of her savior. William did it to encourage her, but did tell her that such things are not the quality of life.

April made friends with all the classes she attended. Her faith took her into high grades as she went through the first two years. One day she was in the class, and her mind went away from the teaching for a while. She had seen out of the window, the bright light. In the centre of the light she saw a round shape, it seemed to be spinning in gold. Her other body, as she called it, listened, and the silent words came. "Ye have pleased me, thy path is open to all my works, thy faith is strong, teach my lambs that will hear thee, in the future years. Yea, that my love for thee is of such a nature and intensity that it would be impossible that thou couldst ever escape my thoughts. Or that my longing after thee could ever waver. For my ways are hid to those who seek me in impatience, and the eyes which seek me in human wisdom shall never find me. For I am found of them that seek me in utter simplicity and in candid honesty. Rebuke me not. Ye shall be taught of the spirit; yea, he shall open to thee the mysteries of the word; for it was by the spirit of God that the scriptures were given to holy men of old; even so, by the spirit shall the treasures of the word be revealed to thee. My child it is written ♱ in returning and rest shall ye be saved; in quietness and in confidence shall be your strength♱

April then saw the light go away. And she returned her attention to her learning math. After the day was over, she thought about the last part of "The Holy Spirit's" Written words. She said to her mother, "Tell me, where in the Bible does the last words said to me, as it was told me it is written, is?" She repeated these words. Diane said, "We will look, I think it is in Isaiah."

"While we are talking April, how do you feel about getting the bus? April said, "Oh can I? I thought you would never give me the chance." Diane thought a while, and then said, "April, we wanted you to be able to know as much as you can, and the journey to school by bus was the last thing that was important, but it is for you, because in time, when you're more adult, you will be in charge of your own directions. So we felt now was a good time."

Back home after dinner, April asked her father about the text she had, and repeated it. William said, "Oh yes that is in (Isaiah 30:15). My goodness, it sounds to me as if "The Lord" Has a future employment for you," So April told her parents the whole vision, and all spoken words. They pondered over this, and Diane said, "It sounds to me as if you will be a teacher April." April said, "What kind of teacher?" William said, "No doubt you will be led to that later. Although I have a feeling it will be in instructive work of the truth. It may be a Sunday school teacher, or a teacher in just that line." April thought it would be the kind of work she would love to be in. This gave her a direction to think about.

In April's sixteenth year of age, she was graded as (a) which means she was in a high range of points for her education. Her favorite class was with Mr. Thomas. He was giving "The Lord's" Teachings. Some of the students, were not even listening to him, and doodling on their jotter, rather then take it in. Others were listening, and April was by far the most knowing to any questions he asked after a lesson. Mr. Thomas found April's knowledge greater than any student he had before. He asked her one day to stop by the library in the school, in a break time. April went there, and Mr. Thomas said, "I do Hope you do not mind April. But I am so impressed with your knowing so much about "Our Lord." Can you tell me how you got such a gift as this?"

April thought that she will have to tell him about her other eyes, and other body now. So she said, "Mr. Thomas, I was born blind, that you will know, I got my other eyes in that time, and I saw things, that were from "Abba, father." He spoke to me, but no voice is heard. It's hard to describe, that I heard a voice in silence. I have seen him-----I mean I have seen "Jesus Christ." I knew about all this from a very early age, and without any reading at all." Mr. Thomas said, "I take it your other eyes were your spirit's eyes, the spirit that belongs to "God." I also take it your other body is the same thing." April said, "I know that now, but as younger, it was like a real body, and eyes, but not this one." As she pointed to her human self. Then my sight came from an accident, and from there, my spiritual health was even more alert. I have never seen demons, but I have felt them." Mr. Thomas said, "Did they come to you for you to feel them?" April said, "No, they were around other people. You see, as I was growing to this age, I was teased a great deal, and told I was crazy, that what I knew was lies, that God is not real, and wealth is material." Self thinking was what these were talking about. Actually, some of them were quite horrid. You see I am safe, they would not come in me, because of the truth, darkness cannot beat the light, and the light shows up the dark in all that are caught up in the world's trappings of deceit."

"Plus, Mr. Thomas, I knew they trembled when I went closer to the youths that were insulting me, but I knew they were not insulting me, they were insulting "God" I noticed, that when I got insults for being a Christian of truth, and having answers against bullies, who to me are cowards, as they do need others on their side. I did not walk away, I confronted them, and then they had no words to say, as the demons trembled, and they were silenced. It was not until there was a space between the bullies, and myself, that the demons again began to insult me. I learned one day, how to stop this happening in school, so when it began, I prayed, giving in the name of "Jesus Christ," Charge over them. They silenced. They got bored with trying to get me to fall. I would never have fallen. Can you see what I am saying?"

Mr. Thomas said, "April, this is incredible, I know that Christians do get harassed by demon activities, but cannot enter them, unless they are not true Christians. The more they go into the dark, insulting God, a God that is not "Our true God," They will have troubles during their life. You know what-----I think you're going to be a great teacher in this work. Have you thought about doing that in your adult life? Because "Our Lord" Has chosen his shepherds to find his lambs. It really sounds to me that this is your vocation." April said, "Yep! My Dad told me the same thing. I do want to teach, but without the frills." Mr. Thomas thanked April for her time, and they went on their ways.

April had learned her independence, and with manners now. Before she was experimenting when almost thirteen. She had no interest in night clubbing, and things most teenagers do try. When she did get tempted, she got a warning, that it was not of "God." She took notice of how she was tempted, so that she avoided.

Her one best friend was sally, who was as a sister to her. Both with the same views on life. April and sally studied together. Sally had never seen what April has seen and heard. She took it all as a reward for her knowing April. April said one day, "Sally, I am no saint, well I am a saint in faith, yes, but in human terms, at times I have not been a saint." I did things that were not holy. I read my Mum's diary once, without her permission. She was out, and it was in her desk. She left the key to the desk on the shelf, where she kept her small box of coins. I looked at the coins. That, she was OK about, but she never knew I read her diary." Sally said, "She trusted you, and you betrayed that trust, but I do not judge you, I too have done things."

April said, "There is more, a letter was by the box of coins, I could only read the first part, something about a woman that was my mother-----My real mother. I know my Mum here now always said that if my own mother wanted to find me, she would give permission. She did arrange that from when I left the orphanage. I read my own mother is called Joanne, and that she had a boy that was two years old now. Then I heard my Mum's car, and I had to put it all back, as if it was never looked at." Sally said, "April, I agree it was against permission, maybe it is also that you will be meeting your own mother when you're twenty one. You said your Mum now was asking for that age, before contact. Well how about what I did once?"

"I took one of my Dad's cigars, and in front of some school girls, I tried to be this grown up, and said I was, because I can smoke a cigar! I lit it, and drew it in, and then I choked, I went dizzy, and coughed, and then of all things, vomited! I was given the stir about that for ages. So I just showed I was being a show off, and it went the other way!" April laughed, and said, "I never tried that one. I do not want to, but I did once have two glasses of alcohol at a vineyard, and I did not know it was alcohol, not at nearly thirteen. I was sick!" The two young ladies laughed. Sally said, "If Joanne is you real mother, and has a son, you have a brother, or half brother."

April said, "Huh! He will be seven, if I am to meet my mother. Right now I am not interested. But in a church in "The oaks" There was a young woman there, not quite four years ago, she was so sad. My Mum said I looked like her, but we had different colored hair. Something about her made me think of her at times. I wonder why? Her name was Joanne, but that's coincidence I think."

April's life was turning in many different ways. Her present, was making her future.

Chapter Nine

Walking near the school, April saw sally talking to some young men. She thought, sally is interested now in boys, me? No, I have enough to think of, but I must tell her of the shopping mall, over the weekend.

April shouted, "Sally! Sally!" Sally looked over to her, and then came across to her. Sally said, "What is it? You sounded quite urgent in calling me, just when Yung Lee was going to ask me out!" April said, "Oh the Asian young man, are you interested in him?" Sally said, "He is so intelligent and interesting, he is going to study so many things." April shrugged and said, "I wanted to tell you about what happened this weekend, because we went shopping there in the mall." Sally said, "In the mall? What on earth can happen in a shopping mall?"

April said, "Well we were walking to the book store, and I saw a lady who could hardly walk. As we were close, this is what happened, she took two steps, and looked as though she seized up in great pain. My Mum was going towards to see what was wrong, because she noticed great pain in the lady's eyes. Just at that time, another lady, who was sitting having her cup of tea in the small cafe lounge, you know the one that is open near the book store? Well she got up, and wanted to help this lady. Then my Dad said we could get the books later, as time was getting on, and he had an appointment to get to."

"The lady that could not walk, I would not call it walking, she just looked so determined, but her pain and body were, as my Mum said, looking like she had crippling arthritis. The lady in the cafe, took hold of her, and asked her to hold her arm while she helped her to get to her car. Sally, I did not know what to think? I mean she was bent to the right side, but her face was full of pain, horrid pain. Then I heard the lady who was helping her say, that she did not believe in God. There has to be more to it than that. My Mum said that we must walk slowly behind them, because she wanted to hear what the lady in this pain was going to say about that."

The lady in pain, took one step and stopped, her face creased in pain now, but she said this quote, "How can humans be so blind? We cannot create a bird, or the nature of things, we cannot put the colors in flowers, we are limited to the intelligence of the Heavenly Father, even Jesus died for doing no wrong, so how is it you do not believe? I am not saying you have to take notice of me, but your doing something right now, that is of the purest love, that our creator is about. I have just lately asked why I get so much body harm? But it is not the purest love that creates it, it is the other side." The lady that helped her said that she was only helping her, but the lady in pain said, that she was not having to, she chose to, as all humans are family. Then the lady helping said, "Today, there is less care, and more harm than ever!" The lady in pain said, she knows that, it is from-----Then she stopped, because I felt she was going to say satan, but she hesitated. My Mum said in a whisper, "This lady in pain, knows the lady who is helping her may not quite understand the satanic war. That's why she stopped. They got near the lady's car, and the woman helping said that she was glad to have met her, and the lady in pain said, "Let me say this, glad to meet you too! But one emotion, is the only emotion we are here for, and that is love."

"This pain is not about love, but I know that the love of above is real." The other lady said, "What about churches?" The lady in pain said, "Churches? Hm, well, there are organized churches that are linked to the governments, politics, money, control, and hypocrisy. There are true ones," She again said, "If all thoughts were about love, and even I fail that at times, like when pain is severe every day and night, nobody would be in need, there would be no harm done. Love breeds love, fear, denial, and none believing, creates that, it grows, and people think it's better to be uncaring, and be uninvolved, with an ill person."

"The lady helping said, "I want to see you get into your car, and yes, much of what you said, is sense." So the lady in pain said, "You may have been hurt many years ago, and the hurt may have grown out of the portion it began, the higher the hurt builds, the less one will think God is there. He is, just love." With that we saw the lady get into her car, in great hardship, as her right leg was so stiff. Any bending of it hurt her. Our car was next to hers, so that is why we heard, and saw all this."

In the car, my Dad said, "We all heard that. There she is in total pain, even I could see that, and there she is talking about "God" Giving truth, in her great pain. That lady is a woman of strength, strength given her by "Our Lord." I bet she does get sad about pain, but her words said it all." April continues, "I thought I got her pain in a sort of unseen understanding, like I was to know about this, so I said to my Dad, "I think we were meant to be there at the time." My Mum said, "It just shows how much can be given." Sally's eyes were wide, from hearing this. She said, "Wow! Hey I wonder if you were meant to be witness to that for your future work. You know, the work of "Our Lord." April said, "It beats any book, to actually see this, and hear this. But I did see the lady in pain, drive off, in pain still. It shows suffering can sometimes be a measure of the truth breaking through, no Matter what the situation is." Sally said, oh! Well now I have heard this, I forgive you for calling me away from Yung Lee, I will catch up with him later."

The time was coming for April's age group to go on to college. The college was in ♱ the oaks ♱. It had a boarding wing, for those that would live there while they study. William and Diane both spoke about this to April. April said, "There is the church there, and I suppose I would be alright boarding there, be a bit of a long run, every day for you." Diane said, "April, as you know, we got the money for your full education, from Mrs. Beverly. There is still quite an amount left, and we will not use it for any other reason, than what Mrs. Beverly gave it, for you April." April said, "I think it would be alright for me to live there, and I do know that sally is going to board there too! So I will not quite be on my own. She will have Yung Lee in the boys wing, as he is going there too!" William said, "Huh? Who is-----What was his name again?" April laughed, and said, "Yung Lee! He is going to study medical. I think he is going to go on to be a surgeon, from what sally was saying." William said, "Well this hung tee-----April butted in saying," No Dad, Yung Lee!" William continued-----"Yes well this-----The name you said, he sounds like a real trooper." April just burst out laughing, thinking, wait till I tell sally what my Dad called him, she will never stop laughing.

The day came for April to have her first time away from home. William and Diane were trying to keep an upper chin. They will miss her, but she would be home on the holidays that will come in the time there.
Arriving made Diane a bit tearful, but April said, "Mum, I too will miss you, and Dad, but this is the only place I get the messages to be. It is here that I must be, for reasons yet to be made clear, not only me, but to you both." April signed in, and all papers were given. William, and Diane left.

Sally arrived not long after, and she ran to April, saying, "Hey, we will have fun here. It feels like I am a grown up now, and taking my own life independently." April smiled, and then said, "Look at the dormitory, there are ten beds in it, and screens for privacy of each bed." Sally was looking out the window, and she saw Yung Lee arrive! She told April, and April remembered her Dad getting his name all backwards. Sally laughed at that, and said, "We will begin our studies after the weekend. The young men's wing is on the other side of the college, they have studies with us, but live there." April said, "Yes I know that."

They went into the town the next day, but cannot go without signing a book, as to where they are going. There was a market there. Many small tables of trinkets, that did not interest April. A second hand book stall interested her, and sally looked too! April found a book called, ♱ the Lord's treasures ♱. This she bought cheaply. Sally on the other hand said, "I will buy this one, it's about becoming a living word, it's called ♱ listen to my words ♱. April said, "Oh sally, we can read our ones, then swap them." They agreed. Just then April looked over the other side, and saw the lady she thought was in the church, all that time back. With her was a little toddler, who was tugging her to pick him up. April said to sally, "I am not sure, but that lady with the toddler over there, see? She looks like the one I saw in the church, who was very sad." Sally said, "Do you want to go and say hello to her?" April said, "No, but a funny sort of feeling I have about her, it's like I knew her, but how can I? Nothing is there really." Sally said, "Oh well, then let's go to the park and have our packed lunches."

While in the park Joanne came with her son, and sat near April and sally. Sally looked at her and said to April, "She looks like you! It's funny, but she does." Joanne had looked at April, and thought the same thing, but it passed off. Joanne called her son, "Simon come back here, you're going too far near the-----Oh my goodness-----Joanne got up to run to Simon, but April was in front of her, and just caught Simon's hand, he was getting near the water, where the ducks were swimming. Joanne said to April," Oh thank you, I lost sight of him, because I was looking at-----Well, you. You remind me of someone a long time ago, but it makes no sense to me." April said, "I was looking at you too, and thought we look alike." Joanne said, "Yes we do, must be the old saying, we all have twins somewhere, eh?" They walked back, and Joanne said, "Do you live here? And what is your name?" April answered," I have just come here to study, for a time, and my name is April." Joanne stopped short, and looked at her. She said, "April? I knew an April once, but that was years, and years ago. I thought I saw a girl looking like you in the church some years back." April said, "Yes that was me, I remember you, because my mother spoke to you, as you were so sad." I thought then, you and I look alike, but have different colored hair." Joanne could not make sense of this, enough to know, that she was talking to her own lost daughter.

April did not know she was talking to her own mother! They went back, and Simon was restless, so Joanne left the park, saying, "So nice to have met you both, maybe one day, we will meet again."

The studies began, and many terms had passed. April had a teacher so interested in her sense of spiritual health. Sally had been seeing Yung Lee, but he was not really interested in going out with her. He liked her as a friend. He had a strong intelligent mind, and was going places in his studies of medical knowledge. April studied hard, and long hours. Her finest exams, she passed with flying colors. She had said she wanted to teach about the living words, and teach in time, how to be close to the walk of "Jesus Christ."

Holidays came and went, and April was growing into a full woman now. She did not see Joanne for a very long time. She got her college degree. She was leaving the college, and moving to her home again. There was great rejoicing in the home, and William, and Diane, were so proud of her. They talked about her moving out of home, as this was part of life, and self management in life.

She found a small cottage that was for rent. She was passed for getting the cottage, and William and Diane spent some of the money left, for her furniture. The home was cozy. It was near the private Christian school she once went to. It was there that she had intentions to teach.

Then April went for her license. She was now on her own. She had a mandated exam, to pass for her license. She dressed well, and her credentials and resume, along with an impressive interview, went very well. She gave good communication skills, and she was well versed in subjects she was going to teach, along with familiar material and resources they use. She got her place in the private Christian school.

Pastor Paul was older now naturally, and he was so pleased to see April, as a woman, and a devoted teacher. She had to have patience with children, and give time to all, and to each one. William and Diane were just thrilled at her making this a real life work. Pastor Paul said to William and Diane, "The gifted child! Now a woman with gifts increasing."

One day Diane called April and said, "April, there is something I always promised, and it is the time for me to tell you." They met at the cottage, and Diane sat down. She then showed April a photo. April said, "This looks like the woman in ♱ the oaks ♱ you know the one that was sad, and looks like me, and I like her. But here she is so young, why are you showing me this Mum?" Diane said, "April, you're my daughter, and in that, I made a promise, that one day-----Yes one day, you will see your real mother, as I felt it healthy, and a way to understand why you were given to the orphanage. I did not have this photo until recently, as the promise was when you were at a certain age."

April said, "My goodness, I spoke to her once when I first went to college. And April told her Mum, about Simon, and how he ran to the ducks. How she ran after him, and how both April, and Joanne looked so alike. But she never saw her again, and did not know anything really, but sensed she knew her, it was, she said weird!

Diane said, "Well April, your mother wants to meet you, she has a son now of seven. I do not know his name. She wants to talk to you about why she did what she did, and how she felt losing you as a tiny baby. I wish for this to be done, because, we are all "God's" Children, and my love for you is without restrictions. You will remain my daughter, as long as you wish that." April said, "Oh Mum, naturally I will see you as my mother. I have no way of mind to lose that with you OK?" Diane said, "You may want to spend time with your real mother too, and I expect that. Your Dad is fine about it, and we are interested in the outcome of this."

Suddenly April remembered her looking at a letter, that she did not read fully. She said, "Mum, I have a confession to make to you. I took your desk key and read your diary, not all of it, but some, and then I saw a letter, and bits of all this was in it, but I was so young, I did not take much notice, I was curious though. I am so sorry Mum will you forgive me?" Diane looked at April and laughed, she said, "Tell me what child does not do things wrong? We all do, and for the reasons I know of your devotion to "Our Lord," I would be a bad example to not forgive you. I think it's a bit funny, and well, my diary had nothing in it that would make sense to you anyway." April said, "Yes I know, but I did read some, I was not reading too well at the time, as I was learning, but I saw that you and Dad, were so much in love. It was stealing your privacy and that is not right." They hugged, and then all was washed away in forgiveness.

April told her mother, that she would meet her own mother, but not until the terms ended at Christmas. April needed to approach this with care. She needed time. Diane said, "Yes April, I can understand that. I am sure that will be met in arrangement at the time."

April now had another avenue to walk into, she wanted her prayers heard, and guidance of her "Abba, father." She had no idea how this will unfold.

April had met a man called Nigel, in the school, who was there to pick up his child in her class. They got on well, he had told her that he lost his wife when their child was born. Complications at birth. He had never seen another woman, but wanted to meet one day, a good Christian woman, that would be his son's mother one day. They had dinner one night, and seemed to be comfortable with each other.

April thought about her own childhood, and not having her own mother, and how her adoptive parents gave her the road of love, and life. She told Nigel, "I do like you very much, but I do not want to rush into things, so can we see each other, and see how it goes?" He agreed. She then said, "One thing must be known, as I see you, your son Mitchel must be as the others, no extra attention is to be given him by me, that would be unfair to the other children," Nigel said, "I would not like you to make him different, as that would not give him communication in a good way. He has to learn, he is part of the bigger picture, not all of it."

April knew she had so much coming into her life still, and all of it had to be done in time.

Chapter Ten

April went towards the school, thinking a great deal about her time to meet her own mother. No father was mentioned, so now she was inquisitive to wonder who he is? She was sure her mother, and herself did meet twice before. She was so deep in thought, that she drove past the school! Reversing and coming back towards the school she saw Nigel coming to the gates. She hurried to park, and went into her class room. Nigel was still there, and Mitchel was preparing to sit at his desk.

April said, "Hi Nigel, how are you?" He said he was fine, and asked her if she would go out to a place for children's entertainment, the following Saturday. She agreed to it, and actually looked forward to a day out.

April was beginning to like Nigel even more as time went by. She had not mentioned this to her adoptive mother. She wanted to go into this with care. To her, she felt if she went to fast, she may lose control, and make a decision she was not quite ready for. There was a Bible class held in the evening, at the church. She was going to be a speaker. As the day went on, she felt "The Holy Spirit," And took the silent words to her heart. Her subject changed by the message given her. She went to the office, and asked if she could call Pastor Paul, which was allowed.

April said, "Pastor Paul, I have a change in the subject I was going to do, will it be alright if I take the message, and just speak upon it?" Pastor Paul said, "Yes April, no block must be on "The Holy Spirit" giving you within your gifts, a message. It will be important. You do know that some parents will be there tonight?" April said, "Oh yes, that's not a problem, I am asked to speak on healing." Pastor Paul said, "Healing? My that will be interesting, I can hardly wait to find out what is sent to you, for all that attend!"

The day at school ended, and she went to her cottage to make her dinner. As she went to go in, Nigel called her. He said, "I am coming tonight to the Bible class, I cannot quite explain it, but I am prompted to be there, and do not know how, or where I am prompted from." April said, "Oh Nigel! I will be glad you are coming, I do know where you were prompted from, I will explain it later, after the evenings class." Nigel joked saying, "Are you sure you did not send me thoughts, that I picked up on somehow, and I am prompted from you?" April's face fell from smile, to concern, she said, "Please do not think it's telepathic, that is a place that is nothing to do with Christianity, no I sent no prompting." Nigel was a bit uncertain how to answer her, so he kept the conversation light, and bright.

Nigel spent the three hours before the Bible class, thinking about his family tree. He knew his great grandmother was a gypsy and into cults he never understood. He then thought about his grandmother, she read cards. His own mother was in metaphysical readings. He remembered the large book shelves, full of books upon things he never understood. He thought, wait a minute, I remember my mother looking in tea cups, after the tea was drank. He once asked about it, and told, but he thought pictures in tea leaves, was dumb.

His family was dysfunctional, and many breaks were in the previous family members. They were all wanderers. He thought about his wife passing away in child birth. Now he began to realize, something was like a road. The road of going nowhere, as the more they traveled, the more they came back to the beginning.

Nigel had a spiritual mind, he took to the Christian road, but not fully into it. When his wife died, he took denial, and blame upon "God." He had this boy to bring up, and not one of his family gave time, or cared. To them it was his problem. So he had a great deal of his trust in life, taken away. That was why he never got into a relationship with another woman. He was left with fear.

Nigel saw April in the Bible room, where the meeting was going to be held. His heart skipped a beat, and he knew he was falling in love with her. How does he get around this, he thought.

Pastor Paul began the evening with prayer. April took her stand at the front of the room. She looked confident, and certain of herself.
April said, "Good evening, may all the children, and the parents here tonight, be blessed with his word. I have a message tonight. It is about healing. A wound is given, and we all know it can bleed, then it gets a cover called a scab, slowly it heals to no sign of a wound. But in the memory, that wound is filed. Sometimes a wound can fester into a larger wound, so it's even longer to heal. In the mind the wound gets an emotional wound, so the pattern has begun."

"Tonight, I want to bring this well enough for children to understand, and parents that are here can put more understanding to their children." April looked around and then smiled, she said, "Well, hardly children in here, as it's teenagers. Healing has many avenues, because it involves the whole person. Say for instance, that a family member has a genetic illness, that goes through to oncoming generations, can anyone here tell me what they think of that part?"

One parent said, "Yes I can, it's a bit like a wound done, by a cause unknown, it heals, but is never healed, so it carries on to other blood relatives, is that what you meant?" April said, "Very close, as the wound is unseen, and inside the whole family. Now if the truth were in the start of "Our Heavenly Father's" Creation, Adam and Eve, as it was created to be so. A wound came to them. It came as a delight to taste, so it would become bitter. I am trying to give it in terms that all can understand. The garden had everything in it for Adam and Eve." Francis said, "Why are you going that far back miss?" April said, "That is where the first wound began to mankind."

"Our Father" Is the most high, and the merciful of all. He creates in pure love. He is to be glorified, and we are his servants, of love that pulses between "God the Father," Us his children. Unless we are healed, some parts of our whole being is distorted. That came from an angel who was jealous. He wanted to be higher than "God the Father." He was Lucifer. He was a beautiful angel, his envy became his death. He took a third of the angels from heaven, to come to earth. The earth he was going to rule. So he offered Adam and Eve the delight taste, that was the first taste of evil. A wound. He came as a snake, to entice the knowledge of the tree of life. Eve gave to the delight, and tasted it, then Adam ate too! So that is where the first wound began."

"Now from that, Adam and Eve, saw what they did not see before temptation. Since then, as we must get to today's times, the beautiful world itself, has been attacked. Evil became alive, and sin is from evil. Satan has worked within this world, to tempt all mankind. He is going to be the highest, and be above "God the Father." Now we know, by scripture, being "God's" Word, that satan is giving false lies, using the truth, to make the lie. He put the first wound, to multiply into a world wound. From there came the beginning of deception."

"So all generations, from the beginning, had the first wound. Satan had his demons, and the ways of getting mankind to believe in his world. So he gives, and he allows things. What he is really doing is, giving you a spade, to dig the hole he wants you in, so that you cannot glorify "God the Heavenly Father." The wound becomes two wounds, and three, and so on, until it's covering the world. This has taken all generations. Temptation can be so delightful, that any of us can, and have done. We then get to believe, that this is the road to wealth. That is the greatest lie ever going. There is no wealth, if the wealth of the spirit is not alive. No money can buy the straight and narrow road to the kingdom."

"Now many in today's living standards, are not satisfied. They strive for more, and more, until they have no part of them left with light. It gets darker, and darker, but by the intelligence of the dark force. It's war!

Now wounds do heal, but the emotional and the mental and spiritual, is also wounded. These are not seen, until the person has become so dark, that their nature is bitter. Depression, is a wide field of attack. It clouds the mind. They go to familiar spirits, for learning, which in turn, harms more. The internal wounds are far greater than the physical ones. The physical ones, are the nature to show, that the internal wounds are sick. Having traveled that road, they go from start to end, and end from end, to start. People are lost."

Nigel sat there in absolute surprise! He was only thinking about all this, this very earlier evening, within his family tree. April said, "Now these wounds have to come out, and cannot come out in darkness.

Healing begins when any one person, looks towards why "Jesus Christ" suffered so much physical pain, and emotional pain, and spiritual pain. He gave his life for salvation. Two thousand years ago, he came as a simple man, and with no measures of earthly wealth at all. He spoke to all mankind, not only in his lifetime, but in "The Holy Spirit" He speaks in silence, saying to come to the light. To be free, to forgive, and to be forgiven. To be reborn. In that he means, all mankind, comes from a dead life, to a life of truth. Once that is taken in, the healing begins."

"After that, there is a time of questioning? How, why, where? One soul that is healing, causes heaven to rejoice, healing then descends to that person. They begin to study the words of truth. They seek to find the reasons for the many wounds. The whole world is wounded today, the dark force is making its line of failure, and doing far more than the evil that began all the way back to Adam, and Eve."

"So within all families, look and see, if anything comes to light about what I have shared this evening. There are movies, and documents of deception, and people really believing they live forever. Such as reincarnation. Satan built his army from his fallen angels with him, he then built it more, by deceiving people who go along with him. The army gets bigger, the wounds get larger, the world, gets dark in sin. I have thought that the earthquakes could be warnings. The world is too heavy in sinful dealings. Our beautiful world needs healing too, and will be, in the second coming. The more to "Christ" The more world healing."

"As soon as one soul is saved, another will come to see this, and be saved too! That causes the true light to shine. Healing is happening. The curse is lifted from the blind to see. The internal wounds get life into them. Because the wounds were dead ones, that is why they did not heal. From that comes a threat to satan, who then will try to persecute the soul he lost to "Jesus Christ." So for that soul, there is a battle going on, but the saved soul, will not fail. As the healing is given the soul, the body repairs to a temple of "God" Who created it."

" When more souls turn to "Christ" The light gets brighter, and the darkness gets shown as it is, a lie. Something important is to be known here, it has to be up to the new healed soul, to learn about keeping the light. To know a battle is going on, and to know the soul will win the battle. Like a wound, it has to be dressed, and given good, for it to heal.

So it is with the right way of healing. Some might be fortunate to get a healing much quicker. Some have to tread a path to come out of the traps given, from so long ago. So for all, give the word, do not push it, but live it, as action speaks louder than human words do. Then when another wants to hear the word, tell them. The whole reason for "Jesus Christ" Having given so much from his father, who is one with him, was so that "Our Heavenly Father" Gets his children back. He grieves for them, he is a parent. He is our parent. He heals all mankind, and the battle begins to lose its grip upon those that satan lied to."

"I am going to finish this soon, but please take notice of what you do in life. If one harms another, they harm themselves. If one speaks evil of another, evil will grip the speaker that gave evil talk. Forgiveness is the hardest thing to do, if a person has been persecuted by many, and did nothing to them. It is then a test is going on. To forgive in words, is not enough, it has to be from the heart. The heart that "Jesus" Now lives in, (yours.) As "Jesus" Did not sin, how can any of us allow ourselves to carry sin in the heart? That will make "The Holy Spirit" leave the heart. For nothing unholy, can be holy. The two do not reside together."

"May all be blessed with the light of life. Satan lost from day one, he knows that, but he cares for no mankind at all. He is not love. What makes me sad is, I know people who will not move from occult thinking, and are treading the path of the widest gates open, the abyss. Those here, that are true within "Our Lord" Will be on the healing road, and the straight and narrow road. Once your hand is in "Jesus Christ's" hand, he will lead you, he goes before you, and knows the road he is leading you to. If it gets real hard, know this, "Jesus" Has a reason for it, as long as love and trust is there, nothing will harm your road to the kingdom. May "God" Bless you all, Amen."

Pastor Paul got up. Wiping his eyes, he said, "Healing is in many ways, and this sharing has convinced me, that even I can learn more, and being a Pastor, does not mean I know it all. I do not like to preach, I like to show the light in my sermons. What a great evening this has been, because I know, that April got this message from "The Holy Spirit" No age is above that, from old times to new times, it is the same. We have some refreshments for all, and time to talk between us. If anyone wants to talk to me, just come and ask, and I will make an appointment date. Let no lamb be lost."

Nigel was in tears too! But he hid that by putting his arm over his eyes. April knew he was moved. She has her other eyes, so he could not hide his tears. April went over to Nigel and said, "Nigel, allow yourself to release, you too are his child." Nigel looked at April and said, "My family were into the traps too! Now I see why things went how they did." April said, "Amen, you are giving yourself to "Jesus." He wants you very much." They went outside, and stood near some trees, and April said, "Nigel, can I pray for you right here?" Nigel said, "Yes April, the nicest gift I could be given." After the prayer was given, April said, "You know of "Jesus Christ," Or you would not send Mitchel to my class. But you have had doubts I feel." Nigel said, "Yes, my wife was too young to die, and never be a mother to her son, that was why I was partial to it all."

Nigel then went along the path a little way, and stopped to say, "April, I am going to make my life to "Jesus Christ" From right now, and I want to learn more about him." April said, "Nigel, I can help you there, I have had "Jesus Christ" In the whole of my life. That is why I serve him in my teachings, but he is the real teacher, I am the child." Nigel looked at April, her flowing white dress, with pink flowers on it, her face of bright light, he said, "April, now I may say something to make you think differently of me." April said, "OK, what?" Nigel said, "I have fallen in love with you. You have clean morals, you have just what I would like my son to know about, and I would love him to know better about "Jesus" Too. Can we try to be a couple a little more than just friends?"

April stopped short, and looked at Nigel, she knew she was getting closer to him, but would not admit it to herself fully. She gave a pause, and then said, "I think that "Our Lord" Sent us to meet, and wanted us to be a couple. He knows that Mitchel will need the nurturing of a mother figure, and I would never try to take her place, but I do think I could do what my adoptive mother did for me. I think that teaching was to be led to this, and us to be a couple.
Yes Nigel, I will-----She could not speak then, because Nigel got hold of her, and kissed her lightly on the lips, and said, "April, thank you, sorry I could not resist kissing you, am I forgiven?" April said, "Hm! Well-----Maybe the kiss did not work, because we should try it again!" They embraced very respectively, and kissed one more time.

Mitchel was there watching them, they did not see him, he laughed, and said, "Dad, you're getting a lady I think." Nigel said, "You know April as your teacher, so now you will know April as your Dad's lady. That is if she puts up with me?" Mitchel said, "Good, then I can choose the programs, instead of your boring documentaries I have to watch, about the world affairs."
April burst out laughing, and said, "Mitchel! Sounds like you're wanting your own style in life." Mitchel said, "I want to be in the navy, I want to travel the seas, and then I will think about being on land." Nigel whispered to April, "He has the wandering, as my family have had."

Mitchel looked pleased with what he saw, and walked off into the church again. April said, "Nigel, he is young now, in the next few years, he may well alter his path. Mind you, going to sea does not mean it's a wrong turn in life, he is showing a secure way in his mind."

They walked back in the church, and Pastor Paul saw them holding hands, he just smiled, thinking they would make a nice couple, and give Mitchel a better chance in life. They both looked bright and shining together, was not hard to see, that they were going to be a couple.

Just as April was about to go, Nigel said, "April, you're adopted? By what you said tonight?" April said, "Yes, but I have a chance to meet my real mother, in a few months time. Nigel I think I have already met her twice before, but it felt as if I knew her, but I passed on it, just because we looked alike, did not mean she was anyone I knew." Nigel said, "How interesting! Sounds like your parents that adopted you, wanted you to never have any secrets, as to who your mother was." April said, "They are very strong Christians, and have no jealousy at all in their natures. They felt it for my health to know her."

April now knew that she would have Nigel with her, in this coming event, at Christmas. But before that, there were things she had to put her mind upon, and do. She too, wanted to be able to give birth to a child later in life. Wows! She thought, now I am thinking of being a mother later. I would have to be married though. Her heart was jumping with joy, because this was the first time she had feelings in that area of life. It felt right.

Chapter Eleven

April had a new skip in her steps. She thought to tell her Mum about Nigel this evening. Her parents were coming for the evening. When the day had passed, she spoke to Nigel saying, "How would you like to come to my place tonight because my adoptive parents are coming, and I want to tell them about us, and thought it might be better if they met you?" Nigel said, "Sure thing, be great to meet them thank you." He gave her a quick touch on her hand, and left with Mitchel. April had watched Mitchel, because he was showing signs of things she had as a young teenager. She saw his lesson books giving great details about the work of "The Holy Spirit." She also knew he was not a very outward teenager, he kept himself to himself. One page really got to her. She had spoken of the miracles, on the walk of "Jesus Christ" When he was on earth. Mitchel opened up about this, as he wrote about the full trust, and faith, and believe. How the very sinners became his followers. Much of it was very scriptural from the Bible, yet he had no Bible in the lesson. He could not copy anything, as it was written in the classroom. She ticked the exercise books, with the lessons in them, as they followed.

This got her to watch Mitchel, because she knew that some are gifted, and some are less gifted. Mitchel only spoke when a scripture was spoken about, it looked like he knew the Bible. She felt he was often with "The Holy Spirit." He was doing so well, and accurately. Did he have a way as she had? She wondered. He did not mix with others much, he would be reading, rather than the usual antics of teenagers. She decided she will get to know him better out of the school. Her direct teachings were for all, not one, so she never gave him special times. That, to her, was not professional.

The evening came, and her parents had arrived. She sat them down, and asked how things are with them. Then April said, "You will be meeting someone tonight. He will be here soon." William said, "He?" April laughed, and said, "Yes Dad, a man I am going to go out with." Diane was so pleased, because April had never shown interest in that side of life. Nigel arrived, dressed in a suit very smart and clean shaved. Mitchel was with him. They came into the lounge, and William stood up to greet him, and then looked at Mitchel, with a look as is this your son? Nigel said, "This is my son Mitchel, he has no mother, and so I have him wherever I go, unless he is in school. Mitchel, say hello." Mitchel did so, and sat down, picking up April's magazine.

The evening was of many talks, and much laughter. William and Diane liked Nigel very much. He was stable, and secure, they thought, a Christian too! No more did they need to know. Mitchel spoke a bit more, when his father spoke about his thoughts of going to sea. So the evening went well.

William said, "I just thought about it, my grandfather's father, was a sailor. I may have some old history of him in my family treasure chest, where I keep all things of old times. Mitchel was now sitting on the arm of the couch near William saying, " Really, I would love to see that." William said, "There are some maps, rather old ones, and some are drawn by hand. There are some written journals of where he went around the sea. Very old, and the pages are thin, so when you look at them, please do it gently." Michel said, "I will hardly touch them, I would like to see how it was in old times, when can we do this?" Nigel said, "Mitchel, they will have to have time, you may have to wait." William said, "Our home, is an open home, as you're going to be with April, it is your home as well. So anytime will be OK." There was a family feeling for Nigel, for the first time. A real family feeling.

Mitchel said, "My Dad does not know that I read the Bible." Nigel looked at Mitchel, and said, "No I did not, we only have one Bible Mitchel, and that is in my bedroom." Mitchel said, "No we have two Bibles, I saved my pocket money, and bought one. I thought you would think I was a nerd to buy one, I do not know why, I just did." Nigel said, "It's the best news for me to hear you are reading the Bible, and that you, on your own steam, bought one. How long have you had it?" Mitchel said, "About four years." April said, "Mitchel, did anything happen before you got the thought of buying a Bible?" Mitchel looked nervous, and said, "Yes." April looked at him with both sets of eyes, the human, and the spiritual. She said, "Mitchel, I have seen too, and so have you, my parents are all knowing of that. Tell us what came to you." Mitchel looked at his father, and Nigel then said, "Go ahead son, I am all for it, and will not tease you, I never would."

Mitchel said, "One night, I was sleeping, and I woke up, and saw a woman in my bedroom, she did not speak. But I did not like her. So I asked "Jesus" To take her away. She left right as I asked that." April said, "How did you know to ask "Jesus" To take her away?" Mitchel said, "I see things in bright light, and I have seen him too!" Nigel was sitting upright now, and asked Mitchel what the woman looked like. Mitchel said, "She wore a sort of head scarf, she had clothes on like the road people, you know, the Diddy Coys." William said, "Sounds like-----Oh sorry, please go on." Nigel said, "Diddy Coys were gypsies. I had family in that line of living. The way Mitchel described her, was a great grandmother. I apologize, as I am against that kind of living." April said, "It would not have been the real great grandmother, but a copy of her, by the enemy." Nigel said, "That does not surprise me, but why did you never tell me Mitchel?" Mitchel said, "Oh Dad, you have only been receptive since you knew April. Is it OK for me to call you that April? See Dad, you did so much for me, but never actually allowed me to get to know you."

William came in saying, "Well no doubt, you were trying to fill Mitchel's life up, and work as well, that you were tired. Mitchel, your Dad would have had a shock of losing your mother, the one you never knew. So he did his best." Nigel said, "Wow! Thank you, support like that, I have never had." William said, "Man, to man, we do at times get into a pattern, and forget the things that may be missing. So I heard April say, that you both were going out Saturday, how about I offer an alteration? Let's meet here at ten o'clock in the morning, and all of us go to ten pin bowling? After that, there is a football match in the early afternoon, in the oval, they need one guy to fill a space, so Mitchel is the age group, and can you play?" Mitchel laughed, he said, "Yeah, I played in the teams in the old school. Dad came to some, but he never really said much." William said, "Good, your going to be taking Liam's place, he got hurt in the ankle, and needs two more weeks off. This will get you into a communication with your age group, and fun times." April said, "That's great Dad, then we can go out in the evening on our own." Diane said, "Nigel you can leave Mitchel with me, and then pick him up on Sunday." Mitchel said, "Yes Dad, I can then see the sailor's papers."

Saturday came, and April had her jeans on, and a soft t-shirt. Her hair tied into braids, and looking very sporty. Nigel arrived, he was in jeans too, and a short sleeved shirt. Mitchel was in jeans, but he had a t-shirt on that had sport written over it. William and Diane both, were in tracks and tops the same color. They took the car to the bowling place.

When in there, they got their shoes sized for the games they would play. William wanted to play against Mitchel, he had a reason for this. Diane said she would watch, and play a round later. So April, and Nigel played against each other.

William was doing his ball so as to miss at times. He wanted to get Mitchel to feel he was great at this. To pick up the lad's esteem, but in a nice way. Nigel said, "I have never heard Mitchel laugh so much. Look at him, he looks so happy, and now I see, my son is growing up fast!" April said, "Yes, he needs this, he is in good hands there. Then one time you play against him, and do the same as my Dad is doing, because he is going to let Mitchel win, but in a way so he does not know that." It is not a game to my Dad, it is a lesson for Mitchel." Nigel said, "Much to my surprise, I did not think of this side of life for him. I just thought boys will be boys, and he gets his own ideas of life." April said, "Life is for sharing, not being alone."

The whole morning came off very well. Mitchel had his first taste of winning, and he was geared up for the afternoon match too! The win made him want to win the football match. They went to k.f.c. For an open lunch in the oval, before the match. Then came the time for Mitchel to change his clothes for the game. He came on the field with a pride in his face. He did well, and the team was losing for a while, then it turned, and it got the last kick on Mitchel's team, and Mitchel made the last goal. It won the tight match, by one goal, Mitchel's goal kick. Now the young teenager knew what communication was. It was to be in the team of life, not just stand in the side, and watch. They came back to the cottage, and William, Diane and Mitchel, left to go to "The elms."

Nigel said, "I have to go home to change for tonight, see I was going to take you to a Christian meeting that has a movie going tonight." April said, "Sure you go, and I will change too." Nigel said, "Because Mitchel is with your parents, I do not expect you to take me over night, not at all. I am rather shy, and do have morals." April said, "I am the same way, I am not a lady that would give my morals shame. We are getting on so well, and I feel as if you're in my family already Nigel."

Later in the evening, April came to the door, and Nigel just stared at her, because he saw her beauty, not the physical only, but the spiritual too. She stood looking at him. He looked different, more confident, and more positive. They hugged each other, and kissed, and then left for the meeting. The meeting had a warm welcome to it. It was quite a drive away. As the guests came in, the time came for the movie. To April's surprise it was about the warfare of today. She did not ask Nigel what the movie was about, and Nigel did not think to tell her. He was just happy to be with her.

As the movie started, the signs were shown of the enemy, and where the enemy is in the greatest power. There were scenes from places teenagers go to, and crime goes on. Religions of false settings. The actual sign made by the top governments, and certain political churches. A scene of a young man driving his car, with his stereo so loud the car was vibrating from the noise. April thought, how can he drive with that? There is no sense in it, if he had a spot of bother on the road, he would be the last to hear any other car's horn. He was a dangerous driver, and how come the law does not stop that? The scenes changed to prostitutes, and gay men, and gay women. It was quite graphic. There were so many scenes of darkness, that April shuddered. And Nigel held her hand, as he too was quite shocked at the life led in the outside world. Then it came to little children, the things they are given to learn from, all of them showing violence. The last part of this first half, was where no child obeys their parent, how they can divorce their parents, and give no support if they are sick in any way. In fact it showed, parents were dumped. Teachers of some schools had no control over children and students. Younger generation swearing at older people, as if they were not human, but oldies, and should be dead! The whole first half was a real look to the world, as it is.

A break came, and hey had time for a drink and bathroom. Nigel said to April, "By gees I would never have thought that life like that is as bad." April said, "It is written, and it has to be, until the time comes for the judgments."

The second half of the movie was quite different. It showed families that have Christian morals, and obedience to the good in life. There came a part of "Jesus Christ" Played by an actor, where he spoke about all this. How he warned, and gave the answers too. How children are all humans to "God the Heavenly Father," Who sent him, and why. A great part of his teachings were shown. How seeds will not grow in a dead soil, how he to spoke to satan, who tried to tempt him. The whole place was calmer with this side of the movie, and all the commandments were spoken of. It was made clear that the lake of fire is real, and that only the children come to the kingdom. To become a child, was what he said. The signs of the times have been showing for ages, as it unfolds. The wealth of the very ones that make people poor, the governments, and political churches, fire is burning now, today, and it creates the darkness.

The next part was far better still. No other God is the real "God." idols are false, and to turn from the needs to have more. Then it showed a part where one home had so much in it, and not used, and another with bareness, and needs. The black and the white. How some people fill up their lives with things, instead of truth, the spiritual truth. For it is there the riches really are.

So much of "Jesus Christ" Was given in the second half. A chance is given, for he calls his children, all the time. Who do not listen to him.

The End was a split screen show. A road was shown, and it split into two roads, one was very narrow, and turned to the right, the other wide, and full of earth's sins, and fires, the left side. On the road of fire, were many people absolutely millions and millions of them. The narrow road had the smaller amount of people, who did not give in to wealth of sin, but fairness of truth instead. As the roads went forward in time, the age came for the second coming so near. Those on the narrow road went up into the clouds and higher still, to the kingdom. The road of fire had screaming people on it, not knowing how to get off it. They were judged, and tried to get the truth, but it was too late for them, after all, if us as humans call our own children, we call all the time for them. But they would not listen. So in the end there is no way to alter them. We have to let them go to their path.

"Jesus Christ" Did it all, he gave it all, we owe him all, and should glorify him, none of us is, as he is, for to be from "God the Father" is the highest given to mankind. Such love is ignored in today's society. How can people forget that they too were known before they were born?

The End of the movie showed satan, the beast, who was put into the fire, along with his followers, did satan care for the humans? No, he knew no love. All his followers had torment for eternity. The scene was very frightening, but as well put, as it is written in the Bible.

The ending was beautiful, because a man spoke about giving your life to "Jesus," Where all sin can end, and he bids all to come to him, at every age past, and present. To have a world of no evil in it, and to have peace. He explained it as the simple way of life, where less stress is found, where trust is found, and where the truth is found. To give to each other, love, greetings of love, and time for each other. To walk in the path of "Christ." Be as like him as possible. That he knows it is a hard road, but a worthwhile one. The man said, "It is written that the righteous do get many hard tests. That is because of the evil enemy who tries all measures. But the truth is, "Jesus" Knows the pain of his followers, and is there for them all the time."

The ending was a shining bright light in the sky, where a throne was shown, and the sovereignty of "God." Now it was up to the people to choose the road they prefer to be on.

April got up, and Nigel too, but he said, "I need to go outside for a moment, come with me April." They went outside, and walked to a place that was quiet. As they hugged, April looked up, and said, "Nigel, can you see what I can see?" Nigel looked up, and he gasped! He said, "There is a beautiful peaceful light in the darkness of the sky, how does this come April?" April said, "You have given yourself to "Christ" And as I have seen this for all my life, it is time for you to see it, it is the truth."

They went back in knowing their relationship was blessed.

All the way to the cottage, they talked of plans, and having the next few months learning about each other. Nigel joked and said, "Well by Christmas, you may take my ring of engagement!" April said, "You're certain of us I can hear that. I am too! I must get this meeting with my real mother, and I somehow feel my adoptive mother, and my real mother, will be friends. I have the knowledge that this will all turn out beautiful."

Nigel said, "I will come tomorrow, and get you, and then we can go to your parents, be interesting to see how Mitchel went, as it's his first time away from me overnight. April said, "Oh I forgot, Mum said, come and be prepared to stay the day, because she wants us to have a family day. She cooks great too Nigel!" Nigel said, "This must be after the church meeting, the early one?" April said, "Too right Mr." He laughed and went to his car. As he drove back, he had a sense of loss, without Mitchel beside him. He had been so used to Mitchel being there, that this was his first feeling, of his son moving on in life. He got into his home, and the silence was a bit too much. He then thought about the movie, and the loss spoken of in the whole ages of time. He understood, just from that small separation of his own son. Now he had a new way to look at, and to give his son, far more time, and to get to know each other. He was shocked to think, that father, and son, could be in the same house, and still not know each other.

He went to his bedroom, and laid there thinking of April. Thinking of his Christian life, to be far better, to learn, and give love. He thought of the family he is getting into, not his own family, but his future wife's family. He felt family before being into it fully with April's parents, how they gave to Mitchel, and wanted nothing back. It was a gift to them to have him. There was a great change in Nigel's life now.

April was still up, and thinking of Nigel, and knowing she will marry him. That her real mother must be seen to, with great care and understanding, for April realized, her own mother, must have hurt for all the years she was not with her, and cannot get back. How much sacrifice is that she thought? Must have been for my good, and not hers. I know of some that will never forgive their parent, or parents, for leaving. That breeds more harm, and rests nothing to peace. I even know of some that fight about their rights, when all along, rights are in love and understanding. Letting the hurt be forgiven, and moving to health. April then went to bed, and said her prayers, then slept very well.

Chapter Twelve

Time was moving on, and Nigel and April were doing a great deal together. Mitchel began to tell April of his visions, and April knew already, that this young lad was gifted to! One day Mitchel asked April if he could come and see her alone. She told him, that in school, there is no extra attention to him, because it is for all the class, to be as one whole unit. Mitchel said, "April, I meant can I see you alone in your home?" April said, "Will your Dad allow that?" He said, "Oh Dad will not mind, I can get a bus, as it's to you, he will agree. Lately, we have got to know each other so much better, that I see him in a different light, to before, he has come out of his shell."

Mitchel arrived to see April on the Saturday, of the next weekend. He said, "Had to come before Dad comes later at four o'clock, he said he was bringing you something special then, and would you mind if I stay till then?" April said, "Yes you can stay."

Mitchel sat down, with lemonade and some cookies that were home baked. After he ate, he said, "When I was younger, and seeing that woman in my room, the one that was not real, I had a vision later. Although I am not sure if it was a vision, because he looked so real." April said, "OK, so who did you see?" Mitchel said, do not think I am mad, but I woke up in the early hours of the morning, near to dawn time.

I saw the dawning almost there, and through my window I looked up at the sky and thought how nature makes night into day. There above the cherry tree, a very bright light came. I thought it was the sun breaking through, but when it expanded to a full circle, I saw "Jesus," You know, like in the pictures, but he was different somehow. He was light. His robes were whiter than white. Over his head, he had a golden sparkle, something like one of those sticks you light, and they sparkle, only far more than that. Radiant he was, and so beautiful. I got up, and went to the window, and he descended with the bright light, and colors were out of this world, around him. I mean we know colors, but these colors were, oh! Nothing like here on earth. They were alive, like they had life in them. Where here, our colors are more or less, not so alive, as in paintings. Even better than rainbows. Suddenly, his body in the robes, went into one, and all I saw was his face. Now what I did not understand, was he spoke to me, and it was silent, not a voice like our voice."

April said, "Yes I know about this sort of blessing, that in my experience of life so far, not many get, only a few. Tell me what he said Mitchel." Mitchel said, "He said, "Ye are mine, yea, I have thee for being a messenger, later in your earthly life. Ye cannot write, what ye have learned, and written, ye can only write while learning. Thy teacher will appear, within the human appearance, who is my child, as ye are. I beckon thee to obey thy yearning of thy heart. Thy heart feels empty within thee, I want to be in thy heart, to fill it. When life on earth gives something missing, yea, it is I that knock on thy door. The door of thy heart. It is I who comes to fill thy heart. Taking me into thy heart, fills the missing feeling. Thus, as time on earth goes on for thee, I abundantly give thee, many blessings. For all that ye do in devotion of me, rewards are building for thee. Do not forsake the rewards, for the earthly Matters. Yea, it is no easy road, and I chasten thee, if thee go off the road, I also chasten thee, if uncleanness, is within thee. For my chosen messenger, is to be clean. Yea I can make no limitations to thee, and give thee all things, this would be of no growth, for by suffering at times, and by sacrifices, there I stand within thee. Ye are not alone. I cannot give my messages, without a messenger, thee have been chosen to walk with me, I plan for thee ahead of earthly time. How can I heal thee, if thy heart is full of remorse? If any thoughts are harming thee, it is I that takes thy heart, to heal thee. I am the way, I am the only way, through me thy life becomes alive. For many are dead. Being born in life on earth, is a dead life, until I am thy Saviour. Therefore, it is I that give thee the born again life. Born to show my light to others. Listen to my silent voice, for thee are my child. Yea, I am thy parent. Honor thy blessing given to thee. Amen."

Mitchel said, that is what got me to save my pocket money and buy a Bible. So much of it I did not understand, written in old ways, and to me, rather strangely, but I felt a truth with it. I did not tell my Dad, because I thought he would think I was a nerd, and had day dreaming ideas of life. Dad reads the Bible in his bedroom, but he never ever shared his spiritual growth at all, to me."

April said, "Oh Mitchel, this is one of the greatest blessings any human can be given. As now I know your Dad, he was in grief, he had you come into his life, and lost your mother. He loved her very much, that is why he was so distant in some areas. He did not have his own family supporting him, and so he closed in on himself. He loves you Mitchel, and he will always love you."

Mitchel said, "My Dad's family, they are hostile people. I would think that when I was born, my grand mother, well, she would have wanted to be in my life. But no, she did not have any time with me. My mother's family, my Dad said once, saw me, thought I was exactly like my mother to look at, and then Dad said, they cut him off, and me too!"

April said, "Ah! That's why "Jesus" Said, about a missing in life, that is felt in the heart. Now I see why he came to you. He knows his children, he knows those that will work his "Holy Spirit" For the claiming of his family. You have a family Mitchel, all of "God's" children that are truly his, are your family, and you theirs. Now you have my parents, who may I say, are acting as your grandparents, towards you." Mitchel said, "Funny really, but I feel as if they are my real grandparents. They have helped me, and the way my Dad is now, I know your Dad helped that, so that my Dad felt worthwhile. He gives me time, and talks about things I need to know, where before he was always busy, or watching those documentaries, that bored me to tears."
Aprils said, "Yes, well he used many methods to cope with life, a parent on his own, and he had no friends either, now he will have more in life than ever, I will see to that."

Mitchel smiled, and said, "Hey! You going to marry my Dad? Because he wants you to, I know that, and I want you to, then you can be my Mum, and my teacher. We are near Christmas, and Dad is worse at that time, but this year, I think he is going to be brighter. There is only one month to Christmas now, and Dad is bringing your Christmas present this afternoon. Whoops, I was not supposed to tell you he is bringing your present, just he is bringing you something, do not tell him April."

April said, "I will say nothing, you're safe. Now how about you and I go to the mall, your Dad is not here for a couple of hours, and I want to get you a book that will break down some of the understandings of the Bible. As in class, I can do so much, but only for a time, each day. I feel you need a study in this and time of your own to look at this book, it will explain a great deal of the books in the Bible. Then after that, do you fancy mac Donald's for lunch?" Mitchel said, "Oh April really? Yes please. Oh a book to help will be so nice. How can I thank you?" April said, "Live your life, and experience it, stay within the radius of "The Lord's" Word, and you will not go wrong."

April talked to Mitchel about her eyes, before she could see, her human eyes were healed in a very strange way, but it was the will of "God," April said, that her spirit, were her other eyes, and her other body was also her spirit.

She gave Mitchel a good lesson in this day, that he will be guided to do the work, and be going very far in his education, and his Dad would be so proud of him. Mitchel was blooming.

At four o'clock, Nigel came. He had flowers in his hands, and a smile of love. They sat down, and he got to the floor, and April said, "Nigel what are you doing on the floor?" Nigel said, "Will you take this ring, and be my wife April, and next year be the beautiful bride, I know you will be for me?"

April just stared at him, and then looked at the ring, it was a delicate diamond ring, and very beautiful. She held her hand to him, in a sign of she wanted the engagement. He placed it upon her finger, and then gave her a small box to open. She took the box, and inside, was a gold chain, and a plain cross. She hugged him, and then he put it on for her. Mitchel said, "Gees, all this lovey dovey stuff, I am going to the garden, and look for butterflies. Nigel and April smiled, and Mitchel went outside.

Nigel said, "Well the next thing is to meet your real mother, on Christmas Eve, why Christmas Eve, do you think?" April said, "Knowing my parents, they will have done that, so that my real mother and my brother, or half brother, will be in Christmas with us all. Bet anything, they have asked her to stay for the whole of Christmas, in their house."

Nigel suggested they go to the shops the next weekend, and buy her real mother a present, and her brother as well. Nigel said, "This is a growing family, seems there will be a real union, and healing of all."

April was now getting to find her past path, and why things came so. She knew that Mitchel was gifted, and going to be a great messenger, and she thought, he may even be more than that, as an adult.

The Christmas coming, was going to open far more to April and Nigel. There was surprise for her, that April's parents did not know, about her real mother. A wonderful surprise, for all.

Chapter Thirteen

Both Nigel and April went to the mall. It was so busy, being very close to Christmas, that they had trouble finding a parking spot. April looked up, out of the window and said, "Please dear "Lord," Could you make a space for us?" Nigel drove round the whole mall car lot, twice, and none were available. Right after April prayed the short request for space, there right by the entrance of the large mall, a car was pulling out, and Nigel could drive straight into it! Nigel said, "Legend! How's that for an answer, huh?"

April said, "We can have a while here Nigel, because I want to choose the correct presents, for my real mother, and my half, or full brother, Simon. Then we will buy for my parents, not forgetting Mitchel."

Nigel said, "I have got Mitchel a present already, so-----" April said, "Awe, I want to spoil him. He is into the sea world, in his thoughts, so I want to buy him things on that very subject, and-----" Nigel said, "Yeah but,-----" April said, "I am going to buy him an electric train setting, with all the stations, and tracks possible, a great big one, and a large fold up table, for the place to set it up, and Nigel-----I am buying this, as it will be from my parents as well, they wanted to put money to it, as they are very expensive, plus, he is going to get a computer as well, so there!" Nigel stopped walking, and said, "Oh! What can I say? He will feel so spoiled." April said, "No Nigel, he will feel loved. It is not about the things, it's about telling him how very important he is, as "God's" Child.

Nigel said, "I wanted to buy your parents something useful, what is it they could use right now?" April said, "Well depends on what you're willing to spend." Nigel said, "No price will be too high, just say." April said, "My Dad was saying he would like to buy a pool table, because he has a very large shed, and part of it is now empty, because he once had the food bank there, with the charity of the church. So when he stopped doing it, and Mr. Edwards took it over, he planned to make it a family entertainment space." My Mum loves that game, and so do I." Nigel said, "You're not the only one, I enjoy it too!" So we will order it, and get it picked up by my neighbor, he has a lorry that is big enough for that, doubt it would fit in the car. Hang on, I will call him first on my mobile."

Nigel told Jason his neighbor, about the pool table, and the other things they were buying, and Jason said, "Hey man cool! Get them to put it all to the loading bay of the shops, and I am able to come over now, I too have to get some darn Christmas presents, I have been putting it off, but you calling me, had got me to finally do it, so two jobs in one here. I did my last delivery for my job early today, I am free, where will I get to meet you in the mall?" Nigel said, "We will be near the large shop called --Myers--"

Now they were all set to go. April got her real mother a linen bed setting, a quilt as well. For Simon, she got him, car sets, a puzzle, and a children's Bible. She then said, "Hey while we are here, Mitchel can do with some computer games, to start him off." Nigel just nodded, because he had never given this much thought to Christmas, since Mitchel was born of the twenty sixth of December. So with the loss of his past wife on that day, Christmas held no interest after that, he just did things simple, and for Mitchel, but never with a great deal of thought.

Jason met them at --Myers-- and they asked the sales to hold the goods for a hour, as they wanted to go to the food hall, in the mall, and have a Chinese meal, for the three of them. It was a way of saying thank you to Jason, for helping them.

Jason did his small bit of shopping for Christmas after the meal. They were a bit longer than an hour, but it was OK. Nigel said, "Jason, as you're single, what are you going to do for Christmas?" Jason said, "Drink I suppose, as usual." Nigel said, "Are you going to be on your own?" Jason said, "Yes, I have been given the elbow from my girlfriend, so that is for me for Christmas, but I did have to buy for my parents, before they go to Nottingham, to be with my Dad's brother, and his wife. I cannot stand them, so I am not going."

Nigel said, "We will not pry into that, but April, do you think Jason can share his lonely Christmas with us all?" April said, "Sure, I was thinking it, just as you said it, oh do come Jason, we have room for you, and the more the merrier." Jason said, "They may be against me drinking alcohol." April said, "No, they will not, they judge not."

That was all set, and Jason got the things, and drove back to Nigel's home. He never really spoke to Nigel much, because he thought Nigel was introverted. He did not know the reason for Nigel being so. But they exchanged mobile numbers once, when Jason saw Nigel stuck with his hazard lights on, in town. His car was in trouble. They talked over the fence, but never had more communication than that. Now Jason was thinking, this guy is alright, funny though, from his pale, and straight face, he has color in his face, and he looks bright, and actually interacts more. He used to talk, but it was a bit boring, as he was always going on about documentaries, not my style or interest at all.

Nigel and April waited for Jason to come back, and when he did, they asked him, if on Christmas Eve, could he bring the pool table to her parents house. That was all set.

Over in William and Diane's home, the decorations were being put up. This year they decided to decorate the outside of the house as well. William put Santa on the roof. In the front garden, reindeer were standing with a sleigh behind them, and a great big sack, in the back of the sleigh. Santa had bright parcels in his smaller sack on the roof. Lights were around the house, and all things were safely done. Nothing would get ruined, if it rained, they had that sorted, because they used rain proof materials.

By the gate, they had a nativity scene. William had built a stable, from old wood he had, and covered it with tarp, then put fallen branches on the roof of it, and it then had the natural look. Diane said, "Our natural look is not quite how it was, being in Bethlehem." William said, "It's the meaning that counts."

By the trees that were quite thick in one area of their garden, William chose one that was like a Christmas tree. He placed lights over it all, and a bright star on top of it, that flashed in lights of gold. Beneath the tree he chose, he put tiny little presents, hidden amongst the small angels he hung on the tree. The angels flashed on and off, like the lights.

The inside was full of glittering tinsel, in red, gold, green, and sliver. The Christmas tree itself was a tall one, all beautifully dressed in the ornamental beauty of Christmas cheer! Beneath the tree, were so many presents. They had all different colored Christmas wraps around them, and colored ribbons. Diane was very artistic, and her talents showed.

Diane said, "We will have to let the dining table out with the extensions this year, do you think we will have enough chairs?" William said, "Well darling, I have already seen to that, I hired chairs, for four days, from merchants warehouse. It was a God job I did, because they had hired out much for Christmas, and I got in just in time."

Diane had arranged with Joanne coming, to make her very welcomed. She offered to get her, and Simon, but she said she was coming by car, and there is a surprise. This made them very excited, as surprises can do.

Christmas Eve morning came, and April set for herself a simple style of dress, with a Christmas essence to it. It was gold, and had red trimmings at the neck. Her shoes were gold.

Nigel came over in the early afternoon, and had his jeans on, but his shirt was also very bright. He had on a green shirt, with an embroidered gold cuff trimming, and it had gold in the trimming too. Mitchel was in a track suit, a typical young guy's idea of dress. It was navy blue, with the motto of the navy on it.

April said, "Mum said to come at five o'clock, this after noon, and that she wanted us there on Christmas day, at the earliest we can make it. She is going to do a Christmas breakfast for all, then Christmas dinner in the afternoon. No doubt we will be so full from that, she will bake mince pies, and sausage roll, her traditional cake."

"She is cooking the turkey, duck, chicken, pork, and beef. The ham she gets from the market, so that will be a good one. Then the roasted potatoes, the steamed vegetables, by the many knowing her, and salads, as some may want that."

Nigel said, "Your Mum will be tired out doing all that." April said, "No, she gets all fired up when she is doing for such a banquet as this one. It is a reunion as well as an adding to the family. Of all. Oh! I forgot, she has asked Pastor Paul to come as well, because she wants him to make a prayer of blessings to this great big family. That will set the love of "Christ" Although we all have that anyway."

Thy came near to the house of April's parents, and April said she felt a bit nervous. Nigel said, "If this is the same lady you thought you met, twice before, then it will be well known to you both, relax April, all will go well.

As they got there, another car arrived, but drove on again, so they went in, and greeted all there. Then the door bell rang, and Joanne was there with Simon. April went to answer the door, and gave a huge sigh! So we did meet before! Please come in." Joanne said, warmly, "I thought the same, but it was so coincidental, my child was blind, so I passed on it, but I felt I knew you." April said, "I felt I knew you too, but you know, just an odd thing at the time." Joanne said, "You're able to see!" April said, "We will talk about that later."

William came to greet Joanne, and Simon, and Diane hugged Joanne, and patted Simon on the head, in case he was a shy type. Simon was far from shy, he went looking around at all the Christmas decorations. They went into the lounge room and have refreshments, as dinner was later.
Joanne said, "Well April, you have grown into a lovely young lady, and I am so pleased that this couple, William and Diane, adopted you. I now know, just by looking around, and the warmth in this home, that you had a good life."

Simon was fidgeting, and wanted to get his mother's attention but she shushed him. April said, "I am so pleased with this, although we have been apart for twenty two years, I feel as if we were connected in that time, but not, if you know what I mean. What do I call you?" Joanne said, "Well you cannot call two mums Mum." Diane said, "And why not Joanne? You are her real mother, and have that right, I would not be at all jealous of it, I encourage it, if April agrees. April will still call me Mum, and will have her two mothers." Joanne said, "There is something else April will have." Simon just could not stop giggling, as he knew already.

April looked questioningly? William and Diane also looked the same. Nigel, and Mitchel were waiting to hear this, wondering what it was.

Joanne said, "Simon, go to the car, and get April's biggest present of all this Christmas please." Simon ran and he took a while, and then through the front door stood a man, Simon holding his hand. Joanne said, "April, this is your real father!" All the house was at silence for a short time, and then it bustled with joy. April's mouth was open wide, in surprise, and she thought, it's his hair I have, the golden color.

William got up, and took this man's arm, to welcome him in. He said, "Well, what a beautiful day this is, what is your name?" The man said, "My name is Shawn, I am so happy to be part of this reunion." Diane said, "Reunion? Are you kidding? This is a miracle, a blessing, and from "The Holy Spirit." There is no way things like this happen by accident. Please, you are as one of us, and in our family-----You, Joanne, and Simon. We are one big family now, and one that will be always family." April got to her father, and said, "I never expected this, so now I will be calling you Dad, two mums, and two dads. Shawn said, "You look like your mother, and have my color hair, and you're my long lost daughter."

William and Diane called Simon, Nigel and Mitchel to leave the room with them, to leave the new family to reunite and talk a while, on their own.

Joanne said all her reasons for leaving April, as early as a baby just born. Shawn explained, that he was scared of this new pregnancy, and ran away. They both explained that they were so young. Shawn told April that his family was very strict about this sort of thing, overly strict and controlling. His father was a real hard man, and he never really knew him. Shawn said, "I not only ran away from Joanne, but from my hard parents, as well. Had they known, I would have been thrown out of the home, anyway. I thought that Joanne would be able to manage, how dumb is that April?" April said, "Not dumb Dad, oh! It's funny to call you that, but it will stick, you are my real Dad, and William is my Dad too. I said no, because, I know that some youths cannot make a stable home if they never had one, when a child. I take it you did not."

Shawn said, "Goodness, you are so wise for your age." April said, "Dad, I had a true friend, his name is "Jesus Christ." It was he who gave me my adoptive parents, and he who orchestrated this reunion. It was he who chose for me to learn a stable life, as a child, to my adult years. How Dad, could you learn about stability, when you were being brutally given rules, and no love?
No wonder you ran away." Shawn began to have tears in his eyes, this daughter he had never known until today, filled his heart.

Joanne said, Shawn loved me very much, but when he ran off, I had a heart break going on, as well as the lonely pregnancy. No family were supporting me either. I lived in a one roomed bed sitter. Your cot was a box. My security for you, was not enough. I felt no child deserved such a poverty life. So that's why I had to take you to the orphanage." April said, "So when did you guys meet up?"

Shawn said, "I was walking one day in a town called ♱ the oaks ♱. I had moved from town, to town, I could keep no job. The reason I kept no job was this. Every time a supervisor, as they all seemed to do, got at me, I saw my father. Even a woman once, did speak nasty to me, all because I placed one box of work, into the wrong load, for delivery. I saw my hard mother then! So I left all jobs that had meanness in the staff. After some good years of this, I naturally grew more mature. But my self esteem was shot. I did jobs, that had no real security in them, so that I would not be one on one with any mean manager, or staff. One day I realized, I was showing a character of no fight.
From there I took a look at books form the library, on self esteem. I had no idea of self defense, or, how to learn to choose my company. Company? Well I had none really, but it was in me, to give in to all that got mean."

April said, "Sounds to me, that what you were given, as a child, was what you expected from others. It is often the way, as how can a child learn, if not taught the correct love of life, and family? Some children get so much abuse, that they expect it. These are the poorest of children in this world, because, well Dad-----Because, if no manners of truth is taught them, they cannot know. On top of that, some do the opposite to you. They become abusive, and do harm to others, and if they have children, they give them, what they got, and sometimes far worse. It's horrid. Some are hard criminals. Oh! Dad, you have a chance now. I also know of some that have self harmed themselves, and some that go to suicide. All because of untruth in life."

Shawn looked at April and he said, "What a great upbringing you had, to be this wise, it seems to me, that you had to be with your adoptive parents, to be how you are today. Later in time, I went to a church, it was a white church, nothing great to look at. ♱ The oaks ♱ had a lovely feel about the place. Peaceful. I knew nothing of "Christ," So I was looking at it, and sort of learning.
I got a job in town, through a member of the church. He had a sort of bungalow at the back of his house. He found out I was homeless, and had no job. He knew the job was going to pay me enough to live on. So he allowed me to stay in his bungalow, free of rent, until I had earned enough to buy myself decent clothes, and have decent food. The job was mowing lawns for people, and so I never had anyone hassling me. By his kindness, I learned something, not all people are nasty, as I thought. After a time he introduced a low rent for me to pay him, for the bungalow. It's the least I could do, as he gave me a home. What I did not know was, he was saving all the rents I paid, to give me enough to learn to drive, and buy a car. I became more confident. One day in the town, I saw Joanne, or at least someone like her, from a distance. She had a little boy with her. So I went to try to see if it was her. She recognised me, and stopped. We spoke, a bit off handed, at first. Then she burst into tears. She had left where she was living, to make a new start, and chose ♱ the oaks ♱. Your mother said, that she had placed you into a orphanage, and had gone into living a promiscuous life. She lost all care about morals, for a good while. So she ended with another pregnancy, and Simon was born. This time she wanted to keep her baby. She had the same thing happen to her, the father would not take any responsibility of the child, and accused her of it being another man's child, as she was once promiscuous. That got her a name. So she left.
She had been to the church, the Sunday I was not there. She had gone to listen to a sermon on families, and how to keep them in honor of what they meant. I did not see her for a long time after the first time. I took it that she did not want me around her."

April said, "That was the time I was there, when I was really a young teenager, a visit to ♱ the oaks ♱. I will tell you both later, about how I got my sight. Also how I was led to come to ♱ the oaks ♱ by above.

Joanne said, "I was in the church, just fallen to a heap, lost my little daughter, then went out of order in morals, and then got Simon, who does not know his father, and will never know his father. I was so hurt, and so lost, I did not care about morals, and it came back to bite me! So in the church, I was so sad. I kept looking at you, but my baby girl was blind for life, so it could not have been you. Diane spoke to me, and then supported me some, but I was far too gone in sadness.
It was not until a few months later, Shawn came to the church the same meeting I went. I just thought that perhaps some way, other than the society that do not really care, it's all red tape.
I thought if there is a "God" Then he must have some way to reach me. I did not know, until after some learning of the Bible, that I could have reached him, at any time, so I too, did not know much about "Christ." this one Sunday, Shawn came. He asked if he could sit next to me. I said, to him, if you must, what do I care? Simon took to Shawn, from day one. After the meeting, Shawn invited me back to his place. A bungalow as he said. He had his life all intact, and had a clean home. Simon was laughing with him, and Shawn asked me if he has a father, that is in his life. I said no, but look how you ran from me, as if I had made our baby on my own. I was angry at him. I told him you were blind, and the story as far as I could. Shawn offered me a solution. I was living in a real rat hole place, because I could not afford the higher rents. I told him, after I settled down from anger, that I wanted to keep Simon, at any cost, because I lost you. Shawn then told me, that he still loved me, and he had not been with anyone else, since he ran away from me. I then realized why I had taken the low moral road, I still loved Shawn. Denial was a great lever to not admit that. Shawn wanted to have us together again. So we decided to rent a good flat that we both could afford. He said he would take Simon as his own, and be a father to him. Not many guys will do that! We lived in the three bedrooms flat, and never had a bedroom together. Shawn wanted to give me time, so that I could see, he meant what he said. Shawn had such an ability with Simon, that Simon was depending upon him. Simon looked like he had taken Shawn as a father figure, as young as that, nearly three years of age. Because Shawn felt he owed me, I said he did not. We fell deeply in love again, but in an adult way. So one day Shawn asked me to marry him. Shawn is your real father, and Simon can never know his father. That is dead, and gone. As Simon grew, Shawn said he wanted to tell Simon, he was his step-father. He had a right to know. Simon has been told, but will understand better, when older. We became Christians, and lived so. I knew that an arrangement had been made for you to know, that one day, you will meet me, as to your father, at the time of the arrangement, he was not mentioned in it. As both William and Diane wanted to bring you up, the time was for when you were adult. One letter was sent within that time. I thought your adoptive parents were of a different type, as most will not allow this interaction to come, if they can avoid it. So here we are today. Obviously, over time, if any questions you need to ask, we will work through them."

April said, "How could I have questions after listening to what you both went through? What I would like to say now, may surprise you. In your loss of me, and you both did have that, you gave me a life. I had no trauma in my life. I was blind, but as I could not see, with my human eyes, I knew no different. I did have my other eyes, and that I will tell you both about, well after Christmas.
I am so grateful to you both, as in your sacrifice of my going away, you gave me a life. In my life, I had already "The Holy Spirit." With Christian parents, I learned what a family really is. They gave me, along with others, and one in particular, Mr. and Mrs. Beverly, the money to do all my schooling, in a Christian private school. I then went to college, and got my degree. I want you both to know something, I have met a few, that have been taken from their parents, for some reason or other, and these children grow up with a resentment to their real parents, without ever knowing the truth. This means, the growing of dysfunction breeds, and nothing is healed. So the trapping of freedom, is constantly within the families. Really, where is it said, that a parent does not hurt, when they are parted from their children? There are two sides to everything, and I am overjoyed, as now I have the love of two sets of parents. I also learned in my studies, that psychologically, if any family member has rubbished a parent, not on the scene, they have harmed the very children, that needed support, and healing. These children have a right to know the truth, and leave all the harm done, so they heal, oh that wound that was given, from so long ago, Adam and Eve. My heart is full of love for you both. And love grows, it expands, it takes away the darkness, and nothing can stop the purest love of all, "Our Heavenly Father," Through "Jesus Christ." His family is us, we are his children, so it's wise to remain a child, even in adult life. For would he not grieve too? Yes! Does he not try to get his fold back? Yes! He forgives, and heals, and his love is the highest love of all."

Shawn asked if he could hug April? And Joanne got up too, and there they were, the three of them hugging as one. April called her parents to come in, and they all just rejoiced. Simon on the other hand was trying to hug everyone at once, he looked so happy. Even at seven years old. There is the man of tomorrow.

They all began to enjoy the Christmas Eve celebrations, and the biggest day of all, was tomorrow, Christmas day. The most important birthday of the year. The men had put the pool table ready for the next day. Mitchel wanted so much to know what his very big present was. Simon was busy eating his favorites, and free to. The biggest miracle was going on in this house. There was more to come. For only love, can bring about the rewards.

Chapter Fourteen

Christmas Eve was so beautiful, everyone was given a bigger present, then the material ones. Shawn, and Joanne, along with Simon, stayed at April's adopted parents', overnight. They were asked if they would like to stay till the day after boxing day. It was agreed upon. Nigel, and April, took Mitchel, who was reluctant to leave, back to the cottage. There was not enough room for them in the sleeping area. Nigel said he would take Mitchel back home, and then call April. So April waited for the call.

Nigel said in the call, I want us to be married quite soon April, this day has just clinched it for me, just how important family is, and being together, what do you say?" April said, "I think we can get married soon, after all now, or later, we will be doing it anyway. It was so wonderful this day." Nigel said, "From what you told me, how things went for your real parents, and how you lovingly understood, the lesson here is clear, that no unloving ways ever win. Pastor Paul is coming tomorrow, I wonder April." April said, "Wonder what?" Nigel said, "Here we are in different houses, so much wanting to be together, and marriage is the gate to our one home. So I thought, and I know it's a bit of a rush, but do you think Pastor Paul would marry us tomorrow?" April said, "Tomorrow? By gees, that's not a rush, that's a jet flight!"

Nigel said, "I cannot call Pastor Paul now, it's a bit late." April said, "If I call him, he will talk to me, he told me, any time night, or day, I can get hold of him, if it is important. I suppose thinking about it, with my real parents here, and all the meaning of Christmas, it would be a good time to marry. I just thought that we had to get the meeting over with, before we married, but yes, I think Pastor Paul, would agree to it, but it would not be in the church." Nigel said, "The church would be your parents home, on this occasion."

April called Pastor Paul, and she said, "Hello, Pastor Paul, I know it's late, but would you agree to marry Nigel and I, tomorrow, in my parents home?" Pastor Paul was taken aback, and then said, "I never had that kind of wedding to do before. Tell me first how did it all go?" April told him in great detail, and he was so overjoyed. He said, "I will just have to call an official about this, there are some cases that are allowed. But I must have his permission. I will call you back, and tell you if I can do the wedding tomorrow."

April waited, and waited, and then got up, and walked the floor, and thought, he is taking his time, I bet we cannot do it, would be a shame, considering the-----Then the phone rang. Pastor Paul said, "Oh April, it is good news, I told him all about your family, and the greatest miracles happening in your life, and family, the way it all came together, and he said, on this occasion, I may conduct the wedding. Now I know I am to come at ten o'clock in the morning, what time did you think the wedding should be taking place?" April said, "I think after the Christmas dinner, as Mum will be so happy doing the dinner for us all. Then she will be able to rest some. So what about seven o'clock in the evening? Then we can carry on celebrating the most wonderful birthday of all birthdays." Pastor Paul said, right, then what I will do is, get the paperwork done, I will do it tonight, as I am able to find time." April said, "Oh thank you so much, I will call Nigel now, because he will be up, and waiting as well, bless you, good night."

Pastor Paul thought, how nothing ever has been done this way to his knowledge, or agreed upon, so quickly. So he did his promise, and then went to bed.

Meanwhile, Nigel, picked up the phone, and said, "Bet he said no April." April said, "He had to call someone, I suppose it's the rules, and he got the news, that we can be married tomorrow." Nigel just sounded so pleased, he wanted to jump down the phone, and kiss April. April said, "I have not got a wedding dress Nigel, oh, never mind, it's not about dresses, it's about us. I will find something." Nigel said, "True, I will have to find something too, and guess what?" April said, "Guess what?" Nigel said, "When I bought the engagement ring, I also bought the wedding ring, and the eternity ring, so who is a lucky girl?" April said, "I have not got your ring, oh, I would not be able to buy one before tomorrow." Nigel said, "We can do that later, and just get it blessed."

Christmas day was a light morning, cold, but bright. Snow was falling for the first time, and it just looked so good. April did not tell her parents the surprise, she got her dress that she would change into hanging up, it would have to be in the car without creasing, she hoped. She got all her things ready for it. Nigel was doing the same. Mitchel was dancing around, as he was told in the early morning, and he never shut up since.

Nigel came to pick up April, and just hugged her tightly, and Mitchel said, "Awe, all this lovey stuff, just drive the car, and let's get our Christmas day going. I know it's about "Our Lord Jesus," But I must say, I just want to know what the big parcels are for me."

Nigel laughed, and April said, "Any teenager would feel the same. You will be very pleased." Mitchel said, "Awe c'mon, give me a clue." Nigel said, "No, now you just be quiet for a bit, your mouth must be tired, you have not stopped talking since I told you about the wedding."

When they arrived, Joanne was at the gate, she wanted to greet them with a big hug for each. They went inside, and had coffee. Talk was about the day, and Mitchel was told to keep his mouth shut! Mitchel was beaming, and he just put it to the time they open the presents.

Ten o'clock, right on time, Pastor Paul arrived. He greeted them all, and thanked them for his day, in such a wonderful reunion of family. They had the Christmas breakfast, and still nothing was said. Diane suspected something, because April had her spiritual look about her. Diane felt April had a message for them, but not ready to say so.

The present opening came, and all were seated. Pastor Paul was chosen to give them out. William said, "Before we do this, I want Pastor Paul to have this," Pastor Paul took it in surprise, and said his thanks. The envelope was a flat one. He turned it to open it, and there inside, was a check for the new window, it was smashed by a gang of youths, and the church had a cover over the window. It was a great deal of money to replace the window, and funds did have to go in other places too! He thought he would not be able to have it done till a years time. Pastor Paul said, "Oh what a blessing, thank you so much, but this is so much money, are you sure?" William said, "We have been blessed, so why not the church, and you feeling less strain to get funds to do the job. Besides, there was a gift to be given, by April's idea, she had her money for her education, and it was not all used. Even though you have that check, she has enough to do something with her life.

" April said, "Do you think Mr. and Mrs. Beverly will be able to come tonight?" William said, "What for? They will be having their own Christmas." April said, "They have no children, and probably would be at home on their own." Pastor Paul looked in his book, and gave William the phone number. Just as William was going to call, Pastor Paul said, "We cannot hide this much longer, I know that you Diane, have worked so hard on this celebration of "Our Lord's" Birthday. At seven o'clock, Nigel, and April, will be married right here in the home, only one thing has to be added to that, a church blessing of this wedding will be done in early January. William said, "Wow! Are you serious?" Pastor Paul said, "Said, "Yes, she did tell me, she wished she had a ring for Nigel." William stood there hardly able to talk. He then said, "Wait a minute." Mitchel said, "Oh, why wait, I thought we were going to open the presents." William said, " sure we will, but this really is the best news. Now Nigel, would you be against having a ring my grandfather had? It may fit you." Mitchel said, "Oh the sailor?" William said, "Yes. When he passed away, I had that given to me, and it has stayed in the treasure case for years."

Nigel looked at William, and just bent his head in a humble way, and said, "William, it would be a honor, to wear his ring, and to treasure the family name by having it." So off William went, and called the Beverlys. They were doing very little, and said they would love to come. They were not told why. He got the wedding ring that his grandfather had. And came to the room. He gave it to Nigel to try on. Then he said, "Nigel, that is a present to you from all the family, it has ♱forever♱ written inside it. You see, although my grandfather was at sea, he was a very Christian minded man. When his sea days were over, he did much in the line of the welfare of the needy. So both my grandmother, and he, were very well known." Nigel tried it on, and it fitted like it was made for him, he looked at April, and then Mitchel, who was now just breaking his neck, to get his father to show him the seaman's ring. He took the ring off, and said, "How about you being best man William, as the ring has to be that way before I get it?" That was all agreed upon.

Both Shawn, and Joanne, were sitting with all this happening, and they were so happy to be in this time. Simon, had not much interest in all this, he just went and watched the television, and watched a Christmas play.

Now the present time came really on. Mitchel was so surprised with his train setting, and a table for putting it on. Then he opened the computer. It had more packaging, as it had more parts. His eyes were bigger than saucers, and he said, "Oh boy, I can learn to use this. Lots of the boys in school have one, but I did not, now I can look up all sorts of things, oh thank you so much."

Joanne opened her present, and knew Nigel, and April, gave it to her. She then had her eyes in tears, happy tears. Simon opened his, and he was so pleased, that he took all the cars out, and ran them along the floor!

Everyone had presents, but one did not, or so it was thought. Shawn was not expected, and William told Diane that he had a present given him, the last Christmas, that he never used. So Shawn was given a full tool set. Shawn was so pleased, as he loved to tinker with tools. His were not a full set, and they were cheap ones, not the best.

Once all that was done, the time was moving on. The wedding was the subject for most of the day, and Diane was fine, she had her organized way of doing things.

The table was set, and the seats filled with hungry mouths. Pastor Paul said Grace, and they began to enjoy the banquet that was blessed for them. Diane was a very good cook, and the whole Christmas meal was very tasty.

The smell of the food was very good, the turkey dressed with her bacon rolls around it, the pork crackling, just so crunchy, that it melted in the mouth. The beef was succulent, the duck had the orange sauce, and was rich and juicy. Diane knew that duck can be greasy, but her method of dealing with that was her secret! The roasted potatoes crisp, and soft inside. The sound of the happy voices, made it all so worthwhile. Desserts were brought in on a trolley, and the whole family was well fed.

The washing up was done by all hands, and then they laughed, as they prepared for the wedding. William said, "Where did you intend to hold this April?" April said, "Dad, I thought the conservatory, with all the many plants you have in there, and it has the room as well." William said, "Good choice."

So much going on, and everyone involved. Joanne took flowers from the garden, with Diane, and they made up a bouquet for April. Then Diane called April and said, "April, my wedding dress is still in the wardrobe, it would fit you, and you can be married in white, but say nothing to Nigel." April just hugged both mothers, as they were having so much fun. Joanne and Diane were already good friends. William said, "Nigel, come over here, the girls are busy, but do you think you might like to wear my wedding suit? It's in the wardrobe. But say nothing to April, OK?"

The Beverly's came, and were told about the wedding, they were so pleased to be invited. Diane said, "You both gave of your wealth in money, a good Christian life for April, it's the least we can do, so as we are having a family reunion, you both are our family too! Mr. Beverly said, "We have never had children, because we could not have them, and we so wanted them. Today, you have given us a taste of it, and thank you so much." Mrs. Beverly was smiling, and said she was so happy for such a Christmas day to turn out this way. She said, "We have had our Christmases alone, our families were not close, on either side, and this is a great big present to us."

Simon was playing, and then told to go and wash his hands and face. Mitchel was tinkering with his train set, and had to leave it, for the time being. Joanne said to Shawn, "I just love these people Shawn, they are as I think all could be. I feel as if I am really part of this family." Shawn said, "Yes, I feel the same way, and this reunion, is for all times, in the future too, we will be having get-togethers. I was thinking, what would you feel if we moved to the elms Joanne?" Joanne said, "Oh Shawn, that will keep us all together, and close. Can we afford to?" Shawn said, "I have friends that would move our furniture, we rent anyway, and can rent here."

April heard this, and said, "My cottage will be free, as Nigel and I, have decided to get our own house together. So I will be staying in the house Nigel is in now, until we mortgage a home.

Pastor Paul, due to his devotion, dressed in his robes, for the wedding. He was talking to William, and said, "This is a "Holy Spirit" Wedding, it is a complete clear sign of the truth, and what it can bring."

Upstairs, the ladies were getting April's hair all pretty, and she put on Diane's dress. Joanne just thought how beautiful she looked. The veil went on, and the crown of flowers went on top of it. The bouquet was matching the crown. Nigel was dressed in William's suit, and it was a good fit. The suit was in pale blue, and the shirt was white. He was already downstairs.

The ladies had no music, as the wedding March, so April said, "Put on the hymn singing, that will do as I walk to the conservatory. This is "Our Lord's" Wedding too!"

Silence came for the first time in the day. Seven o'clock came. All were seated around the conservatory. Nigel was standing with William, and Pastor Paul was in front, he asked for a time of prayer, before the bride came. Nigel thought, April will wonder why I am dressed as if it was in a church. Still she looks beautiful, in anything, so he expected her in what she brought with her. The prayer was done, and the hymn came on, and April walked through, Nigel just stared in surprise, she was in all white, and the very bride she was. Joanne had given April her pearl necklace to wear.

Diane and Joanne, were holding each other's hands, and both were so happy. Shawn thought April looked like her mother, and how she once was when younger. Nigel suddenly realized something, he was healed, his empty feeling of Christmas was gone, his grief was gone, he let the pain of losing his first wife go. The very time she dies, was the time he was getting married to April, who must have been sent to him.

Pastor Paul began the wedding. William handed the rings to Pastor Paul, and they were blessed, the marriage vows said, and the oneness was seen, they were one flesh now. Nigel lifted the veil, and kissed April, and said quietly, "We are one."

The rest of the evening was in joy, and William said, "Diane and I, are going to sleep in the caravan, because we wish for the newlyweds, to be here for the rest of this glorious Christmas. As they walked out in the night air, as the house and conservatory were separated, Pastor Paul said, "Look at the top of the star you put on the tree over there."

All stopped. There above them was a bright light, and Mitchel said, "This is coming from "God." I have seen this once before." Nigel said, "Why have you never told me that Mitchel?" Mitchel said, "I told April, she knows about this sort of blessing sent."

The bright light came over all in the garden, and everyone knelt down. It was a sign of completion, and the silent voice was heard by all, as they bowed. "This is my family, in whom I am well pleased. Go in peace."

Pastor Paul said, "Never in all my ministry have I witnessed such a beautiful bright light, it was nothing that earth can produce, by humans. We are all very blessed this day." The bright light faded, and then it shone again, it touched each person, and then went up, and disappeared into the night sky.

They all got up, and there was a peace around them. April laughed as she saw the wedding dress with a few stains on from kneeling down. She said, "I was sent here as a baby, with blind eyes, but I must say this, if all opened their eyes, all would see what I have seen. The heart must be open, for this first, and then the eyes see."

Pastor Paul said, "I know that "Jesus" Calls his children every day, and night. As "Our Heavenly Father" Is omnipresent, nothing is unseen. Nothing is unknown, not one hair can fall without he knows of it. A sparrow would fall, and he knows. His eye is on all mankind. His presence is full. His throne is heaven, the earth his footstool. He knows if any soul will save his creatures, and have compassion for them, in the animal world. All life belongs to "Our Father." I am overcome with his presence in this home today, and this night. Now April, I know what you said to me once, that was, your church goes with you, everywhere you go, because it is the body of "Christ" That the real church is inside us all that believe. Amen to that."

All celebrated the wedding, and the night was drawing in. There was just enough room for all to stay. Pastor Paul left, when it was time to go. The Beverlys left too.

Nigel, and April, went to the adoptive parents' bedroom. April said, "Mum and Dad are sleeping in the caravan, for two nights, so we can stay here as one big family." Nigel said, "April, would you mind if we have our first, and private time, on our own, in our own place." April said, "I was going to suggest that myself, because it is in our own bed we become one."

All were very tired. The day was as full as could be done. Boxing day was to be made another great day. The day after boxing day, was to be helping to clear up the whole home, so that William and Diane had their home back to normal. April laughed, and said, "Normal? There is nothing ever going to be the same. We have a complete family. We have a miracle, and it's to be honored, and treasured." Nigel whispered, "April, from this we can give so many Hope, and it would be so great to see all families complete. I love you."

The End

Martha Brooks

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