Down the Road

Chapter Nineteen

by Melinda Kay Jenkinson

Living Water at the Oasis
Living Water at the Oasis

Down the Road
Chapter Nineteen

Kaye Leigh went into the bedroom, shut the door without bothering to turn on any lights, slipped off her robe, and climbed into bed. She turned onto her side and wondered how much more she was going to have to deal with. Kaye Leigh tried to give into sleep, she was too tired to sit up and cry about her situation.

Jeff came into the room, turned on the light, sat down at the window seat, and watched his wife. Kaye Leigh was curled up under the covers asleep. How was he going to fix this whole mess?

"God please help us." He said.

"There's no help for us Jeff." She said from the bed.

"I thought you were sleeping." He said.

"Sleep doesn't happen much with me lately." She replied.

"Do you want me to sleep somewhere else?" he asked.

"Yes, no, yes." She said. Jeff watched her roll over. He sighed got up, got his stuff, and went to Dan's room. When she heard the door shut, Kaye Leigh gave into the tears she had been holding back.

When she got up the next morning, she was not feeling quite right. She laid in bed a while to see if the feeling would pass. When she felt a little better, she got up, put her robe on, and went downstairs. Becki was the only on in the house.

"Where are Jeff and Jon, out beating each other?" she asked. Becki laughed.

"Out in the stable, how did you know Jon was here already? Are you feeling alright Kaye Leigh?" Becki asked. "You look kind of pale."

"I don't feel right this morning but its nerves I'm sure. I just figured Jon would be here at the crack of dawn to make sure I was alright." She replied.

"He was, he wanted to wake you up I think but Jeff wouldn't let him." Becki said.

"Do you want something to drink?" Becki asked.

"Some tea would be great thanks." She replied. When Becki sat, back down Kaye Leigh looked at her, and said, "What's happening to us?" She wiped a tear that had fallen. Becki looked at her and said

"You're being manipulated by Morgan." Kaye Leigh shook her head.

"How did she get my rings and know things were going on at the house?" she said.

"I've been thinking about that, someone here must have helped her." Becki said. Kaye Leigh laughed.

"Jon and Curtis were the only one's here. Do you really think either of them would do something like this to us?" she asked.

"Who would have access to your room? Alexis was here and so was Justin. I don't believe it was Jeff or Jon, but we should certainly look at the others." Becki said.

Kaye Leigh could not believe she was hearing this.

"So you're thinking either my foreman and a very good friend of ours, or my niece or her boyfriend." She said. Justin is Alexis's boyfriend who moved down here when Jon did, he lives with Curtis. "Why on earth would any of them do it?" she added.

"We'll have to find out." Becki said.

Kaye Leigh was about to say something else when the phone rang, she got up to answer it just looking at Becki.

"Hello?" she said.

"Kaye Leigh, honey it's taken me a while to get your number, I've been waiting for you to call me, but you haven't." Sam said. Kaye Leigh sighed and shut her eyes.

"What do you want Sam?" she asked harshly.

"Hang up on him!" Becki said loudly.

"Tell your friend she should be politer to me, you should be a little nicer to me also. Is that really the way you want to treat the man who is going to save you?" he asked.

"What do you want?" she repeated.

"I want you Kaye Leigh, Jeff wants Morgan, and I want you. You should really accept your fate." He said.

"Really Sam then why was Jeff with me last night after our little run in with Morgan? Why did he come home with me?" she said.

"Maybe he's thinking he can have the both of you. Is that what you want Kaye Leigh, to share your husband? Or would you rather have someone who would love only you?" he asked. Kaye Leigh laughed.

"You're supposed to be the one who loves only me? Whatever. You're forgetting who you're talking too; remember I was the one who you left alone to run around with women like Morgan." She said.

"Kaye Leigh you know that I love you but my patience is running thin. I will be coming to Texas soon to get you, no one will stop me, anyone in my way will be hurt, and one way or another you are coming with me." He said.

"Whatever." She said and hung up.

Jon and Jeff were out in the stable.

"Jon I'm sorry about last night, you've got to believe that I love your sister more than anything and I would never do anything like this to hurt your sister. I can't tell you where I was at, I can only ask that you trust me when I say I wasn't anywhere near Morgan."

Jon looked at him.

"Why can't you tell me?" he asked.

"Everyone will find out later but I can't say right now." Jeff asked.

"You're family Jeff so I am going to give you the benefit of the doubt, but I hope for Kaye Leigh's sake your telling the truth." Jon said.

"I am I promise Jon." He replied.

"What are you two doing out here? Continuing from last night?" Curtis asked when he came in.

"Kaye Leigh wasn't up yet and I figure she doesn't really want to see me when she does wake up anyhow." Jeff said. "I slept in Dan's room last night."

"I came over to make sure Kaye Leigh was ok, but Jeff wouldn't let me wake her up." Jon said.

"Excuse me guys, but where is the boss?" Tim said when he came in.

"She's at the house, what do you need?" Jeff asked.

"I wanted her to ride out with me and check on a couple of the horses." Tim said.

"Maybe we'll ride out later, but not right now." He said.

"Ok just have her find me when she's ready." Tim said. Tim left.

"I don't trust him." Jon said.

"I don't know what to think." Curtis said.

"Let's get up to the house and I'll make some breakfast." Jeff said.

Kaye Leigh was lying down on the couch in the living room watching television with Becki.

"Becki? Kaye Leigh?" Jeff called. Kaye Leigh closed her eyes, dreading this moment.

Becki said "In here." All three of the guys came into the living room.

"Hi Curtis." Kaye Leigh said.

"Are you ok Kaye Leigh?" Jeff asked.

"I'm fine." She said.

Everyone sat down, Kaye Leigh moved so that Jeff and Jon could sit down on the couch.

"Are you sure you're ok sis?" Jon asked.

"We'll if I am under a little stress I think I'm entitled don't you?" she said.

"Well your moods improved." Jon said smiling at her. Becki and Curtis chuckled.

"Guys I want to talk to you about something." Becki said.

"Becki this is absurd, I don't believe that at all." Kaye Leigh said quickly.

"What is it Becki?" Jeff said.

"I was thinking that since I believe that Jeff didn't give Morgan those rings, then someone in the house that night must have helped her." She said. Kaye Leigh shook her head.

"One of us?" Jon said shocked.

"I'm sure you wouldn't hurt your sister." She said.

"But I would or her niece would?" Curtis said hurt.

"I'm not accusing anyone I'm just throwing things out there." She said quickly seeing the hurt on Curtis's face.

"Sounds to me like you're accusing someone." He replied.

"Don't pay any attention to her; I think she's suffering from lack of sleep. There is only one way she got those rings and we all know it was from the person who took them." Kaye Leigh said.

"For the last time I didn't give her those rings." Jeff said.

"You're more likely to have done so than any of the others, especially since you were the only one that left that night and won't say where you went." She said.

"Why is it Kaye Leigh that Becki believes me but my own wife doesn't?" he asked.

"She's more foolish than I am?" she replied sarcastically. Jon laughed.

"I love Kaye Leigh and Jeff just like they are my own family and I would never hurt either of them like this." Curtis said. "I thought you knew me better."

"Curtis I'm sorry, I didn't mean anything by it, and I just really want to help them." Becki said quietly.

"We all do Becki but turning on each other isn't going to solve anything, it's just going to create more problems." Jon said.

"I'm sorry guys." She said.

"We'll forgive you this time because you're so darn cute." Curtis said. Becki blushed and everyone laughed.

"By the way Jeff Sam called." Becki said. Kaye Leigh shut her eyes; she had not planned on mentioning the call to anyone.

"What did he want?" Jeff asked. She could feel everyone looking at her. Kaye Leigh looked at Becki.

"Sorry but you weren't talking." Becki said.

"There was a reason for that." She said.

"What did he want Kaye Leigh?" Jon said.

"He wants me to be with him, he said he's coming to Texas and that his patience is running thin." She said.

"I won't let him hurt you Kaye Leigh." Jeff said.

"I'm not worried about him." She said. "Really guys, I'm not worried." She added when they all stared at her.

"Tim wants you to ride with him to check out some horses." Jeff said.

"Can't you go Curtis?" she said.

"Of course I can, but he asked for you." Curtis replied.

"Just tell him I don't feel like riding today." She said.

"Are you ok? You've never turned down riding." Jon said. Jeff, Curtis, and Becki all nodded in agreement.

"I'm just a little tired right now other than that I am fine." She said, figuring if she kept saying she was fine eventually she would be. Jeff had a feeling she was trying to hid something. "Aren't you going to work? You didn't go in yesterday either." She said to him.

"I think working out our problem is a little more important right now." He said.

"I'm going for a walk." She said getting up to go change.

When she came back down, Jeff asked, "Do you want some company?"

"Not yours would you like to come Becki?" she replied.

"Sure." Becki said looking a Jeff apologetically.

They went out the door and heard Curtis say, "She's such a pleasant girl."

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