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by Melinda Kay Jenkinson

Chapter Thirty


Chapter Thirty

by Melinda Kay Jenkinson

Jeff went to get some coffee while Kaye Leigh was still sleeping; the doctor had been in and said when she wakes up if her exam goes well and she’s feeling ok she would be able to go home.

“Hi Jon.” He said when he walked into the cafeteria and saw him sitting there.

“Hi, how’s Kaye Leigh?” Jon asked.

“She’s still sleeping.” Jeff said. He took a sip of coffee. “The nurse was in a couple of times to wake her up and check her vitals, she wasn’t happy and the last time told the nurse to get out of her room.” Jon laughed.

“That sounds like her, never wake her up.” Jon said. “Curtis is on his way, if she isn’t released then he’s going to stay here.”

“The doctor said if she feels good and her exam is ok then she can go home.” Jeff said.

When they got back to the room, Kaye Leigh was awake and the police were interviewing her so they had to wait in the hall.

“Thank you for your time Mrs. Rutherford.” An officer said when they opened the door.

“Call me Kaye Leigh please.” She said.

“You rest and get better.” He told. “Thanks.” She replied.

“Good morning beautiful.” Jeff said kissing her.

“Morning guys.” She said. “The doctor said I am good to go as soon as I eat all my breakfast.”

“So let’s get her fed.” Jon said.

“I’m going to see Tim first.” She said.

“I’ll come with you.” Jeff said.

“No, I want to go by myself this time.” She said getting up; she had to hold her side so she could move.

“If that’s what you want.” Jeff said.

“Thank you.” She replied. They took her IV out so she was able to walk down to Tim’s room, but it was a slow walk.

Tim was awake and sitting up when she went in, she noticed that one of his arms were handcuffed to the bedrail.

“Kaye Leigh.” He said smiling.

“Good morning Tim, how are you?” she asked.

“Better today, still sore they say a couple more days here then I’ll be off to jail. How about you?” He replied.

“I’m sore, broken ribs don’t heal too fast. It hurts to move, breath deep, or laugh. My lip will bleed again if I laugh or smile.” She said. “I’m going to see what I can do to help you Tim.”

“I don’t deserve your help Kaye Leigh. But thank you, Jon was here last night and is offering to help me too.” He replied

“Jon should be able to help. You don’t deserve to spend your life in jail for one mistake; if that was the case we would all be in jail.” She told him.

“If I ever get out I would really love to work for you again, I know that it would be asking a lot to trust me.” He said quietly.

“You never know Tim, but I don’t think I will own Silver Creek anymore.” She told him.

“Why?” he asked shocked.

“I’m leaving Texas.” She replied.

“You and Jeff are leaving because of this?” Tim asked.

“No I am leaving Jeff, and Texas.” She said wiping her eyes.

“He didn’t have an affair right?” he asked shocked.

“No he didn’t he’s a great man, but Morgan won, she destroyed my world and it will never be the same. Jeff deserves someone who always believes in him.” She said.

“Kaye Leigh you love him, don’t let Morgan do this to you.” He pleaded with her.

“I’ll talk to you again soon; I need to go eat breakfast if I want to get out of here.” She said getting up.

“Take care of yourself Tim.” She gave him a hug.

“You too Kaye Leigh and I hope you reconsider leaving.” He said sadly.

When Kaye Leigh got back to her room, her breakfast tray was just being delivered. She sat down and took the lid off the plate.

“Great hospital food makes me hungry just looking at it.” She said pushing the food around her plate.

“If you eat the toast and drink the milk then we will stop on the way home for something better.” Jon said. Jeff laughed.

“How is Tim today?” Jeff asked.

“Better, he will be here a couple of more days and then they will take him to jail. Thanks Jon for offering to help him.” She said.

“You’re welcome, he did help you after all, and made sure you didn’t get shot.” Jon said. The doctor came in with her release instructions and told her to get to an OB doctor soon. She signed the forms and then the nurse insisted she ride in the wheelchair to the lobby.

Curtis and Becki were waiting in the lobby for them. Becki looked at Kaye Leigh and started crying.

“It’s great to see you too.” Kaye Leigh said. Curtis gave her a hug; she winced when he squeezed a little too hard.

“How are you feeling?” he asked.

“Great.” She replied.

“Whatever you can’t fool us Kaye Leigh.” Becki said hugging her.

“Let’s get out of here.” Jon said.

Jeff opened the door of the truck and helped Kaye Leigh into the back. He climbed in after her, while the other three rode up front. Kaye Leigh didn’t talk much just looked out the window and was thinking about how she was going to get out of Texas with the kids without a confrontation with Jeff or anyone else. She looked over at Jeff; he deserved so much more than her; she was a fool to ever believe that she would be good enough for him.

“Are you ok?” Jeff asked.

“Yeah, I’ m fine.” She said trying to smile.

“Hey sis tell us the whole story.” Jon said. Kaye Leigh started from the time she heard the commotion in the yard and talked until she told them about the cops coming into the restaurant. She left out the part when she realized just how stupid she was, she did not want them to suspect anything.

“Kaye Leigh you could have gotten yourself killed! Morgan isn’t stable.” Jon said.

“I was angry and beyond caring, I believed her whole story.” She said.

“Don’t hate yourself or beat yourself up boss, anyone would have believed those pictures.” Curtis said. She shook her head.

“You guys didn’t, even Becki had more faith in Jeff that I did.” She said sadly.

“Kaye Leigh you have a great marriage, a good husband who loves you unconditionally. He doesn’t blame you anymore than anyone else does.” Becki said firmly.

“That’s right.” Jon said. Kaye Leigh looked out the window again and wiped tears away.

They stopped about half way home for lunch.

“Afternoon what can I get for you?” a young man said when they sat down. Everyone ordered and started telling Kaye Leigh that she needed to eat something.

“I need to use the restroom.” She told them.

“She’s going to run.” Becki said.

“No she won’t she’s angry at herself but she will be fine when she realizes that no one blames her.” Curtis said. “She’s a lot tougher than that.” Becki was not so sure; Kaye Leigh was withdrawn from everyone.

When they got back on the road Kaye Leigh leaned against the window, she was still tired; closing her eyes, she fell asleep. Jeff noticed she was asleep so he gently pulled her so that she could lean against him. He knew that she was angry with herself and he was going to do whatever it took to make sure she realized that it is ok, and that everyone makes mistakes.

“Kaye Leigh we’re home.” Jon said. Kaye Leigh opened her eyes and sat up.

“We have a couple of surprises for you.” Jeff said. He helped her out of the truck.

“I’m fine Jeff really I don’t need help all the time.” She said.

“I know, but I want to help you.” He replied.

Kaye Leigh looked up at the house; on the porch were her parent’s, Jeff’s parents, along with Miranda and her kids, and Rich and Brook. She stopped, starred at them, and then started to cry again. Amanda, Anna, Miranda, Alexis, Brooke, and Becki were all crying.

“We’re so glad you’re home and safe Kaye Leigh.” Anna said as they all came down the stairs.

“We love you honey.” Her mom said hugging her.

“I love you guys too.” She replied. Her dad pulled her into a big hug.

“I am so glad to see you Kaye Leigh, I love you.” He said.

“I love you too dad.” She said.

“Let’s go inside so she can sit down.” Jeff said.

“I need to get cleaned up.” She said and went straight upstairs. Jeff watched her go. “I’ll be back down in a few minutes.” He told everyone. When he got up there Kaye Leigh was looking at the bed.

“The one that you picked out was a little small.” He said as he came up behind her. She smiled at him. “Get cleaned up and come down, everyone wants to see you and we can tell them our news together.” He told her.

“Not yet Jeff, I don’t want to tell anyone yet.” She said quickly.

“Why?” he asked.

“I just need to wait a while. Is that ok?” she said looking at him.

“Sure if that’s what you want. Just hurry back down ok?” he said hugging her.

“Thank you Jeff.” She replied.

“How is she doing really?” Amanda asked when he got back down.

“Physically she has two broken ribs, a concussion and some bruises and cuts. Emotionally she is very angry with herself right now for not believing me.” He said. “I think that she is thinking she doesn’t deserve me.”

“We need to make sure she doesn’t decide to run.” Jon said.

“I’m going to have Pastor Mark come out in a couple of days to see her.” Jeff said.

“That’s a good idea and we all need to reinforce the point that she’s human and she made a mistake.” Anna said.

“We’ve seen the pictures and anyone of us would have believed them.” Adam said.

“That’s true.” Brent and Rich said together.

Kaye Leigh came down about an hour later, she had cried so her eyes were red. She had her hair up in a ponytail and jeans and a shirt on. She went into the living room where everyone gathered. Kaye Leigh went to sit down and as she walked past Jeff, he pulled her into his lap.

“You can sit here.” He said.

“I really would rather sit next to you not on your lap Jeff.” She said quickly. He let her slide off her lap but did not let go of her hand.

“When did you guys get here?” she asked.

“We came as soon as we could after Jon called us.” Brent said.

“We came after Jeff and Becki called.” Adam said.

“I came in yesterday morning.” Rich said.

“Thank you very much for being here for Jeff.” She said.

“We’re here for both of you.” Rich said.

“We wouldn’t be any other place.” Adam said. Tears were filling her eyes again.

“I don’t think I am ever going to stop crying.” She said smiling at everyone. Jeff hugged her.

“You’ve just been through a very stressful time Kaye Leigh you’ll be ok.” Anna said.

Anna, Amanda, Miranda, and Becki started getting dinner ready.

“We’re going to cook out tonight.” Brent said.

“Great.” The kids yelled.

“You really need to eat tonight Kaye Leigh.” Jon said. She smiled at him. Jeff came up beside her and took her hand in his. Becki brought her a glass of tea.

“Thanks.” She said.

“Want to talk?” Becki asked.

“No, not really.” She replied. She walked over to the railing, leaned against it, and watched her family and friends, praying that God would help her to let them all go.

Kaye Leigh quietly went out to the stable, Jeff watched her go and decided to give her a few minutes, and then he would join her.

She went to Skye’s stall, held out a carrot she had brought with her and said “Skye, how have you been? I have to let you both go, he deserves so much more.” Tears were falling again.

“Not thinking of running are you Kaye Leigh?” Becki said. Kaye Leigh jumped.

“I’m sorry; I didn’t mean to startle you.” Becki added quickly.

“I just didn’t hear you.” She said.

“So are you planning on running?” Becki asked again.

“I’m not planning anything Becki.” She said.

“Why do I get the feeling you’re not being exactly honest?” Becki said suspiciously.

“Just drop it Becki.” She said.

“I’m not going to let you run away.” Becki told her.

“You’re going to just drop it and not say anything to anyone what you think I may or may not be doing or you can leave Becki, and I am very serious.” Kaye Leigh said looking at her.

“I might have to leave but don’t expect me not to say anything Kaye Leigh, you know me better than that.” Becki said.

“What’s going on?” Jeff asked when he came in. He looked between the two of them.

“Nothing we were just having a discussion.” Kaye Leigh said turning back towards Skye.

“Kaye Leigh is planning on running.” Becki said.

“Becki shut up, you don’t know what you’re talking about.” She yelled.

“No, I told you that I will go but I wouldn’t go quietly.” Becki said.

“What is she talking about Kaye Leigh?” Jeff asked.

“Nothing.” She replied.

“She said that she had to let you and Skye go, that you deserved more.” Becki said.

“Get out of here Becki.” She yelled.

“Just go up to the house so I can talk to Kaye Leigh.” He said watching her.

“Get off my property Becki.” She said.

Becki turned and left.

“I deserve you Kaye Leigh and no one else. I want to spend the rest of my life loving you.” He said quietly, putting his arms around her. “Please stop blaming yourself and please don’t think of leaving me. It’s over and done Kaye Leigh I love you so much.”

“It’s not over and done Jeff, everyone else believed you and trusted you, not your wife.” She said sadly. Jeff turned her around lifted her chin so she was looking at him.

“It’s done Kaye Leigh, I’ve forgiven you for any doubts that you had, and seeing those pictures anyone would have believed them. I love you Kaye Leigh and I’m not letting you go ever.” He said and kissed her. “Now let’s get up to the house and feed this baby of ours.” He took her hand and led her out of the stable.

Curtis sat a plate down in front of Kaye Leigh that was loaded with food.

“You really don’t think I’m going to eat this much do you?” she asked.

“Yes you are.” He replied sitting down next to her.

“It’s not going to happen.” She said just looking at it.

“Just try to eat Kaye Leigh please.” Jeff whispered.

Becki had come over and sat down next to Curtis, Kaye Leigh ignored her.

“Don’t be mad at her she’s just trying to help.” Jeff said.

“I don’t need hers or anyone else’s help.” She replied. Jeff just shook his head.

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