Down the Road

Chapter Thirty-Eight

by Melinda Kay Jenkinson

Living Water at the Oasis
Living Water at the Oasis

Down the Road
Chapter Thirty-Eight

They got back to Texas Saturday afternoon.

"It is so great to be back home." Josh said running up to his room.

"It is very nice to be back here." Kaye Leigh agreed.

They had been home about ten minutes when Jon came through the door.

"Where is she?" He asked. Everyone pointed to the living room.

"Just be careful with her." Jeff said. Jon nodded and headed into the living room.

"What do you think you're doing Kaye Leigh? Running all over the country pregnant!" Jon said when he seen her.

"It's nice to see you too Jon, I am doing really well thank you so much for asking." She said smiling at him. She stood up to hug him.

"You've gotten huge." He said looking at her.

"Thanks, you know how to make a person feel good." She said laughing and hugging him.

"It's great to see you sis." He said hugging her back. "You had everyone worried."

"I'm sorry Jon. I did what I thought was right, but it was not. Can you believe I was wrong?!" she said laughing. Jon laughed.

"No not you Kaye Leigh what is this world coming to?" he said. Jeff, Curtis, and Becki all laughed.

Kaye Leigh turned around to see them.

"He's really yelling at me." She said. "You might want to cover your ears."

"You've got him wrapped around your finger Kaye Leigh, he will never yell at you." Jeff said.

"Oh yes he will if I get him really mad he would yell." She said.

"That's right." Jon said.

"So what did you do while you were gone?" Jon asked.

"Cried most of the time." Josh said laughing.

"Ok get over the crying thing." She said laughing. "I haven't cried in almost twenty four hours."

"World record." Dan said. Jeff and Jon laughed.

"I cried, I tried to sleep, I tried to eat, and I tried to write." She said.

"And, how did that work out for you?" Jon asked. Kaye Leigh laughed.

"Not so much." She replied.

Jon shook his head.

"You are so silly sis. Sometimes I worry about you when you try to think." He said.

"I know, she's isn't really very good at thinking about stressful situations." Jeff said.

"True, but she is very good at running." Curtis said.

"Yes she is, but she said she is not going to be away from me again, so my days of trying to see all of the states is over I guess." Jeff said. Everyone laughed.

"Well you know Jeff if it's really that exciting to you, I can go to each one." Kaye Leigh said.

"No thanks, I like you right here in Texas." He said quickly.

"Anyone want something to drink?" she asked.

"Let me get it for you." Becki said.

"You guys are going to make me lazy and spoiled so I won't want to do anything after the baby is born." She said.

"Ok, then go make us something to eat." Jon said. "I want a seven course meal."

Kaye Leigh laughed.

"That's not going to happen whether I am pregnant or not." She replied. "I will cook you dinner though."

"No thanks, I really need to get home, but I wanted to see you." He said. He got up and hugged his sister.

"Next time you try to think run it pass someone to make sure it's right ok?" he said. "Love you sis."

"I love you too Jon." She said hugging him.

After Jon, left Kaye Leigh picked up the phone and dialed Pastor Mark's number.

"Hello?" he answered.

"Hi Pastor Mark, its Kaye Leigh." She said.

"Kaye Leigh it's so nice to hear from you, how are you doing?" he asked.

"I am doing better thank you for asking. I was wondering if we could get together Monday night. You, Jeff and I." she asked.

"I take it you are back in Texas now?" he said.

"Yes, we got back today." She told him.

"Of course we can meet Monday night, do you want to do it at the church or at your house?" he asked.

"Let's do it at the church." She replied.

"Ok I will put you down. I hope to see you in church tomorrow." He said.

"I think you will. Thank you Pastor Mark." She said and hung up.

"So you're going to see Pastor Mark huh?" Jeff said.

"We're going." She replied. "I hope you don't mind but I want you there for some of it."

"Of course I don't mind." He said.

"I really need to go lay down for a while." Kaye Leigh said. "I'll see everyone in a while."

Kaye Leigh went up to their room. She was so glad that she was back; she went into the bathroom and changed. When she came back out Jeff was in the room.

"Hi there." She said smiling at him. "Are you going to lay down with me?" She pulled back the covers on her side of the bed and got into it.

"If you want me to I can." He said.

"I would love for you to." She told him. He got undressed and laid down next to her.

"So if this isn't what you came up here for, what is on your mind?" she asked.

"I was wondering about me going to talk to the pastor with you?" he said.

"You don't want to go with me?" she said.

"No it's not that I am wondering why you want me to go?" he replied.

Kaye Leigh sat up and looked at him.

"Are you thinking that I am going to get you there and tell you I don't love you or something?" she said.

"I don't know what you're going to do Kaye Leigh." He said. Kaye Leigh smiled at him.

"Jeff, I love you, I always have loved you, and I will never stop loving you." She said leaning down to kiss him. "You are my life." She said against his lips. He wrapped his arms around her. "Please don't ever doubt that." She said. He laid her back down and kissed her deeply.

"I love you so much Kaye Leigh." He said.

A while later Kaye Leigh fell asleep and Jeff held her. He knew she loved him, there was no doubt. After he was sure she was asleep, he got up, got dressed and went back downstairs. He did not want to disturb Kaye Leigh and he was not tired enough to sleep.

"Everything ok Jeff, you look kind of worried." Curtis said.

"Just wondering why Kaye Leigh wants me to go with her to talk to Pastor Mark, that's all." He replied.

"Because she wants you to know what's going on?" Curtis suggested.

"That would be a first." He said laughing.

Jeff had made dinner, when it was ready; he went to get Kaye Leigh up. He opened the bedroom door and found her sitting at the window seat staring outside.

"You're up." He said. Kaye Leigh looked at him.

"I have been for a while." She replied smiling.

"Dinner's ready." He told her.

"I would have made something." She said getting up.

"I know you would have, but I do know how to cook." He said.

Kaye Leigh hugged him.

"What were you thinking about?" he asked.

"Everything that has happened." She said. "Do you realize how lucky I am to have you for my husband? Not everyone would have followed me to Texas, then to North Carolina. They would have given up a long time ago."

"Like I've said before I don't plan on giving you up ever. You are stuck with me forever." He said smiling at her.

"You're stuck with me." She told him.

They went down stairs where everyone was waiting for them.

"About time you guys came down, we're hungry here." Dan said.

"I think we should go back upstairs for another ten minutes or so Jeff, what do you think?" she said. Jeff laughed.

"I think you need to eat." He said.

"You take all the fun out of tormenting the kids." She said laughing. She kissed Dan on his head.

Jeff said prayers and they served themselves.

"So have you thought of any names yet?" Kaye Leigh asked Jeff.

"No not really." He said.

"It's only two names Jeff." Curtis said.

"No she wants two for each so she can see which one fits." Jeff explained.

"A name can fit?" Curtis asked.

"Yes." Becki and Kaye Leigh said together.

"You can clearly pick the wrong name for a child. I had Rachel picked out for Grace, but when I looked at her I knew she wasn't a Rachel, I just had an overwhelming sense of Grace, so that is how she got her name." Kaye Leigh said.

"You put way too much into that mom." Josh said. Jeff laughed.

"Really, just be thankful I didn't name you the first thing Sam wanted to." She said seriously.

"Why what was that?" Jeff asked curiously.

"Samuel Thomas Jr." she told him.

"Ok you can put as much thought into it as you want." Josh said. Jeff laughed again.

"I'm just glad you changed our names back to your maiden name." Josh said.

"Me too." Grace said.

"So am I." Kaye Leigh said. "I am also glad that you have a wonderful father now." She smiled at Jeff.

"Yeah he is an awesome dad." Josh said. Jeff smiled.

"That's because I have an awesome family." He replied.

"Yes you do." Curtis agreed.

"Ok guys if we keep this up I am going to be crying again." Kaye Leigh said.

"That's different how?" Josh said laughing.

When they finished dinner, Kaye Leigh and Becki cleaned up the kitchen and did the dishes. Then they sat out on the swing and talked until everyone decided it was time for bed.

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