Down the Road

Chapter Twenty-Seven

by Melinda Kay Jenkinson

Living Water at the Oasis
Living Water at the Oasis

Down the Road
Chapter Twenty-Seven

It was after ten that evening when they stopped, they were in New Mexico, but Kaye Leigh was sure what town. She felt her panic rise when she had seen the sign welcoming them to New Mexico. Sam found a small town with a cheap hotel.

He had gotten two rooms and told her that she would be staying in one with Tim. When Sam took her into the room he grabbed her and kissed her, she pulled away from him and he laughed.

"You'll get use to it." He said. "I'm going to untie you and you can use the bathroom, keep the door open, and talk." He untied her hands, her shoulders ached, and she wanted to scream from the pain. "A little sore huh? I could rub your shoulders." Sam said smiling.

"No thanks." She replied as she walked to the bathroom. When she finished they tied her to a chair in the room.

"Tim and I are going to get some food, you behave Morgan." Sam said as they left.

When they got outside Tim said, "We're not really going to hurt the baby are we?" Sam shook his head.

"No, murder isn't in my agenda. She will have the baby and then we will give it away. We'll send note to Jeff explaining that the baby was lost along the way though." He said.

"Good, I didn't want to be a part of killing anyone." Tim said.

"She's gotten to you too hasn't she?" Sam said laughing.

"What do you mean?" Tim asked.

"You've fallen for her just like every other guy does, but remember she is going to be mine." He said seriously.

"I like Kaye Leigh, I think she is a special person, but I have no other interest in her." Tim replied.

Morgan sat down on the bed and glared at her.

"What did I ever do to you Morgan?" Kaye Leigh asked. Morgan got up and walked over to her.

"What did you do to me? You stole everything that I've ever had." Morgan yelled.

"What are you talking about?" she replied.

"Sam is consumed with you, even you can see that. Do you know what it is like Kaye Leigh to have your husband in love with someone else? Do you know what it's like to constantly be reminded that you aren't as perfect as the other woman?" Morgan hissed. "He never let you go no matter what you said or did to him. I lost him, my job, friends, all because of you, and now I see you've taken Tim too." Morgan slapped her.

"I have never taken anything from you!" Kaye Leigh yelled. Her face was burning.

"You've taken my husband from me." Morgan slapped her again. Kaye Leigh was fighting hard not to give into the tears. Morgan laughed.

"You pushed your husband away on your own; I just got the ball rolling." Morgan said still laughing.

"We're you and Jeff having an affair?" she asked feeling sick.

"I'm afraid not, of course I wouldn't have minded, he's a very handsome man, much too good for someone like you!" Morgan said smiling.

Kaye Leigh was sure she was going to be sick, her head was spinning, and her stomach was turning. Jeff had been telling her the truth all along. Morgan was right she did not deserve someone as great as Jeff. Morgan was laughing and it was making her head pound.

"Where are you taking me?" she asked.

"To Colorado up into the mountains, where you and Sam will live happily ever after; well at least Sam will be happy. I certainly hope that you will be miserable until the day you die." She said laughing again. Sam and Tim came back with the food.

Tim started handing it out.

"Kaye Leigh you need to eat something." Tim said putting some food in front of her.

"I'm not hungry." She replied.

"Please eat something." He said to her.

"No!" she yelled glaring at him.

"You will eat something Kaye Leigh; you can't go getting sick on me when we're just starting over." Sam said running a finger over her cheek where Morgan slapped her. Kaye Leigh turned her head away. He laughed and whispered "Soon Kaye Leigh you will be begging for me to touch you."

"Have you been apart of this from the beginning Tim?" Kaye Leigh asked.

"Yes, I was a part of it before I was hired at Silver Creek." Tim replied.

"I however wasn't in it from the beginning." Sam said. "I realized that you were being set up that night in Denver. I knew that Morgan hated you and I knew that she wanted to destroy you, however I really didn't think she had it in her though." Morgan smiled at him.

"You don't know what I am capable of Sam." She said.

"So why are you two doing this?" Kaye Leigh asked.

"I was paid some good money." Tim said.

"I couldn't pass up a chance to get you back Kaye Leigh, I know that this wasn't the perfect way to do it but I know with time you will be mine again." Sam said. Kaye Leigh laughed this time.

"You're a fool Sam, do you really think that I will ever love you?" she hissed. Sam grabbed her hair, pulled her head back, and kissed her.

"Yes Kaye Leigh I know you will love me again." He said.

"You're fooling yourself Sam. Tim, you used my family and me after we gave you a job to get Morgan. Were you the one who gave her my rings? How did you get in?" she asked.

"Morgan was what I wanted at first. Once I got to know you a little then I got to thinking that if you did not have a husband then maybe something could happen between us. I have been in your house many times Kaye Leigh, I love to watch you sleep, you are so peaceful. I never wanted to hurt you though." Tim said.

A chill went up Kaye Leigh's spine; he had been in her house watching her sleeping. She tried to keep her fear from showing.

"You didn't want to hurt me Tim? What do you think you're doing now?" she yelled.

"You need to eat Kaye Leigh." He said. She shook her head.

"Tim will be staying with you until we get to Colorado." Morgan said. Morgan smiled at him. "It's what you want isn't it Tim?" She kissed him.

"Morgan knock it off." Sam said.

"Do you think Kaye Leigh wants a turn?" Morgan said laughing.

"Stop it." Tim said.

Morgan grabbed her hair and pulled her head up as Sam had done.

"Do you see Kaye Leigh?" she hissed. "Do you see how you have these two tangled in your web? Look at them! See how they are longing for you! What makes you better than me Kaye Leigh? The only difference is you're younger."

Kaye Leigh was furious with them, she was sick of them playing with her, and she was furious at herself; she was beyond caring what happened to her anymore. She looked up at Morgan and glared at her.

"Do you really want to know what makes me better Morgan?" She hissed. "Look as us, I'm not trailer trash!" Morgan made a fist and hit her. Kaye Leigh laughed as blood fell from her lip.

"Does the truth hurt Morgan? I imagine when you're not use to it, it would." She said. Morgan hit her again and Kaye Leigh laughed harder. Morgan hit her again this time knocking the chair over, and then she started kicking her.

"Stop it Morgan!" Sam and Tim yelled grabbing her. Kaye Leigh was still laughing.

It was around eleven when two cars pulled into the driveway of the ranch. Both sets of parents had arrived. Jon met them out on the porch.

"Have you heard anything?" Brent asked.

"Nothing." Jon said. Everyone's eyes were red.

"She'll be home soon and safe." Amanda said.

"Where's Jeff?" Adam asked.

"He's upstairs, he's wanted to be alone. He's very upset obviously, he blames himself for this." Curtis said.

"Let's go inside." Anna said.

Pastor Mark had called the owner of the furniture store and explained what happened and wondered if some of the people from the church who volunteered could deliver the things Kaye Leigh had ordered today. Therefore, their house was full of new furniture. Jeff had laughed when he saw the bed she had ordered for their room, and they figured it was a mistake so the owner had him pick out another set.

"I'll go let Jeff know you're all here." Becki said. "By the way Mr. and Mrs. Rutherford I'm Becki."

"It's very nice to meet me you Becki." They replied smiling. Becki went upstairs. She knocked on the bedroom door.

"Come in." Jeff said. "Do you need anything Jeff?" she asked.

"Kaye Leigh home safe and in my arms." He said his voice cracking. Becki hugged him.

"The parents are downstairs." She told him. He nodded and stood up. "She's going to be just fine Jeff. Kaye Leigh is a fighter." She said.

"That she is." Jeff said with a smile.

When Jeff walked into the living room, everyone was there to give him hugs and word of encouragement.

"We've just got to keep praying." Anna said.

"Did you call Rich?" Jon asked.

"Yes, he's going to be here in the morning, and we're to call if anything comes up." Amanda said. "Julie wants to come but she needs to stay home in case her mom needs her."

"How is her mom?" Jeff asked trying to not think about Kaye Leigh.

"Better but Julie wants to be near." Amanda said. "I think Brooke might come with Rich."

They sat down and talked for about an hour then Jon said that everyone needed to get some sleep.

"Do you want me to say anything to the kids?" Jon asked.

"No, they are going to friends houses until this is over. As far as they should know mom is on a trip for work." Jeff said. Jon nodded. Becki showed everyone where he or she would be sleeping.

"You try to get some sleep Jeff." Becki said.

"I will." He replied.

Jeff shut the door, turned the light off, got undressed and into bed.

"I love you Kaye Leigh." He said letting the tears come again. He prayed repeatedly that she would be found soon and safe and that their baby would be protected.

"Get out of here Morgan." Sam said.

"Why can't your precious Kaye Leigh handle a little beating?" Morgan yelled. Kaye Leigh laughed again. Tim had helped her up.

"Obviously you were the one who couldn't handle it Morgan." She said laughing harder still. Sam looked at her. Morgan went to hit her again but Sam grabbed her arm and pushed her towards the door.

"Take care of her." Sam told Tim.

Tim went into the bathroom and got a wash clothe wet with warm soapy water. He gently washed the cuts on her face. Her lip was swollen, and cut. She had a welt on her check and a cut, her right eye was swollen shut and there was a cut above it.

"Kaye Leigh please don't provoke Morgan, I don't think she's too stable." He whispered.

"You're just now realizing this?" she said sarcastically.

"Kaye Leigh please." He said.

In the other room, Sam was yelling at Morgan to control her temper.

"Can't you handle your perfect Kaye Leigh getting slapped around?" She said.

"What do you want from me Morgan?" he asked.

"Everything that you wouldn't give me." She said. She wrapped her arms around him and began to kiss him.

"This won't change the fact that I love Kaye Leigh." He said.

"I didn't think it would." She said kissing him again.

Kaye Leigh refused to be tied to Tim so she could sleep. Tired of her stubbornness Tim left her tied to the chair. Kaye Leigh cried after he turned the light off. She bowed her head and prayed for the first time in a long time.

"Lord please forgive me I have been such a fool. I know that You would never cause such pain, but I blamed You and turned my back on You. I got angry with You and refused to believe that Jeff was telling me the truth. You tried to talk to me and I ignored You and did things my own way. I am so sorry Lord and I ask for Your forgiveness even though I am not worthy. Please Lord give Jeff peace and comfort. Amen." Looking out into the darkness she whispered, "I love you Jeff, I always will, I am so sorry, and you deserve so much more." She continued to cry, and Tim laid there listening to her.

"I can't wait to get Kaye Leigh to Colorado." Sam said.

"You know that Tim wants her too." Morgan said smiling.

"We've talked about it, he knows his place." He replied. "I thought you were interested in Jeff?"

"Oh I plan on getting Jeff don't you worry about me Sam." She said smiling. He laughed.

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