Down the Road

Chapter Twenty-Six

by Melinda Kay Jenkinson

Down the Road
Chapter Twenty-Six

Jeff was watching Kaye Leigh; finally, he leaned over and kissed him.

"Good morning honey." He said smiling at her. Kaye Leigh opened her eyes.

"Good morning." She said smiling up at him. "I love you Jeff."

"I love you too Kaye Leigh, are you ok this morning?" he asked.

"I feel a little queasy but I think I'm going to be ok." She said.

"Are you coming to church?" he asked.

"No." she said firmly. Jeff looked at her and shook his head.

"You can't keep blaming God Kaye Leigh." He said.

"He could have prevented all of this." She said.

"I'm going to take a shower." He told her.

"Want some company?" she asked smiling at him.

"Sure." He said laughing.

Becki and Jeff had gone to church; Kaye Leigh had gotten dressed, straightened up his apartment, and then headed over to the ranch. She did not know what she was going to do without Jeff, but she knew that she would never love another man.

Kaye Leigh had left a note for Jeff telling him that she went over to the ranch to vacuum, mop and whatever else needed to be done before the furniture got there. When she got to the ranch some of the guys were working in the yard and around the stable, she waved to them and went inside.

"Kaye Leigh didn't want to come today?" Jon asked.

"Nope, she's still angry." Jeff said.

"Are you really going to sign those divorce papers Jeff?" Jon asked.

"Jon, I don't know what I am going to do, Kaye Leigh definitely loves me, but she doesn't trust me." He said shaking his head.

"I think she does trust you, but I think she wants to keep telling herself that she doesn't so she doesn't get hurt again. I know my sister and she's never been happier than when the two of you are together." Jon said.

"Excuse me, Jeff could I see you after the service?" Pastor Mark asked.

"Yes, of course." He replied.

Kaye Leigh had just finished vacuuming when she heard yelling outside. She went out to see what was going on. In the driveway were Morgan, Sam, and Tim all pointing guns at the men that were working.

"No one move." Sam said. "Kaye Leigh it's so great to see you again."

"What are you doing Sam? Are you crazy?" she said shocked.

"I told you I was coming to get you and here I am. I was going to take you from your husbands' apartment, but you made it much easier by coming out here. Thank you for that." He said. Morgan was laughing.

"It's so nice to see you again Kaye Leigh." Morgan said.

"It's time for you and me to take a trip into the mountains." Sam said smiling.

"You're not serious." She said.

"Oh I am very serious." He said.

"Tie her hands up Tim." A couple of the guys moved to protect Kaye Leigh.

"Don't guys, I'll be fine." She said.

"Good thinking Kaye Leigh, we wouldn't want to have to shoot anyone." Sam said.

Tim pulled Kaye Leigh's arms behind her and tied them together.

"Please don't do this!" she tried to plead with them.

"Well Kaye Leigh your not so perfect after all are you?" Morgan said laughing as she walked up to her. "Your marriage is over because your loving husband is having an affair with me." Morgan slapped her. Kaye Leigh's head jerked and her face stung, but she refused to cry it was what Morgan wanted. "Your perfect world has come crashing down around you." She said laughing.

"Let's get going Morgan." Sam said.

"You're not taking her!" Some of the guys yelled.

"Just leave it alone I told you I will be fine." Kaye Leigh said. Morgan fired her gun at one of the guys and hit him in the leg. Kaye Leigh screamed.

"The next one will die." She said.

"No one move, take care of Jack after we're gone, make sure he gets the medical attention he needs." Kaye Leigh said. She tried to keep her voice steady but she was scared and was having a hard time hiding it.

Tim led her to their car and put her in the back seat. He climbed in next to her and the other two got into the front.

"If anyone follows us she will be killed." Morgan yelled out the window to the men. She looked back at Kaye Leigh. "Are you going to cry now Kaye Leigh? Are you afraid?" she said laughing. "We need to get rid of the baby soon."

Pastor Mark met Jeff in his office.

"Have a seat please." He said. "I've been wondering if something is wrong between you and Kaye Leigh. I've noticed that she hasn't been to church in a few weeks, and I had heard that you two were separated."

"Yes we are. We've been separated almost a month now." Jeff said. He told him the entire story.

"With her past it is understandable how she would be mad a God, everyone's faith is tested, and we all stumble and fall at times. I am glad to hear that you have not given up on your faith, or her. I would like to talk to her and help remind her that evil happens in this world even though God controls things. I had tried calling a couple of times and did not get a return call so I assumed she was not ready to listen yet. I am thinking of going out to the ranch this week." Pastor Mark said.

"I think she would like to hear from you, I think it would be good for her." Jeff said.

"Then I will plan on getting out there this week." He said. They had just finished praying for their marriage, the truth to come out, and Kaye Leigh when Curtis came running in.

"What's wrong Curtis?" Jeff said.

"Sam, Morgan, and Tim have got Kaye Leigh." He said quickly.

"What? How?" Jeff said.

"No time to explain we need to get out to the ranch." He said.

"Go, I'll pray for you." Pastor Mark said quickly. Jeff and Curtis ran out the door.

"Give me details on the way." Jeff said as they jumped into the truck.

"Jon and Becki took the kids to Jon's house and they will meet us at the ranch, we didn't tell them anything. Apparently, Kaye Leigh went to the ranch this morning and was in the house when they showed up. Some of the guys were working in the stable and in the yard at the time. They started yelling and Kaye Leigh came out. They exchanged a lot of words, Kaye Leigh told the guys not to interfere, Morgan hit her, then they tied her hands behind her back, Morgan shot Jack in the leg, and then they left and said if anyone followed them they would kill her." Curtis said. Jeff just shut his eyes and prayed.

When they got to the ranch Jon, Becki and the police were there. An ambulance had just left.

"How long ago did they leave?" Jeff asked when he got out of the truck.

"About an hour ago." Jon said. "We have a description of the car but no plate number. Sam is a pro; he took the plate off the car."

"How is Jack?" Curtis asked.

"He lost a lot of blood, Kaye Leigh told them not to move until they left, but they say he should be fine." Jon said.

"That's good." Jeff said.

"The guys say that Kaye Leigh acted like she was in control, but when she talked they could tell that she was afraid. When Morgan slapped her they said that they thought she was going to hit her back, but she didn't and she told them not to move, she kept saying she would be fine." Jon said. Jeff shook his head.

"I should have insisted that she come this morning." He said.

"This isn't your fault Jeff." Jon said firmly.

"Kaye Leigh is my wife and I should have protected her better." He said.

"Stop it Jeff, this isn't your fault!" Curtis said.

"You've done everything you could to keep her safe." Jon told him. "I'll go call mom and dad."

Jon grabbed his cell phone and dialed their parents' number.

"Hello." Brent said.

"Dad, its Jon." He said.

"I realized that." Brent said laughing.

"Dad, Kaye Leigh's been kidnapped by Sam and his wife Morgan." He said.

"What? Her ex-husband?" Brent said loudly.

"Yes dad. They've been causing trouble for Kaye Leigh and Jeff for months and it's come to this." He said.

"How is Jeff doing?" Brent asked.

"He's taking it hard. He blames himself." He said.

"Your mom and I will be on our way as soon as we can, I'll call when I have our flight." Brent said.

"Tell Jeff we love them."

"I will, tell mom we'll get her back." Jon said. "Love you dad." They hung up the phone.

"Mom and dad will be here as soon as they can." He told Jeff. "They said that they love you guys." Jeff nodded.

"I need to call my parents." Jeff said. He dialed their number.

"Hello?" Anna said.

"Mom?" he replied.

"Jeff honey what's wrong you sound terrible." She said. Jeff started crying. Becki took the phone from him.

"Mrs. Rutherford?" Becki said.

"Yes? Who is this?" Anna replied.

"This is Becki a friend of Jeff and Kaye Leigh's, Jeff wanted to call and let you know that Kaye Leigh has been kidnapped by her ex-husband and a couple of other people. The police are looking for her but we have no other information right now. Jeff is obviously upset and blaming himself right now." Becki said.

"Oh my, we will get a flight down there as soon as possible, give Jeff a hug for us, and tell him we love him and are praying for Kaye Leigh." Anna said. Becki knew she was crying.

"I will. Call when you get your reservations and stuff please." She said.

"We will thank you Becki." Anna said as they hung up.

Becki went over to Jeff and hugged him.

"Thank you Becki." He said. Becki's eyes were red and swollen. Curtis hugged her.

"Your mom wanted me to tell you that they love you and are praying for Kaye Leigh." Becki said. Jeff nodded.

"She's going to be just fine, she's a tough lady." Curtis said.

Pastor Mark came out and prayed with them for Kaye Leigh and the safety of their baby, Jeff broke down again. He could not believe this was happening. He wiped away more tears.

"If you need anything don't hesitate to call me anytime night or day." Pastor Mark said.

"Thank you." Jeff replied. After Pastor Mark left, Jeff went up to their bedroom to be alone for a while.

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