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Christianity Oasis has provided you with this Snowman Candle Jar creation forum with tutorial on how to make Snowman Jar for Snowman Candles. A SON-derful decoration or gift idea.

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Snowman Candle Jar Craft Ideas

This is our absolutely free Snowman Jar craft with a step by step tutorial which has easy to follow instructions on how to make a Candle Jar Snowman. The Snowman Jar is an extremely easy craft for adults and children alike. It is also economical as most candle jars can be repurposed as Snowman Jar decorations. This absolutely adorable Snowman Candle Jar is an excellent decoration for the holidays or gift for family or friends. Create as many Snowman candles as you like and ponder and pray on various features.

Snowman Candle Jar Example

Completed Candle Jar Snowman

Please read through all of the Snowman Jar instruction before beginning your project. Snowman candles are so fun and easy to make! All you need is an empty candle jar and a few things that you probably have around the house. Add a little of your own style and creativity and you'll have a darling little winter snowman jar decoration for your home or for a gift for a loved one.

Materials you will need create your own snowman jar or snowman candles:

  • Candle Jar
  • Cotton Balls or Polyfil
  • Buttons
  • Scissors
  • Felt and/or Fabric
  • Craft Glue

Note: Children will need adult assistance with this first Candle jar step.

Cleaning: First of all, clean out your candle jar. This is easiest to do by pouring some boiling water into the jar to soften the remnants of wax that are left when your candle has been all used up. Make sure you remove the candle jar label thoroughly. (The following is not for children) If the label leaves a sticky residue, you can remove it easily by using some Ronsonol lighter fuel on a cotton ball to rub it off of the candle jar. Allow to dry very well. (No smoking)

~~~ A stitch in time saves nine. ~~~

Stuffing: Next, stuff your candle jar, and the lid, tightly, with cotton balls or Polyfil. If you like you can add glitter, sequins, or anything else that suits you in with the stuffing. A cute idea is to get a string of white miniature lights (with white wire if possible) and stuff the candle jar with the lights instead of cotton or Polyfil. Then you can light up your Snowman Candle Jar!

Scarf: Now you can choose a fabric for a scarf and tie it around the neck of the candle jar. This one is made of felt with the ends snipped to look like fringe. A small safety pin keeps it secure and adds a cute little touch. Use your craft glue to glue buttons to the front of the Snowman Candle Jar. You may want to make the buttons a little crooked to give your Candle Jar Snowman a more whimsical look. It is up to you as far as the specific details, use your imagination and creativity to give your snowman candles your own YOU-nique style.

~~~ While stitching threads with gentle care, I pray this humble little prayer, that with this work the world may see, the beauty in simplicity. ~~~

Hat: Make a hat for your Snowman Candle Jar with whatever you have on hand. This one is an empty plastic Jell-O cup with felt glued to it, then turned upside down and glued to the top of the candle jar lid. Another piece of felt is tied around the hat as a ribbon and embellished with a button. You could also trim a piece of a toilet tissue roll to the height you wish the hat to be and cut out a circle of cardboard from a cereal box for example for the brim. Glue the two together and cover with felt or other fabric. You could also crochet a hat on if you are so inclined.

Face: Last of all, the face of your candle jar snowman is a fun thing to create. The nose of this Snowman candles feature is the end of a stick from some Chinese barbecue appetizers. It was cut to the length desired and then a piece of orange cloth was wrapped around it and glued so that it resembles a carrot. Glue your snowman's nose in place. Then you may choose some beads or buttons or sequins or whatever you can find for eyes and glue them in place. If you like, you can create a small pipe and glue it in place or find something else that is clever for your snowman's mouth. The Snowman candles personalities are unlimited.

~~~ Lord, grant me that I may see to stitch until my dying day. And when my last short thread is clipped and scissors tucked away – The work that I have done live on, that other folks may see – The pleasure that I have known, Lord, in the skill you gave to me. ~~~

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God Bless.

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