Dew Rag Pattern

How to Make a Dew Rag

Christianity Oasis has provided this Dew Rag Pattern and tutorial. Our dew rag pattern has easy step by step instructions on how to make a dew rag with images of each step. This Christian dew rag pattern is a fun project for every age.

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Dew Rag Pattern Tutorial

How to Make a Dew Rag Lesson

This is our absolutely free dew rag pattern download with a step by step dew rag tutorial which has easy to follow instructions on how to make a dew rag.

Create Your Own Dew Rag Pattern
How a Make a Dew Rag Instructions

Welcome ... As most know, a dew rag is a head covering. There are a few different spellings for dew rag. It may be "dew" rag if you consider it will absorb the sweat on your brow or keep moisture from your hair. It may be "doo" rag when your hairdo isn't cooperating, you can use a Dew Rag to cover it. It may also be spelled "do" rag or "du-rag." Despite the spelling of the word, these dew rags are becoming very popular among chemo-therapy patients, athletes, motorcycle riders, those with long hair to keep it out of their face, Christians as of late and many others. The Dew rag is used in place of a hair net or to keep cornrows, waves or other hair styles from being disturbed during sleep.

You will have the most success at your dew rag turning out to be a quality crafted project if you will carefully read through the step by step dew rag tutorial instructions before beginning your project. Make sure you understand each step, examining each picture as you go, so you know why each step is necessary. Be sure to use quality materials, because chances are, it will be washed often, and after all your labor of love, you want it to look good and last a long time as well.

Now, without further adew 😁 ... Let's look into how to make a Dew Rag for yourself or as a gift or Birthday present for a friend or loved one. The Christian Dew rags make a great Christmas gift.

Dew Rag Pattern materials you will need to learn how to make a dew rag:

  • Sewing Machine
  • Pins
  • Scissors
  • 40 inches of Fabric
  • Thread

Print the Dew Rag Pattern

Please read these Christian Dew Rag Pattern directions before downloading.

The dew rag pattern fits on three pieces of standard or A4 copy paper.

Download the free Dew Rag pattern here.

Note: The sewing instructions on how to make a dew rag are not included on the pattern itself, they are only on this page.

Print out the dew rag pattern. Cut out the dew rag pattern on the solid lines and along the straight dotted lines. Tape the three pieces of the Top/Tail piece together matching the dotted lines. There is no overlapping, simply put the pattern pieces edge to edge on the straight dotted lines and tape, matching the solid outside lines and the straight grain of fabric guide line. You will notice that one corner of the pattern piece at point B did not print out completely. Simply pencil it in to match the opposite side point B.

Cutting the Fabric to learn how to make a dew rag:

Tip: If you have a pattern that you use often, try making your pattern pieces out of a strong quality paper towel. The paper towel is easily pinned through onto your fabric and doesn't rip like paper does when pinned through repeatedly for multiple uses. Another option is to glue your paper pattern sheets onto lightweight cardboard, then cut out the pieces. Place the pattern pieces on your fabric and trace around them with a fabric marking pen.

This pattern allows for ½ inch seams. The seam allowance is already figured into the pattern, so there is no need to adjust or add any seam allowance to it. Lay out your pattern with the arrows on the pattern pieces in line with the straight grain of fabric. You will be cutting one Top/Tail piece. You will be cutting two side pieces, and one should be the reverse of the other, so when you lay out your two layers of fabric for the side pieces, they should be with either the right sides of the fabric facing one another or the wrong sides of the fabric facing one another.

Cut out the pattern along the solid outside lines.

Dew rag pattern pieces.

Clip ½ inch along the dotted line from the edge of the fabric to the dot labeled C.

Clipping the top/tail piece.

Sewing the Dew Rag

Note: While learning how to make a dew rag, if you believe that the wearer of your new dew rag has a rather large head, you may want to wait until you sew the two side seams together and give it a try on before applying an applique because it may need some extra fabric that will go smack dab underneath where the applique goes. However, if you believe that the recipient of this Dew Rag has a fairly normal sized noodle and you would like to add an applique to your Dew Rag pattern, now is the best time. You can also cross stitch a design with waste canvas or machine embroider a design on the tail. Be sure that you leave ample room (½ inch all around) for hemming the tail. On the pattern download there is a cross and a dove which you can choose from or use your own do rag design. A contrasting fabric will show off your applique nicely.

Contrasting fabric dove applique.

Side Seam (Seam AB): Note: You may find it easiest to stitch with the concave edge (top/tail piece) on top so plan ahead when pinning so that your pins are easier to remove when stitching. With right sides together, pin one side piece to the top/tail piece from point A to point B easing in the fullness around the curve.

Pinned side seam.

Stitch together with a ½ inch seam, locking the stitching at both ends. Repeat with the other side. Now is the best time to try your do rag on for size.

Put in on inside out and if it is too large, pin it where you want your new seam line to be. Carefully now! Sew new side seam lines where you pinned, remembering to lock the stitching at both ends and you're ready to continue experiencing how to make a dew rag.

If your dew rag is too small you can cut out a piece of fabric the length of the dew rag from the tip of the tail to the middle of the forehead (point F on your pattern piece) and add a strip of fabric the length of the cut and whatever width it will take to make it big enough. Take into consideration that you will be sewing two ½ inch seams to add in the extra fabric and your tail point will now be squared off (well, flattened with angles). Remember to lock the ends of your stitching. If you want to add an applique, now is the easiest time.

Zig-zag or overcast the edges of the seams.

Zig-zag side seams.

~~~ A day hemmed in prayer, seldom unravels. ~~~

Side/Back Hem: Turn the fabric under ¼ inch from C to D turning seam AB toward the side piece and finger press (crease the fold with your fingernail).

Preparing side/back hem.

Turn under ¼ inch again and pin.

Pinned side/back hem.

Notice that the seam line doesn't line up perfectly on the wrong side when you turn it under.

Close up of pinned side/back hem.

Stitch from C to D on each side of the tail, locking the stitching at the beginning and end.

Stitched side/back hem.

Tail Hem: Fold fabric under and press along fold line at the tip of the tail.

Folded tip of tail hem.

Fold under ½ inch from tip of tail to point E on each side and press. Fold under ½ inch again from tip of tail to point E on each side and press.

Folding of tail hem angles.

~~~ Lord, grant me that I may see to stitch until my dying day. And when my last short thread is clipped and scissors tucked away - The work that I have done live on, that other folks may see - The pleasure that I have known, Lord, in the skill you gave to me. ~~~

This creates a nice finished tip on the tail. Turn the fabric under ¼ inch from point E on one side of the tail to point C and press. Notice that the entire side of the dew rag is flipped over.

Folding of tail hem sides.

Turn under again and press.

Pressing tail hem sides.

Now flip the side of the dew rag back over and pin.

Pinning tail/back hem.

Note: This will create a pleat on each side of the tail and will also enclose any raw edges of material where you clipped from the edge of the fabric to point C. Repeat on the other side. Do yourself a huge favor now and hand baste the hem.

Basted tail hem.

This will save your hands from getting stabbed with pins while you're trying to learn how to make a dew rag and maneuver the turns under your sewing machine needle. Stitch your hem close to the edge from point C on one side of the tail all the way around to point C on the other side, locking the stitching on both ends. The next photo shows the stitching line indicated in yellow.

Tail stitching line detail.

The next photo shows the right side of the fabric after the tail hem is stitched.

Completed dew rag tail.

~~~ While stitching threads with gentle care, I pray this humble little prayer, that with this work the world may see, the beauty in simplicity. ~~~

Band and Ties: Turn under ½ inch on the two short ends of the band and ties piece and press. Turn under ½ inch on one long edge of the band and ties piece and press.

Preparation of band/ties.

Fold the band and ties piece of fabric in half (long ways) to find the center and mark it.

Marking the band center.

Pin right side of band and ties piece to wrong side of dew rag, matching the center of the band and ties piece to point F on the top/tail piece and turning seams AB to the side piece.

Band/ties pinned to hat.

Stitch ½ inch seam from point D on one side to point D on the other side, locking the stitching at both ends.

Turn under ½ inch on the remaining edges of the band and ties piece and press.

Pressing remaining folded tie edges.

Fold the band and ties piece over the seam and pin.

Pinned band/ties.

Top stitch from one end of the band and ties to the other, close to the edge.

Top stitching the band/ties.

~~~ A stitch in time, saves nine. ~~~

The completed dew rag.

Finished dew rag.
Dew rag with tucked tail.

Now you know how to make a dew rag with this dew rag pattern. If you know someone who would like this, please pass on a link to this Dew Rag pattern or feel free to include a link on your website.

God Bless.

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