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Free Peanut Neck Pillow Pattern

Christianity Oasis provides this Peanut Pillow Pattern. Free peanut neck pillow pattern plus a peanut neck pillow tutorial. Easy step by step instructions with images.

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Peanut Pillow Perfect Present

Free Peanut Pillow Pattern Procedure

This is our absolutely free Peanut Pillow pattern download with a step by step Peanut Pillow tutorial which has easy to follow instructions on how to make a Peanut Pillow.

Create Your Own Peanut Pillow Pattern
Free Peanut Neck Pillow Tutorial

A peanut pillow is a very handy little thing. It's an absolute must for children traveling by car because a peanut pillow hardly takes up any room whether it's in use or not. If you travel long distances, a peanut pillow of your own would be so much better than the public pillows that may (or may not) be available.

Doesn't it seem that every time you start to doze in the recliner, you wish you had just a little something to support your neck? A peanut pillow is the answer! But, you need a Peanut Pillow Pattern. Well, you are in luck because we provide a 100% free Peanut Pillow Pattern with Peanut Pillow tutorial.

Peanut Pillow Pattern Materials
you will need to make your own Peanut Pillow:

  • Sewing Machine
  • Pins
  • Scissors
  • ⅔ yard of Fabric
  • Thread
  • Polyfil
  • Hand Sewing Needle
  • Tape

Print the free Peanut Pillow Pattern

Please read Step 1 before downloading your Peanut Pillow Pattern.

The finished dimensions of this peanut pillow measure approximately 12 inches long and 5 inches in diameter.

Step 1. The peanut pillow pattern fits on one piece of standard or A4 copy paper. Print two copies of the pattern. The peanut pillow pattern is one half of the peanut shape. Tape the two halves together on the straight edge to make a full peanut shaped Peanut Pillow pattern piece.

Download the free Peanut Pillow Pattern here.

This is what the peanut pillow pattern download looks like:

Screenshot of Peanut Pillow Pattern

Note: The sewing instructions for the peanut pillow are not included on the pattern itself.

Customizing the Loop

Step 2. The loop on the peanut pillow is optional. You could always omit the loop if you don't need or want one on your peanut pillow. If you will not be using a loop on your peanut pillow, proceed to Step 3. If you will be using the loop on your peanut pillow to carry it, you will want to adjust the length of the loop so that it comfortably fits on your hand or over your wrist, depending on how you will carry it.

For a hand held loop, measure the circumference of the palm of your hand, from inside your thumb to the outside of your hand below your pinky, all the way around to the inside of your thumb again. Add 2 inches to this measurement so it is easy to slip on and off your hand, plus it will allow for two ½ inch seam allowances.

How to Measure for Hand Held Loop

For a loop that will be used on your wrist, measure the circumference of the widest part of your hand. Add 2 inches to this measurement so it is easy to slip on and off your hand, plus it will allow for two ½ inch seam allowances.

How to Measure for Wrist Loop

~~~ A day hemmed in prayer seldom unravels. ~~~

Cutting the Fabric

Step 3. This Peanut Pillow pattern allows for ½ inch seams. The seam allowance is already figured into the pattern, so there is no need to adjust the peanut shaped piece or add any seam allowance to it. Lay out your pattern with the arrows along the straight grain of fabric. Cut 4 of the peanut shaped pattern piece and 1 of the loop handle.

Peanut Pillow Pattern Pieces and Cut Fabric

Tip: If you have a pattern that you use often, try cutting it out of a strong quality paper towel. The paper towel is easily pinned through onto your fabric because of its flexibility and it doesn't rip so easily as paper does when pinned through repeatedly for multiple uses.

Sewing the Peanut Pillow

Step 4. Starting with the loop, fold the fabric lengthwise, right sides together, and stitch a ½ inch seam, locking your stitching at the beginning and at the end of the seam. Finger press the seam open with your fingernail. To finger press, simply lay the seam open on a flat surface and scrape your fingernail on the opened seam as you would to crease a piece of paper. This doesn't press the seam open as well as an iron, but works sufficiently for this purpose.

Stitching the Loop

Step 5. Turn the loop right side out and iron flat with the seam in the center. Top stitch two rows of stitching, along the length of the loop, one third of the way in from each edge. Use whatever stitch length you desire.

Loop Turned Right Side Out and Top Stitched

Step 6. With right sides together, pin two of the peanut shaped pieces of fabric together along one long side.

Stitching Peanut Pillow Seams

~~~ A stitch in time saves nine. ~~~

Stitch a ½ inch seam, locking your stitching at the beginning and at the end of the seam. Repeat with the other two peanut shaped pieces.

Detail of Locked Seam Ends

Step 7. Fold the loop in half, raw edges together, with the seam on the inside of the loop. Baste the loop to one half of the pillow where the seam is on the right side of the fabric.

Loop Basted to One Side of Peanut Pillow

Step 8. Now you should have two halves of your pillow that look sort of like canoes when opened up. Pin these halves, right sides together, all the way around, matching seams and if including a loop on your peanut pillow, it should be inside the two layers of fabric at this point.

Two Halves of Peanut Pillow Pinned Together

Step 9. Starting on one long edge, leaving a 2 inch opening (so you can stuff your peanut pillow with Poly-Fil or your choice of fiberfill), stitch a ½ inch seam all the way around the pillow (except for the 2 inch opening), locking your stitching at the beginning and at the end of the seam.

Tip: If you leave your thread long at the end of your stitching you can use this thread to close the opening after stuffing.

Peanut Pillow Halves Stitched Together Leaving Opening for Stuffing

~~~ Lord, grant me that I may see to stitch until my dying day. And when my last short thread is clipped and scissors tucked away - The work that I have done live on, that other folks may see - The pleasure that I have known, Lord, in the skill you gave to me. ~~~

Close Up of Peanut Pillow Thread Tails

Step 10. Carefully and gently turn the peanut pillow right side out and bring the thread to the outside that you left for sewing the opening closed. If you accidentally clipped the thread, you can just knot a piece of thread and close the opening in Step 12 as you would to hand sew anything else with a simple knot at the end.

Peanut Pillow Turned Right Side Out

Step 11. Stuff the peanut pillow with Poly-Fil or your choice of fiberfill. You can stuff your peanut pillow to whatever firmness you like.

Peanut Pillow After Stuffing

Step 12. Blind stitch the opening of your peanut pillow closed by hand sewing with a needle and thread.

Close Up of Opening After Stuffing

~~~ While stitching threads with gentle care, I pray this humble little prayer, that with this work the world may see, the beauty in simplicity. ~~~

Just sort of loosely ladder stitch the opening, then gently pull it taut to close the seam and tie off your thread.

Ladder Stitching the Peanut Pillow Opening Closed


Completed Peanut Pillow

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God Bless.

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