Isaac is Born

Isaac and Ishmael Bible Story

Christianity Oasis has provided this Isaac is Born Bible study on the Isaac and Ishmael Bible story. We will look into that and all aspects of the Christian Walk. This study brings forth truth understanding and peace within.

Daily Bread Devotional Bible Study
The First Book of Moses Called Genesis
Chapter 21

Isaac is Born

Isaac and Ishmael Bible Story

Welcome to our Christianity Oasis Daily Bread study program. This is our Isaac is Born Bible study looking into the intriguing and thought provoking Isaac and Ishmael Bible story and how it affects your be-YOU-tiful Christian walk.

Isaac is Born Bible Study
Isaac and Ishmael Bible Story Explained

In today's Daily Bread story, the promise that God made to Abraham and Sarah finally arrives. The Lord keeps His promises. Sarah conceived just as He had said. And Abraham had a son from Sarah when he was 100 years old. Sarah was 90 years old when Isaac was born. God told Abraham to call the child Isaac. The name means laughter. Can you guess why?

Genesis 17:17

Then Abraham fell upon his face, and laughed, and said in his heart, Shall a child be born unto him that is an hundred years old? and shall Sarah, that is ninety years old, bear?

Genesis 18:12

Therefore Sarah laughed within herself, saying, After I am waxed old shall I have pleasure, my lord being old also?

Let's not forget that Hagar and Ishmael are still in the picture. And remember what the Angel of the Lord told Hagar, that Ishmael wouldn't get along with anyone. Ishmael is 14 now and doesn't like his new little brother already. In Galatians 4:29 it says that he that was born after the flesh (Ishmael) persecuted him that was born after the Spirit (Isaac), even so it is now. It made Ishmael mad that there was a new son and heir. He was jealous.

Isaac is Born Prophecy
Isaac and Ishmael Bible Story Warning

Sarah saw that Ishmael made fun of Isaac and it infuriated her. She couldn't stand it anymore so she told Abraham to throw Hagar and Ishmael out and exclude them from Abraham's family for good.

What Sarah asked was hard on Abraham, being that Ishmael was his son also. But God had mercy on Hagar and Ishmael and told Abraham, Don't let it upset you. Listen to what Sara said to you, because in Isaac, my promise will be honored. I will also make a nation through Ishmael because he is your son.

Let's talk a little bit more about this jealousy of Ishmael's. Do you remember that we said that as this story unfolds you will find that it isn't just a simple story after all but is still affecting the world today more than ever? Well here's why.

This jealousy that was Ishmael's destiny has created an animosity that cannot be compared to anything else in history. For four thousand years there have been disputes and wars that trace back to the land that God promised to Abraham's descendants that has been the root of the conflict between the Jewish people and the Arabs (Muslims or Islam) up until today. The Islamic people believe that God's true promise was with Ishmael, not Isaac. So that is what all of the fighting over Israel, and the conflict between Christians and Muslims has been about for thousands of years. Now, back to our story.

Abraham got up early the next morning and comforted by what God told him, sent Hagar and Ishmael away with a bottle of water and some bread. When the water was gone, Hagar left Ishmael under a shrub. She went and cried, Let me not see the death of the child.

Isaac is Born Bible Summary
Isaac and Ishmael Bible Story Conclusion

God heard the voice of Ishmael and the Angel of God asked Hagar, What's wrong? Don't be afraid, God has heard the voice of the lad. Go and get him, I will make him a great nation. (And this prophecy was indeed fulfilled ... See the related study on Bible Prophecy below.) God showed her a well of water and she went and filled the bottle and gave Ishmael to drink. Ishmael grew up living in the wilderness of Paran (which is near the middle of the Sinai Peninsula of Egypt) and became an archer. Hagar, being an Egyptian, chose Ishmael a wife out of the land of Egypt.

Our Isaac is born Bible study on the Isaac and Ishmael story reveals that we are supposed to wait upon the Lord and His promises and if we choose another path, it can affect others and negatively affect our future. Because the choice by Sarah to have Abraham and Hagar bear a son (Ishmael) caused lots of trouble and resulted in pain and a deep seeded anger at that time and which is still being felt by Ishmael's descendants in the Middle East and will escalate into the End Times.

There is a force out there that is attempting to overtake us all; it is Satan. There is another force that is protecting us from him; it is the Holy Spirit. It is a battle for souls. This battle is called Spiritual Warfare, and like it or not, you are right in the middle of it.

How to Prepare for Spiritual Warfare