Wrestling With God

Wrestle With God

Christianity Oasis provides this Wrestle With God Study on the Jacob Wrestling with God story. We look into that and all aspects of the Christian Walk seeking truth, understanding and peace.

Daily Bread Devotional Bible Study
The First Book of Moses Called Genesis
Chapter 32

Jacob Wrestling With God

Wrestle With God Story

Welcome to our Christianity Oasis Daily Bread study program. This is our Wrestle With God Bible Study on the interesting Jacob Wrestling with God Bible story and how it affects your be-YOU-tiful Christian walk.

Jacob Wrestling With God Study
Why Would Jacob Wrestle With God

Prepare to experience yet another awesome story from the book of Genesis with Daily Bread. Let's look in on Jacob again as he continues his journey home from Haran. The last thing we knew, Laban had chased after Jacob because he had left with his daughters without letting him say goodbye to them. Also, Rachel had stolen Laban's idols without Jacob's knowledge of it and Laban accused Jacob of stealing them. After peace was made and Laban went back to Haran, Jacob continued his trip home.

God's Angels met Jacob on his way. When Jacob saw them he said, This is God's host. He named the place where he saw them Mahanaim, which means two armies. Can you imagine seeing an army of God's Angels? Not bread crumbs like with Hansel and Gretel to lead God's chosen back home, but Angels! Ya gotta luv Him.

Jacob sent messengers ahead of him to his brother Esau. His message said, Your servant Jacob says this, I've spent some time with Laban and stayed there until now. I have livestock and servants and I've sent to greet you my lord so that I may find grace in your eyes.

When the messengers returned they said that Jacob's brother Esau was coming to meet him with four hundred men. Jacob was scared, so he separated the people and the flocks and herds with him into two groups. He said, If Esau comes to one group and attacks it then the other group will escape.

Jacob Wrestling With God Purpose
Wrestle With God Warning

Jacob prayed, Oh God of Abraham and Isaac, you said to go home and you would protect me. Rescue me I beg you, from Esau. I'm afraid that he will attack me and my family. You said you would make my seed as the sand of the sea that can't be numbered.

Jacob stayed there that night, and decided to give all that he had to his brother. He divided his servants among the flocks and herds, as well as the camels, cows, bulls, donkeys and colts. He sent them one group at a time in front of him, with space between each group. He told the ones in front that when Esau asks who they are and where they're going, they should say they are your servant Jacob's and they are a present sent to you, and to be sure to say that Jacob was behind them. Jacob thought that by the time his many flocks, herds and servants had gone ahead and then he reached Esau, that his anger would diminish and Esau would accept him.

He sent his wives and children ahead of him over a brook there and remained behind for the night. And a man wrestled with him there until dawn. And Jacob said, I will not let you go unless you bless me. The man touched the inner part of his thigh which made Jacob's thigh out of joint as they wrestled. The man said, Let me go, it's daylight. Jacob said no, not until you bless me. Then the man asked, What is your name? And he answered, Jacob. Then He said, Your name is no longer Jacob, but Israel because you have power like a prince with God and with men and have won. The name Israel means, who prevails with God.

And Jacob asked the man His name. And the man said, Why do you ask my name and never answered. He blessed Jacob there. And Jacob named that place Peniel (face or vision of God), and said, I have seen the face of God and my life is preserved.

Jacob Wrestling With God Event
Wrestle With God Outcome

Isn't that just so cool? Now let's get some facts straight ... We know where the nation now known as Israel came from. Jacob's name was changed to Israel. We know that Jacob wrestled with someone and most assume it was with God Himself because of what Jacob said about seeing God face to face. However ... The man asked Jacob what his name was. God knew his name was Jacob. We also know that Jesus (when He was on Earth) said that nobody has seen God's face. So just who was Jacob wrestling with? Was it an Angel? Was it the devil? Was he wrestling with he himself?

Is it coincidence that just before he had this wrestling match, he was fearful of his brother Esau? He placed himself alone and then had this wrestling match or struggle. Was this God's testing of Jacob as Abraham had his test? Was God showing Jacob that His blessing was all that was needed, and that Esau's acceptance of him was a wrestling match of a different kind that would last for a long time as the descendants of Esau and Ishmael despise Israel to this day? Was Jacob wrestling with his own faith? Was it the devil tempting him or was it God showing Jacob that Jacob was able to overcome his fears and had the power of God to do so? Despite what or who Jacob was wrestling with, he was pronounced as having a new name which meant that he prevails with God's Power.

Jacob Wrestling With God Summary
Wrestle With God Conclusion

We all find ourselves wrestling with God in our daily lives from time to time. We seek our own will instead of His at times which creates the spiritual wrestling match. If you find yourself wrestling with God, do as Jacob did and ask Him for his blessing instead of wrestling with Him and see how well it all turns out.

We will get to find out in our next story what happens when Jacob meets with his brother Esau again. Until next time we share Daily Bread ... I'll miss ya.

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