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Welcome to our Christianity Oasis Christian walk study program. This is our excellent Bible activities and Christian Activities forum with Bible activities for adults. The absolutely awesome Christian Activities and Bible activities for adults message will truly bring a smile to the lips and heart and shine the LIGHT of Truth upon your be-YOU-tiful Christian walk path.

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Free Bible quiz games answers are at the bottom of this page.

We also have other free Christian activities - Bible activities for kids and Bible activities for adults available to you within our Christian community. Knowledge of God's Word is an important ingredient of the Christian walk and this free Bible quiz within our Christian activities and Bible activities for adults can help you do so.




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1) How many days did it take God to create the Heaven and the Earth? (Genesis 1:31-2:1)

2) What did God do on the third day of creation? (Genesis 1:9-13)

3) What did God do on the seventh day? (Genesis 2:2-3)

4) What is the seventh day called? (Exodus 20:10)

5) What were the names of the first two people? (Genesis 2:19, 3:20)

6) What was the name of the garden where the first two people were? (Genesis 2:8, 2:15)

7) What did God take from the first man to make woman with? (Genesis 2:21)

8) Who tricked Eve? (Genesis 3:1-6)

9) What was the name of the tree that Adam and Eve were told not to eat from? (Genesis 2:17)

10) How did God punish the serpent for what he did? (Genesis 3:14-15)

11) How did God punish woman? (Genesis 3:16)

12) How did God punish man? (Genesis 3:17-19)

13) What were Adam and Eve's first two son's names? (Genesis 4:1-2)

14) Why did Adam and Eve's son kill his brother? (Genesis 4:3-8)

15) How did God punish Cain? (Genesis 4:11-12)

16) How did God protect Cain? (Genesis 4:15)

17) What was Adam and Eve's third son's name? (Genesis 4:25)

18) The oldest man in the history of the world lived 969 years. What was his name? (Genesis 5:27)

19) How many sons did Noah and his wife have? (Genesis 6:10)

20) What were Noah's son's names? (Genesis 6:10)

21) What did God tell Noah to do? (Genesis 6:14)

22) How long did it rain during the Great Flood? (Genesis 7:12)

23) How many of each "clean" animal were aboard the ark? (Genesis 7:2)

24) What did Noah do to find out if all the water was dried up? (Genesis 8:8)

25) What is the sign of God's promise to never destroy the earth with a flood again? (Genesis 9:11-17)

26) How old was Noah when the Great Flood happened? (Genesis 7:11)

27) Who was in charge of building the tower of Babel? (Genesis 10:9)

28) What was Abraham's wife's name? (Genesis 11:29, 17:15)

29) What happened to Lot's wife? (Genesis 19:26)

30) What was Abraham and Sarah's son's name? (Genesis 21:3)

31) How old was Sarah when she gave birth to Abraham's son? (Genesis 17:17-21)

32) What did God tell Abraham to do to his son? (Genesis 22:2)

33) Who did Isaac marry? (Genesis 24:67)

34) What did Esau trade his birthright for? (Genesis 25:29-34)

35) Who dreamt of a ladder going up to Heaven? (Genesis 28:12)

36) How many sons did Israel have? (I Chronicles 2:1-2)

37) Who was Jacob's favorite son? (Genesis 37:3)

38) What did Jacob make for his favorite son? (Genesis 37:3)

39) What were Jacob's wives' name's? (Genesis 29:23-28)

40) Why did Joseph's eleven brothers hate him? (Genesis 37:4)

41) What did Joseph's brothers say happened to him? (Genesis 37:20)

42) Where was Joseph taken when his brothers sold him? (Genesis 37:28)

43) Who was Joseph in prison with? (Genesis 40:3)

44) What was Pharaoh's captain of the guard's name? (Genesis 39:1)

45) What was Pharaoh's dream about that Joseph interpreted? (Genesis 41:1-7)

46) What did Joseph suggest to Pharaoh? (Genesis 41:34-36)

47) What did Pharaoh do for Joseph? (Genesis 41:40-41)

48) What was Israel's youngest son's name? (Genesis 35:18)

49) What did Joseph have his steward put in his youngest brother's sack? (Genesis 44:2)

50) What was Joseph's oldest brother's name? (Genesis 35:23)

51) What did the king of Egypt tell the midwives of the Hebrew women to do? (Exodus 1:16)

52) Who found Moses floating in a basket? (Exodus 2:5)

53) Why did Moses leave Egypt? (Exodus 2:14-15)

54) Where did Moses see God? (Exodus 3:2-6)

55) What did God want Moses to do? (Exodus 3:10)

56) What was Moses brother's name? (Exodus 4:14)

57) Why did God send Moses brother with him? (Exodus 4:10)

58) What did Moses staff turn into? (Exodus 4:3)

59) Who had a hardened heart? (Exodus 7:3)

60) How many plagues were there upon Egypt? (Exodus 7-12)

61) What were three of the plagues? (Exodus 7-12)

62) Why did the people of Israel put lamb's blood on their door posts? (Exodus 12:23)

63) What was the name of the water that Moses led the people of Israel through (Exodus 13:18)

64) How did Moses know which way to lead the people through the wilderness? (Exodus 13:21)

65) What was the bread from Heaven called? (Exodus 16:15)

66) What was Moses' father-in-law's name? (Exodus 3:1)

67) What was Moses' wife's name? (Exodus 2:21)

68) What is the only Commandment with a promise and what is it? (Exodus 20:12)

69) What did the people of Israel do while Moses was up on the mountain? (Exodus 32:1-6)

70) What was the name of the mountain where God gave Moses the Commandments? (Exodus 31:18)

71) What were the Commandments written on? (Exodus 31:18)

72) What is the Ark of the Covenant? (Exodus 25:16)

73) What were the two Holy men's names who wanted to help Moses claim Canaan? (Numbers 14:6-8)

74) What happened when people didn't believe that God sent Moses to free His people? (Numbers 16:32)

75) How did the walls of Jericho fall down? (Joshua 6:20)

76) Who was the secret of Samson's strength? (Judges 16:17)

77) How did Samson kill the lion? (Judges 14:6)

78) What did Samson see in the lion's dead body, some time later? (Judges 14:8)

79) Why did Samson's wife tell the secret of his riddle? (Judges: 14:15)

80) What did Samson do when his father-in-law gave his wife to another to marry? (Judges 15:4)

81) What did Samson kill 1000 men with? (Judges 15:15)

82) Who tricked Samson into telling the secret of his strength? (Judges 16:18)

83) What did the Philistines do to Samson when they captured him? (Judges 16:21)

84) How did Samson get revenge on the Philistines? (Judges 16:28-30)

85) How did Eli die? (I Samuel 4:18)

86) Who was Saul? (I Samuel 9:17)

87) What was Saul doing when Samuel told him what God had chosen him for? (I Samuel 9:3,20)

88) Who was David the son of? (I Samuel 16:19)

89) What instrument did David play? (I Samuel 16:23)

90) How many brothers did David have? (I Samuel 16:10)

91) What was the giant of the Philistines' name? (I Samuel 17:4)

92) How many stones did David choose out of the brook? (I Samuel 17:40)

93) How did David kill the giant? (I Samuel 17:49-51)

94) Who was David's best friend? (I Samuel 18:1)

95) Why was Saul jealous of David? (I Samuel 18:8)

96) What did it mean to David when Jonathan shot his arrow far? (I Samuel 20:13,22)

97) How did Saul know that David could have killed him? (I Samuel 24:11) - (I Samuel 26:11-12,22-23)

98) How many sons did David have, not including the of the concubines and Tamar? (I Chronicles 3:1-9)

99) Who was the captain of David's army? (II Samuel 8:16)

100) What is David known as? (Psalms 17:8)

101) Who killed Absalom? (II Samuel 18:14)

102) What city is known as "The City of David?" (II Samuel 5:7)

103) God told Solomon in a dream, "Ask what I shall give thee." What did Solomon ask? (I Kings 3:9)

104) What did Solomon say to do to find out who the baby's real mother was?(I Kings 3:25)

105) What did Solomon do for God that David wanted to do? (I Kings 5:5)

106) What kind of wood was used to build the Temple? (II Chronicles 2:8)

107) Where did the wood for the Temple come from? (II Chronicles 2:8)

108) What was most everything in the Temple covered in? (II Chronicles 3:7)

109) How long did it take to build the Temple? (I Kings 6:38)

110) How many proverbs did Solomon speak? (I Kings 5:32)

111) What king made God more angry than all the kings of Israel before him?(I Kings 16:33)

112) What did Jezebel do to God's Prophets? (I Kings 18:4)

113) What shape was the cloud that Elijah saw come up out of the sea? (I Kings 18:44)

114) Why did Elijah run and hide in the wilderness? (I Kings 19:2-3)

115) What did an angel of God bring Elijah? (I Kings 19:6)

116) Who was the next Prophet of God, after Elijah? (I Kings 19:16)

117) What did Ahab want from Naboth? (I Kings 21:2)

118) How did Naboth die? (I Kings 21:13)

119) How did Jezebel die? (II Kings 9:33)

120) When Elijah asked Elisha before he was taken, what did Elisha ask for? (II Kings 2:9)

121) How was Elijah taken up into Heaven? (II Kings 2:11)

122) What did Elisha do to heal the water in Jericho? (II Kings 2:21)

123) Why were children making fun of Elisha? (II Kings 2:23)

124) What happened to the children who were making fun of Elisha? (II Kings 2:24)

125) What did Elisha tell Naaman to do so his leprosy would be healed? (II Kings 5:10)

126) What was the king Ahasuerus' wife's name? (Esther 1:9)

127) How did Haman die? (Esther 7:10)

128) What did satan say Job would do if everything was taken away from him? (Job 1:11)

129) How did God reward Job after all his tribulation? (Job 42:10)

130) Who wrote the Book of Psalms in the Bible? (Psalms Titles)

131) How many Psalms are in the Book of Psalms? (Psalm 150)

132) Who wrote Proverbs? (Proverbs 1:1)

133) Who said "There is no new thing under the sun?" (Ecclesiastes 1:9)

134) Which king's dream did Daniel interpret? (Daniel 2:28)

135) What were Daniel's three friend's names? (Daniel 1:7)

136) What name did the king give Daniel? (Daniel 1:7)

137) What did Daniel want to eat and drink instead of the kings meat and wine? (Daniel 1:12)

138) What was the images feet made of in Nebuchadnezzar's dream? (Daniel 2:34)

139) What did Nebuchadnezzar do to Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego? (Daniel 3:20)

140) How many men did the Nebuchadnezzar see walking in the fire? (Daniel 3:25)

141) What did Belshazzar do that made the Lord mad? (Daniel 5:3-4)

142) What happened at Belshazzar's feast? (Daniel 5:5)

143) What did the Lord write to Belshazzar? (Daniel 5:25-28)

144) Why was Daniel thrown in the lion's den? (Daniel 6:10)

145) What did God do to the lions while Daniel was in the den? (Daniel 6:22)

146) Where did God send Jonah? (Jonah 1:2, 3:2)

147) Why was Jonah thrown into the sea? (Jonah 1:10)

148) How long was Jonah in the belly of a fish? (Jonah 1:17)

149) What grew over Jonah's booth? (Jonah 4:6)

150) What happened to the gourd? (Jonah 4:7)

151) How many generations were there from Abraham to Christ? (Matthew 1:17)

152) Where was Jesus born? (Matthew 2:1)

153) Who was the king when Jesus was born? (Matthew 2:1)

154) Who saw Jesus' star in the east? (Matthew 2:2)

155) What did the wise men give to Jesus? (Matthew 2:11)

156) How did the wise men know not to return to Herod? (Matthew 2:12)

157) Where did the angel of the Lord tell Joseph to take Mary and Jesus?(Matthew 2:13)

158) What did Herod do when the wise men didn't return? (Matthew 2:16)

159) How long did Mary, Joseph and Jesus stay in Egypt? (Matthew 2:15)

160) Who was king after Herod died? (Matthew 2:22)

161) What city did Joseph take Mary and Jesus to when they returned to Israel?(Matthew 2:23)

162) Who preached in the wilderness? (Matthew 3:1)

163) What did John the Baptist eat? (Matthew 3:4)

164) Where did John baptize people? (Matthew 3:6)

165) What did John say Jesus would baptize with? (Matthew 3:11)

166) What did God say when Jesus was baptized by John? (Matthew 3:17)

167) After John baptized Jesus, what happened to him in the wilderness? (Matthew 4:1)

168) How long did Jesus fast in the wilderness? (Matthew 4:2)

169) What was the first thing the devil wanted Jesus to do? (Matthew 4:3)

170) What was the second thing the devil wanted Jesus to do? (Matthew 4:5-6)

171) What was the third thing the devil wanted Jesus to do? (Matthew 4:9)

172) Who were the first two apostles? (Matthew 4:18-19)

173) What did the first two apostles do for a living before they followed Jesus? (Matthew 4:18)

174) What was the name of James and John's father? (Matthew 4:21)

175) What did Jesus say the meek would inherit? (Matthew 5:5)

176) What will happen if you judge others? (Matthew 7:1-2)

177) What did Jesus say to do to those who curse you? (Matthew 5:44)

178) What did Jesus say false prophets wear? (Matthew 7:15)

179) What kind of sickness did Peter's mother have when Jesus went to his house (Matthew 8:14)

180) What did Jesus say healed the woman who touched the hem of his garment? (Matthew 9:22)

181) How many apostles did Jesus have? (Matthew 10:2)

182) What was the name of the apostle who betrayed Jesus? (Matthew 10:4)

183) What sin will not be forgiven? (Matthew 12:31-32)

184) What is a tree known by? (Matthew 12:33)

185) Who did Jesus say are his brothers? (Matthew 12:50)

186) What happens to a prophet in his own country and his own house? (Matthew 13:57)

187) What did the disciples think when they saw Jesus walking on the sea? (Matthew 14:26)

188) Who walked on the water with Jesus? (Matthew 14:29)

189) Who did Jesus say he would give the keys of the kingdom of Heaven to? (Matthew 16:19)

190) What is a man profited, if he shall gain the _____ _____, and lose his own soul? (Matthew 16:26)

191) Who was with Jesus when he was transfigured? (Matthew 17:2)

192) What did Jesus say you need to have, to move a mountain? (Matthew 17:20)

193) Where did Peter get the money to pay tribute? (Matthew 17:27)

194) What did Jesus say to become like in order to enter into the kingdom of heaven? (Matthew 18:3)

195) What happens when two or three are gathered together in Jesus name? (Matthew 18:20)

196) How many times should you forgive another? (Matthew 18:22)

197) What is easier for a camel to do, than for a rich man to enter Heaven? (Matthew 19:24)

198) What did the stone become that the builders rejected? (Matthew 21:42)

199) Are people married in heaven? (Matthew 22:30)

200) What is the greatest commandment? (Matthew 22:37)


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1. Who revealed the things written in the book of Revelation? (v.1)

2. Who wrote the book of Revelation? (v.1)

3. Who was the book of Revelation addressed to? (v.4)

4. What does Alpha and Omega mean? (v.8)

5. Where was the book of Revelation written? (v.9)

6. How were the seven churches symbolized in Revelation? (v.12 & 20)

7. When John saw Jesus, what color was His hair? (v.14)

8. What did Jesus' eyes look like to John? (v.14)

9. What did Jesus' feet look like to John? (v.15)

10. What went out of Jesus mouth? (v.16)

11. What was Jesus' countenance like? (v.16)

12. What did Jesus have in His right hand? (v.16)

13. What did John do when he saw Jesus? (v.17)

14. What are the seven stars? (v.20)


15. What did Jesus say he would give to those who overcome in Ephesus? (v.7)

16. Where is the tree of life? (v.7)

17. What did Jesus say would happen to some in Smyrna? (v.10)

18. What did Jesus say he would give those who are faithful unto death? (v.10)

19. What two churches ate things sacrificed to idols and committed fornication? (v. 12-14 & 18-20)

20. What will Jesus do to those of Smyrna who do not repent? (v.16)

21. What will those who keep Jesus words in Thyatira receive? (v.26-28)


22. What will happen to those in Sardis, who overcome? (v.5)

23. What church did Jesus say he loved because they kept His word? (v.7-9)

24. What did Jesus say is the name of the city of God? (v.12)

25. What did Jesus call those in Laodicea? (v.16)

26. What did Jesus say he does to those he loves? (v.19)

27. What did Jesus say he would do with those who overcome in Laodicia? (v.21)


28. What color is the rainbow around God's throne in heaven that John saw? (v.3)

29. What was round about the throne that John saw? (v.4)

30. What were the elders wearing? (v.4)

31. What is in front of God's throne? (v.5)

32. What are the seven lamps of fire, before God's throne? (v.5)

33. What is in front of the God's throne that is like crystal? (v.6)

34. How many beasts are in front of God's throne? (v.6)

35. What do the four beasts look like? (v.7)

36. How many wings do each of the beasts before the throne have? (v.8)

37. What do the beasts before God's throne do? (v. 9)


38. What did John see in God's right hand? (v.1)

39. Who is the only one able to loose the seven seals? (v.3 & 5)

40. How did John describe the Lamb (Jesus) when he took the book out of God's hand? (v.6)

41. What did the golden vials (bowls) hold that the beasts and the elders had? (v.8)


42. When Jesus opened the first seal, what did John see? (v.2)

43. What does the rider on the white horse of the first seal do? (v.2)

44. When Jesus opened the second seal, what did John see? (v.4)

45. What does the rider on the red horse of the second seal do? (v.4)

46. When Jesus opened the third seal, what did John see? (v.5)

47. What does the rider on the black horse have in his hand? (v.5)

48. When Jesus opened the fourth seal, what did John see? (v.8)

49. What was the name of the rider of the pale horse and what followed with him? (v.8)

50. What kind of power was given to the rider of the pale horse? (v.8)

51. When Jesus opened the fifth seal, what did John see? (v.9)

52. When Jesus opened the sixth seal, what happened to the earth? (v.12)

53. What happened to the sun when the sixth seal was opened? (v.12)

54. What happened to the moon when the sixth seal was opened? (v.12)

55. What happened to the stars when the sixth seal was opened? (v.13)

56. What happened to the heaven when the sixth seal was opened? (v.14)

57. What happened to all the mountains and islands when the sixth seal was opened? (v.15)


58. How many of all the children of Israel were sealed with the seal of God in their foreheads? (v.4)

59. How many from each tribe of Israel were sealed with the seal of God? (v.5-8)

60. How many other people stood before God's throne and Jesus after the children of Israel were sealed? (v.9)

61. Where were the other people from who were before God's throne, but weren't of the children of Israel? (v.9)

62. Who were the people before God's throne after the children of Israel were sealed? (v.14)


63. Name two things that happened when the seventh seal was opened. (v.1-6)

64. What happened when the first trumpet sounded? (v.7)

65. What happened when the second trumpet sounded? (v.8-9)

66. What happened when the third trumpet sounded? (v.10-11)

67. What happened when the fourth trumpet sounded? (v.12)

68. What did John hear an angel say after the fourth trumpet? (v.13)


69. What happened first when the fifth trumpet sounded? (v.1)

70. What happened when the angel opened the pit? (v.2)

71. What came out of the smoke from the pit? (v.3)

72. What were the locusts from the smoke of the pit ordered not to do? (v.4)

73. How long are the locusts from the first trumpet on the earth? (v.5)

74. What do the locusts from the first trumpet do? (v.5-6)

75. What did the locusts from the first trumpet look like? (v.7-10)

76. Who is the king of the locusts? (v.11)

77. What happened when the sixth trumpet sounded? (v.14-15)

78. How big is the army of horsemen that kill ⅓ of mankind during the sixth trump? (v.16)

79. What did the horsemen of the sixth trump look like? (v.17&19)

80. How did the army kill ⅓ of mankind? (v.18)

81. What did people do who were not killed by the horsemen? (v.20&21)


82. Between the sixth and seventh trump, an angel came down from heaven. What did he have in his hand? (v.2)

83. Where did the angel between the sixth and seventh trump put his feet? (v.2)

84. How many thunders did John hear between the sixth and seventh trump? (v.3)

85. What did the angel say after John heard the seven thunders between the sixth and seventh trump? (v.6&7)

86. What did John do with the little book? (v.10)

87. How did the little book taste? (v.9&10)


88. What was John told to measure with a reed? (v.1)

89. How long did the two witnesses prophesy? (v.3)

90. What did the angel say will happen to those who hurt the two witnesses? (v.5)

91. What kind of powers do the two witnesses have? (v.6)

92. Who will kill the two witnesses? (v.7)

93. What happens to the two witnesses bodies after they are killed? (v.8)

94. What do those on earth do when they find out the two witnesses have been killed? (v.10)

95. What happens after the two witnesses are dead for 3½ days? (v.11)

96. What happens to the two witnesses after God gives them life again? (v.12)

97. What happens after the two witnesses ascend into heaven? (v.13)

98. When the seventh trumpet sounds, what happens to the kingdoms of this world? (v.15)

99. What happens in heaven after the seventh trump sounds? (v.16-18)

100. What happens when the temple of God is opened in heaven after the sounding of the seventh trumpet? (v.19)


101. What was the great wonder that appeared in heaven after the seventh trumpet? (v.1)

102. What is happening to the woman (Israel) in heaven, after the seventh trumpet? (v.2)

103. What did the dragon (satan) look like when he appeared in heaven after the seventh trumpet? (v.3)

104. What did the dragon (satan) do, when he appeared in heaven after the seventh trumpet? (v.4)

105. What happens to the woman's (Israel's) child (Christians) when it is born, in the book of Revelation? (v.5)

106. What does the woman do (who is clothed with the sun, with the moon under her feet, and a crown of twelve stars) after she
has her child? (v.6)

107. Who does the dragon (satan) and his angels fight a war with in heaven? (v.7)

108. What happens in the war between the dragon (satan) and his angels and the archangel Michael and his angels? (v.7-9)

109. When the devil is cast out of heaven forever, what does he do? (v.12-13)

110. How does the serpent try and hurt the woman (Israel) who is hiding in the wilderness? (v.15)

111. What does the earth do to help the woman who is hiding in the wilderness? (v.16)

112. What does the dragon (satan) do after he tries the flood and it does not work? (v.17)


113. What does the beast look like that John saw rise up out of the sea? (v.1)

114. What name was written on the beasts heads? (v.1)

115. Where did the beast get his power? (v.2)

116. What was different about one of the beast's heads? (v.3)

117. How long is the beast given power? (v.5)

118. What was the beast allowed to do? (v.7)

119. Who will worship the beast? (v.8)

120. What did the beast look like that came up out of the earth? (false prophet) (v.11)

121. Who does the false prophet want the earth to worship? (v.12)

122. What specific miracle does the bible say the false prophet can do? (v.13)

123. What does the false prophet tell the earth to make for the beast? (v.14)

124. What can the image of the beast do? (v.15)

125. Where will the mark of the beast be placed? (v.16)

126. If you don't have the mark of the beast, what can't you do? (v.17)

127. What is the number of the beast? (v.18)


128. After the seven trumpets (the second 3½ years) who is raptured? (v.1-4)

129. What did John describe Jesus reaping the harvest of the earth (separating the good from the bad) with? (v.14)

130. What does the angel do with the bad people on the earth with his sickle? (v.19)

131. How deep does the blood get from God's winepress? (v.20)


132. What is in the seven vials? (v.1&7)

133. What song is sung by those who gain victory over the beast and his image, on a sea of glass mingled with fire? (v.3)

134. When will people be allowed into the temple of God in heaven? (v.8)


135. What is the plague of the first vial? (v.2)

136. What is the plague of the second vial? (v.3)

137. What is the plague of the third vial? (v.4)

138. What is the plague of the fourth vial? (v.8-9)

139. What is the plague of the fifth vial? (v.10)

140. What is the plague of the sixth vial? (v.12-14)

141. What is the place called where Satan, Antichrist and the false prophet prepare to battle against God? (v.16)

142. What does a great voice out of the temple of heaven say after the battle of Armageddon? (v.17)

143. What is the plague of the seventh vial? (v.17-21)

144. What place does God judge during the seventh vial? (v.19)

145. How big was each hail stone that fell during the seventh vial? (v.21)


146. What place is referred to as the great whore in the book of Revelation? (v.5)

147. Who rules over the great whore in the book of Revelation? (v.7) (see #103)

148. How long do the 10 kings (with no kingdoms yet) receive power as kings with the beast? (v.12)

149. What will happen to the great whore of the book of Revelation? (v.16)


150. What does the book of Revelation, Chapter 18 describe?


151. What is the celebration in heaven called, after the fall of Babylon? (v.9)

152. What does Jesus use to fight and win the battle of Armageddon? (v.15&21)

153. What happens to antichrist followers in the battle of Armageddon? (v.18)

154. What happens to antichrist and the false prophet in the battle of Armageddon? (v.20)


155. What happens to satan after the battle of Armageddon? (v.3)

156. How long does satan stay locked up in the bottomless pit? (v.3)

157. Who lives with Jesus during the millennium? (v.4)

158. When does satan do when he is loosed from the pit after the millennium? (v.8)

159. What happens to those who follow satan after the millennium? (v.9)

160. What is the last thing that happens to satan? (v.10)

161. During the Great White Throne Judgment, what happens to the dead? (v.12-13)

162. What happens to death and hell during the Great White Throne Judgment? (v.14)

163. What happens to whoever is not found written in the book of life? (v.15)


164. What happens to the first heaven and earth and sea after the Great White Throne Judgment? (v.1)

165. What does God create after the Great White Throne Judgment? (v.2)

166. Who will dwell with men in the new Jerusalem? (v.3)

167. Why does the new Jerusalem need no sun or moon? (v.23)


168. How many kinds of fruit does the tree of life bear? (v.2)

169. What are the leaves from the tree of life used for? (v.2)

170. Who is the bright and morning star? (v.16)

171. What did Jesus say about the things written in the book of revelation? (v.18-19)

172. What was the last thing Jesus said to John in the book of Revelation? (v.20)


1) Six days

2) God made the land and the seas and plant life

3) On the seventh day, God rested

4) The seventh day is called the Sabbath

5) The first two people were Adam and Eve

6) The Garden of Eden

7) A rib from Adam's side

8) A serpent (satan)

9) The tree of knowledge of good and evil

10) Made him crawl on his belly and eat dust all the days of it's life

11) Woman would have pain in having children

12) Man would work hard all his life

13) Cain and Abel

14) Because God liked Abel's sacrifice better than Cain's

15) What he planted wouldn't grow and made him a wanderer on the earth

16) He put a mark on his forehead to protect him

17) Seth

18) Methuselah

19) Three

20) Ham, Shem and Japheth

21) Build an ark

22) Forty days and forty nights

23) Seven each of clean animals, and two each of unclean

24) Sent a dove out of the window of the ark to see if she would return

25) A rainbow

26) Six hundred years old

27) Nimrod

28) Sarai ... Later, God would change her name to Sarah

29) She turned into a pillar of salt

30) Isaac

31) 90-91 years old

32) Kill him for a sacrifice to God

33) Rebekah

34) A bowl of soup

35) Jacob

36) Twelve (The twelve tribes of Israel)

37) Joseph

38) A coat of many colors

39) Leah and Rachel

40) Because Israel loved him more than them

41) The said he was killed by a wild animal

42) To Egypt

43) Pharaoh's butler and baker

44) Potiphar

45) Seven good years, then seven years of famine

46) That he store food for the first seven years, to grow rich selling it during the famine

47) Let him out of prison and set him in charge over all of Egypt

48) Benjamin

49) His corn money and Joseph's silver cup

50) Reuben

51) To kill all the baby boys born to the Hebrew women

52) Pharaoh's daughter

53) Because Pharaoh wanted to kill Moses when he killed an Egyptian

54) In a burning bush

55) God wanted Moses to lead the people of Israel out of Egypt

56) Aaron

57) Because Moses was afraid that he didn't speak well enough

58) A snake

59) Pharaoh

60) Ten

61) Water turned blood, frogs, lice, flies, animals died, sores, hail, fire, darkness, all first born died

62) So the Lord would Passover their home and their firstborn wouldn't die

63) The Red Sea

64) God led them in a pillar of a cloud in the day, and in a pillar of fire at night

65) Manna

66) Jethro

67) Zipporah

68) The 5th Commandment ... Honor thy father and thy mother: that thy days may be long upon the land which the Lord thy
God giveth thee.

69) Built a golden calf to worship

70) Mount Sinai

71) Two tables of stone

72) Where the testimony of God was kept that God gave to Moses

73) Joshua and Caleb

74) The earth split open and swallowed them up

75) The people of Israel surrounded the city and all shouted at the same time at the top of their voices

76) His hair

77) With his bare hands

78) A swarm of bees and honey

79) The Philistines told her they would burn her and her family's house if she didn't tell

80) He lit 300 fox's tails on fire

81) The jawbone of a donkey

82) Delilah

83) They poked out his eyes

84) He pulled down the pillars he was chained to in a house where 3000 Philistines were, killing them all, and himself

85) He fell backward out of his seat when he heard his sons had been killed and the ark was taken

86) God's first chosen king of Israel

87) Looking for his dad's lost donkeys

88) Jesse

89) The harp

90) Seven

91) Goliath

92) Five smooth stones

93) Hit him in the forehead with a stone from his sling and with Goliath's own sword, David cut his head off

94) Jonathan, Saul's son

95) Because the people said that Saul killed hundreds of men but David killed thousands

96) To run for his life because Saul was planning to kill him

97) Because David cut off a piece of his coat while he slept, and stole his spear and water jar, a second time

98) 19

99) Joab

100) The Apple of God's Eye

101) Joab and ten of his men

102) Jerusalem

103) For an understanding heart to judge thy people, that I may discern between good and bad

104) When Solomon said to divide the child in half, he knew the real mother was the one who said, "O my lord, give her the living
child, and in no wise slay it"

105) Built the Temple

106) Cedar, fir and algum

107) Lebanon

108) Gold

109) Seven years

110) Three thousand

111) Ahab

112) She had them killed

113) The shape of the cloud was like a man's hand

114) Jezebel threatened to kill him because he had all her fake prophets killed with the sword, so he hid

115) A cake and a cruse of water

116) Elisha

117) His vineyard

118) He was stoned to death

119) She was thrown out a window and trampled underfoot of Jehu's horses (then her flesh was eaten by dogs)

120) "Let a double portion of thy spirit be upon me"

121) In a whirlwind on a chariot of fire and horses of fire

122) He sprinkled salt into it

123) Because he was bald headed

124) Two she bears came out of the woods and clawed 42 children

125) Go wash in the Jordan River seven times

126) Queen Vashti

127) He was hung on the gallows that he had prepared for Mordecai

128) He would curse God to his face

129) The Lord gave Job twice as much as he had before

130) David

131) 150

132) Solomon

133) Solomon

134) Nebuchadnezzar's dream

135) Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego

136) Belteshazzar

137) Pulse (peas or beans) and water

138) Iron and clay

139) Put them in a burning fiery furnace

140) Four

141) He used the gold and silver cups from the Temple to drink out of, at his feast and praised false gods.

142) He saw the fingers of God's hand writing on the wall

143) MENE, MENE, TEKEL, UPHARSIN ... Which Daniel interpreted: God hath numbered thy kingdom, and finished it. Thou
art weighed in the balances, and art found wanting. Thy kingdom is divided and given to the Medes and Persians

144) Because he prayed to God instead of the god of King Darius

145) God sent his angel to shut the lion's mouths while Daniel was in the den

146) Nineveh

147) Jonah disobeyed God so He caused a tempest in the sea where Jonah was on a ship.Jonah told the people on the ship and
they knew Jonah was the cause of the tempest

148) Three days and three nights

149) A gourd

150) It was eaten by a worm

151) Forty Two

152) Bethlehem

153) Herod

154) Wise men

155) Gold, frankincense, and myrrh

156) God warned them in a dream

157) To Egypt

158) Killed all the children in Bethlehem

159) Until Herod died

160) Archelaus, Herod's son

161) Nazareth

162) John the Baptist

163) Locusts and wild honey

164) Jordan

165) The Holy Ghost and with fire

166) "This is my beloved Son, in whom I am well pleased"

167) He was tempted by the devil

168) Forty days and forty nights

169) Command that stones be made into bread

170) Throw himself down off the top of the temple

171) Worship him

172) Simon Peter and Andrew his brother

173) They were fishermen

174) Zebedee

175) The earth

176) You will be judged

177) Bless them

178) Sheep's clothing

179) Fever

180) Her faith

181) Twelve

182) Judas Iscariot

183) Blasphemy against the Holy Ghost

184) The tree is known by his fruit

185) "Whoever shall do the will of my Father"

186) He is without honor

187) That thought they saw a spirit

188) Peter

189) Peter

190) Whole world

191) Peter, James and John

192) Faith ... as a grain of mustard seed

193) In the mouth of a fish

194) Become as little children

195) He is there in the midst of them

196) Seventy times seven times

197) To go through the eye of a needle

198) The head of the corner

199) No, but are as the angels of God

200) "Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy mind"


1. Jesus

2. John

3. The seven churches which are in Asia

4. Beginning and Ending

5. The Island of Patmos

6. As seven golden candlesticks

7. White like wool, as white as snow

8. As a flame of fire

9. Like fine brass, as if they burned in a furnace

10. A two-edged sword

11. As the sun shineth in His strength.

12. Seven stars

13. Fell at His feet, as if he was dead

14. The angels of the seven churches

15. To eat of the tree of life

16. In the midst of the paradise of God

17. The devil shall cast them into prison, and they shall have tribulation ten days

18. A crown of life, and shall not be hurt of the second death

19. Pergamos and Thyatira

20. Fight against them with the sword of his mouth

21. Power over the nations and the morning star

22. They shall be clothed in white. Jesus will keep their names in the book of life and confess their names before God and His

23. Philadelphia

24. New Jerusalem

25. Lukewarm

26. Rebukes and chastens

27. He will grant them to sit with Jesus in His throne

28. Like an emerald

29. Twenty four seats with twenty four elders sitting

30. They were clothed in white with crowns of gold on their heads

31. Seven lamps of fire burning

32. The seven Spirits of God

33. A sea of glass

34. Four

35. One like a lion, one like a calf, one with a face like a man, and one like a flying eagle

36. Six

37. They give glory and honor and thanks to God, who lives forever and ever

38. A book, sealed with seven seals

39. Jesus (the Lion of the tribe of Juda, the Root of David)

40. Having seven horns and seven eyes, which are the seven Spirits of God, sent forth into all the earth

41. Odours (incense) which are the prayers of saints

42. A white horse, the rider with a bow and a crown was given to him

43. Goes forth conquering and to conquer (False christs)

44. A red horse

45. He takes peace from the earth (Wars)

46. A black horse

47. A pair of balances (Famine - High prices)

48. A pale horse

49. Death, and Hell followed

50. Power over ¼ of the earth, to kill with the sword, hunger, death, and beasts (Pestilence)

51. The souls of those that were slain for the Word of God and their testimony (Christians killed)

52. There was a great earthquake

53. The sun became black as sackcloth of hair

54. The moon became as blood

55. The stars of heaven fell unto the earth

56. The heaven departed as a scroll when it is rolled together

57. Every mountain and island were moved out of their places

58. 144,000

59. 12,000

60. A great multitude, which no man could number

61. Of all nations, kindreds, people, and languages

62. Those who came out of the Great Tribulation, who washed their robes (repented for their sins) and made them white in the
blood of the Lamb (were forgiven because they believed in Jesus as their savior)

63. * Silence in heaven for ½ hour

* Seven angels stood before God and were given seven trumpets

* An angel stood at God's altar with a golden censer and was given much incense to offer it with the prayers of all the saints, to

* The angel filled the censer with fire from the altar and cast it upon the earth

* The seven angels prepared to sound the seven trumpets

64. Hail and fire mingled with blood were cast upon the earth. ⅓ of all trees and all the grass was burnt up

65. A great mountain burning with fire was cast into the sea. ⅓ of the sea became blood. ⅓ of the creatures in the sea died and
⅓ of the ships were destroyed

66. A great burning star, called Wormwood fell upon ⅓ of the rivers and fountains of waters. It made them poisonous and many
men died

67. ⅓ of the sun, moon, and stars were darkened, so that there was no light for ⅓ of the day and the night likewise

68. Woe, woe, woe, to those on earth when the last three trumpets sound

69. A star fell from heaven to earth and the angel was given the key of the bottomless pit

70. Smoke rose out of the pit and the sun and air were darkened from it

71. Locusts with power like scorpions

72. Not to hurt the grass or any green thing or any tree, but only those without the seal of God in their foreheads

73. Five months

74. They torment people, like when a scorpion strikes. People will want to die from the locusts torment, but will not be allowed to

75. The locusts looked like horses prepared for battle. They had gold crowns on their heads, faces like men, hair like women, teeth
like lions, iron breastplates, wings that sounded like chariots running to battle, tails like scorpions with stingers

76. The angel of the bottomless pit. In the Hebrew language: Abaddon, In Greek: Apollyon

77. The sixth angel with the trumpet was told to loose the four angels which were bound in the great river Euphrates to kill ⅓ of
all mankind

78. 200,000,000 (Two hundred million)

79. Heads of horses and lions, tails of serpents

80. Fire, smoke and brimstone which came out of the horsemens' mouths

81. They didn't repent of their sins. (worshipping devils and idols, murders, sorceries, fornication, theft)

82. A little book open

83. His right foot upon the sea, and his left foot on the earth

84. Seven

85. There should be time no longer, and when the seventh trump sounds, the mystery of God should be finished

86. He ate it up.

87. Sweet as honey, but it made his belly bitter

88. The temple of God, and the altar, and them that worship therein

89. 1260 days (3½ years)

90. Fire would come out of their mouths to destroy their enemies, and if anyone hurts them, they will be killed in the same manner

91. They have power to stop it from raining, they have powers over waters to turn them to blood and to smite the earth with all
plagues, as often as they will

92. The beast from the bottomless pit

93. They lie in the street of the great city, which spiritually is called Sodom and Egypt, where also our Lord was crucified

94. They rejoice over them and send gifts to one another because these two prophets tormented those that are on the earth

95. The Spirit of life from God enters them and they stand on their feet

96. They ascend into heaven in a cloud for all their enemies to see

97. There is an earthquake, 1/10th of the city will fall, and 7000 people die

98. They become the kingdoms of our Lord.

99. There is a celebration in heaven. The bad are judged, and the good are rewarded

100. Lightnings, voices, thunderings, an earthquake and great hail

101. A woman clothed with the sun, the moon under her feet, and upon her head, a crown of twelve stars (Symbol for Israel)

102. She is in labor and about to have a child

103. He was red, with seven heads and ten horns, and seven crowns upon his heads (Antichrist Empire)

104. He cast ⅓ of the stars to earth and stood before the woman who was ready to deliver her child who was to rule all nations
with a rod of iron (those who overcome)

105. Her child (Christians) was caught up unto God, and to his throne (Rapture)

106. She is hidden in the wilderness, where God has prepared a place for her to be taken care of for 3½ years

107. The archangel Michael and his angels

108. The dragon (satan) loses and he and his angels are cast out of heaven, never to return

109. He is very angry because he knows he has but a short time. He persecutes the woman (Israel) which brought forth the child

110. The serpent casts out of his mouth a flood of water so she might be carried away by the flood

111. The earth opened her mouth and swallowed up the flood which the dragon (satan), (serpent) cast out of his mouth

112. He is mad and went to make war with the remaining people of Israel which keep God's commandments and have the
testimony of Jesus Christ

113. The name of blasphemy

114. It has seven heads and ten horns with ten crowns, and upon his heads, the name of blasphemy. It was like a leopard, with feet
like a bear, and the mouth of a lion

115. The beast got his power from the dragon (satan)

116. It was as it were wounded to death, and the wound was healed

117. 3½ years

118. To make war with the saints and overcome them and power over all kindreds, languages and nations

119. All that dwell on earth who aren't written in the book of life

120. He had two horns like a lamb and spoke like a dragon

121. The beast

122. Make fire come down from heaven

123. An image

124. Speak, and cause those who do not worship the image of the beast to be killed

125. On the right hand or in the forehead

126. Buy or sell

127. Six hundred threescore and six (666)

128. The 144,000 Jewish virgin males who were marked with the seal of God in their foreheads (first-fruits)

129. A sharp sickle

130. Casts them into the great winepress of the wrath of God

131. Up to a horses bridle for 200 miles

132. The seven plagues - the wrath of God

133. The song of Moses

134. When the seven plagues (vials) are fulfilled

135. Antichrist followers get sores

136. Oceans become as blood

137. Freshwater becomes as blood

138. The heat of the sun scorches men

139. Darkness and pain overtakes the earth and mankind will gnaw their tongues off in pain

140. The Euphrates river dries up, spirits from Satan, Antichrist and the false prophet go to kings of earth and gather them to
battle against God

141. Armageddon

142. It is done

143. Voices, thunderings, lightnings and the biggest earthquake ever, islands fled away, mountains were not found, great hail

144. Babylon

145. one talent (100 pounds)


147. The antichrist empire

148. One hour

149. She will be made desolate and burn with fire

150. Babylon and the fall of Babylon

151. The marriage supper of the Lamb

152. A sharp sword that proceeded out of his mouth (the word of God - TRUTH)

153. An angel tells all the birds that they will eat their flesh

154. They are cast alive into a lake of fire

155. An angel from heaven throws him into the bottomless pit and locks him up

156. 1000 years (the millennium)

157. Those who died for Christ and the word of God, and those who didn't accept the mark or worship the image of the beast

158. Deceives nations and gathers them together for battle

159. They are devoured by fire that came down from God out of heaven

160. He is thrown into the lake of fire with antichrist and the false prophet for ever and ever

161. They are brought before God for judgment

162. They are cast into the lake of fire

163. They are cast into the lake of fire

164. They are passed away

165. The New Jerusalem

166. God Himself

167. Because it is lit with the glory of God and the Lamb

168. 12

169. The healing of the nations

170. Jesus

171. Not to add to, or take away from them

172. Surely I come quickly


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