About Zane

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About Zane

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In Memory of Zane

About Zane

Zane loved coffee ... especially Starbucks. Especially Caramel Machiato. He loved Italian food, Taco Bell and PIZZA. He loved iced tea, candy and chocolate. He drank Tequiza beer, but he'd settle for Corona w/lime. 😁 Zane especially loved Denny's at anytime of day and Texas Land & Cattle ... Ribeye, potato and steak soup, always.

Zane loved country dancing, nice shirts and great ties. He loved his dogs Rocky and Coco, and they adored him. He was fanatical about the New Orleans Saints ... He was a major fan. Zane loved good hair days, sleeping on the couch in front of the TV, chatting online and talking on the phone for hours. Zane loved bowling, singing karaoke and going to movies ... Sci-fi and action. He watched Armageddon, Independence Day and Matrix over and over and over. Zane loved Star Trek Voyager ... Especially the character 7 of 9. He loved her jumpsuit. Actually, he loved any woman in a jumpsuit. 😁

Zane loved driving his Trans Am fast with the top off, even if it meant ruining a good hair day. 😁 Zane loved the color red. He loved dark haired women, great legs, and smiles that reached the eyes. Show him a brunette with good legs in a red jumpsuit and life was good. 😁 He often spoke through songs and things he wrote. His use of words was amazing and he wasn't afraid to share his soul.

Zane loved making others' feel good with his words. He loved sending a morning email 'smile' ... A greeting to someone he knew needed it, and often said he liked the way that made him feel. He loved giving and receiving cards and would spend hours choosing the 'perfect' card. If he couldn't find it, he would make his own. He loved text messages and leaving surprise voice mails or a quick "Psssst" in an instant message. He loved receiving the same. Zane loved drawing, and was very good. He loved writing, music, dancing, candles, fireworks, flowers, sunsets, the water, the night, the stars and long conversations. He loved walking on the beach at night. Zane loved touching and being touched. He loved ROMANCE, and holidays and his favorites were Valentine's Day and the 4th of July.

Zane loved being near the water and that's where you could find him if he was down about something or needed to think. His favorite spot in Dallas was perfect, and included a gazebo and small pond enclosed by weeping willows. Zane held a special place in his heart for his sister Cyndi and his father. Zane had four children ... Connie, Michael Jr., Christopher and Laura. Zane thought of his children often and missed them terribly. He regretted not being able to be with them and watch them as they grew. Sometimes we all have to make difficult choices in a world that is less than perfect. Sometimes we are left with no choice at all and must sacrifice what we truly want, for what is in the best interest of those we love. Divorce can sometimes be a very cruel and confusing time period, especially if children are involved. The tears of sorrow, pain and loss can endure forever. A child can even feel as though they are being torn between two worlds. Maybe, Zane did not want his children to experience this. Maybe he made a mistake. We all make mistakes. But, what if we could learn from the mistakes of others, as an example of what we want to avoid and we could silence the tears of sorrow, pain and loss of future generations and end this vicious cycle. Maybe ... Zane's tears of sorrow, pain and loss can be that example for each and every one of us. Maybe ... He was put here for that purpose. Only God knows why.

Zane loved all his friends from bowling ... The Dirty Birds League. Zane loved the many friends he made online, especially ChatTexasOver3 and Texas Ladies ... Zane's dislikes were few. He hated doctors, dentists, vegetables, doing dishes and laundry. He hated being cold. He hated selfish people. He hated not being with his children. He hated hurting or disappointing those he loved. He hated that others might think less of him than he wanted to be. He hated not being perfect. He hated not being needed. He hated being alone.

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