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Welcome to Christianity Oasis Purity Publications. This thought provoking and extremely exciting eBook looking into the Spiritual World is but one of the Spiritual World eBooks that we have here at Purity Publications. Be sure to check out our absolutely awesome, interesting and intriguing display of free books on the Spiritual World. This particular book titled, Quintaria, written by Author Dominic Homan is part of his own collection which are listed below. Christianity Oasis in association with Purity Publications proudly presents you with the Spiritual world of Quintaria eBook free of charge for your enjoyment.

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Darkivin which is the lands where the Dark Fortress of Vampyric & Queen Elfindel is. Though Vampyric has his own castle in the Unknown Lands and Queen Elfindel has a castle in Kiszterian. Darklord who gripped the One Sword in the battle for Quintaria is set on wrecking havoc across Quintaria though not if MysticWolf has anything to say about it. The One Sword was created inside the Mountain Of Darkness, and The One Sword was put to an end by MysticWolf who took both parts of the broken sword to the Mountain Of Fire where he had to battle Draconies the crimson red dragon. One of MysticWolf's quests is to make his way into Darklord's Hellfire Kingdom and slay Darklord and to make his Hellfire domain crumble from within. The Vampires that invaded Quintaria are in a huge war right now against the MysticalWolves. The Lands Of The Legendary Dragons is a marvelous place from silver, to golden, to platinum dragons these three types of dragons are a rarity. Raindell a land where the elf council kingdom is. The Lands Of Legaro, the Lands Of Ligbrion, the Lands Of Rajesturn. The OrcGoblin which is a powerful half Orc and half Goblin he's located near the Ice Cave of Serpin. The Toxidareon Castle of Darblake is now revised. Neocralite where the clan of Darkside Raiders are and below Neocralite is the Lands of Insectris the land of Dark Insects. Near Scion and near Kiszterian is where the Great Scorpions are and in Kiszterian is where the two Dark Orbs are which they are guarded by a gigantic black scorpion. Espitinu where the cyborgs called the T-7 Series which a character named Darkstar created who resides in Darblake his main goal to inject the T-7 Virus which would turn people against their own will. What a vile bastard Darkstar is though the Platinum Warrior of Ligbrion will put an end to Darkstar Rostan. The Platinum Warrior's name is Domilas, he's fought many upon many battles his love is like a diva in appearance she is beautiful, tries her hardest to be humble. Mercenia which is surrounded by fire though a fire that is like a land of volcanoes. The Lands Of Hybrida which are invested with Hybrid Vampire hybrid' of Vampire and Dark Elf, the Lands Of Skulkren. The Arctic Hills of the legendary Arctic Eagle is located near the Lands Of Eagles. Below the Arctic Hills is the Land of the Ravens, and below Raventha. The Lands Of Starr is where the Pegasus's and Unicorns are and below Starr is the Lands of The Angelic. Gento the talking pine tree and Jentry the talking oak wood tree are two characters that  I find very unique. Insectra which is the Land of good Insects near the Lands of Legaro. The Yellow Dragons of Jenotha, the good orange/red dragons of Firenestera. As for Queen Elfindel she likes to think of MysticWolf has his/her lovely but Elfindel gets told no you're not my lovely. Serpin the betrayer of the ice-dragons not rebellious is Serpin though when the rest of the ice dragons needed his help he did not return the favor. There wasn't even a favor to re pay but when the ice dragons needed his help he wasn't there for them. Instead he was out and about flying and to speak with Darkstar. Serpin went all the way from Arcticin all the way over to Darblake here Darkstar Rostan told Serpin to join the forces of his dark army. Serpin wasn't sure he was even told of a huge empty cave that he could inhabit and for Rostan telling Serpin of the cave he was to join his dark army.

Chapter 1 The Vampires that Invaded the World

The Vampires of the Vampire King even took over these sacred pillars. The sacred pillars of Quintaria were taken over by the Vampires of Vampyric though the MysticalWolves!!! of Quintaria will battle the Vampires in a huge war to reclaim the pillars!!! Other's wanted the sacred pillars for their own but Vampyric proved he wanted the pillars more than any on the other half of Quintaria. The forces of darkness has been growing strong but the warriors of the light are growing even stronger. Vampires are to blame for this outrage and now every single one of them is to pay for they all follow orders from Vampyric otherwise known as the VampireKing. Krystal went outside from the castle of Mystic and she saw a massive war going on, she turned around to go back into the castle but a Vampire was blocking the entrance. He said where do you think you're going he withdrew his Vampire Sword two Mystical Wolves were on guard on top of the roof from the entrance they jumped down in front of Krystal and they growled and growled at the Vampire that stood as a threat to Krystal!!! Get out of my way you Wolves remember we are no Wolves to you Vampires we're the Mystical Wolves. No longer will our Wolves be tranced by your Vampires.  Then they morphed into a human like form. You are out numbered two to one the Mystical Wolves withdrew their Mystical Swords your king Vampyric started this war and we shall fight till thee very end for MysticWolf and for the peoples and for everybody in Quintaria. They went towards the Vampire, he swung his sword and blocked a few sword strikes but went to his knees and eventually the sword was knocked out from his hands then the Mystical Wolf on the left slayed the Vampire with his sword and thrust the weapon into his chest. Come now Krystal we shall take you to the Wolfsong Tavern!!! where you will be safe from harm. They run into a few Vampires but to no avail for the Vampires only got slayed. They have now reached the Wolfsong Tavern in you go princess of Quintaria. MysticWolf is seen inside of the Wolfsong Tavern I have got sliced with a sword on the shoulder she touches him it's my right one the young warrior said. I'll be fine Krystal I want you to take my pegasus Peguseri to the lands of Nioteri!!! where our secret fortress is. There are a few who say they know where it is but it's never appeared to them in person. What about you my king never mind that ride into the sky to Nioteri and take this cloak this will cloak you from harm now go my love to Nioteri. Peguseri knows the entrance to the fortress of ours now ride swiftly into safety. The young warrior shows her Peguseri he enters, the Vampires you see are no match for Peguseri he always shakes them off when in flight. They kiss and embrace afterwards then she mounts the pegasus and they ride off from the Wolfsong Tavern to Nioteri. She flies into the night and during all the chaos the princess rides towards their fortress. Peguseri starts to head towards the ground, lands swiftly in front of the pathway to the fortress of MysticWolf. Peguseri makes a horse like sound and the entry way door opens. The pegasus and Krystal makes their way into the fortress when they entered the fortress doorway closed. Stay with me her Peguseri the pegasus answers her by an up and down movement from his head. So you will stay with me thank you and she kisses his forehead after she dismounted him. The showing of the Zentra which was once Darkstar's Queen Elfindel stole the Zentra from him. The Zentra which is a force of dark magic needs to be destroyed it needs to be no more for it's causing a lot of destruction in the world. The Zentra which was created by Queen Elfindel which is guarded by an opening hand with electricity coming from all sides it's like a diamond the color of the Zentra is pitch black. MysticWolf will walk through hellfire and brimstone just to see the Zentra's end. Queen Elfindel says look at my precious Zentra it's power tremendous yet I heard the Mystical Wolves plan to rid of the Zentra when I don't know but they want the Zentra destroyed. Elfindel's Zentra has led many astray that were once innocent but no longer will Queen Elfindel be able to led the innocent astray. For Queen Elfindel's audacity the young warrior will make sure that the mage pay's a price and a big price at that.  Vampyric summoned for the Pirates which sail the Gulf Of Sole. to invade the lands of Mystic to steal the jewel of Xenthorpe. The Pirates of Vampyric have to go all the way from the West side of the Gule Of Sole down to the far East of the Gule Of Sole They will enter the Evil Lake and the Sea Of The Dead. Their ship however keeps the Pirates from being taken under the Evil Lake which was infested with these serpent like creatures then into the Sea Of The Dead which has fallen victims from the Evil Lake the victims came from the Evil Lake the water carried them into the sea. The captain of the pirate ship said look out there these lake serpents are numerous once again aim cannon balls now fire and his pirates fired cannon balls from each side and even from the back of the ship, the front of the ship even had two cannons. Once the pirates of Vampyric reached the Sea there were many innocent dead some were warriors of Quintaria trying to pass through so they could get to Darkivin the fortress of Queen Elfindel and Vampyric. The pirates have finally reached the lands, were near the lands of Dominor they made their way to Linnenduul and then from their down into the lands of Mystic. The pirates didn't fare to well against the Elv's of Linnenduul but there were tons of them instead of retreating to their ship they went down into the lands of Mystic. There the pirates of Vampyric failed the captain had his filthy hands on the jewel of Xenthorpe. It's mine it's mine, he said arrh arrh and cackled to the captain it's all mine. Not so fast Captain Blackfist who goes there who goes there you say I am the one and only Elf of Mystic take your grimy hands off of Xenthorpe.  We'll see about that Elf withdraw your sword as you wish Blackfist the two clashed and in the end both swords were knocked out of each others hands. Captain Blackfist realized there was one option left so he took his pirate gun from his side and before he drew the pirate gun the Elf of Mystic quickly withdrew his bow and fired a Mystical Arrow into the heart of Captain Blackfist. Give me my sword said Captain Blackfist my sword my sword so the Elf of Mystic tossed Blackfist his pirate sword then he died.

Jentry the talking oak tree along with the ForestMen who are from the Forests Of Mystic. The Good wizard whom has a home in the Forests Of Mystic Norgred the purple wizard. Is a very important aspect to the Forest Of Mystic. Strykker leader of the Field of Riders went into the Forests of Mystic along with the other riders of Stelleron. They're Vincent, Theon, Uminon. The four are known as the Iron Horsemen of Stelleron. During the night the Vulture's of the Vampyric went into Stelleron, so the Vultures traveled a long way just to reach Stelleron. They rested one night, the next night during that night the Vultures went into the lands of Stelleron and they started pecking at the peoples of Stelleron, man your horses said Vincent of Stelleron, fight off all those Vultures. It's Vampyric he is striking again we must send him a message, and by doing so we must make them retreat, so the Iron HorseMen of Stelleron drove them back to the Dark Fortress from which they came from. Quite some Vultures were slayed in the battle against Vampyric's Vultures. Then we have the Hawks Of Norrain are very majestic birds they are quite big in size though not massive in size. They're well kept by the Hawk Warrior Jarek. Jarek has a clan of warriors in armor they're called the Hawken Warriors of Norrain. Queen Elfindel is furious and has sent Uruk-Hai to obliterate the Hawken Warriors. A lot of Hawken Warrior's were taken down but the young warrior came to Jarek's aid for he was about to be slayed. Jarek was about to be slayed by the head master Uruk-Hai. Vampyric's Dark Bat's fly into Linnenduul and into Mystic. Legions of Dark Bats are like one with each other in fact Vampyric is sending his Dark Bats to the Lands Of Linnenduul and to the Lands of Mystic. The bats of Vampyric were sent to battle the MysticalWolves of course the MysticalWolves can't be bitten by Dark Bats then to become Vampyric like that's not possible their bite doesn't affect the MysticalWolves so hence they will never mix. Vampire and MysticalWolves do not belong just like when the Werewolves had a war against the vampires and one hybrid was created because of the war but put on a medallion so he wouldn't become a Werewolf and as well found another medallion which prevented him from any of his Vampyric traits from showing. That Werewolf was eventually slayed by the young warrior MysticWolf for the sake of humanity and for the sake of the world, which protected anyone of thought of Vampire scum and the majestic MysticalWolves. Thanks to the creator of MysticalWolves the young warrior MysticWolf is now looked upon as a mighty warrior. Darkstar is unveiled and his Toxidareon castle though Toxidareon is located in Darblake while Esrin has a lair inside Darkstar's fortress. Serpin an ice dragon of Arcticin goes to Toxidareon castle where he meets BlackPearl the black dragon. Darkstar Rostan offers Serpin to rule with him and BlackPearl, in order for that to happen Serpin must betray Arcticin.

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Chapter 2 Mystic Wolf & Norgred

The overly powerful Darklord sought out this Time Streaming device created by the Time Streamer himself Norphius. A wizard named Fandoren is an enemy of Norphius. Norphius was once a good wizard but his knowledge of devices, his superior intellect was his own self destruction for Vampyric persuaded Norphius to work for him. Though the Darklord was seeking the Time Streaming device so he could go into the future, to see if his schemes had worked. The Mystical Wolves that of which were thought of by the young warrior himself. A good wizard is the young warrior and not just that though his powers are that of thunder, fire, ice and the ability to fly and he has a staff that of which he doesn't need he also has a sword called the Mysticsword and the young warrior has a Mystical bow and his Mysticarrows. His Mystical Wolves have the power to fly and are very agile and are very smart and intellectual. They can breath arctic mist, their enemy the Vampires of Vampyric can breath fire. MysticWolf then confronted his beautiful princess and said I give you a White Crystal that of which I made for you to protect you against Queen Elfindel's Dark Elv's and a cross for protection against the Vampires of Vampyric. He keeps her name a secret for he doesn't want anyone knowing that he's with her since there are Vampires that might come after her if they knew. Though the Vampires, the Dark Elv's know if they touch her there will be hell to pay. Her nickname is Krystal for the White Crystal that she wears which was given to her by her love MysticWolf. There love for each other is compassionate a love that shines brighter than any treasure. MysticWolf was told by the good wizard that wore purple to finish off DarkLord once and for all for he's caused much chaos in Quintaria and the good wizard that of which wear's purple named Norgred can't stand Darklord. So Norgred had MysticWolf slay cyborgs from the Lands of Espitinu. The Evil Lake which is filled with underwater creatures that serve Darklord. Underwater serpent creatures that serve the darkness but no fear only the evil lake of Darklord has these vile underwater things go into the Hellfire Kingdom which is Darklord's. MysticWolf confronts DarkLord, the Dark One then told MysticWolf so we meet again do we, well this is the last time we shall fight, the loser of this battle will be slayed. MysticWolf said to DarkLord in reply I intend to slay you, I will. MysticWolf then took a swing at DarkLord, took the fight to the DarkLord the ruler of all darkness. The DarkLord fought back against MysticWolf with everything he got, DarkLord said, MysticWolf you'll never defeat me, MysticWolf replied I will make sure to it that you evil scum are destroyed once and for all. You will be defeated and destroyed, said the warrior of light. DarkLord replied back to MysticWolf and said you really think that you can destroy me the king of all darkness. MysticWolf told the DarkLord king of the darkness that his reign will not last one more day, after MysticWolf said that the battle continued for hours, nightfall eventually came over the skies, and the battle ended with MysticWolf putting a Mystic Arrow into his black heart. DarkLord then staggered back and forth, then MysticWolf impaled his MysticSword into DarkLord's chest, it went all the way. The Alpha of the MysticalWolves the young warrior watched DarkLord impaled, and DarkLord tried to remove the sword from his chest though to no avail, then DarkLord's Hellfire Kingdom of evil was starting to crumble from within. MysticWolf quickly thrust his MysticSword out of DarkLord's chest, then told DarkLord his days are over, that he shall never hurt anyone again. DarkLord fell back to his knees, sunk to the ground waiting for his Hellfire Kingdom to fall on him, though DarkLord tried to regain strength though couldn't. MysticWolf then took his MysticAx, drove it once into the chest of DarkLord, then drew back his MysticAx, then did something to cleanse the MysticAx, with that the young warrior MysticWolf made his way eventually to the exist, though was somehow barricaded, and so MysticWolf used his Mystic WarHammer, broke the barricade, made his exit out of the Hellfire Kingdom. With MysticWolf's victory over DarkLord the Hellfire Kingdom collapsed from within. MysticWolf on his white horse rode back to Mystic and a meeting was held in the council room with six other members each were summoned from their lands to met at MysticWolf's castle. The warrior Sunfalcon, the warrior LightAngel, the warrior BeetleKing, the warrior the Elf of Linnenduul, and the warrior ArcticEagle. From the new round table Deslon had a sword presented to whomever would pick up the sword though this sword was the Sword of Quintaria. Well said all seven of the well known warriors of Quintaria we each have our own swords I think the sword of Quintaria should be in the corridor of where Deslon stays for he is Quintaria's high council general throughout all the lands. The shield of Quintaria was presented, so was the armor of Quintaria. As well specially made Quintaria Arrows and a Quintaria Bow were presented to the new round table.

Chapter 3 The Werewolves Join the War Against the Vampires

The Werewolf King made a fellowship with Wolves pledging their allegiance to riding of all Vampires. Just remember this said the Wolves we might be wild but not wild like a lion as well we aren't insane like a Werewolf for you know once a man that was bitten turns into a Werewolf during a full moon it's neither the moons fault for that was the curse but it wasn't the moons fault. We also don't howl at the moon maybe from time to time it might seem like that but we Wolves would usually thinks it's a waste of time unless it's a beautiful bright full moon. The Mystical Wolves said this to the Werewolves about Wolves and even said MysticalWolves are not anything like Werewolves. The fellowship was made between them and another battle had begun. There is this one Dark Werewolf who was taken by Vampyric and with some wizardry by Queen Elfindel the Werewolf was now under their control finally a Werewolf under their control but if MysticWolf has anything to say about it the DarkWerewolf will be slayed by doing so the Werewolf would highly appreciate that cause once slayed the spell would wear off unless something can be done something that would remove that spell.  Queen Elfindel tied the Werewolf up and moved his hands against his forehead but the Werewolf did not bite for Elfindel waved his hands which put the Werewolf under his control for awhile. This is our eight battle between one another and I'm going to teach him a lesson and I remember one time I was almost captured Vampyric was going to toss me off the Mountain Of Fire though Elfindel saved me but he knows that I would never join them for one I despise Vampires already and for I never want to like them. I am a Mystical Wolf not a Vampire, nor Werewolf. I have Wolven in me and I'm proud of that and I never want them to co-exist for just like Werewolves and Vampires have never co-existed I don't want Mystical Wolves either for Vampires are scum and the Werewolves know that too. Though Mystical Wolves and Werewolves are different but maybe just maybe if the Mystical can trance the Werewolf for his own good then, or if the Werewolves can just recognize that they become rabid and they must be controlled then we will be able to get along. MysticWolf rides his horse into the lands of Kiszterian. MysticWolf arrived at the foot of Queen Elfindel's castle. MysticWolf then withdrew his sword and from the entrance of the castle the warrior fought off quite a bit of Dark Elv's. Then made his way into the castle, fought off more Dark Elv's until he made his way to the Werewolf that had become possessed by Elfindel. Queen Elfindel release him or else I will have to slay him now and not later. Never I shall not release my Werewolf yes you shall for your end his near Elfindel no my end is not near Elfindel replied yours is we'll see about that warlock. Queen Elfindel released the Darkwerewolf on MysticWolf though the warrior over powered the Werewolf and then with his sword drove it into his chest and then took a silver dagger and drove it into his side and with that the Dark Werewolf had been slayed. Noo!! said Elfindel you ruined my master plan and now you shall pay and Dark Elv's started to come out from all corners attack him I don't care if he's dead or alive. MysticWolf fought through them all he got a sword attack to the shoulder that hit but only a dash came upon his shoulder it'll heal soon said the warrior MysticWolf and he continued to fight his way out of Elfindel's castle of Kiszterian. Then he mounted on his horse once out of the castle and made his way back to Mystic. MysticWolf used a de-werewolfer vile on the Werewolf King for when he was fighting Vampyric's two generals that came to attack the Werewolf lands he went insane and somehow he didn't recognize MysticWolf for the young warrior used his Mystical Staff that is mystic blue in color to trance him for good reasons for one so he wouldn't go insane on him but he shook it off so quickly MysticWolf fired a de-werewolfer vile towards the Werewolf King meanwhile an army of Werewolves made their way into the Unknown lands, as well an army of Werewolves made their way to Kiszterian and attacked the Dark Elv's of Queen Elfindel.  The Mystical Wolves and the Wolves of Nioteri were summoned by the young warrior, they rode to Darkivin, attacked Darkstar's fortress. Meanwhile...Blackpearl...the dragon of Darkstar was battling BlackPearl in a battle to protect the Lands Of Ligbrion for Darkstar had sent his black dragon into Ligbrion who caused mass disturbance in Ligbrion the peoples of Ligbrion were running, the Platinum Knight went to their rescue. The Platinum Knight fought BlackPearl and they rumbled and they even tumbled. BlackPearl hovered over the PlatinumKnight and opened his jaws, roared and then was going down to bite the Platinum Knight though the Platinum Knight reached for his Platinum Sword that was knocked down, then stuck the sword in his mouth. BlackPearl fell over dead...with a big thud... Inside the fortress is Esrin's lair. Darkstar Rostan is seen walking to the lair of Esrin his dark queen. There's nothing majestic as a dark queen said MysticWolf. The young warrior was standing across from Darkstar Rostan said out loud what the heck are you doing here I come for your head For you put a price on mine if I didn't join you in your unholy crusade for nothing. The young warrior from his left hand threw a fireball into Rostan's right eye. The wizard Wolf warrior MysticWolf drives his sword into Darkstar then MysticWolf then said to you're finished Rostan now Esrin shall be no more. I go now to her lair Esrin shall be slayed. Esrin then appears, says to the young warrior. No one has been able to slay Darkstar except you were the one who did so for slaying Darkstar you're powerful now kiss me you know you want to, MysticWolf replied No!! Esrin withdrew a dagger from her side. The young warrior took it from her after she swung it at him MysticWolf slayed Esrin by driving his Mystic Sword into her chest. The warrior MysticWolf reached for his Mystical Staff, then waved it back and forth which blasted out the rocks which had blocked access to the entrance that was of Darkstar's. His staff was mystic blue in color more of a darker blue than a mystic blue.

Chapter 4 The Good Dragons of Quintaria

Jesus commanded the Green Dragons to breathe seeds and the Talking Tree's 15 came to life. Jesus was said by Deslon if you ever need a pack of Wolves watching your back sure, Ceslin the bear if you ever need a mighty paw I will protect you in your Glorious Return. Divine Prince of Mercy for those who Seek salvation through the lord. Jesus Return may never be embraced by humanity as a realityThe Wooden Dragon was used as bait and the Quintaria soliders laid waste to the fortress of Vampyric and Queen Elfindel in a siege to save the Sapphire Warrior Princess, The Moth that was put in a jar with a hole on top for the lid, The Angel before Queen Elfindel was slayed before Vampyric was slayed they got 300 million Dark coins for Vampyric bat wings, Elfindel's darkstar, from Rostan Elfindel took it from Rostan after he was slain, Platinum Warrior gone away from the battle scene. for the Platinum Ankh, the Fox's bag of magic tricks. Platinum Warrior had a Platinum Wand Platinum Ankh warrior had a Ankh wand, Fox King had a FoxyWand. Elfindel had it's darkstarwand Vampyric had a vampirewand that made the enemy fell faint acted. Cat Person King had a cat wand that purred, meowed as a distraction, or comfort, Celestial Wizard had a Celestial wand all more powerful than the darklord's wand from the lands we shall not mention. Harryfairy lol ... something New with the rain storm breathing dragons, electricity from years ago, ice, snow dragons green dragons of Quintaria can plant trees. Breathe seeds from their mouths New too! 2 MIRROR DRAGONS they shatter the shadow dragons can manmipulate their shadows Sun Dragons can birth new suns V5 or V4 1/2 suns tars Moon Dragons can birth new moons they go into space. Quintaria and then they return to Quintaria. Istopolis dragons can breath rain and Arcticin dragons can breathe ice, snow the white dragons. The 15 talking Trees warned the Purple Femurs and the one eyed creatures, clubbed tales and hand clubs took on the Red one eyed Femurs with axes the Trees that talked were saved Quintaria by Jesus Christ Green Quintaria Dragons by Dominic Homan can breath seeds and they can plant Talking Tree's. Deslon and Ceslin Reslin, Kensli was shaded by the Trees. They Talked There were no orcs no goblins threatening them though one eyed Femurs with clubbed tails and axes. The good Femur's were purple and the bad ones were red. They cut two trees down though Deslon and Ceslin Rensli Kensli Hyenro and Dingro avenged the two talking trees there are 15 talking trees. Quintaria The Mirror Dragons shattered in a war vs Queen Elfindel's War Vampyric war this vampire king wasn't afraid of mirrors The Mirror Dragons were shattered they breathed fire and Inferno dragon before the Istopolis dragons flooded his lair and Serpentstine liar and the dragons were killed by Jenotha dragons and Arcticin dragons, the WHite Dragons who breathed ice, and snowed their lairs as well the Sand Dragons couldnt die though Sand Dragons type 2 breathed sand sun dragons made V4 1/2 star.

Violureon dragons and Istopolis Blue Dragons water and rain they made a river and a few lakes, Green Dragons of Quintaria can grow trees with their breath seeds come from their mouth as Jesus Instructed them too they flooded Inferno Dragons resting place. and the Inferno mountain! of lava Mount Destro!. The Rain the flood made the volcano mountain seal over it covered the mountain entirely. Violureon dragons made it flood in the lands of Serpestine Serpestine was slain by the Violureon Dragon leader VIOLEO he took over from the other leader Inferno dragon, Serpestine, dragon breathed fire at a Jenotha dragon he dodged it BEfore the two fire evil dragons could burn any buildings the White Dragons and Arctic dragons snowed and iced froze the fire evil dragons The fire was frozen no towns in the village were not burned none. The Rain dragons from their mouths the Istopolis dragons and had weakened the dragons their body was producing less flame they went sliding down a water slope.

Violureon dragons and Istopolis Blue Dragons water and rain they flooded Inferno Dragons lair. and the Inferno mountain of lava Mount Destro. The Rain the flood made the volcano mountain seal over. Violureon and Istopolis Blue Dragons water and rain they flooded Inferno Dragons lair. and the Inferno mountain of lava Mount Destro. Rain the flood made the volcano mount seal over. Violureon purple dragons made it rain in Serpenstine, flooded all their evil stine eggs Jesus was seen riding a Pegasus's from the Heavens Jesus had a soft bed made of softest materials and Jesus body was a new and no one ever harmed him. For He was in Quintaria, not on Earth Jesus was seen petting Deslon Deslon the Wolf said if you need a wolfpack to have your back in Quintaria they will and you shall have a sword this time instead of being Unarmed and helpless. Ceslin the bear said to Jesus if you need my mighty paw I shall slay demons for you Gendon was slayed though they said he was traveling around Quintaria it can't be though Gendon relinquished his demon throne, demon crown that used to be on his head when seated on his thrown Jesus this time final battle against Satan.

Jesus won Amen.

Violureon dragons and Istopolis Blue Dragons water and rain they made a river and a few lakes, Green Dragons of Quintaria can grow trees with their breath seeds come from their mouth as Jesus Instructed them too.

Inferno, Serpentstine, dragon breathed fire at a Yellow Dragon before the towns village buildings could be flamed the fires of their mouth frozen by snow the fire was put out rather, by the Two White Dragons and Arctic dragons used ice, snow blasts freeze, Jenotha used electricity.

Violureon dragons and Istopolis Blue Dragons water and rain they flooded Inferno Dragons lair. And the Inferno mountain of lava Mount Destro. The Rain the flood made the volcano mountain seal over. Violureon dragons made it flood in the lands of Serpestine Serpestine was killed by the Violureon Dragon leader VIOLEO he took over from the other leader.

Inferno dragon, Serpestine, dragon breathed fire at a Jenotha dragon he dodged it before the two fire evil dragons could burn any buildings. The White Dragons and Arctic dragons snowed and iced froze the fire evil dragons. The fire was frozen no towns in the village were not burned none. The Rain dragons from their mouths the Istopolis dragons and had weakened the dragons their body was producing less flame they went sliding down a water slope.

Violureon purple dragons made it rain in Serpenstine, flooded all their evil stine eggs. Jesus was seen riding a Pegasus's from the Heavens. Jesus had a soft bed made of softest materials and Jesus body was a new and no one ever harmed him. For He was in Quintaria, not on Earth Jesus was seen petting Deslon. Deslon the Wolf said if you need a wolfpack to have your back in Quintaria they will, and you shall have a sword this time instead of being Unarmed and helpless. Ceslin the bear said to Jesus if you need my mighty paw I shall slay demons for you. Gendon was slayed though they said he was traveling around Quintaria. It can't be though Gendon relinquished his demon throne, demon crown that used to be on his head when seated on his throne. Jesus this time final battle against Satan. Jesus won Amen.

There's the Yellow dragons of Jenotha their leader Xeron. The Yellow Dragons can make storms if they sense a storm is needed to slay any evil across the lands, or if they sense un-easiness within Quintaria. Jenotha dragons can breath electricity... In Jenotha it rains and thunders a lot, the eggs of the dragons in Quintaria are very wondrous looking especially the ones of Jenotha. The dragons of Jenotha if needed can make it lightning, they aren't afraid of nothing. Xeron makes a statement to all of Quintaria that not all dragons are bad, not all dragons are slothful, that not all will eat you for lunch. The dragons of Quintaria are wondrous, they don't really have tempers unless fighting Uruk-Hai, Femur's, Orc's, or Goblins. Six two headed Nazgul's were driven back just recently from Jenotha back to where they came from Kiszterian. Some Jenotha dragons are now seen flying around Jenotha for they heard an attack might happen soon on Jenotha by the Orc's of Queen Elfindel. In fact Elfindel did sent send some Orc's four sections in fact into Jenotha. They're on their way right now as we speak says Xeron I can just sense it prepare all Jenotha dragons for a battle against the Orc's of Queen Elfindel. Neintron who is second in command of the Jenotha dragons was told to sound a roar that signaled an upcoming attack. Neintron roared which signaled to prepare for battle. The Jenotha dragons await the Orc's of Queen Elfindel. There is Xeron, Neintron, Heikeris, Seionon of the Jenotha dragons that are of high rank. The Orc's of Queen Elfindel arrive in Jenotha, you could see lot's of knocking over of Orc's in the battle against the Orc's of Elfindel in Jenotha. There was no Orc's left standing which those Orc's came from the Dark Fortress. Queen Elfindel still has more Orc's just not from her Dark Fortress. In fact the Orc's asked for a co/commander to lead them, not just the OrcKing giving them orders. Then there's Firenestra dragons which they are lead by Trenon who is a real king upon orange red dragons. These orange red dragons are very good, only know of goodness they know no evil. All the dragons know of no evil except for Serpin, Draconis, Inferno. There was four evil dragons though the Platinum Knight slayed the fourth one who was known as BlackPearl, now Rostan, BlackPearl are no more. Trenon who is talking to Sorinon in their huge dragon den. The dragons of Firenestra at the moment are fighting the Femur's of Femuria sent by the FemurKing. They fought one another the Femur's of Femuria swung their Femuria Ax's, pounded with their fists while the dragons of Firenestra fought back by breathing fire, tail whipping the Femur's. Trenon, Anorok, Heindros, Onesteros are the four main dragons in Firenestra in high rank. Violureon dragons are leaded by Jesnerion, a very proud purple dragon who in my mind deserves the purple heart for saving many lives within Quintaria. Violureon dragons can breath fire like all dragons though Violeureon dragons can also breath a smokescreen which is like a fog. In Violureon n the morning every other day you can see the air filled like fog which the dragons breath their smokescreen which causes the fog, actually they like it and it doesn't bother them. Jesnerion, Keinstow are preparing for a huge meeting of Violureon dragons for now a dragon named Keinstow is ready to become second in command for the Violureon dragons, and so the meeting was held, Keinstow was dubbed second in command of the Violureon dragons. What an honor indeed said Jesnerion, yes it's an honor I'll always remember throughout my time as a dragon. Queen Elfindel sent gigantic scorpions into the land's of Violureon. Keinstow was ready for the Great Scorpions Queen Elfindel to come into Violureon cause he's sure ready for them to bring on the fight. So the Great Scorpions are making their way into Violureon, and so the dragons of Violureon went smash, smash, stomp. The Great Scorpions that retreated they got smashed by Violureon dragons who chased after them. The dragons of Violureon of high rank are Jesnerion Keinstow, Leniero, Mesitero. Then there's Istopolis dragons their leader Wentero. The blue dragons are very peaceful dragons but when an antagonist comes around they can get pretty defensive if they are physically threatened. In Istopolis you get a lot of mystic blue sky's Just like in the Land's Of The MysticalWolves. MysticBlue sky's are very beautiful though. Wentero said to the Istopolis dragons at the meeting of the blue dragons that Terono will take over in command for thirty days while I'm gone to Jenotha to talk about their most recent battle with the Orc's of Queen Elfindel. There is Wentero, Terono, Qeuintero, Renderiosion. Wentero went for thirty days, Wentero, Xeron of Jenotha became really close friends. The fleet of Orc's that of which Queen Elfindel sent got annihilated none was left standing none were left alive. Queen Elfindel wanted to obliterate Jenotha and doesn't give an oblivion about them. Queen Elfindel's disregard for things will lead to her doom. Elfindel's rage is slowly building and I think she plans to cause an all out war that will get the all the Land's of Quintaria that are on the good side to make her wanted mage in fact she is an already wanted mage for crimes against the young warrior. Last but not least the Arcticin dragons their leader Osteren. Osteren an extremely valiant dragon who is the general of the ice dragons. In Arcticin there is a lot of snow during the winter. Arcticin dragons can breath artic mist which freezes their enemy. As well Arcticin has two snowy mountains. It doesn't get hot in Arcticin though it does get somewhat warm in Acticin from time to time. In Arcticin it can snow a lot, and a snow storm can be a big one at that.. Osteren, Serpin are very close to one another but so is Reono. Reono isn't all that found of Serpin too much for he feels Serpin only thinks of himself, that he needs to care more for the other dragons of Arcticin. Serpin finally returns from his meeting with Rostan in Darblake Toxidareon was filled with many poisonous plants, many vines which Rostan told Serpin about but didn't show, and now Rostan is no more thanks to the Platinum Knight. Serpin now is now in Arcticin, is making his way to home Osteren will be very upset at Serpin for he knows not where he has been, while he's been out and about the Arcticin dragons are in a battle right now, and it's getting nasty. Reono is now seen talking to Osteren, I will personally have Serpin kicked out of Arcticin for not being here with us in battle, and even if he does show up late. There is Osteren, Reono, Serpin, Nioron in high rank of the dragons of Arcticin. There is some green dragons throughout Dragon Island it's the biggest island to say the least that I have ever heard of. Branthrack is the leader of the green dragons in Quintaria. The rare dragons are the silver, gold, platinum. The leader of the silver dragons is Silva Rage, the general of the gold dragons is Goldra, the leader of the platinum dragons is Dragolite. Here Are The Good Dragons Of Quintaria... Xeron of Jenotha Trenon of Firenestra Jenerion of Violureon Wentero of Istopolis Arcticin of Osteren.

The Shadow Dragon Smoke of the Lands Of Shadows..."Shadowmere"... that's ShadowMan's dragon. He's not a black dragon though in appearance is in form of a shadow. ShadowMan and his army of Shadow dragons are in a war against the black dragons of Vampyric. Vampyric said out loud whomever this warrior's name is he used the power of Shadow's to undermine us. He has asked the shadows for his help in the battle against the ever growing darkness in Quintaria but good shall prevail it'll find it's way. Vampyric said fly to Shadowmere and attack the Shadow Dragons!!! so they fly into Shadowmere and a huge battle begins... The Shadow Warrior's of ShadowMan are letting their Shadow Arrows fly against the black dragons of Vampyric. They fought and fought until the black dragons were driven off by the warrior's of Shadowmere and the Shadow Dragons. Only a few black dragons returned to Vampyric he was like Noo!!!! we failed in the battle against the Shadow Dragons how can this be. Vampyric was quite upset Nordgene a lieutenant vampire of Vampyric entered the area to where Vampyric was seen to be in discontent now I shall send my army of vampires into the Lands of Mystic. Nordgene you go with them into the Land's of Mystic and lead them into battle. So they start their journey but meanwhile some white dragons are seen roaming around. The White Dragons are the White Guardians of Quintaria. just like the winged wolves which are guardians of the Land's of Mystic. They're magnificiant creatures, good wizards love them. Fandoren even has a white dragon named Wintdra for he is as white as snow. Fandoren is another good wizard like Norgred.

There are yellow dragons, green dragons, blue dragons to red dragons, to purple dragons and the rare silver, golden, and even platinum dragons. Draconies who's lair is the Mountain Of Fire he is a crimson red dragon. The second evil dragon is Serpin he's an ice dragon he betrayed the ice dragons of Arcticin. The blue dragons are from Istopolis a land full of blue dragons most breath ice and for those that don't it's okay for they're very tough. They only fight if needed along side the knights of Quintaria. The dragons of Quintaria are not slothful but they love to just lay down and relax and the rest of there time they spend either eating some fruit and or hunting Orc's. Blue dragons are not temperamental but if threatened they will show you who's boss. The One Sword which is really powerful was in the hands of Vampyric though during the battle upon ShadowMountain it was broken in half by MysticWolf his MysticSword caused the One Sword to break in half and what was left of the One Sword was cast into a hot pit of fire inside the Mountain Of Fire. After the young warrior slayed Draconies he threw both half's into the hot pit of fire. Draconies was a very temperamental dragon who didn't seek help for he always ignored advice, even if you gave him advice he never listened, actually Draconis served the Crimson Knight, they fought many battles together for Draconies only recognized the Crimson Knight. The Crimson Knight did battle the young warrior after he had slayed Draconies. They fought, fought each other, in the end the last man standing was the young warrior. Though the Crimson Knight did manage to slice the right shoulder of the young warrior MysticWolf. The young warrior had made the Crimson Knight go onto his knees, once the Crimson Knight went to his knees, then the ever so cunning, majestic MysticWolf went back to his homeland Mystic where he received some Elvish medicine that of which the Elv's of Linnenduul gave to the MysticalWolves of Mystic. The green dragons are from Dragon Island and they actually have a leader his name is Branthrack, Draconis who was one of the green dragons who was really was liked in Dragon Island his name Draconis though he betrayed the green dragons from Dragon Island to serve Queen Elfindel. Drakkan is also a well known in Island Of Green Dragons. Drakkan has a human like form he's a warrior that can turn into a green dragon. Dragolite a platinum dragon of this warrior who's armor is the color of platinum is very intellectual and very tough. Dragolite is the Platinum Warrior's dragon. Next to Dragon Island is where the three rare kinds of dragons are. This golden dragon named Goldra, a silver dragon named Silva are two very well known dragons along with Dragolite. This warrior called the Golden Knight is friends with very well known golden dragon Goldra and asked for him to come with him into the Land's of Ligbrion. A knight known as the Silver Knight became friends with Silva a silver dragon. Back at Dragon Island Drakkan the green dragon is shown turning into a person like form. Brantrack the most respected of the green dragons, smartest is known for his ability to communicate with the peoples throughout Quintaria. The extremely agile, quick Branthrack is king of Dragon Island. Dragon Island is extremely beautiful and these dragons are definitely not slothful nor should you fear them. Though when in they're in battle you should respect them for they won't show you no mercy, and if Branthrack let's say is to corner a Femur against a rock he won't stop for a second, he will finish him off quickly. Serpin was mixed with emotions and went back to Arcticin when he arrived a huge battle was going on between the ice dragons and Orc's, Femurs. Osteren the leader of the ice dragons was asked Serpin where were you we needed you and now this battle is almost over. I didn't know the Orc's and even the Femur's of Femuria had planned an attack on us. Where were you exactly I was looking for a cave to inhabit and where exactly is this cave you found is it beyond the boundaries the land of the lines for you know when the other half of Quintaria was corrupted that half was off limits to any one who pledged their allegiance to the protection, and well- being of Quintaria. So where is this cave in which you so want to inhabit it's near Darblake I've heard enough Osteren said in a very upset voice then a loud 'roar' was heard. I here by banish you from Arcticin and the warrior MysticWolf and our high council general Deslon will sure find out about this. Serpin replied I ran into Darkstar he wants me to join his dark army in exchange for the cave it was he who told me about the empty cave. What was your response to his offer I was shocked and mixed with emotions. You betrayed the oath not to go over the land of the lines though if you promise that going over there was never to happen again you shall be forgiven. Meanwhile during Serpin's and Osteren's conversation they ran into a few enemies which they fought off together. More Orc's, Femur's showed up and a Femur came out of no where and threw a FemurAx into Osteren's side. A loud cry more so a scream in agony was heard Serpin do something freeze the wound and then pull it out. Serpin did help Osteren but he was soon banished by Reono, with that Serpin left sadly to where he didn't no where he was going, he inhabited a cave named Surpestine that of which is near Orkob of the OrcGoblins. The OrcGoblins wouldn't even go near Serpin for he doesn't have anything they want though Serpin is neither good nor evil. He decided to be a shade of grey. Two other ice dragons Nirosten, Meinin came to Osteren's side and Nirosten slayed the Femur which threw the FemurAx into Osteren's side. Osteren was badly wounded, as for Serpin he couldn't stand the fact seeing Osteren hurt like this though decided to inhabit the cave near Darblake and make it his own. Nioron was like goodbye Serpin I know that you will not ever fight against us inhabit a cave or something, as a matter of fact Serpin did inhabit a cave, he named it Surpestine. With Darkstar Rostan out of the way Serpin doesn't have to worry about Rostan investigating the cave of Orkob. For Darkstar would have found out eventually that Serpin was near Darblake. The OrcGoblins of Orkob served Rostan but now the only ones they serve are themselves. In Orkob all the OrcGoblins all serve the OrcGoblin King. This battle is near over Osteren will survive now with the FemurAx taken out he should be okay. He's being attended to right now, this battle is now over. With the FemurKing slayed their attack on Arcticin was rather weak in fact the Femur's made a big mistake trying to invade Arcticin without their leader for they had not placed a new Femur general in the ranks so their attack did not go as planned. Though with Osteren badly hurt they did something in which hurt Arcticin that's if Osteren isn't going to be okay which I think he'll be okay. Reono then sit down near the wounded dragon you'll be okay. This Elf from Dominor should be able to help us it's some Elvish medicine for your wound my general Osteren. Why thank you Neyro for your kindness towards us dragons we owe you Elv's of Dominor. Well we might need you Reono in a battle against Femur's will you come in about three weeks for about let's say a week to help us watch over Dominor for I heard the attack will be very brutal, they will be in the numbers. Reono replies with a yes I sure do want to tail-whip some Femur's revenge is not good they say but for Arcticin I shall avenge for Osteren. Good then I will see you in three weeks, to help us in battle. Meanwhile ShadowMan and his Shadow Warriors are seen together preparing for the battle against Uruk-Hai and the Femur's. Attack!! says the Uruk-Hai leader of this section of Uruk-Hai. The Shadow Warriors had great camouflage at night, though this was day, though know you can actually see them. Six Femur's went on to slay nine Shadow Warriors. What the heck thought ShadowMan, then he even said what the heck. ShadowMan slayed three Femur's, four Uruk-Hai. The Shadow Warrior said these Femur's are sure in the number there are so many of them it seems I hear from the young warrior MysticWolf that Queen Elfindel keeps attacking Land's throught Quintaria with Cave Trolls under her command, Uruk-Hai, Femur's, OrcGoblins, Orc's, as well Goblins. Queen Elfindel talks about madness she is madness she must be slayed for the sake of the people's of Quintaria, all who are of Quintaria. Left and right, left and right the Femur's keep coming, from all sides they move towards the Shadow Warriors but the Shadow Warrior's of the Land of Shadow's fears nothing, fear's not Queen Elfindel. Ever so more intense this battle is becoming stand your ground Shadow Warrior's do not let up be unrelenting in your offensive, uncanny in your defense. This battle against the Femur's will go down in history as a battle unseen before. She must have sent 2 legions of these Femur's and depending if you're a mage, or an Elf, or a Dwarf it's different for the Shadow Warrior's are with their Shadow Swords and their cloaking ability really bring it to the Femur's so actually the Shadow Warrior's have the advantage in the fight against the Femur's from Femuria. There was three Shadow Warrior's that got three Femur's from behind, broke their necks. ShadowMan drove his Shadow Blade into the throat of a Femur for he was about to drive both fists towards ShadowMan's head so he had to act quickly. ShadowMan even cut off an arm of this upcoming Femur approaching him from behind, then one came from the side, the courageous warrior Shadowman sliced the Femur's neck and the Femur that was coming to the side fell over with a loud thud. The Shadow Warrior's drove the Femur's back but a lot of them got taken down by Shadow Arrow's. A Femur that is a prized fighter to the Femur's of Femuria returned and admitted defeat. The prized Femur fell to his knee's basically acknowledging that he is asking for forgiveness. FemurKing thought mercy...grumble...grumble...grumble... A Femur nearby socked the prized fighter hard, the Femur was going to fight back but he was awaiting forgiveness from the FemurKing. Then took his Femuria Ax which was near his Femur throne and then slammed it down. Then placed his big hands on the prized Femur fighter's shoulders, forgave him. The FemurKing went over to the Femur who punched the prized Femur fighter, took pushed him down, summoned for the Femur executioner, the Femur who hit the Femur general got an FemuriaAx to his head. The FemurKing then picked it up and through into the fire that was set near them. Then entered nine Orc's from the Dark Fortress of Queen Elfindel, Vampyric. As well twelve Goblins from Gobellion enter right after all nine Orc's are in the Femuria's domain. The Orc's, Goblins get into a somewhat of a scuffle. Then six OrcGoblins from Orkob come in, they say look at these Orc's, Goblins harassing each other wasting their times look at us we are a combination of Orc, Goblin we are as one said an OrcGoblin general. Then an Orc, a Goblin that were right next to each other agreed to brawl with the OrcGoblins to show that the two don't like each other. Then five Cave trolls enter what the heck thought the FemurKing, thought Cave trolls what are they doing here, as well two frost trolls show up what the heck I invited none of you here. Seven Uruk-Hai show up and start fighting some Femur's for while in a battle together it was a most recent battle against the Shadow Warrior's it didn't last long but the two got into a huge fight. Queen Elfindel storms in enough all of you this is not what I had in mind I wanted all of you to be discussing the master plan that I have to take over Quintaria, what do I get fighting between our allegiance do you all even remember what that allegiance is that allegiance is to make me ruler of the world the entire world shouted Queen Elfindel. He made a fist I do not accept failure for if you fail I shall have all that fails executed, maybe just maybe I might spare those who do not succeed in battle though they will be under strict punishment, they will have to work, work, work their hinds off for me. The Cave trolls for one can't talk all they were there for was to see that business got taken care of. Queen Elfindel before she left said I want all of you minions to my command to wreck havoc, for you all to spew carnage, for all that defy me to feel Elfindel's wrath. The FemurKing then raised his Femuria Ax in the air and then made a signal to start marching, he rounded all of them and they all pledged an alliance to each other until this war is over. Queen Elfindel doesn't want a single human alive all she wants is to put everyone who does not serve her in ball and chains. She even would whip the peoples in Quintaria if she was to take over the entire world of Quintaria would be a sad place so with that known Queen Elfindel and her evil elv's must be obliterated. The Vampires of Vampyric must be decimated. The two big evils of Quintaria must be slayed in battle Though as I say this the servants of Elfindel march their way to the lands of which the mage describe. Uruk-Hai, Orc to the Land's of Ligbrion, Cave Trolls, Frost Trolls into the Land's of Legaro. Queen Elfindel's Orc's from her Dark Fortress are very baneful. Elfindel will stop at nothing to make sure the young warrior is in her arms but you see the young warrior doesn't even want anything to do with her she proclaims she can give him the world but he's already got his homeland Mystic. She proclaims that she wants him to rule the world when the young warrior has accomplished so much, the young warrior makes a point that he needs the mage not. One time ago when Queen Elfindel had the young warrior in her Dark Fortress for she had put a deep spell on him which he was able to shake off, something of which he doesn't take for granted, in fact the young warrior takes nothing for granted, appreciates and acknowledges his blessings. The mage Queen Elfindel who likes dressing up as a woman who likes to be acknowledged as a witch almost kissed the young warrior several times but he knew that Elfindel wasn't really a witch but a really powerful and tricky mage and that he would never kiss a man. Man is meant for Woman for that's what the young warrior believes. He believes man was created first, but with that known he does firmly believe that Women should be treated as equals and if he has anything to say about it they will be. The young warrior whom possesses the spirit of the wolves, whom of which thought of the MysticalWolves for the young warrior was blessed as a mage he was born a good wizard. He was told a story by someone, he heard of a very good wizard only intended to do good, when someone tried to force him to be evil he just fell over thinking, saying I cannot, I cannot leave me alone I can't commit an act of evil he said I was born a good wizard and a good wizard I shall and want to remain. The mage helped civilians throughout Quintaria as well learned some more of his trade from the extraordinary wizard Norgred wore dawns always a purple cloak. Meanwhile the Yellow Dragons of Jenotha are storming up a storm with rain and thunder. For there are some Uruk-Hai, many Orc's that is trying to invade Jenotha. Xeron speaks...all yellow dragons of Jenotha... prepare to stomp, do anything necessary to send these vile scumbag's back where they came from. Uruk-Hai come in with their blades and slaughtered a few Jenotha dragons. Xeron ROAR!! After Xeron roared a loud roar Xeron trampled on a few Uruk-Hai. Then went to stomp on a few Orcs, as well even when they were practically dead he tail whipped them many feet back. Xeron breathed electricity on a few Uruk-Hai's, showed them who's boss and that Elfindel shall not have her way, that she is going to eventually pay the piper for her crimes against the world. The Jenotha dragons slay all the Uruk-Hai that was sent by the Uruk-Hai master, slayed all the Orc's of Queen Elfindel that were sent into Jenotha. Throughout all the land's of Quintaria they all know about Queen Elfindel, Vampyric. The Vampires Of The Night have created a Vampyric plague, have even started to lurk behind trees, there are some Vampires now that are not in the Land's of Unknown but are just lurking in parts throughout Vampyric's, Queen Elfindel's side of Quintaria. The young warrior intends for the other half of Quintaria to break off after this war is over he intends an ocean to cover the once pure half of Quintaria. Quintaria is already ultra gigantic in size and could be considered a huge world within itself. It's map is mammoth in size and Quintaria is extremely majestic, and extremely beautiful. Unique are all the places of Quintaria, the young warrior is know seen waving the flag of Quintaria. Meanwhile The Firenestra dragons are in a meeting with Trenon of the Firenestra dragons so that they will be prepared in the battle against the Femur's of Femuria. Trenon led his Firenestra dragons into Femuria where they fought many Femur's. The FemurKing took down many of Trenon's dragons though Trenon responded by setting half of Femuria ablaze. The FemurKing and many Femur's had to retreat to Kizterian Queen Elfindel's castle. The young warrior is trying to ruin my plans he's doing everything in his power to stop me. I just want to hold him and I know that's never going to happen but I must keep attacking Quintaria until he learns that I will never submit I will never surrender until the young warrior is on his knees in an embrace. What said Queen Elfindel all these Femur's are coming into my land's no!! no!! no!! they have Femuria which the FemurKing thought of. Queen Elfindel cast a spell of which the FemurKing could speak where he could understand him. The Firenestra dragons have set half of Femuria ablaze have your Dark Elv's stop the fire from spreading before our whole lands are no more. We slayed many orange/red dragons but no avail. Then we shall send this one army that I have it's a type of dragon that of which Rostan used the black dragon. I created an army of them they shall go into Firenestra and fight them till the death. It shall be a vicious battle So a few sections go into Femuria and but out the spreading fire, the army of black dragons were released to go into Firenestra. Trenon said to his Firenestra dragons look an army of black dragons are in the sky they have come for us this is the time to say not all red dragons are evil though we're orange/red dragons so there's quite a difference between us and red dragons look they are in the numbers. I need you Anorok to fly into to Jenotha, ask for ally for these black dragons are in the number hurry, be extremely assertive. Anorok knocks two black dragons down, then knocks four more down to make his way out of Firenestra. Anorok is able to bring back two sections which is twenty four Jenotha dragons. Anorok and the yellow dragons of Jenotha make there way to Firenestra, as quickly as possible they flew to help their brothers in battle to fight off the black dragons of Queen Elfindel. Fifteen dragons of Firenestra were slayed by the black dragons. Though none of the four ranked Firenestra dragons were killed they are still taking it to the black dragons of Elfindel. Luckily for the arrival of help from the Jenotha dragons many black dragons were slayed, four more dragons of Firenestra were slayed but none of the Jenotha dragons were slayed, sometimes the two had to team up against Elfindel's dragons not cause they were more powerful but because their number was too great, so it was a must that they teamed up until they were driven back to which they came from. The Darklord that of which was slayed by the young warrior had a dragon which he called the Dragonlord but the Dragonlord grew too powerful and he tried to slay the Darklord. So the Darklord at to slay his own dragon though the Darklord is no worry for he and his Hellfire Kingdom are no more. The Violureon dragons ordered by their general Jenerion are helping MysticWolf, other warriors in the war against evil, were a big help in slaying many Vampires, Uruk-Hai. Blowing smoke in the faces of the Vampires, Uruk-Hai was great amounts of help in making Vampyric retreat his troops which he hated the fact that he had to pull them out. The Uruk-Hai were confused by the smoke but they kept swinging their Uruk-Hai Blade's thinking they were still near the dragons of Violureon. The purple dragons fought, fought the Vampires, Uruk-Hai until they were all slayed. Vampyric has now failed, once he learned of the fleet that of which he sent failed him he went berserk, started to through his fists against the nearest wall. As well the Uruk-Hai master was disgusted in his fleets failure that he took his Uruk-Hai blade and drove it against the ground. The Violureon dragons celebrated and the Elv's of Linnenduul found out about their victory, were happy for them. Jenerion roared about signaling their victory over the Vampires of Vampyric, the Uruk-Hai of the Uruk-Hai master. The Violureon dragons, all the good dragons of Quintaria know about the evil black dragons that Elfindel spawned. Queen Elfindel must be slayed Elfindel the evil mage need's to be slayed for the sake of Quintaria. Meanwhile the Istopolis dragons, their leader Wentero are gathered in a meeting to prepare for an attack against Istopolis from the OrcGoblins, from the Goblins of Gobellion. All Istopolis dragons stand guard and protect Istopolis from these horrible disgusting things. Afterwards Wentero sent a legion of Istopolis dragons into Gobellion and into the cave which is known as Orkob. It's clearly known now that the Goblins of Gobellion are no match of Istopolis dragons as well the Orkob OrcGoblins put up a fight against the blue dragons only slaying one blue dragon. The dragons of Istopolis are flying around and then descending from the air tail-whipping the OrcGoblins from Orkob, as well smashing the Goblins of Gobellion, sending them back to where they came from. The Goblins, OrcGoblins are seen retreating now out of Istopolis. All of this is happening because of Queen Elfindel all these attacks against Quintaria are of Elfindel's madness, her fury to regain the young warrior but you see Quintaria and the young warrior are as one. All of Quintaria cares for the young warrior, Deslon especially cares for him. Deslon and the young warrior are great friends, though the ever so brilliant young mage can fly for a certain amount of time he's rode on Deslon before who is a big flying wolf whom the young warrior treats Deslon like family. Deslon is loved throughout Quintaria is very smart, is extremely keen, agile, very enthusiastic when it comes to flying. Deslon is Quintaria's council king along with the young warrior. The young warrior recently heard about the attack on Istopolis, is getting tired of Queen Elfindel, her attacks against Quintaria. There are also a race of dragons called Moon Dragons... they're mainly active at night, sleep most of the day... just cause they're very active cause of the night-time, when the moon is out they can breath lunar breath... These light orange color dragons are technically not Sun Dragons... but I guess they can be dragons that come from the sun... but oh my just like the Moon Dragons, these Sun Dragons are VERY rare...then comes platinum dragons, golden dragons, silver dragons... luckily the blue dragon eggs hatch the quickest, followed by yellow equally in hatching time...then the purple dragons, then the green dragons... the sun dragons take VERY long to hatch but they're VERY powerful they can breath solar breath. the rarest of the dragons I just told you their eggs take the longest to hatch...especially the solar, lunar dragons. All the dragons live on Zentar among with all the other civilians... though the sun dragons can enter the sun at will, the moon dragons can go to a moon.

Chapter 5 The Elv's of Quintaria

The Elv's of Dominor are known for their dominance In the archery competitions throughout the lands of Quintaria. All the lands on the good side of Quintaria are beautiful, some places are more beautiful than others the other half of Quintaria used to be very beautiful until Vampyric, Queen Elfindel, Rostan, the Darklord took over the other half so with that in mind the warriors of Quintaria must do everything in their power to protect what is Quintaria. The Elv's of Dominor are also known for their council as well their extremely optimistic attitude. Domi is the leader of the Elv's in Dominor, The second most well known Elf in the lands of Dominor is Genois. There are two more high ranked Dominor Elv's Jineiter, Mineir. It's been three weeks now, Reono is now in Dominor. The Femur's are coming the Femur's are coming man your positions. Guard the walls of Dominor. Many arrows are fired upon the many Femur's that are coming. Two sections of Elv's shout's Domi I want two sections of Elv's, and you Reono I want you in the middle of these two sections. Elv's on top of the walls to the entrance of Dominor I want you fire your Dominor Arrow's now!! fire them now!! The Femur's are getting taken down left and right, a few Femur's who got taken down got back up, persisted on to try and wreck homes, to try and damage the castle as much as they possible could. A few Femur's who got shot with Dominor Arrows kept running forward.  Linnenduul Elv's showed up for Domi told Genois to blow the trumpet horn which is a summon for the nearest Elven clan to ally if needed in battle. The Dominor Elv's didn't need the Elv's of Linnenduul for this battle but they summoned them anyways. So about seven Linnenduul Elv's went on horse into the land's of Dominor, fired their Linnenduul Arrows, a few of the Linnenduul Elv's had to use their swords. Reono slayed nineteen Femur's and most of the time he was in the air, picked them off with his jaws, chucked them from the sky, to the ground. The battle is growing ever so more intense with a lot of Femur's being slayed, the Elv's of Linnenduul are unrelenting with their firing of Linnenduul Arrows. One Linnenduul Elf named Riane was slayed, brought back to Linnenduul, buried once shown to Leon. Leon prepared to bid farewell to Riane. The battle in Dominor was though to be a huge battle though it turned out to be more than just a huge battle but a massive battle at that. Three Dominor Elv's were taken out with Femur Ax's though twenty seven Femur's were slayed in the battle to protect Dominor. Reono slayed twenty three Femur's by the time the battle came to an end. Reono came out hardly touched just took some punches, some headbutts to the body. A Femur tried to grab his tail but he just flicked the Femur into a huge boulder. Reono said to Domi, to Genois I am going home now back to Arcticin, when he returned he received an award, a celebration for slaying so many Femur's. Cave Trolls are the toughest then Femur's are the second toughest then Uruk-Hai, then Femur's, OrcGoblins, Orc's, Goblins. Orc's don't really like Goblins in fact they don't care for one another, Orc's, Goblins though for that matter don't know what to think of the OrcGoblins they don't mind each other less now but they still get in fights if they ever run into each other well from time to time they still do.

The Elv's of Idioene are close friends with the Dwarves of Vinestereol. While the Giants Of Mistorianis are very good friends with the Elv's Of Idioene. The Elv's of Idioene are a little brass when it comes to attitude but the Dwarves of Vinestereol can't say a thing when it comes to being brass cause at times they can be very brass. The two most well known of Idioene are Idolan, Lemnon. Idolan is holding a meeting inside the castle of Idioene inside the living room hall. Idolan asks Lemnon if he's heard about the attacks on Dominor, Linnenduul, Lemnon replies of course I've heard of the attacks upon our brother lands. Lemnon says look at this beautiful kingdom we have Idioene it's just magnificent don't you agree Idolan yes it is quite fantastic Idioene is, I care for it more than anyone here in Idioene, and I hear that Uruk-Hai, Cave Trolls will be sent into our lands by Queen Elfindel so prepare all of you for war against Queen Elfindel for I've had enough!! of this mage's madness. Well don't be surprised that later on Queen Elfindel will start an all out war throughout all Quintaria said Lemnon. Well replied Idolan all of Quintaria knows to keep a look out for mentioned attacks by Queen Elfindel cause Elfindel is very dangerous we all know that. Idolan says to his Elven warrior's get ready we're attacking Kiszterian Queen Elfindel's castle. As well we are going to send a fleet of Idioene Elv's to their Dark Fortress which has Vampires, Dark Elv's.

Though we will need the Elv's of Raindein to come with us to their Dark Fortress. We shall wreck as much havoc, damage the Dark Fortress as much, as possible, with the Elv's of Raindein we won't have to worry about the combination of forces of Vampires, evil Elv's. We shall ride like hero's of the night, take the fight to Queen Elfindel herself we shall make the young warrior, Deslon the big majestic wolf who of which can fly extremely proud. Let's fight Queen Elfindel head on for the name of Quintaria. Long live the young warrior!! our council leader for Quintaria, along Deslon who helps the young warrior council Quintaria. Yes, long live Deslon!! and long live Quintaria, may one day all evil shall be no more. Mount your horses, any evil in sight slay the evil with your Idioene Arrows, the Raindein Elv's will fire their Raindein Arrow's to any evil they see in sight seek and protect we shall. The Elv's of Raindein founded Raindell which is the place where the council kingdom for Elv's are. In Raindein you find the most held events there. The Elv's of Raindein along with the Elv's of Linnenduul are extremely well liked in Quintaria, well they're liked the most out of the other two anyways. Endeiro, Heindere are the two main Elv's of Raindein with Enderio in charge of the palace like kingdom of Raindein. Heindere is second in charge of what goes on in Raindein. The four main Elv's of Idioene have Idolan, Lemnon, Jeserion, Kiniest meet with the four main Elv's of Raindein Enderio, Heindere, Raio, Seredith.

Elv's of Averiden are known for their kindness, as well for their archery. Averiden has a lot of bridges, with crystal clear waters, their kingdom is wondrously beautiful. The elvish women love taking baths in the waters of Averiden. Amerles, Istelrod, Neidlon, Riolasin are the four highest ranked of Elv's in Averiden. Averiden Arrows are priceless and they seem almost magical there was a battle three months ago in Averiden where many Averiden Arrows were fired into the Orc's of Queen Elfindel. All hail to Amerles king of Averiden for victory over those filthy disgusting Orc's. Amerles gives his everything to make sure Averdien is everlasting in well being. Istelrod plays the harp on his spare time which he plays for his on benefit but as well for his lovely wife Iowan. Neidlon is known for his compassion for the bow and arrow. Riolasin is known for his tree climbing, is extremely agile. Amerles is extremely proud of all three of his high ranked Elv's. So here we have it the very majestic Averiden Elv's. There is a lot to appreciate in the world, a lot to appreciate in the Land's of Averiden. Averiden is the closest to Trediern like Dominor is close to Linnenduul well close enough. The Trediern Elv's are great friends with the Averiden Elv's they share fine wines and good times with one another from time to time. They even sometimes hang out on thick tree limbs. Elv's of Trediern are known for their hard work, their woods they don't live in trees they live underground. Trediern Elv's have many benefits by living in underground homes. They do have a palace though they have made homes out of the one fourth of the soil in Trediern. They burrowed, burrowed, dug, dug horizontally, vertically, put wood boards up very durable wood as well so bugs wouldn't get through, beneath them was wooden floors. The wood in Trediern is worth the most but is used moderately. Trenleon, Lindros, Bidionlos, Frimar are the four highest ranked of the Elv's of Trediern. Trenleon king of the Trediern Elv's led his Elv's into war against the Orc's of Queen Elfindel they met at the Lines Of The Land's which separates the good half of Quintaria from the other half which Queen Elfindel the wicked mage turned into darkness. Lindros is known for his ability to play the flute like all Elv's and Dwarves in Quintaria each high ranked member has their special attributes. Bidionlos is known for his archery skills, is known for his adventures, Frimar is known for his double blade skills he's slayed many Orc's, Goblins with combination attacks. A lot of combinations actually and has impressed Trenleon so much that asked and made Frimar Trediern's sword teacher throughout the Land's of Trediern. Elv's throughout Quintaria are known for loving to sing songs especially the Trediern Elv's. Frimar, Bidionlos are great friends and acknowledge one is more skilled than the other in different areas. Trenleon told Bidionlos to be very careful, to watch for Orc's tonight for Trenleon's been hearing that attacks may come to Trediern sooner or later, that Trediern must be prepared for any attacks that may happen.

The Elv's of Linnenduul which are the most respected among the Elv's throughout Quintaria the second Elven clan to be the most respected are the Elv's of Raindein. Leon the leader of the Elv's of Linnenduul. The other most well known Elf of Linnenduul is Odion. Odion talks to Leon of the huge battle in Dominor. It was sad to see Riane for he'll always be remembered. Tereith wept over Riane for he was like a brother to him. The dragons of Jenotha were summoned for Leon asked Xeron for his help in the battle against the Goblins Of Gobellion, the Orc's of Vampyric. The Orc's of Vampyric are mere slaves almost it seems for Vampyric doesn't care for them one bit. He has his Vampire Army which needs to be rid of, will be if the courageous warrior MysticWolf has anything to say about it. Xeron agrees to help the Elv's of Linnenduul so he will send two fleet's of Jenotha dragons. Each Elven clan has their own special Bow& Arrows... Dominor Arrows Idioene Arrows Raindein Arrows Linnenduul Arrows Raindell the council kingdom where all the elven clans go their most important of meetings. As a matter of fact all the Elv's had a meeting in Raindell, they all had to cross the Great River of Quintaria, the great river is almost in the form of a mouth. It's pretty lengthy and is sparkly, the water of the Great River of Quintaria is very delightful.

So they cross the great river to meet together in a meeting which is for what to do against the Hybridiants, Skulkers if they should attack their homelands. In fact at this very moment Skulkers, Hybridiants are heading to Linnenduul. Keep marching and pick up the damn pace said the general of the Skulkers. The Hybridiants are moving quickly on horse into Linnenduul. They're using black and brown horses, that's not implying black horses, or brown horses for that matter are bad cause they are not bad it just so happens to be that the Skulkers, Hybriants have put them under their control. Actually the Hybriants, Skulkers did that with the help of Queen Elfindel. The head master Elf of Linnenduul Leon spoke to the young warrior about Queen Elfindel, about how Raine was killed because of Elfindel. The young warrior gave his condolences to Leon who cared so much for Raine. The young warrior told Leon how Quintaria is so marvelous of a world, that it's his utopia, that he loves Quintaria with all his heart.

Chapter 6 The Dwarves of Quintaria

There is this Dwarven cave in the Mountain Of Jewels... It has a doorway that has lettering around the doorway in Dwarvish which had become a language long gone though the Dwarves of Quintaria brought back the language which is Dwarvish. It's a secret domain known as the Mountain Of Jewels. To enter the cave you must say Berideith. Though most don't know Dwavish for it was a language lost long, long, ago. Only Dwarves know that the Dwarvish language was brought back to existence, brought back by the Dwarves of Andudain. So you have to thank the Dwarves of Andudain for bringing the once lost language back. Ameril was the one who ordered for all Dwarvish to be worked on. The Dwarves Of Andudain They love topaz's, Amethysts, the Andudain Dwarves are very very stubborn, and in a fight they will never surrender, if they truly want something they will get it. Ameril, Jeredith are the two most well known Dwarves of Andudain. Jeredith dug up a very lovely purple Amethyst for the young warrior to give to his Krystal someday that's what he call's her anyways, she doesn't mind that he calls her by Krystal. Ameril as well dug up a visual of what the blue topaz would look like if he was to give her a blue ring instead of a purple ring. Ameril, Jeredith, Erentil, Creinto all gathered around a fire together smoking a Dwarvish pipe. The Elv's of Quintaria don't mind the Dwarves of Quintaria in fact it was said that in the past a long time ago their were some clans of Dwarves who really didn't like certain clans of Elv's cause they thought, that those Elv's claimed arrogance though good those Elv's were they just seemed more self-centered than kind more so they hardly looked in a good mood. These Elv's were definitely not of Quintaria for there could have been a chance of Queen Elfindel turning them into Dark Elv's. Ameril, Jeredith, Erentil, Creinto are talking about the attacks that Deslon told them about against the Elv's, how they should watch out for Orc's, Goblins, and that if Cave Troll's, Femur's are sent by Queen Elfindel to the Dwarven land's like Elfindel sent an army into the Elvish land's to use the new Dwarvish cannon's that the young warrior thought up for them. It's not small to say the least and it looks very heavy but the cannon is not, a Dwarf can pull it to quite a distance. The Elv's were also presented Elven cannons by the young warrior each with a special design to them. Sedrick head master dwarf of the Dwarves of Senadrin They love white diamonds, as well all gems though the Dwarves of Senadrin really love emeralds. Senadrin Dwarves are a little arrogant but they are more humble so than arrogant. Sedrick, Idon are the two most well known of the Senadrin Dwarves. Idon tells Sedrick I remember meeting the head master Elf Idolan of Idoiene, his name Idolan when I heard it I thought of my name Idon we laughed a bit, yes him and I are really good friends. The Senadrin Dwarves work just as hard as the Andudain Dwarves when it comes to mining which they receive pay to handcraft their favorite jewels. Each Dwarven clan crafts their two favorite jewels and sells them, at least three of each kind that they mine are preserved on top of a cushion and in a glass case. Sedrick sits on a Dwarvish chair next to Idon who is sitting comfortably. Uduleon, Reick enters the door to Sedrick's home we have came home with eight bags of jewels for us here. Four white diamonds, four emeralds great work Sedrick said to Uduleon, Reick.

The Dwarves of Vinestereol loves rubies, and sapphires especially you see all Dwarves like all treasures though the clans of Quintaria each have their own special likings to certain jewels. The Vinestereol Dwarves are great friends with the Giants Of Mistorianis. Vinestereol Dwarves like all Dwarves loves a good challenge at wood carrying, for their fireplaces though they do love and respect the tree's cause they know that it brings oxygen to the air. Vinestereol Dwarves are extremely found of sapphires, and will relish at the sight of one. Meri of Vinestereol was like Deri look what I've found An ever so shining sapphire. He grabs his Dwarvish beard, makes a noise aahhmm...a sapphire!! we Dwarves of Vinesterol love our sapphires don't we Deri they are precious to us. Yes Meri sapphires is like our gold but even more so worth than gold to us. Mt. Jewel has tons and tons of jewels hey what if one day we run out of sapphires. We'll just have to hand craft some, on their tag have it say Dwarven made. Mt. Jewel is a really big mountain though so who knows how many jewels are in there. Meri brought home a bag of Sapphires, when he got back to his home he was like look Merna a bag of shiny yellow sapphires. I love this one so much, more than me Merna. She's like how dare you I cook and clean and you come at me with I love your jewels more than me you should be ashamed of yourself Meri. She goes over to him and grabs his beard, yanks him to a couch like chair, sorry, sorry say's Meri to his Dwarven wife. Nero, Cero entered and saw Merna pulling on Meri's beard, they started smirking, chuckling a bit, and then Generi entered the Dwarven home. Meri what did you say to get Merna to pull your beard that way. I said that this one sapphire I dug up was worth more than her. Shame on you Generi said she cooks and cleans, makes your bed, you tell her that a sapphire is worth more than her. Well for a moment I felt memorized by the sapphire so what did you expect nonsense says Generi. Right now the Vinestereol Dwarves are practicing weaponry with their Ax's. You can see a whole section of Dwarves practicing and conversing with one another. As well while the Vinesterol Dwarves are target practicing, the Elv's of Idioene are having archery competitions in Idioene. The Dwarves of Vinestereol are now done with their practice, six Dwarves are seen making Vinesterol Ax's. These two Dwarves outside can be seen wrestling with each other, the two head butted each other's helmets, fell on their rears. Both Dwarves started to laugh a bit and they got up and shook each other's hands. Then Generi talked to Meri about the bright blue topaz he found for Merna, or now you can say it's Merna's for she took it from Meri cause of the hassle he caused her.

The Dwarves of Mithrial are the Dwarves that live the closest to the council kingdom for Dwarves. They love making Mithrial Ax's and Mithrial Armor, they love the sight of crystals but just get really happy when someone owns one. Mino, Verdi are the two most well known Dwarves in Mithrial. Mino was like Ahh!! A crystal!! I relish at the sight of crystals. Verdi was holding two crystals but Mino took the one from his right hand. Verdi was like what the heck Mino you just took the crystal without even asking. You have another one stop your complaining I'm not put you didn't even ask. Verdi covered the jewel in his left hand with his right hand topping the jewel. Mino, Verdi, Oderi, Enoto... Oderi, Enoto are best of friends they let nothing come between them there are like brother's almost. Enoto, Oderi are seen thumb wrestling with one another, Oderi won the thumb wrestle but Enoto one the arm wrestling match. Verdi watched on and was happy to see the two so cheerful, said to them you two are like brother's nothing can come between the two of you, he smiled all three of them smiled. Mino said to Verdi let's go take a look at what was sent by the guards of Mithrial who stand guard and watch ever night. Great said Verdi to Mino no attacks have occurred in Mithrial for over three months. Mino was like that's great to know cause I know of Queen Elfindel, I know that she's been attacking places throughout Quintaria. Mino then said well it's back to work, that it's time to go mining again. Let's go Mino said Verdi and they gathered a section of Mithrial Dwarves to do some mining.

The Dwarves of Luinadan love opals, turquoises they are hard workers but they tend to snore quite a bit probably cause they work really hard but they are great miners to say the least. Lindere, Rendro, Ulderen, Fimnod are the highest ranked Dwarves of Luinadan. Luinadan Ax's are very powerful and can take down a Femur in one shot for instance Rendro threw a Femur Ax into a Femur in a battle once some months back and it hit him right in the sternum, floored the Femur instantly and Rendro checked to see if he was dead, he was dead then Rendro pulled out the Ax from the Femur's upper chest, cleaned off the blade. Ulderen is preferably a loner the other Dwarves try to get him to associate but he's just too dang quite. Lindere the head master dwarf of the Dwarves in Luinadan. Fimnod is a turquoise collector for he loves them very much. They fought an army of Femur's in a battle to protect their mines. The battle was very intense and they slayed every Femur in sight and they let not one Femur retreat. The Dwarves made sure their mines would never be intruded again. The Dwarves did not let up in the fight to protect the mines. Victory was theirs, they will always remember when they showed no mercy to protect their mines.

The Dwarves of Endire love pearls, aquamarines they love to spar with one another for combat practice. Erondo, Remneir, Dremdon, Cidneri are the highest ranked of Dwarves in Endire. Erondo is the head master dwarf of Endire, and Remneir is a great Ax swinger. Dremdon, Cidneri have gone on many adventures together. Luinadan is the closest to Endire in terms of distance from any other Dwarven clan. Endire is filled with laughter and drinks when not in battle. They keep in touch with their friend Elv's not that they're not friends with the other Elv's in Quintaria but the Luinadan Elv's are their closest Elven allies. Endire Ax's are swift and when in the battle against Goblins. The Goblins were completely devastated for many Endire Ax's pierced them. There are many hilltops in Endire and the Dwarves love to climb them, the Goblins once tried to attack them from behind but it didn't work for there were Dwarves waiting for them. All those Goblins were slayed too. Twelve Uruk-Hai went into Endire but they were all slayed with Endire Ax's. That battle was pretty brutal for the Uruk-Hai, and none made it out alive back to the Uruk-Hai master.

Each Dwarven clan has their own special Ax's, Helmets... Andudain Ax's Senadrin Ax's Vinestereol Ax's Mithrial Ax's The mines in Quintaria by the way are of plenty meaning full of riches and even some mines have platinum which to some is fool's gold but actually is a shining white gold, and in Quintaria the gold and silver from the mines shines and they're lot's of gold and silver in Quintaria. As well for the Dwarves in Rajesturn is where all the Dwarven clans go for their most important of meetings. The Dwarves as well went to hold a meeting in Rajesturn and they too had to cross the Great River of Quintaria. Jeredith stopped and cleaned his beard and even drank from it. Ameril even had to tug on him let's go we're going to be late, Dwarves from Andudain are never late. When in Rajesturn's council kingdom before the meeting started Erentil, Creinto started sparring with each other with their Andudain Ax's. Ameril put an end to their sparring, for the meeting was about to begin. Creinto, Erentil stop it right now the big council meeting is about to begin. The meeting began, Ameril had a Dwarvish mug filled with a delicious drink. They also talked about all the gems of Mt. Jewel. From ambers, to amethysts, agate's, aquamarine, to jaspers, to moonstones, to jades, corals, fluorite, diamonds, opals, onyx's, pearls, turquoise, rubies, emeralds, topaz's, peridots. All lovely treasures to the Dwarves of Quintaria.

Chapter 7 The Platinum Warrior

Toxidareon was destroyed by the Platinum Knight. Darkstar was already slayed by the young warrior. It was the young warrior who told the Platinum Knight to rid of the castle which was known as Toxidareon. Darkstar almost took out his nemesis but to no avail and his woman who is a warrior saved him from from dying... She took him to an Elvish give him some Elvish medicine...her name means Paradise... Darkstar Rostan created these Dragon Slayer Knight's since he knew that the good dragons outnumbered the black dragons. The Darklord was slayed by the young warrior, his black dragons no more all slayed by the good dragons of Quintaria. The Platinum Knight is riding his white horse when he comes across Uruk-Hai, Orc's trying to cross into the Land's of Ligbrion including a section of Imperial Guard Knights he signals a fire arrow into the air, prepare for battle you my beloved white horse go to the love of my life, get her to safety now, then he spanks the behind of the horse. Go now to mee' lady and take her to an underground section of my castle have her wait there for me. When the horse arrives next to the Platinum Knight's love, he kneels down for her to mount him, she says what's wrong Nellron, the white horse rides off quickly meanwhile the Uruk-Hai, Orc's have entered the Land's of Ligbrion, they start clashing, they are fighting them off, out of Ligbrion.  Nellron took the princess to the underground section of the kingdom, she patted his head, stroked him a bit. She closed the top, to the underground part of the kingdom. Actually there are 4 underground parts to the massive in size kingdom of Ligbrion. She was near the back of the castle underground so if she had to she could escape but there will be no need to escape for the Platinum Knight, his Ligbrion Knights wouldn't let the Uruk-Hai, Orc's even near the kingdom, if they did they sure wouldn't get as far to find the underground sections. Sixteen Ligbrion Knights were killed in the battle to protect the princess. Though the Platinum Knight, his Ligbrion Knights continued the battle to protect the princess of Ligbrion. Uruk-Hai after Uruk-Hai they just kept coming the Platinum Knight fought off, seven Uruk-Hai, slayed eighteen Orc's in the battle to protect the princess. The Platinum Knight also fought Elfindel's Imperial Guard Knights, all the way from Emperoric they came for the Platinum Knight. The Platinum Knight slayed three Imperial Guard Knights, drove the rest out of Ligbrion. The Orc's retreated back to the Dark Fortress, the Uruk-Hai who decided to stay and fight were eventually slayed in battle. All hail to the prince of Quintaria the Platinum Knight but no celebration was held not until he made his way to his love, he made his way near the back of the kingdom. When the Platinum Knight reached the underground section, he went down, they compassionately embraced by kissing each other's lips. Then a celebration was held, a few months after they married, made love to each other. The Platinum Knight held a council meeting in his kingdom, there was delightful food and much to drink he talked about how great it was to been just married, how the peoples of Ligbrion mean so much to him. There was this singer named Josh, he sang at our wedding he was marvelous, touched the princess's heart that night and she embraced me, I even sang a song for her. She was so happy that I was hers, I am proud to be yours said the Platinum Knight. Then his love came out for she was listening to her knight speak so highly of their wedding, and of her. My gorgeous lovely wife what are doing out here shouldn't you be tending to your own council with the queens royal servants why yes my royal one I just came out here to see what you guys were saying you know the knights of Ligbrion mean a lot to me. The queens royal servants are quite beautiful they make sure she gets the food that she wants, that her room is well done, that she stays extra beautiful for her knight. The leader of the knights of Ligbrion is the Platinum Knight's as you know he even has a platinum colored Hawk named Heron, more importantly a Pegasus named Pegastrite. A platinum dragon named Dragolite from the Land's of Xivendra. All the types of dragons in Quintaria are remarkable don't you agree especially the ones from Xivendra. The queen of Ligbrion says to her Platinum Knight your liveliness makes me enliven. I divert a lot my attention to you cause I'm so crazy about you and always will be, and when I get a notion of what you and I should do it makes me feel so good that I am yours. You captivate my mind, you enliven my spirit you're my baby she caresses his face, kisses him compassionately. You know that I was very determined to show you that I am a champion at heart, an individual whom cares for you a lot, you've taught me to appreciate art a lot more and I thank you my knight in shining armor. The Platinum Knight was honored by Ligbrion and was given a medal made of platinum which made the Platinum Knight really smile big time, a really big smile came over him. The Platinum Knight is also known for his battles against Darkstar Rostan, the Darklord of the Hellfire kingdom which MysticWolf made his kingdom crumble from within. The Platinum Knight then made a major announcement throughout Ligbrion that the Diva's of Quintaria are coming to perform. A Diva is a female that is very artistic, that of course is an individual that is determined to be somebody, the Diva's of Quintaria are known for their singing, some are extremely beautiful like super models. The Diva's of Quintaria will be flirting with the knights of Ligbrion after their performance but by their own accord. The Platinum Knight especially loves the Diva's of Quintaria when they perform for they are very talented. They all love the Platinum Knight but he is married to the love of his life, from time to time he calls her Paradise. She has goddess like attributes though as well she is very sweet, that's what won the Platinum Knight's heart. The Platinum Knight was originally going to slay Darklord himself but he was too busy in the battle against Rostan, his army. So the Platinum Knight had the young warrior go into the Hellfire kingdom to battle Darklord for him but more importantly so Darklord would be slayed so he wouldn't be able to wreck havoc anymore on Ligbrion, for the protection of Quintaria. The Platinum Knight during the battle against Darkstar's Skeleton army fought many of them hence the young warrior MysticWolf told the Platinum Knight that he would rid of Rostan as well, the Platinum Knight let the young warrior go slay Rostan for the Platinum Knight really wanted to slay Rostan himself but Darkstar's army was growing so he had to rid of his army first and foremost. In fact the Platinum Knight remembers many battles against evil. Many upon many battles in fact, a lot were intense but the warrior never backed down from a challenge when Rostan challenged him to a fight the Platinum Knight always showed up. The Platinum Knight especially remembers the Fire Knight who constantly tried to invade Ligbrion but to no avail he was always forced back to where he came from which was Dacklium. The Fire Knight who always used the Fire Sword for his weapon when he battled he slayed innocent civilians with his Fire Sword until the Platinum Knight fought him in one last battle that of which the king of Ligbrion the Platinum Knight finally slayed the Fire Knight. It was in that battle that the Platinum Knight had reached his full abilities.

Chapter 8 The Egyptian King

Lord Zoltar was resurrected by the EgyptianKing who needed his help in conquering an Egyptian like land these lands must have created by Lord Zoltar back a few years ago who had a vision of Egypt in another world called Earth. The EgyptianKing said my Lord Zoltar you are back!!! Yes I'm back, I have ruled with an iron fist and I'm back to reclaim my kingdom's fortress. Ah yes say's the EgyptianKing your fortress!!! Lord Zoltar's fortress!!! EgyptianKing come with me to my fortress and from there we shall discuss things so they go together and teleport to his fortress with the EgyptianKing's magical staff. We are here now let's begin our master plan together on how to claim Egyptia for our own. Lord Zoltar said to the EgyptianKing I sense a battle is coming and you will face the Sunfalcon warrior Pyrofalcon but you shall face him alone I have other matters to attend to. The EgyptianKing said I don't need your help anyways I shall be victorious. Meanwhile...All hope was almost lost for the Coptic Christians but hope prevailed... The Egyptian King has turned many good Egyptians into slaves his own people slaves. They called out for a protector for many of the Egyptian King's slaves were being treated like dirt and being slaughtered by the number. The Egyptian King wore the Ahnk a symbol of everlasting life and or supposedly. It is said the Ahnk is in the form of a cross and in the form of a shoe lace loop. Pyrofalcon confronts the EgyptianKing you shall pay for your crimes how did you enter Quintaria. I gained access for MysticWolf challenged me for he heard that in another world Coptic Christians were being tortured. Well EgyptianKing the young warrior MysticWolf didn't challenge you I did basically we both challenged you for you're not like by anyone and since entering Quintaria you have helped Queen Elfindel cause mayhem for that you shall pay. The EgyptianKing said yes look at the madness I also caused by helping Vampyric. As well Elfindel's Dark Elv's and I the EgyptianKing have caused destruction in some lands across Quintaria. The young warrior appears from behind EgyptianKing turn around and face me like a man the Egyptian King turns around what it's MysticWolf why are you here to slay you EgyptianKing says the young warrior but I am going to watch on as the warrior Pyrofalcon slays you. The EgyptianKing says out loud I've had enough of you well I've had enough of you unholy bastard. The EgyptianKing takes out his sword and but before the EgyptianKing was able to do anything the Sun-falcon withdrew his Pyro Sword and went towards the EgyptianKing and turned him around and swung his sword but the EgyptianKing blocked the attack they clashed and brawled and the EgyptianKing was knocked to his knees, Pyrofalcon drove his sword into the chest of the EgyptianKing. The Egyptian King was sliced on the shoulder by the fire falcons of Quintaria then was pecked at until he was taken out fully by the warrior named PyroFalcon. The Sword wielded in flames was driven into the evil Egyptian King's heart and Egypt shouted out in joy thank you Sun Falcon thank you. The Beetle's of the BeetleKing crawled all over the EgyptianKing and left nothing of him.  Since Pyrofalcon the Sunfalcon who was influenced by MysticWolf the one believes in the cross and with the Egyptian King slayed by the Sunfalcon there are now Egyptian Christians once again they're called Coptic Christians. The Egyptian King was known for his mummifications on his slaves and his embalmment in which he took their souls but was he even allowed to take their souls I'm sure the one watching over us would have a different say on that and or is the Egyptian King completely delusional. Remember though God' cannot do things for you though if you ask for his guidance he'll be there for you but you must not take anything for granted. With the Egyptian King no more, Queen Elfindel didn't know what to think. Although we did know that some years ago a legion of mummified soldiers had fought against the Knights of the New Round Table for the Vampires of Vampyric failed, the Egyptian King saw Vampyric as a loser of a Vampire. The two fought, broke their alliance with one another, Elfindel was angry at the Egyptian King in fact enraged and challenged the Egyptian King to a fight. The EgyptianKing accepted ruining his combat to ally to fight against the Knight's of the New Round Table. There was a war going on in Egypt, many had fled to a portal which led to my world Quintaria. Many Egyptians fled into a portal to safety during the time when the evil Egyptian King ruled in the land's of Egyptia. Lord Zoltar meditated for a little and sensed the Egyptian King had fallen. Hahaha now I shall be the sole ruler of Egyptia not so fast said the young warrior who had the powers of Mysticwolf. Lord Zoltar said what! you were the one who put me to rest the first time around this time shall be different I shall foresee that I take you down for I Lord Zoltar shall rule the entire lands of Egyptia. Lord Zoltar and the young warrior clash. The Sword of Zoltar was indeed mighty powerful but the Sword of Mysticwolf was just as powerful. Their swords clashed several times it was a majestic and valiant battle of the ages. Mysticwolf got sliced on the shoulder by the Sword of Zoltar but he fought back it was quite an intense battle. They both used their magic and both were thrown around, near the end of the battle Lord Zoltar was growing weak this battle turned out to be really intense Lord Zoltar with his magic did one last act he created the monster Incubus with his powers. Mysticwolf thrust the Sword of Mysticwolf into his chest slaying Lord Zoltar.   Incubus was just coming to life by Zoltars magic though he wouldn't be a harm to anybody for awhile so Mysticwolf transported himself out of Zoltar's lair. Outside he was meant by Incubus minions, he clashed with them with his Sword of Mysticwolf.     Meanwhile...   Narrator: I left a warrior in charge to look after my world incase something were to happen to me his name Mozerin. I humble yet one with a very open open mind one who is mystical cause of his elemental blades. There is twelve of them, Mozerin has them all. Light blade, Dark blade, Time blade, Spirit blade, Ice blade, Fire blade, Thunder blade, Earth blade, Air blade, Balance blade, Moon blade, Sun blade. With this there was no way that Quintaria could ever be destroyed by any evil but Mozerin only fought when Quintaria was in need. Vampyric corrupted the pillars once, then sometime after it took a long time but he was slayed. Later a new head Vampire emerged Zein, this Vampire was more of a threat then Vampyric ever was. Vampyric got his name for being one of thee most cold hearted Vampires of them all he liked to think of himself as high ruler of Quintaria, or he so wanted it to be that way. Five hundred years after Queen Elfindel, Vampyric was slain Zein came about. There was this gigantic bat whom thought he was God of Quintaria but he wasn't he claimed to be the God of all Vampires. Batven was his name if he ever had one, all Vampires worshiped him. Batven brought it upon himself to create Zein so that a Vampyric plague would arise to be fall Quintaria but Mozerin would be there to stop Zein, BATVEN. There is also a gigantic spider named Spideren he once got Mozerin trapped in his web but Mozerin broke free from his entanglement in Spideren's web. There was a time streamer wizard named Torphius his staff had an orb that looked cosmic like it was from outer space like it was almost universal. Torphius would be on neither side for awhile, but then leaned towards Zein he was to help Zein go back in time to gather three hundred Vampires that was slain in the war against Vampyric. Torphius did so, with his help Zein was able to resurrect three hundred Vampires! Three hundred freakin Vampires we already had a massive war amongst the Vampires, Quintaria thought to have rid of them. Zein turned six Vampires into his lieutenants, one was called Venadir, the other Xidrin, the other Yendif, Undor, Terros, last but not least Dorein. These Vampires were placed in a ceremony to resurrect them, Zein was successful. Once again the pillars of Quintaria were now at risk thanks to Zein, but Torphius was the main cause of this. How did a gigantic bat come to be was it cause of a ritual, an injection of something that turned him gigantic. It had to be a combination of both. There was a Vampire whom was thought to have been slain by the young warrior but whom only sent him into slumber he was too weak, to fight on so he faked his death, stayed in his coffin for five hundred years he came out at night and had a life-time supply of blood vine. His name Janvor! last of the Vampires until he created a gigantic bat that became too powerful, too much of a contestant to face up against him. The gigantic bat-god's name was BATVEN!... Batven then unleashed his first creation Zein it would be up to Zein, possibly Janvor to populate the Vampires that's if the civilians-humans of Quintaria don't stop them from doing so in fact the knights of Quintaria now know that the Vampires have returned for attacks amongst the Mystic lands of where the young warrior used to rule has happened now, that's what set confusion into place but only for a little while to find out that Janvor was the reason behind the Vampires return along with Zein. Zein was told to find a bride so that the Vampires may rule once again with a king. Janvor was the one whom looked out mainly for the Vampires to return to existence. The entire Burnite Ocean was where the corrupted half of Quintaria once was. Now to the far east of Quintaria is where there was land but it wasn't inhibited, then further east lay where Quintaria was completely uninhibited and that's where Janvor, Zein went to rebuild an empire for the Vampires. In fact extremely far east of Quintaria is actually where the bat-god is located his domain is there. From the lands of Mystic is the Elv's whom can shape shift into Wolves, they're receiving word that the Vampires have planned to invade the elv's to try to turn them into Elf-Vampires just like the ones that existed a long time ago in Quintaria but were all slain the Vampires heard of this, wanted both civilizations to be as one but the Elv's of Mystic wanted non of it but what if only a few would turn, that wouldn't be good at all.   Meanwhile...Egyptia is seen free of corruption and the peoples of Egyptia content with the fact that EgyptianKing, Lord Zoltar are no more. Though there was one more thing that standed in Egyptia's way. The monster Incubus who was created by Lord Zoltar was growing even more powerful for he was weak at first but he grew strong and is growing even stronger in power. Mysticwolf heard of Incubus growing in power by the Egyptia warrior Entip. Mysticwolf was asked to go into Incubus's lair to face him so he offered 500 golden Quintaria coins. The young warrior was one with Mysticwolf together they won many battles together. The Sword of Mysticwolf lead them to many victories which means Vei Victous!!! but not to be taken for granted these battles were no easy task they required strategy. The warrior Mysticwolf makes his way on a journey to Incubus's lair on his way slaying many Incubus minions. It was quite an adventure for Mysticwolf entering all those magical and wondrous looking places he slayed many evils and is continuing to slay the evil. The architecture is very wondrous throughout Quintaria all the trees, the atmosphere is very marvelous with some creatures that were there first before the people's of Quintaria. The Elven lands are very majestic and wondrous and the Dwarven lands are something of true royalty. Mysticwolf made his way to Incubus's lair the young warrior ended up slaying more of his minions with Lord Zoltar gone Incubus won't be has hard he will still be a challenge but not impossible. Incubus was Lord Zoltar's master plan but Zoltar won't be there by his side. Incubus made a strange outcry which signaled the start of the battle between Mysticwolf and the monster. They clash with one another, Mysticwolf got thrown around quite a bit, he dodged several attacks luckily after sometime Mysticwolf quickly thrusted the Sword of Mysticwolf into Incubus and drove it into the monster with all his might. Mysticwolf has slayed a great evil that could have plagued Egyptia.

Chapter 9 The Land's of Legaro

Legaro is a place where the Hero's Of The Hall is, if you become a hero for your courage, your valiance you're inducted into the Lands Of Legaro. T-4,000 the Legend who is a warrior of Legaro who fought against the Machine King during the war against the demon cyborgs which can also be known as the place called Machindon. Queen Elfindel the one who ordered the Cave Trolls, those Frost Trolls to go into the Land's of Legaro are now in Legaro and the legendary T4,000 Knight is seen fighting Cave Trolls, in complete armor he is seen battling a Frost Troll, a Cave Troll. The Knights of Legaro are going non stop in the fight against the huge trolls. The savage trolls of Queen Elfindel are falling over left and right Elfindel looks through her orb what!! What!! how can this be!! she spins around a couple of times about to go completely mad. Damn!! you Legaro Knights my master plan is failing this calls for my rage so I shall prepare to draw the battle lines fully more so I shall have Vampyric draw the battle lines. Talk about evil looking cyborgs, good majestic robots the T-7 Series who look like knights. The Decrons are the ones who had rid completely of the T-7 Virus that of which Rostan had originally created. The Decrons, the T-7 Series knights had entered Machindon, destroyed many Machindon knights who works for the MachineKing. Just so you know the T-7 Series, the Decrons are not bulking, are serious looking machines who look extremely majestic like a knight in shining armor but you see they are not the real thing like the Knights of the New Round Table are. The Machindon Knights can be compared with the Knights of Emperoric which are real knights of Queen Elfindel the Machindon Knights look very real to say the least. Vampyric is trying not to lose control for right now he's on his knees and is bewildered on what to do for nothing is stopping this young warrior from slaying him eventually. Vampyric has heard of the attacks against his lands, his domain. Vampyric was confronted by three Orc's who wanted to speak with him and the Vampire King leaped from one Orc to another biting each one on the neck. The Vampire King then spoke and said if the young warrior shall not fall I shall bite all those who get in my way!!! I fear you not!!! replied the young warrior the prince of Quintaria I shall fight you now on guard Vampyric the king of Vampires the one who caused the Vampyric Plague on guard!!! Another type of evil was created by Queen Elfindel, as we know there is the dark/evil elv's of Elfindel now there are Chaos Goblins, and for Vampyric Chaos Orc's. Chaos Goblins which are somewhat more powerful then regular goblins, Chaos Orc's which are somewhat more powerful then regular orc's. They try to invade an Elven clan, or two as well an attack or two on the Dwarven clans. As well Darkstar, the Darklord realizes the good dragons out number the evil... black dragons so they decided to create these warriors that are called... the Slayer Dragons of Darkstar but the young warrior will see to it that the Slayer Dragons are all taken out a mission will be to take all of them out to make so none are left standing. The young warrior sent his Knights of Valor into the corrupted lands of Quintaria to where the rest of the Slayer Dragons were, the young warrior's knights battled valiantly for the good dragons of Quintaria. They battled one another quite a few times until the Slayer Dragons were no more. Narrator: speaking of dragons the moon dragons, sun dragons of Quintara have been laying eggs, luckily for these two types of dragons they are not blood hungry. From the island of dragons where the three most rare types of dragons reside are currently flourishing throughout Quintaria where there is an entire continent of all kinds of dragons. The only dragons that are evil are the brown colored dragons, the crimson red dragons, the black dragons. which lay past Burnite Ocean to the extremely far North of Quintaria. The dragons south east of Quintaria the good ones are at war with the dragons of the far North. The dragons are even so intellectual they can even be a form of transportation throughout Quintaria. Vampyric! you know that you shall never get past the knights of Quintaria, that the pillars of Quintaria shall be restored. You shall never regain the pillars young warrior what's your name tell me! I am tired of calling you the young warrior! my name is Andrew. Andrew ha! I'll just call you warrior instead well warrior prepare to meet your doom! and they clash! their blades coming off one another's. Die fiend! die Vampyric! the young warrior had used a staff of his his mystic staff which he doesn't use much to set a circle of fire ablaze around Vampyric. Burn Vampire Burn! Noooo! never! I shall not be slayed! Vampyric jumps out from the blaze of fire. Queen Elfindel wanted you to be groom of his and you ruined that! I ruined nothing I didn't want him to touch me! You didn't eh, that's why you fell!, or that's why you shall fall! When shall I be no more then Vampyric! when?!?! I'm dying to know! ARGH! you fool! I own your soul! you don't own me! you heartless demon! Why don't you sent that Beast-Monster my way and I shall slay him for good this time! you have slayed him in fact! you killed him for good! and as well you slayed the Space-wizard good job but I've got a new space wizard! In fact I'm thinking about having a hawk-monster as my newest of servants but he will be amongst the kingdom and he shall be worshipped by my peoples. You're tough my young one! I am not your young one! leave me be! and that's why you shall die! For defying me! and your elder-god's! You're no god Vampyric oh yes I am! I am god! of the vampire race! scum is what you are Vampyric!...if that's what I am I guess I have to accept that. Just join me warrior as one and you shall be a god too! I might be creative! but I do not want that to be a god! I can restore you! you lie! you have not that power! Join me or fall young warrior. never! Your wish would be my command if you kneel to me at the proper time I'd kneel to you once in awhile don't you see you're meant to join me don't ruin a prophecy I will if it's for the sake of the human race we might have had problems, etc but that doesn't mean that we shouldn't go on. I see no point in going on in fact I have a new task for you rescue your light red-head Amber, Tori the light blonde goddess to your eyes and you shall be king! I have to do nothing but one of those will be queen to the throne of Mystic. Well you have slayed the original space-wizard, the beast-monster, yet this new beast-monster doesn't seem to be working a change of plans is at hand. I want a wolf-monster dang you! and you can become him! don't refuse! dontcha hesitate I'll be there to help you when you fall no you won't be there for me Darkstar Rostan wasn't there for me in fact he let me to be all alone he left me to get all sad it was his fault! Yes we don't talk much these days it seems only for business do we talk anymore. Queen Elfindel ah yes I aligned myself with her, eh I meant him... It was more important that you were to serve Darkstar Rostan but he was slayed in battle. He was to be your master but you no longer have to worry about that. I want my wolf-monster and I want him now! So you want a were-wolf??? want a wolf-beast like monster! Never! Vampyric never will I give you the benefit of the doubt. Surrender to me young warrior! just surrender! please! for the sake of my sacred mission...what is your sacred mission Vampyric??? is it to turn the entire world into darkness...yes. For all prostitutes to be throughout all the land and scantly clad women in more ways than one to have business men the up most bastards. Why that's chaos all within itself that would be the world's end! everything has an end! even life! you're delusional I believe in an after-life don't you??? but you probably will never live to see it cause you're a filthy vampire! You do know some of us Vampires are noble, do not have a thirst for just blood if you just join us you can help use devise the power so we can walk in broad day light. NEVER! never! Vampyric you vampires must remain to have that weakness not be able to go out in broad day light or else you'll spread you'll become a vicious evil plague and we don't want that! Well then young warrior I am off then, go now and rescue those goddess's. So the young warrior's next mission is to rescue Amber, Tori for one of them shall be his bride to the throne. The young warrior had fended Vampyric off for now, for he sensed many are looking for him nearby. Vampyric was now headed back to his mansion palace no matter what happens now to the young warrior, now I know! I must go with that hawk-monster plan now! that and or the armor must come off completely.

Chapter 10 The Frost Trolls

There are Frost Trolls which Queen Elfindel summoned to ShadowMountain to battle the Shadow Warriors which are actually knights of Quintaria they're cloaked in shadows for good reasons. An intense battle was held for days upon nights. ShadowMan is the general of the Shadow Warriors, and the Frost Trolls went into ShadowMountain where they came across an army of ShadowMan's Shadow Warriors. As well The Giants of Mistorianis are powerful they aren't slow but they aren't fast either, they're enemies with the Frost Trolls. The Frost Trolls are big in size more so more bulky than tall like the Giants Of Mistorianis. The Giants also carry giant swords when in battle but they can also pound the ground with their fists which can make the ground shake a bit. There was a war in the Mistorianis Caves for the Frost Trolls, some Goblins had try to invade the cave. The Giants of Mistorianis also carry spiked clubs with them, sometimes warhammer's. Thirty four Femur's came to the caves, went into them. The Femur's used their Ax's with points on the top, their clubbed tails. The Femur's have one big eye in the center of their forehead like a cyclops. The giants tossed, smashed the Goblins, the really brawled with the Frost Trolls, at the same time even had to fight off Femur's. meanwhile the young warrior is making is way through every land he has to, to reach an underground lair where Amber, Tori are held hostage by a wizard whom was told to live underground by Vampyric, was told to make a domain. His name Spearoth had a bunch of serpents that dwelled in the underground lairs Of Spearoth's underground kingdom. It was quite a journey to Spearoth's lands and once entered his kingdom it was quite a quest to release Amber, Tori. There were serpents to even a brown dragon named Hexdra which is a six headed dragon the young warrior even had to battle. To quite big scorpions, even scorpion warriors that were humans which had a stinger as a weapon like tail. There was also a two headed dragon he was a green dragon his name Deudra, the young warrior fought Deudra first, as well slayed many serpents. The young Warrior continued his quest to find Amber, Torie, that's when he met a four headed dragon Quadra. Qudra was a crimson red four headed dragon which the young warrior stood in a knightly stance ready for the challenge, oh what a battle it was very intense was this battle if you could only have been there would you have felt the intensity of that battle but the six head dragon which the young warrior had no clue about was the ultimate challenge of all his challenges he had faced so far in the mission to rescue Amber, Tori. There was even an eight headed dragon Ocdra he was a thriller at that and a hard challenge but the hardest challenge of Spearoth's kingdom was the twelve headed dragon Twelvdra. He was a crimson red dragon this was an extremely hard challenge but the young warrior was successful in his mission to reach Amber, Tori but before they were to be set free he had to go face to face with Spearoth! Spearoth told the young warrior before he was to face him he was to face four! giant underground trolls that like to charge, smash things, pound things. These four giant trolls were quite a challenge in fact it was this challenge that struck Spearoth in complete bewilderment of the young warrior. Spearoth then took off his cloak prepare to meet your demise young warrior I shall put an end you to you, Quintaria shall be Vampyric's. Never! shall Quintaria! be Vampyric's! there is a time streamer his name Torphius though he is on neither side, if there is a reason he could play a part that would get him banished from Quintaria. The battle was long and intense ugh take that warrior, and that you shall fall and I shall gain Vampyric's hand. Over my dead body! Spearoth! then so be it champion! of Quintaria! maybe I should ask Torphius for his help to gain me a domain above ground which would have more serpents, to do my bidding. I fear you not nor Torphius replied the young warrior in fact Deslon would hover over Torphius and warn him that if he should commit an act that would be a negative one against Quintaria he would either be banished from Quintaria for all eternity, or executed. Do you really think you can keep up with Torphius he is always on the move in fact since you said this I'll have a fleet of knights dispatched to watch his every move, if any knights are slain then he will have a bounty on him. Enough talk fight me! and back and forth they fought, till There was a winner and the last one standing was the young warrior, he hovered over the wizard your domain is no more! It shall crumble to the ground! you're finished! all your evil dragons are slayed. The good dragons of Quintaria on the other hand are well appreciated, cared for and in return they show us their gratitude by being another source of guardianship for Quintaria! And with that Spearoth was dead. Now Amber, Tori were unleashed from their chains, he rode them back home to the lands of Mystic. Back at the land's of Mystic, the young warrior chose Amber as his bride, later on his son would be named Andrew jr. but would also be called warrior. The son of Amber was to rule as a great warrior, protector to Quintaria there were quite a few as high guardians to Quintaria. Deslon told the young warrior he plans to have a son named Deslore one day to take his place but that would be for three hundred years. Cause just like Elv's even though they can live to be 700-800 years of age, Deslon a huge wolf can live up to three hundred years. There was a big wedding reception for Amber, the young warrior it was a night to remember it was beautiful. After a week of no chaos within the lands of Mystic from any terrorists the evil black dragon of Vampyric showed up at the entrance way to the young warrior's castle his fortress however is of a secret place that is cloaked, only his Pegasus, knows about besides him. Deslon was told by guards outside the castle that Vampyric is here with his black dragon tell him to come and have his dragon wait outside peacefully. The five knights did so, one knight said to Vampyric come in Deslon wants to speak with you, very well Vampyric replied. I have come here to offer you a chance a chance for peace within my agreement that I have for you a proposal of sorts you had over the young warrior for he will not serve me by his own will, yet you're his closest ally help me and I shall help Quintaria be at peace! liar Vampyric you're a liar if I am a liar I am the father of lies. I want the young warrior to deceive Quintaria for me! The world shall bow before his knees, shall kiss his hand! I will stop at nothing till I have succeeded and if not I will take my armor off for good, eventually would turn myself in and I would be in chains as a prisoner forever until there is no more blood vine left and then I would perish from lake of intake of blood for you all know we vampires feed off of blood and need it in order to survive. Never will I turn the young warrior over to you! leave my beloved lands of Mystic now or I shall throw you out myself. Vampyric replies with what your bare paw???'re no match for me! get out of my sight, get out of Mystic now! before I have them chase you out of Mystic with a price over your head! Very well I shall leave I shall be gone until the war starts! very well fiend now get out now! Grrrr. easy there we wouldn't want anybody to get hurt over something that wasn't meant to be. Vampyric is seen leaving, he turned his back and left out of the castle with eyes heavily on his every movement towards the exist. Vampyric is seen flying on his dragon back into the lands of which he corrupted along with Queen Elfindel to his castle. A tear almost ran down his face but it didn't the whole concept of having a young warrior has failed it completely failed and it's all cause of this stupid want for a young warrior in our side he would have been an elite! he slams his fists down on his table. It had a table of seven chairs and was like a hexagon Vampyric sits down with his Vampyric blade the young warrior won't turn I know that now and I have failed. Queen Elfindel comes into the corridor where Vampyric is sitting, sits down right next to him in the other chair we have failed no wolf-monster for us he is too noble for us. Queen Elfindel broke down in tears we have failed for this the battle lines must be drawn we either must reveal ourselves in our other form, or we shall have the hawk-monster come to life no way will I let the young warrior ruin the dreams of having one last elite on our side, remember Vampyric it's about us fifty-fifty no more no less. The space-wizard comes out this is what I expected but hey what can I say we have no time to lose enough time has been wasted. What do you think of this Torphius space-wizard he's not a concern to me, I do not have issues like the original space-wizard did, do you want me to go back in time, try and convince the young warrior to our side??? no it's alright I have failed three times already no more going back we must move forward or else I will feel like I'm suffering from all this madness.

Chapter 11 Into the Valley of Shadow's

Necrolite of the Darkside Raiders faced the Shadow Warriors of ShadowMan. The King Of All Madness King Necron sent his Darkside Raiders into the Shadow Lands. Into the valley of shadows goes the Darkside Raider's sent by the crazy one Necron well he seems literally crazy to me for all the madness he caused I call him the King Of All Madness. The Shadow Warrior's fought for days upon days, and nights upon nights against Necron's Darkside Raiders. The Darkside Raiders are known for their raiding on lands like Legaro, Ligbrion. Tons, tons, tons of Darkside Raider's were slayed, Necron was getting very enraged over the failure that was happening in the battle of his raiders, the Shadow Warriors. Necron challenged ShadowMan, the Shadow Knight took it to Necron and got him backed into a corner now these raiders are tough but against Shadow Knight's Shadow Warrior's they are more so weak. The shadow creatures of the Darkside Raider's were a quite a match against the Shadow Knight's it gave them a fight. Necron also sent his shadow creatures to the lands of Mystic, where a few battles took place. The Elvish-wolven knights took on all the shadow creatures that stood in their way. Necron kept sending shadow warrior's into Mystic but to know avail. Once Elfindel heard of Necron's failing's he sent his dark elv's to help but again even with that Mystic stayed strong! Deslon even howled, then said we're under attack! all knights go into battle! no time to lose! Attack now! and defend the land's of Mystic! The young warrior was there fighting along side with his people, meanwhile Shadowman the King of Shadow's was fighting Necron it was a very intense battle you could see shadow mists of movements of each warrior dodging attacks up and down they fought I was very intense indeed! meanwhile back in Mystic, fire the Mystic cannons! Deslon said to his knights fire now! against all the shadow creatures do not let any of them live they all must fall! and they fought, fought and clashed with one another till Shadowman had slayed Necron, with that all the rest of the shadow creatures disappeared into thin air. Deslon howled it out loud! yes we did it! Shadowman must have made his way to Necron and slayed him in battle he truly is an elite of Quintaria. All the dark elv's were slayed, the rest tried to flee but they were all slain to send Elfindel a warning, oh it did alright she totally wants nothing to do with him now. Once Queen Elfindel found out about Mystic's victory she was furious, became enraged! I have failed too! that was our final hope! We shall bring life to the hawk-monster! No! we shall not say's Vampyric that will to be decided later, it's either that and or we reveal our other form. Queen Elfindel feel to his knees damn this whole concept we had damn it to oblivion! Vampyric went down on one knee, held Elfindel there, there it'll be alright we have conquered the world already well technically speaking, we tried to make our own nation even though it seems like they don't want use around anymore, that they seek to reclaim, or to purify this other half of Quintaria again it's either that and or this entire half of Quintaria that we have taken over will be destroyed one way or another we are doomed unless we were the ones to have complete dominance over the entire land's of Quintaria.

Chapter 12 The War Against the Dark Centaur's

Then there's the GriffinKing their enemies are the CentaurKing with his CentaurClan. Though there are good Centaur's, they have been in war with the Dark Centaur's for many years now. The GriffinKing from the Griffin Lands sent a legion of Griffins into the Dark Centaur Lands to battle them for the GriffinKing led them into battle against the Dark Centaur's. Let the magical arrows of Quintaria fly... Centaur Arrows are seen flying across the sky back and forth they exchange fire. When I say Dark Elv's, or Dark Centaur's I mean evil elv's and centaur's that have joined the darkness guild of Vampyric, Queen Elfindel. Even the winged wolves of the Lands of Mystic were called to battle against the Dark Centaur's. They form a pack so that they may do better in their fight against the evil centaurs. The legendary winged wolf named Phoebus whom's legend came from the moon arrived at the scene. The winged wolves clash with the Dark Centaur's lending help to the GriffinKing's army. The Dark Centaur's had some of Elfindel's army in the war against the Dark Centaur's. The Winged wolves, the Griffins, the good Centaur's Drove Elfindel's dark elv's and the evil Centaur's back. The Dark Centaur's were retreating into their caves.   The GriffenKing made his way into the Dark Centaur's lair with his Griffen army. The GriffinKing then forwarded to the domain of the Dark Centaur King. They clashed and clashed and the GriffenKing came out victorious the war continued for months upon months eight months to be exact. The good Centaur's heard about the slayed Dark CentaurKing, celebrated, invited the Griffens of Quintaria to their celebration after two years of war with the evil centaurs. The Griffens are very majestic looking, are the GriffenKing has a jewel in the center of his head. The Centaur's of Quintaria shook hands with the Griffins of Quintaria, even hugged a few of them, gave them some very sweet berry juice. The Centaur's gave them many bags of berry juice to take home to their land's for their own consumption. After the celebration the Griffens flew home to their king With many bags of berry juice in their beaks, presented a bag of berry juice, and which was very good for the GriffenKing cawed afterwards in delight.  Phoebus the legendary winged wolf from the moon can also transform into a person. The warrior Phoebus flew from Griffindor to the Lands of Starr where Fandoren lives his home is very nice it's kept like a wizards home quite organized. Phoebus was looking at the winged Pegasus's of Starr he took great appreciation for he was a winged wolf himself. He even saw Unicorns they were very magical and had the ability to teleport from place to place. Phoebus is a warrior among warriors just like the Phoenix they're both warriors one representing the sun and one representing the moon. Phoebus went to Fandoren to seek council and to tell of the war between the Centaur's and the Dark Centaur's. Phoebus sent his winged wolves as a gift to the Lands of Mystic. Deslon very much appreciated that he is the most beloved throughout Quintaria and is a high ranked council member in fact he is head of the council. Phoebus was telling Fandoren about the Griffins and their persistence to fight back against the evil centaur's of Elfindel's. The Griffins of Griffindor were resting from the hard fought battle against the evil centaur's that were put under a spell by Queen Elfindel. The evil centaur's no more thanks to alliance between the Griffins and the good Centaur's and with the help of some winged wolves. The evil centaur's had help from Elfindel's evil army of Elfindel elv's but the alliance between the Griffins, the good Centaur's and winged wolves prevailed over the evil centaur's, evil elv's of Queen Elfindel. Fandoren spoke to Phoebus and said I'm thankful you helped the good centaur's in the battle against the evil centaurs. Phoebus said I must return to the moon where I came from but if you need me I'll be back for I will be watching over Quintaria at night but I will only come if you really need me. I shall lend an army of winged wolves one section in the Land's of Nioteri, in the Land's of Mystic and with that he bid farewell and left for the moon. It was actually Phoebus who forsaw that LadyMoon goddess of the moon was to be the bride of the young warrior Mysticwolf.

Chapter 13 Niteshade

Niteshade who is hell-bent on having world domination has gone mad creating evil plants that are poison, the way to his fortress is covered in thickets. The young warrior went all the way through the thickets before just to fight Niteshade in a battle which ended up in a no contest. Niteshade who is like a mad scientist wants the legendary Phoenix bird. Niteshade sent a legion of Skulkers which he summoned, Niteshade also sent Skeletons of Scion who were created by Skelentelor a powerful skeleton went to where the Phoenix bird was located, captured him including Grimskull went along with them. When they arrived Grimskull was like there he is stop at nothing to capture the Phoenix bird and bring it to him. The Skeletons of Scion went to take the legendary bird when Suddenly out of nowhere he turned into a man, did this legendary Phoenix bird have some type of bond with this man in which they were as one. This particular legendary Phoenix bird who turned into a man was actually an African American looking guy. Phoenix tries to fight them off but he eventually turns back into the legendary Phoenix bird he was going to fight back but Grimskull netted the Phoenix bird, Skelentelor was like careful Grimskull we don't want to hurt the bird we must bring him back to Niteshade. Meanwhile...Niteshade is talking to himself, pacing around they had better bring Phoenix to me or else I will go retrieve him myself. Niteshade also then spoke of Insectris, so there is gigantic scorpions in Insectris as well including regular sized ones. Well I've heard of the war between Insectra and Insectris and I most definitely don't want those gigantic bees, giant stag beetles invading Scion. Insectra is a land where gigantic insects are from... from giant bees, to giant stag beetles a beautiful place for the bees to roam and for the stag beetles to march though there is a place called Insectris. Insectris is where gigantic insects roam though were but under a spell by Queen Elfindel. Even though there's the Land Of The Scorpions is near Niteshade's fortress the Flying Fortress Of Doom there is also gigantic scorpions in Insectris along with gigantic fly's. A disgusting place is Insectris isn't it and that's why I personally can't wait to see the destruction of that place. Insectra is beautiful while Insectris is disgusting look full of those nasty flies. Insectra waged an all out assault against Insectris. From the Land's of Insectra comes the mighty stag beetles, The stinging yellow jackets they are going to rumble with the gigantic insects of Insectris.   From the Land's of Insectra comes the mighty stag beetles, The stinging yellow jackets they are going to rumble with the gigantic insects of Insectris. The giant scorpions, giant flies are awaiting orders from Queen Elfindel but they won't get to carry out those orders. A lot of goo was spilled in Insectris and you can call flies pests yes indeed and basically Insectris was like a parasite a horrible place to be. Kingsland troops went into Insectris and you should have seen what they caused. They impaled Kingsland troops, the flies of Insectris smothered some of the troops that went into Kingsland. Bzzz...Bzzz... went the flies annoying scum are these flies. Insectris was going to signal for an attack against Insectra but they were to defend Insectris at all costs. In fact there was this Queen Fly, the this Queen Scorpion odd how there is no such thing but in Quintaria there is or was for the Queen of the Bees, the Queen of the Beetles battled the Queen Fly, the Queen Scorpion. In a fight to rid of the parasites of Insectris the Queen Fly, the Queen Scorpion was slayed. It was a gigantic fight indeed though in the end the Queen Fly got stung to death by the Queen Bee of Insectra. The Queen Beetle slayed the Queen Scorpion as ordered by the warrior the BeetleKing. The Queen Scorpion got gored many times though the Queen Beetle did get injured not too badly injured and when the two queens of Insectra came out on top all that was of Insectris is no one, both of their armies rid of all the egg's she laid. Now Insectris is a wasteland once the two queens, their armies left back to Insectra a storm poured out into the lands that of which were of Insectris. Meanwhile...In the lands of Kingsland comes the mighty 4 Horsemen of Kingsland who rides Pegasus's. Their names Alexander, Matthew, Michael, Dominic. These four warriors of Kingsland are like the term infinite for their courage is infinity. MysticWolf in a sense one big attribute no boundaries are known for how far you can go on a quest till you succeed. There quest is to go into Scion and rescue the legendary Phoenix bird. They battle the Great Scorpions as well Skeletons of Scion, Skelentelor, even Grimskull who would be the one who awaits them if they make their way through the Skeletons of Scion, their creator Skelentelor. So they ride, fly their Pegasus's into Scion, eventually make their way into Niteshade's fortress. Where they fight off the Skeletons of Scion, Alexander, confronts Skelentelor they fight show me what you've got you ugly skeleton. If you shall defeat Skelentelor general of the Skeletons of Scion you shall then face Grimskull a creation of Niteshade. They clashes swords, Skelentelor floored Alexander and was about to drive a spear into his chest when he picked up his sword from his right side, then with the sword broke the spear into half. Then drove his sword into Skelentelor's chest then when he pulled his sword out of Skelentelor the Skeleton broke apart into half. Matthew, Michael were facing Grimskull and Matthew was close to being slayed though Michael through a metal spear into Grimskulls head but to no avail the only way to slay a grimskull is to be-head it. That's where Alexander came in, with his sword took off his head, he said die you vain. Dominic then fought Niteshade with his sword back you wicked mad scientist, as well said to Niteshade your Grimskull is slayed, your servant Skelentelor is broken in half, and is no more well Dominic prepare to meet your doom. They battle, and clash face to face with their swords and snarl at each other.

Chapter 14 Draw the Battle Lines

The Vampires of Vampyric said out loud draw the battle lines. The Angelic Warriors with their Angelic Swords, Angelic Arrows watched the Demons/Vampires be set free by the evil Vampyric. A huge battle was set ablaze and many battles took place, it lasted about some 2 years. The choir of Angel's which were in a massive size kingdom near their leader who gets called general of the LightAngel's. LightAngel's are AngelicWarrior's who have no fear their favorite creature is the Wolves. There are eight singing Angels near this chair like throne though not a throne more like a council chair with arms rather than a throne. Four AngelicWarriors on each side four on the left and four on the right. Then there are two AngelicWarriors one on the left of the high council chair and one on the right. There is two AngelicWarriors on each corner on every part of the kingdom. Vampyric from his castle said I want LightAngel to be brought to me dead or alive. Once he's taken out MysticWolf will have no choice but to join us then came Queen Elfindel from behind I thought you were in Kiszterian I was but I needed to speak with you. What do you want Elfindel it's LightAngel he has sent four sections of Angelic Warriors to battle my Dark Elvs and he has sent six sections of Angelic Warriors to slay your Vampires right here in the Unknown Lands. There are even some Mystical Wolves that stand guard around the Angelic kingdom.

Queen Elfindel then said for LightAngel's attacks on us we shall attack their kingdom. Elfindel said we shall set the heavens on fire, we shall cause complete chaos. MysticWolf looks through his Mystic Orb and thinks I must put an end to Elfindel what a bastard Elfindel is. Vampyric told his general to sent three sections to the Angelic Lands and Elfindel rode back to his castle, and summoned nine sections of Dark Elv's to the Angelic Lands. MysticWolf sensed a massive attack on the Angelic Lands he sent Pegastrite to the Lands Of The Angelic and once his beloved Pegasus reached their castle he warned them about a foreseen attack on their castle they were to set the heavens on fire and or at least try to. Pegastrite was taken to where LightAngel was standing against a pillar and told him what the warrior MysticWolf had sensed. Meanwhile the young warrior MysticWolf was on his way to Kiszterian to confront Elfindel. I'm here to slay the evil and you're a big evil no no no don't slay Elfindel I'll give you the universe if you don't slay me I'm here to slay you and I've already slayed two sections of your Dark Elv's and your planned attacks on the Angelic Warriors has failed. How in the hell responded Queen Elfindel no one knew about my master plan. The Dark Elv's had carried torches with them but they got blown out by rain and thunder not only did their torches get blown out but some of them were knocked out of their hands by Angelic Warriors, Mystical Wolves. Elfindel went to her knees and said out loud Dark Elv's attack him. MysticWolf then knocked Elfindel to the ground from his his knees Elfindel then screamed and then said out loud don't let MysticWolf escape. MysticWolf then used his hands to cause confusion on some of the Dark Elv's and he waved his hands and motioned them in different positions which floored the other Dark Elv's. MysticWolf withdrew his MysticSword and slayed many Dark Elv's. You never wrote the rules Queen Elfindel you never were the ruler of anything arrogant fool it's not me that is fooling for I don't play tricks on people like you do. Elfindel was on her knees you shall pay for this and I'll start an all out massive war because of this no one messes with Queen Elfindel no one. Then draw the battlelines Queen Elfindel replied then the battle lines is drawn. Then I shall fight you till thee very end and you will be shown no mercy once I get through with you.        You can see the Fire Falcons of the warrior PyroFalcon breathing fire to their enemies the two headed Nazgul's. After a long battle between Dark Elv's and Angelic Warriors with the MysticalWolves. An army of Angelic Warriors went after Vampyric's Vampires and entered the Unknown lands. After many battles rain and thunder was heard and mighty winds picked up.

Meanwhile... From the Land's of Bostallica which the T-7 Series reside who T, 4000 the Legend made who sent them into a territory and claimed a lot of land and named it Bostallica. was under attack by the demon cyborgs of Espitinu the MachineKing ordered an attack on Bostallica. meanwhile not only were the demon cyborgs were getting fought in Bostallica but in Espitinu as well. The dragons of Jenotha heard of the corruption that the demon cyborgs were causing, they heard this from the ever so valiant young warrior. The Jenotha dragons went into the lands of Espitinu to battle the demon cyborgs. The Jenotha dragons were using their hands, claws to tear the demon cyborgs apart. The T-7 Series majestic looking robots really took it to the demon cyborgs of Espitinu. The T-7 Series did not let up they were unrelenting in their fight against the MachineKing's his name Machindon.

Chapter 15 Queen Elfindel's Rage

Queen Elfindels rage the four lost hobbits for movies if industrial light and magic of lucas george also disney hasnt finished the last three CS Lewis books but for 3 movies for 1st movie queen elfindels rage chapter instead of four lost hobbits they can be called the four lost pebbles persons.

Queen Elfindel who is a warlock/wizard dresses up as a woman though a man who portrays himself as king of the world is set on capturing the warrior MysticWolf currently a meeting is being held on how to capture the warrior knowing that he would rather die than to work for Elfindel. Queen Elfindel despises everyone for that if Elfindel cannot have MysticWolf she will wreck mayhem on the entire world but not if MysticWolf has anything to say about it. Queen Elfindel is seen at her castle of Kiszterian meanwhile though Deslon is on his way to Kiszterian he finally reaches Kiszterian. Queen Elfindel was confronted by Deslon a big warrior wolf that can fly. Deslon grinned and growled right in Elfindel's face and said I demand that you put an end to all this madness. Elfindel said how about I have PitchBlack stare you in the face he wears a cloak a hooded cloak and he carries a scythe. The mighty warrior wolf Deslon went all the way from the Lands Of Mystic to Kiszterian. If it must come down to it then yes show me this PitchBlack I've seen him once but not up close and personal fine Deslon but it'll only be your death so be it replied Deslon. From a shadow came PitchBlack a demonic creature he looked like.    Elfindel said to Deslon don't look into my monster's eyes for more than thirty seconds for if you do it'll be your end. Deslon looked into PitchBlack's eyes for fifteen seconds and turned away Argh!! said Deslon, went Grrooarr, a loud growl roar was heard for that you shall be slayed and I'll put an end to you if it means taking my life. They fought and fought and tumbled and Deslon bit PitchBlack on the neck but the monster was able to throw him off. PitchBlack got up and went over to Deslon running at him was about to bite Deslon though MysticWolf appeared back off or you shall be no more right now for your time is unknown though do you want me to end you now I say this not in arrogance said MysticWolf. What the...said PitchBlack Deslon got up and tackled the monster and bite him hard on the neck once again, then on the other side and then on the wrist and tossed him into a wall. PitchBlack then fell to the ground from the wall with a hard thud. Queen Elfindel said my monster is slayed but I have another Monster feral this other one is unlike this one he can't be tamed. MysticWolf then put his arm around Deslon and Deslon said thank you MysticWolf you're a great warrior. MysticWolf told Deslon he has something to take care of Deslon asked what is it and MysticWolf replied it's the ElvenLord Of Darkness and the Sexy Temptress they must be stopped especially the Sexy Temptress. She tempts the man and then after they're done having intercourse she eats him by her turning into a monster. There's this other Temptress as well, once she's done having intercourse with you she says that I don't really love you. 

Their names Asrin and Esrin said MysticWolf oh I've heard of them they're sisters. The Elvenlord Of Darkness is to Asrin as Darkstar Rostan is to Esrin. Esrin unlike Asrin doesn't have a tower but a lair, now that Esrin's slayed she does not pose a threat anymore. Esrin might not seem darker than Asrin though in fact she was. After Deslon heard about both Asrin and Esrin in detail Deslon was asked by MysticWolf if he wanted a ride on his back to Asrin's tower and MysticWolf said sure why not but from there I want you to go back to the Lands Of Mystic as well cloak yourself on the way back. We shall cloak ourselves for most of the way to the tower of Asrin. So they take off for Asrin's tower meanwhile the Monster of Elfindel was summoned to attack throughout the lands of Quintaria. Some Elv's, Dwarves were slayed though for the Elv's, Dwarves who were near those who perished in battle fought back with complete fury. Queen Elfindel summoned the OrcKing of Orcen to sends his army to the lands of Linnenduul, and the OrcKing summoned up a powerful army to invade Linnenduul to destroy the elven lands of Linnenduul, to slay the ElfKing of Linnenduul. Urik-Hai is even summoned by Queen Elfindel to invade the Lands Of Linnenduul. They march with their Urik-Hai blades into battle against the Elv's Of Linnenduul. The master Dwarf of Andudain heard about the attack on Linnenduul and takes a section of Andudain Dwarves and leads them into Linnenduul so that the Orcking of Orcen may be slayed. The OrcKing awaits the master Dwarf Of Andudain. Ameril the master Dwarf Of Andudain ran into the head Elf of Linnenduul Leon. Leon said to Ameril look over here the Urik-Hai master slayed. I slayed him with my Andudian Ax. There are still Urik-Hai left and now Queen Elfindel is to take over what's left of the Urik-Hai. Four Urik-Hai charged at Leon and Ameril. They fended them off and a couple of Linnenduul Elv's and a couple of Andudain Dwarves slayed the four Urik-Hai. Ameril said look behind you the OrcKing is coming with his Orcen Ball And Chain. The OrcKing swung a few times at the Dwarf Of Andudain. Though somehow the Dwarf was able to duck the swings towards him. The OrcKing saw that he wasn't hitting his enemy so he swung a really powerful one though Ameril cut off the Ball And Chain. The OrcKing of Orcen was like what the hell and with that the OrcKing withdrew his Orcen Blade. I will stop at nothing said Ameril to see that you're slayed. Elfindel also summoned the Orcs of Syirefer, Orcs of Zentrok. Attack said Queen Elfindel attack my two Orcen clans, and show them absolutely no mercy. In fact leave none alive if possible said Elfindel, so the Orcs of Syirefer, the Orcs of Zentrok were sent to attack to Mystic lands of the young warrior's. With their OrcenAx's and Orcen spears they went into the Lands Of Mystic. Make sure you bring those steel cannons fully loaded with ammunition cause I want those Mystical Wolves to pay for defying me I want my baby I want my young warrior who is my lovely who is like a precious. Too bad Elfindel doesn't know how much my MysticalWolves mean to me yet and nor does he know how much she means to me.   For it'll only get me more upset at Queen Elfindel if he touches her. Elfindel said so great are the MysticalWolves so beautiful and yet so intellectual and so majestic I must have them but I shall not let Elfindel the warlock have his way. He truly doesn't care for the Mystical Wolves. Queen Elfindel then sensed that MysticWolf will make sure that the evil is slayed I will not stop to hesitate I shall march, march, march on till you're no more Queen Elfindel. ~says it in a tone~... Join...join Elfindel says through her orb you'll make a great addition to evil cause of your power ~says that in a loud tone~. Damn you!! MysticWolf you didn't turn out the way I wanted you too. Queen Elfindel now has gone completely insane bring back MysticWolf at all costs find him find him bring him to me. I will serve MysticWolf I will make him ruler of the universe You've gone mad Elfindel and you know it but I offer you complete and utter World Domination but you see Elfindel I am not mad like you're you've got to understand where I'm coming from. If you truly cared for me you'd let me go and you'd banish yourself from Quintaria. What!! What!! No you don't truly mean for me to be banished entirely do you??? MysticWolf's been talking to Queen Elfindel while riding on his white horse. Yes I mean it Elfindel I want you banished from Quintaria. Never!! I shall never leave you!! okay but you see my my wishes is to always be of good never bad now knowing what I just told you Elfindel you still can't love me.  Queen Elfindel is silent for awhile as well you have impostered my love why should I show you any mercy. Well about showing me mercy, my lovely MysticWolf I won't show you any mercy and you will do as I say and you will love me for once I make you fall and once you comeback to me you'll be like you were right. You see Elfindel I don't want none of that plus I would never take orders from you nor do I want to ever stand side by side with a Vampire. You evil elf can stand side by side with Vampyric, I am going to keep true to the legend of the wolf, that's Wolf and Vampire do not belong but you see now cause of MysticWolf there are now MysticalWolves and I remember hearing Vampyric saying to Wolves you will always be a lesser to us Vampires well not anymore. With that in mind Elfindel you can tell Vampyric that he can go to hell, well you see MysticWolf Vampyric is already in hell if you get my meaning. Well MysticWolf shall live on for all eternity screw hell I am MysticWolf, and I say now long live MysticWolf!!! and long live the New Round Table!!

Damn you MysticWolf, with that Queen Elfindel turns away from the orb and storms off enraged. Queen Elfindel then went by her horse which she corrupted to Reptilious, summoned the LizardMen Of Reptilious and the Imperial Guard Knights of Emperoric to attack the Dwarves Of Andudian along with the Dwarves Of Senadrin. The Imperial Guard Knights used to work for Darkstar though they turned against Rostan for Queen Elfindel.

The LizardMen of Reptilious went into Senadrin, and slayed six Dwarves a huge battle went on. Sedrick the master dwarf of Senadrin then took out eight LizardMen of Reptilious. Sedrick said I shall bury you alive LizardKing. Through hellfire and brimstone I have went to hunt you down LizardKing and now I find you in my lands of Senadrin. This is where all of your schemes come to an end I Sedrick of Senadrin Shall drive my SenadrixAx into your chest. The Dwarves Of Andudain held their Andudian Ax's and while the Imperial Guard Knights charged they awaited with their Ax's. Then it was like almost in an instant they clashed against one another. Now the LizardKing was backing up against some rocks and he was like I am sorry for the crimes I've committed please spare me liar replied Sedrick you're trying to persuade me to save you and it's not going to work. The LizardKing said so be it and withdrew his ReptiliousSword and shield. Sedrick swung his Ax towards Lizard the LizardKing put up his shield and blocked the ax attack. Sedrick slayed the King of Reptilious though from behind Queen Elfindel drove her Sword Of Darkness into the back of Sedrick.. No!! No!! Idon shouted...for Senadrin!! Queen Elfindel say the Dwarf coming towards him look out Idon shouted Norgred and blasted Queen Elfindel with his purple Wizard Staff. Queen Elfindel got up and summoned his Nazgul, retreated back to Kiszterian you coward run back to where you came from. I'm no coward!! he/she shouted I am Queen Elfindel future ruler of the world.

The purple wizard Norgred replied the future ruler of nothing. Norgred said to Idon go fight with the rest of Senadrin we'll recover Sedrick's body later so Idon did as told. Meanwhile the purple wizard Norgred was seen talking to his Pegasus Segus. Norgred went to the Land's Of The Four Lost Hobbit's, talked to all four of them, even told them about Queen Elfindel. You see these four Lost Hobbits somehow they entered the door of Quintaria that I only allow access to those who I choose to have enter so I guess you can say I allowed them in. Jasper, Niom, Cerebon, Rian are the four Lost Hobbits... The hobbit Jasper asked Norgred aren't these Pegasus's, Unicorns girly??? No, no, no these Pegasus's are wondrous magical like horses. I Norgred love regular horses they're beautiful too though Pegasus's can fly as for Unicorns they can teleport from place to place. Well Unicorns can't teleport to an unlimited distance but they can teleport very far from place to place and Goblins don't like these beautiful creatures one bit, what they do is try and rip off their beautiful Uni-corn on their head. Actually from the Land's of Starr are where the Pegasus's, Unicorn's are located and the Unicorns along with the Elv's of Raindein are in a war against the Goblins of Gobellion as we speak.  As for you Jasper to let you in more on Pegasus's, Unicorns they're not girly like some have thought, the Unicorns are misinterpreted the Unicorn is great for teleporting and is much more quicker than the horse we know. The Pegasus's are well appreciated by the Elv's of Quintaria, as well the Unicorns are as well very much appreciated. Meanwhile the head Elf of Linnenduul Leon sent the Elv's of Linnenduul to battle the evil Dark Elv's Of The Elvenlord of Darkness as well the young warrior is seen battling the ElvenLord Of Darkness, the warrior slays the Elvenlord of Darkness. The Sexy Temptress appears come my handsome let's make love to each other passionately. I think not replied MysticWolf in fact I've heard of you making out with man and then eating him has if he was nothing shame on you shame on you. The Crimson Knight appears I see you have slayed the Elvenlord Of Darkness for slaying him you shall face me the Crimson Knight withdraws his CrimsonSword. The Crimson Knight said to MysticWolf you shall not leave this domain prepare for your undoing. It shall be your undoing not mine replied MysticWolf and I will foresee to that for you have caused much devastation, mayhem in Quintaria and I've had about enough of it. Stand back said MysticWolf and after telling the Sexy Temptress to stand back the Crimson Knight charged at MysticWolf, and the warrior with his Crimson Sword. MysticWolf then moved aside and tossed him into a near by wall then impaled the Crimson Knight into the wall.    The Sexy Temptress was like Oooo' you're a beautiful warrior now let's make love on the hard floor. MysticWolf said no and froze her by breathing arctic mist. Then MysticWolf used the Mystic wave from his hands to break up the frozen Asrin the other sexy temptress was turned into nothing but bits and pieces of ice. The OrcGoblin of Orkob which isn't big in size a small though his army of orc goblins were sent by Elfindel to the lands of Mistorianis to attack the Giants there. They traveled all that way to disturb the peace in Mistorianis just cause of Elfindel's rage the fury inside of Queen Elfindel is destroying her own self from the inside.   The OrcGoblin held his OrkobAx in the air and said attack the general giant of Mistorianis said to The OrcGoblin King face me in a battle use OrkobArrows give me all that you've got and don't let up for if you do I shall squash you for you are tiny compared to me and you'll be squashed just like a fly on the wall. The FemurKing of Femuria was summoned to invade the Elves Of Dominor. The FemurKing led his army into the Lands of Dominor. Leave none left standing attack them from all sides said the FemurKing. The Elven leader of Dominor Domi sensed an attack and that whoever it was they were already in. So Domi called in for sections of troops to line up and be ready to fire Dominor Arrows into any that charges with either ax or sword. The Elf Of Dominor hears that Senadrin is under attack the Lizardmen of Reptilious and the LizardKing attacking the Dwarves Of Senadrin. Queen Elfindel must be behind this mentioned Sedrick. Elfindel said look behind you Sedrick and the master dwarf turned around and when he did the Sword Of Elfindel was driven into the chest of Sedrick. Domi the elven leader of Dominor takes off on a white horse and rides into Senadrin to fight along side his close friend Kineri. Kineri with his SenadrinAx swung it and twirled his mighty ax and drove it into five Lizardmen. The warrior MysticWolf sent in two Mystical Wolves to attack the Lizardmen that tried to invade Senadrin. MysticWolf said to Kineri I heard about your troubles and so did Domi. Stay here Domi and fight along side with Kineri while I go into Dominor and slay the FemurKing of Femuria. I've had enough of his carnage spewed into Quintaria he will pay for his crimes. You two Mystical Wolves stay here and hold the Lizardmen off and help drive them back and out of Senadrin. The brown LizardMan of Reptilious is confronted by the Elf of Dominor they battle and the LizardMan is getting no mercy from Domi. MysticWolf made his way to where the FemurKing was standing withdraw your FemurAx it is time for the FemurKing of Femuria to be rid of for good. They fought each other it was getting really intense the FemurKing gets knocked down by the warrior MysticWolf and the warrior drives his MysticSword into his chest. Domi the head Elf of Dominor made sure that the LizardKing was not allowed to escape from the Lands Of Dominor for he set some trees ablaze. The LizardMan fought with his ReptiliousSword in hand and Domi withdrew his Dominor blade off with your head said Domi you shall pay the price for destroying many trees and for slaying Elv's of Dominor. They fought and Domi drove the Sword Of Dominor into the LizardMan's chest.    The GoblinKing of Gobellion sent his Goblins to slay Elv's in Idioene and as for the Elves Of Raindein they too were attacked a massive war had begun in the lands of Quintaria. The GoblinKing tells his Goblins that there is no way out from battling the Elv's Of Idioene. After a long and intense battle in Idioene the GoblinKing is slayed by the Idioene's leader Idonis. The Goblins are retreating back to their land's Gobellion but little do they know twelve Elv's from each clan are coming to pick off the rest of the Goblins that remain. Now the alliance that was made between Cave Trolls, Femur's is now broken as well no longer do Uruk-Hai, Orc get along. Especially Orc's to Goblins for they hate one another. ShadowMan the master of cloaking is gathering his Shadow Warriors cloaking themselves so confusion of the enemy may take place. ShadowMan together we shall confuse the enemy and rid of the evil in Quintaria but it'll take more than just us to slay the evil. With our forces aligned while theirs not so aligned that will give us the advantage but not to be taken for granted. Elfindel is losing the fight and is losing confidence maybe she truly does care for the young warrior now but I doubt it maybe she will leave him alone though we can't any risks for she must be stopped she must be slayed the Holy Grail of Ligbrion is safe from Darkstar Rostan for when he was slayed throughout all of Ligbrion celebrated that the Platinum Knight had slayed Rostan.    The Elves Of Raindein were attacked by the Skeletons of Scion who were created by Skelentelor a powerful skeleton which Alexander used his sword and broke him into half. Grimskull who was created by a vile and mad wizard named Niteshade. Dominic of the mighty Four HorseMen slayed the Grimskull. Raindein Arrows were fired into the Skeletons of Scion. After a fight like none ever seen before in Raindein they were able to drive the Skeletons of Scion back to Lands Of Scion. The head Elf of Raindein Raindell said out loud we have done it we've driven back the Skeletons of Scion back to Niteshade. Without Skelentelor, Grimskull the mad scientist Niteshade is furious than ever. Niteshade is slayed by the legendary Phoenix bird who sent him ablaze by breathing fire from his mouth somehow Niteshade was able to roll over, by doing so he was no longer ablaze but near defeat the Phoenix bird saw him almost defeated, then pecked at him till he was dead. The Phoenix bird then went back to Kingsland where the mighty Four HorseMen riders appreciated him the most. Niteshade's madness has now been put to an end no more will he be able to wreck havoc. The warrior Ravenstar of Raventha went all the way from Raventha to Dragon Island to speak with this warrior named Drakkan. They spoke to one another about how Darkstar Rostan was slayed by the Platinum Knight. Drakkan mentioned Queen Elfindel's black dragons, the warrior Ravenstar mentioned the Vultures of the VultureKing, how he fought the VultureKing describing how he wounded the king of the Vultures.

The Vultures of Vampyric were sent into the Lands Of Raindein. The VultureKing who is a minion for Vamyric was told to lead his Vulture army into the Lands Of Raindein. The VultureKing said yes my master the VultureKing serves the VampireKing. His Vultures go into the Lands Of Raindein with the VultureKing in the back of his troops so that the VultureKing may confront the head Elf of Raindein. The Elv's of Raindein were prepared for their head Elf sensed an attack coming but wasn't for sure though just incase. Prepare the Raindein Arrows and the Raindein Swords. The Vultures of the VultureKing arrived and both sides were face to face. For Raindein spoke one of the Elv's we must not let these Vultures invade our lands. Sounds of battle was heard for what seemed like hours. The VultureKing made his way to the head Elf of Raindein while the battle was going on so now we shall face each other finally our last battle seemed like ages ago.

Ameril of the Andudain Dwarves tracked down the Dwarvenlord of Darkness whom learned about the Andudain Dwarves seeking to slay him. So he fled from his base which was a cave to Queen Elfindel's Dark Fortress but once Elfindel found out that the Andudain Dwarves had a price on his head she kicked him out of the Dark Fortress along with his twelve evil dwarves. So the Dwarvenlord of Darkness went back to his cave where Ameril and the rest of the Andudain Dwarves were waiting for them. They battled each other, the Dwarvenlord of Darkness was slayed by Ameril.  The Mountain Of Fire which inside was a fiery red dragon that breathed red-hot fire and the Sunfalcon went into the Mountain Of Fire to battle the red dragon. Queen Elfindel also has a Nine-Headed Hydra which he will use if all else fails which is his strongest minion but at the same time Elfindel can turn into the Hydra that's original form. Among the most of things which Elfindel committed in acts which started the war in Quintaria was a big storm in the east which he solely caused and he disobeyed the rule of all mages to not use such a powerful storm like he did. There are limits to magic that of which you're allowed to use and all mages know that. Elfindel broke that rule a rule that wasn't just a rule in which he would go against the law of mages. Queen Elfindel shall not be banished from Quintaria the warlock mage must be slayed for the sake of all Quintaria. The gigantic Venus Fly Trap which before the entrance to the Unknown lands is known for eating anything that crosses it's path though once it got one of it's tree limbs cut off by MysticWolf it became less aggressive for several months. Though into the Unknown Land's the young warrior goes and he is confronted by the gigantic Venus Fly Trap once again then several thickets arise come now and face me. MysticWolf put on his Mystical helmet, then some armor I have come to slay the the King Cobra of Vampyric, the Gargoyle King of Queen Elfindel. Their fortress called the Fist Ring's Eye is where the evil king cobra's are, including the gargoyles of Queen Elfindel. The King Cobra of Vampyric spawned two hundred and fifty poisonous cobras and were summoned by Vampyric to attack the Dwarves Of Vinesterol, and two hundred and fifty gargoyles of Elfindel to attack the Dwarves Of Mithrial. MithrialArrows were fired by the Dwarves Of Mithrial a special crossbow made by the Dwarves even Elv's like the Mithrial Arrows for they come in not just a crossbow but in a bow as well. The master Dwarf Minon of Mithrial The master Dwarf Veri of Vinesterol is awaiting the vile snakes of Vampyric he will seek and protect the Lands Of Vinesterol. The Gargoyles of Elfindel can turn things to stone if you look into their eyes. MysticWolf though can roll his eyes and they would turn mystic blue hence protecting himself from the Gargoyles powers. The young warrior with his MysticSword slayed the gigantic Venus Fly Trap, then made his way through the thickets by breaking through them with his fury. Then the young warrior went into the castle of Fist Ring Eye. Meanwhile while the young warrior is searching for the Cobra King, the Gargoyle King the VultureKing and his Dark Vultures were sent by Vampyric to invade the Ravens of Raventha. The Vultures of Vampyric owned a section of the dark fortress. So the Vultures of the VultureKing made their way into Raventha. A huge fight went on the Ravens of Raventha and the Vultures of the VultureKing were pecking each other. The Ravens Of Raventha made the Vultures of the VultureKing retreat back to the Unknown Lands, and now the young warrior has made his way to the Cobra King. The young warrior had to slay many cobras and even spitting cobras to get to the Cobra King. Including before running into many cobras he had to fight off many of Vampires. They fought, fought, fought and the young warrior almost got bit but the young warrior chopped off his head.  Then to the other side of the fortress he went to face the Gargoyle King of Queen Elfindel, as well this time instead of Vampires the young warrior ran into many Dark Elv's, after slaying all the Dark Elv's in sigh he then had to slay many Gargoyles before he got to the Gargoyle King. The young warrior breathed arctic mist to freeze his the Gargoyle King, then the very valiant warrior MysticWolf broke the Gargoyle King into pieces. Then upon leaving the castle Fist Ring Eye he came across a Queen Cobra, Queen Gargoyle at the same time, as well they both blocked the exit. The young warrior used his Mystical Staff to fight the two off, he came out very tired. He whispered Pegasuri, Pegasuri I need you. Pegasuri was at the doorstep of the fortress he knelt down, the young warrior got on top, mounted his Pegasus, Pegasuri took off home to the Land's of Mystic.

Meanwhile a huge oak tree can be seen just one of them, and he's used for council in the Forests of Mystic otherwise known as Minion his name is Jentry. There is also Gento the talking pine tree near the lands of the lost Hobbits The four lost hobbits are closest to the Dwarves of Senadrin, the Dwarves of Andudain. Jentry is seen talking to the ForestMen of the Mystic Forest.  Elfindel has also sent steel evil knights that are very tall in size in fact huge they are the Imperial Guard Knights. Elfindel sent them into the Lands Of Mystic where MysticWolf is from. The young warrior was in the Lands Of Mystic at the time and thirteen Imperial Guard Knights came towards him, and the young warrior in his twenties blasted the thirteen evil knights with fireballs from his hands. Then seven MysticalWolves went into a human like form, in a sense their human like form they look like Elv's attacked six more Imperial Guard Knights who came near his castle. The Jewel Of Xenthorpe is another thing which Queen Elfindel wants to get his hands on Though Xenthorpe must not fall in the wrong hands. Let me love you whispered Queen Elfindel trying to communicate telepathically to MysticWolf no you shall not have me. I don't want you go away, I truly don't want you do you understand go away, you shall not enter my lands do not enter the Lands Of Mystic Elfindel or you shall have to go through me and if you send your Dark Elf army they shall be slayed for the Mystical Wolves will not let you take Xenthrope from Quintaria nor I will let you take it away from the Mystic lands. The Wraithking sent three of his wraiths to confront and capture Norgan the good wizard and so through the lands of Linnendul, into the lands of Senadrin and into the Forests Of Mystic the three wraiths went. Queen Elfindel also spawned Hybrid Vampires which are half Vampire, and half Dark Elf. Vampyric and Queen Elfindel made some Hybrids and sent them to a land of theirs which they named Hybrida. Those Vampires and Dark Elves must be slayed at all costs. The Hybrids of Hybrida are as tough as Uruk-Hai.  The Skulkers, the Hybriants will be a major defense for Queen Elfindel to keep the Sword Forged In Flames away from the young warrior. Norgred was hidden by the young warrior somewhere in a secret corridor beneath a lower level of the castle which was the cellar which was very clean by the way filled with many fine wines. Lot's of assorted fine wines for good times. The three Wraiths came and they were slayed by fire arrows by the MysticalWolves. There MysticalArrows seemed to not work against Wraiths. They would floor them, stun them for a few a little bit but it wouldn't rid of them. Meanwhile in the Land's of Mystic comes the final meeting for ShadowMan's ceremony to become the final member of the New Round Table past his test, and he joined honorably as the last and final member of the New Round Table. MysticWolf told ShadowMan to take up the oath of the New Round Table so he would officially be of the New Round Table. The Spiderking of Khren and his legion of spiders must be stopped they all must be obliterated. The Shadow Warrior ShadowMan has the ability to turn into a Shadow like form and which is like a camouflage He also has his Shadow Warriors. Though it's a must you take an oath before taking up the powers of ShadowMan for he can move swiftly. MysticWolf, ShadowMan together is a great asset to bringing down the walls of evil. As one we'll move swiftly together and bring down the walls of evil. We are cloaked in shadows we are the courageous, we are warriors of our time... we are Creatures Of The Light. ShadowMan was sent by the youngest of the warrior's to slay Khren the Spiderking, the warriors of the New Round Table they were near of the same age though with MysticWolf has the youngest. All in their early twenties were the warriors of the New Round Table. The War within Quintaria is growing ever more intense, The Mystical Wolves can fly and are highly intellectual and are an enemy to the Vampire though unlike the Werewolf he's not insane. For the Mystical Wolves can also turn into a Wolf and from there they can breath arctic mist. Vampyric: I will not let go' of the pillars of Quintaria need you know that until the war is over the pillars are on my side of Quintaria. MysticWolf: Quintaria was never yours to begin with Vampyric it was never yours in the first place.  Though I must say until the war is over we shall not go to the pillars. Why not replied Vampyric the pillars are yours after all. The pillars are a sign of Quintaria's majestic presence from the Lands Of Linnendul and their head master Elf they were made not for me for no one worships the pillars though they keep what I call a symbol of allegiance to Quintaria by someone such as you and or anyone for that matter claiming the pillars for one self is a down right outrage. Until you Vampyric started with your out of control self and your so called mission things were just fine and you had to come and ruin the peace that was of Quintaria the mass disturbance you've caused is inexcusable. Deslon will never forgive you nor Queen Elfindel for corrupting the other half of what was a beautiful place now only one half of Quintaria remains untouched by your filth. You Vampyric are a disgrace well you MysticWolf for saying such a thing to the VampireKing of the Unknown Lands why not challenge me now and or shall I send these two Vampires right here behind me to impale your Mystical Wolves how does that sound. I take what you just said to me very seriously you would impale a majestic you sick bastard. How about I knock you down off from where you're standing right now and slay those two Vampires in sight, and then make my way into the Unknown Wastelands with a section of my Mystical Wolves on horses once in the Unknown Wastelands you would see many upon many Vampires impaled. You sound arrogant well I am not for you know very well I am humble a humble warrior to the very end. Why not mix in with us Vampires we would be unstoppable together. That would never happen Vampyric and you know that oh' c'mon what are you possibly afraid of the devil coming and then God' coming from the skies to rid of all the corruption in the world.  Ha.Ha...a fairytale I say Vampyric says. It's not a fairytale to me and deep down that's what I believe in and I will believe in it till thee very end. Not if I turn you there are ways turn me and or try to turn me and I shall rip out your dark heart for I will never surrender and I will keep true to my word. Well what if I was to take your woman from you MysticWolf what would you do??? Leave her out of this and if you even think about capturing her you better not touch her or I promise there will be hell to pay. You fool Vampyric don't you know the very thing you worship doesn't want to be worshiped he will eat you from within. He hasn't done that so far for Vampyric is still going strong. If you get slayed by my sword and or by arrows do you think that thing and or whatever you call him will save you??? You must be out of your mind it was his own fault totally his own fault and you show sympathy for him when he'll give you none when your on your knees all he would do is laugh then again you said it was a fairytale so make up your mind cause I don't got the time. You know you sound extremely powerful so intellectual and so very well  rounded and so well to me anyways MysticWolf you seem almost perfect though I am not well close enough said Vampyric don't even start. Vampyric I will be straight forward with you looks can be deceiving but liars I can't stand so what I tell you is the truth I am humble and I want to remain always that way don't try and change me. Queen Elfindel put MysticWolf to a fear test he unveiled the gigantic black scorpion Scorpius. MysticWolf was not afraid but he tingled for Queen Elfindel cast a spell which would make MysticWolf tingle in the confrontation against the gigantic scorpion Scorpius. Elfindel I sense you put a tingle spell on me I shall not give in. Scorpius approaches MysticWolf then starts whipping his tail trying to sting MysticWolf. The young warrior trips on a rock When he turns around Scorpius drives the stinger almost to MysticWolf's upper chest but MysticWolf grabs on to the tail and Scorpius was trying really hard to sting the young warrior. Scorpius got MysticWolf in mid air and threw him around then tossed him into some rocks. MysticWolf then avoided two sting lunges from the stinger and then with his MysticSword back handed Scorpius from the ground with it and Scorpius was sliced in the lower part of his body. Then got up and thrust it from his knees the sword clasped with both hands the sword went into his upper lower body. MysticWolf got up and went over to the stinger and cut it off. Then MysticWolf got on top of Scorpius and drove the sword into his head Scorpius was now dead. Queen Elfindel said nooo!!! my spell wore off you prevailed over me once again, then Elfindel then flees back to Kiszterian.

Chapter 16 The Space Wizard & Jentrell

Jentrell is the Land of Aliens, when they breed it's disgusting. The Aliens of Jentrell is now numerous and Jentrell is infested with them quickly they must be set ablaze for they don't like fire. In fact the can't stand fire they hiss at it. The Aliens of Jentrell are in a war against the Yellow Dragons of Jenotha they shall set the Aliens of Jentrell ablaze. There was once mention of a wizard who was once a good man turned corrupt to working for Queen Elfindel to try and manipulate time to his advantage which would put the whole world in utter darkness though MysticWolf came to be a Mystical creature of the light who's mind was set on annihilating the Vampires in the world. The watcher of Quintaria decided that the Space Wizard was to be punished for his arrogance. Though Vampyric, Queen Elfindel, the Space Wizard, the Egyptian Wizard are hell bent on turning MysticWolf into a dark slave for more World Domination though MysticWolf rather die then join those vile bastards. Unless MysticWolf can turn the tides for the sake of existence if not there shall be complete darkness in the world and if Vampires find there way out of this world then many shall fall to their dark plague which is there master plan. The SpaceWizard is now working on his ultimate device which would from out of nowhere take MysticWolf from his own will and out of this and which would set him back to the time where he was held prisoner held in chains which MysticWolf broke free from somehow he was able to break free of those steel chains which were not to mention heavy chains. MysticWolf almost got whipped though Queen Elfindel knew he didn't like whips Vampyric was about to bite him though he had his Vampiress's go for a taste and or that's what they thought was going to happen the Vampiress's thought they would have a taste of MysticWolf's blood which in fact if that happened the entire human race would be in dire jeopardy. Six Vampiress's came in close to MysticWolf the warrior sensed if he did not try and break free from the chains he would be bitten. MysticWolf growled and grrred and was able to break one chain off which he did so with his left arm MysticWolf then used his left arm and with the chain broken off to whip the Vampiress's down they hissed and Vampyric was like no you aren't getting away from this one Vampyric then summoned for Queen Elfindel and said Elfindel give him the kiss of darkness. MysticWolf was being held down by Vampyric the VampireKing was hissing at MysticWolf you shall pay for defying us. MysticWolf growled and gave a very intimidating look towards Vampyric and the VampireKing hissed back at MysticWolf. Queen Elfindel twirled around and from out of nowhere said here I am Elfindel of the evil elv's here to serve the leader of all vampires Vampyric now said the VampireKing give this warrior the kiss of darkness the one who you're so madly in love with. Sounds like a lovely idea in fact let me embrace him Vampyric. MysticWolf then breathed arctic mist into the VampireKing's eyes. The King of all Vampires staggered backwards and was taking steps back which ended him backing into a wall and to the ground with his Vampyric hands around his eyes my eyes my eyes said Vampyric I am blinded he hissed loudly. Queen Elfindel was near MysticWolf's lips right before Elfindel was about to forcefully put his/her lips on the warrior he broke free from the other chain and used that to whip Elfindel get away from me you evil bitch. You like cracking the whip on your Dark Elv's to those who don't please you enough well how about this and the warrior used the chain on his right arm to whip Elfindel three times the warlock/warlord was on his knees. Then this tank called the Machine Of War came out and inside were Dark Elv's attack said Queen Elfindel. Nooo Nooo...Elfindel said don't attack him leave him be. I'll get you next time and next time there won't be any coming out from our dark fortress. MysticWolf didn't leave though instead he stayed and took out the Machine Of War with his MysticSword even used his arctic mist to freeze it a few times. So he could finish off the Machine Of War more quickly for MysticWolf sensed that Vampyric was going to send more than a section of Vampires to bring back MysticWolf for his escaping, sent three sections. MysticWolf took out the Machine Of War and left quickly from the fortress though he ran into some Vampires along his way. One by one a Vampire was slayed eventually the warrior made his way out of the dark fortress. That's what happened and the SpaceWizard wanted to manipulate the streams to pull the warrior MysticWolf back to when he was tied up in chains though MysticWolf sensed the SpaceWizard was up to no good so MysticWolf decided this time he would use his MysticStaff to confront the SpaceWizard. The SpaceWizard had this cosmic looking staff and was using it in the making of this Time Streaming Device almost finished said the SpaceWizard soon Queen Elfindel and Vampyric shall have what they want and I shall have surpassed the Egyptian King in wizardry. Not so fast said MysticWolf what?!?! said the SpaceWizard I thought you were back in your castle for Elfindel told me you were what the hell said the SpaceWizard well you thought wrong said MysticWolf to the SpaceWizard and so did Queen Elfindel. Oh and I heard you tried to touch my lady and if I did what will you do??? The warrior replied I will ram you into the wall and then I will finish you off with my MysticSword. The SpaceWizard waved his staff at the Time Streaming Device look now it's all finished my work here is finished and you shall be taken back in time against your own will whether you like it or not. Really said MysticWolf let me show you a thing or two about wizardry the type that is actually allowed by the heavens above. MysticWolf waved his MysticalStaff and twirled it and then did a thrust with it towards the Time Streaming Device. What are you doing?!?! said the SpaceWizard I am protecting myself and the entire human race, after the thrust towards the Time Streaming Device his machine was no more it was damaged badly. The SpaceWizard fell to his knees my precious Time Streaming Device you fool you shall pay for damaging my Time Streaming Device. Remember you were once a good wizard now you work for Vampyric and Elfindel. How long have you been working for them?!?! It seems like an eternity that I've been working for them. The SpaceWizard then said to MysticWolf you shall pay for ruining my precious Time Streaming Device in fact to Queen Elfindel you're the precious. Well I am not the warlock's precious him/her whatever you want to call Elfindel. Very well then and with that the SpaceWizard withdrew his cosmic looking staff and MysticWolf looked at his opponent ready for the upcoming battle against this dark wizard.  MysticWolf revealed his MysticStaff they clashed staff's many times and an intense battle of wizards this was. MysticWolf said they have completely poisoned your mind so I shall not spare you the warrior thrust his MysticStaff into the SpaceWizard into the Time Streaming Device and with that the vile SpaceWizard was against the Time Streaming Device ready to die though MysticWolf couldn't let him remain for his mind is totally corrupt and is getting worse and worse that each day goes by. MysticWolf said too bad you didn't make it to see the days of you performing good wizardry. MysticWolf then withdrew his Mystic Bow and took two Mystic Arrows, and drove it into his dark heart. Though emerged from the SpaceWizard's body came an Alien but his body was no more in fact it wasn't just any Alien it was a female Alien an AlienQueen. It's the AlienQueen of Jentrell in a shocked voice quickly we must not let it escape. So the SpaceWizard did have another form for the AlienQueen didn't seem to attack she just laid there producing Aliens strange looking ones at that. The AlienQueen confronted MysticWolf the warrior she hissed and looked over to the broken Time Streaming Device and hissed even louder and turned her head back towards MysticWolf and menacingly hissed at him. They fought for MysticWolf could not let the Alien Queen breed for if she breed anymore an infestation of Aliens would occur and Jentrell would take over many of the lands if not all the lands. It wouldn't matter there was no way out for the AlienQueen Of Jentrell. MysticWolf held the AlienQueen inside a surrounding flame circle created by throwing down his hands and with that the AlienQueen was no more. After the SpaceWizard was slayed the Aliens of Jentrell all burst that's right they all combusted.

Chapter 17 Once Upon a Mystic Blue Sky

Many Crimson Skies have been seen since Vampires set foot to corrupt as many, as they can. Let the cross be an ultimate defense against the scum that is Vampires. Vampires have caused a Vampyric Plague thousands of them had Come to be on the other side of Quintaria which is at the moment bad. Once Upon A Mystic Blue Sky an ever so valiant warrior named MysticWolf was shown in the sky while the sky turned Mystic Blue from Crimson Red then it went as the color of a shadow then it turned half mystic blue and half crimson after awhile in battle against Vampyric. Though MysticWolf took Vampyric to his limit and slayed him and or thought he did. After driving a steel stake through Vampyric's heart he was thought dead though once MysticWolf left the are and to the outside of his castle Vampyric slowly removed the steel stake the Vampires that were left took him and carried him off to his corridor though once Vampyric hissed no more was he allowed to wreck chaos upon the world. There are many upon many Vampires impaled across the lands throughout Quintaria. A gruesome sight it is seeing all those Vampires impaled they had to be impaled for they were corrupting and nothing but vile.   Though Queen Elfindel was able to take his body to the pillars which restored his corpse. Meanwhile while Queen Elfindel was at the pillars the warrior MysticWolf made his way to Kiszterian where Elfindel's castle was and he went into the castle. LadyMoon is now rescued and when she was held hostage she was forced to dance by Queen Elfindel though nothing more happened she wasn't allowed to be touched for if she was touched Elfindel would have to face his doom. For that Elfindel knew that if he touched her that his head would be on the line, that MysticWolf would show him no mercy. LadyMoon who is also known as Krystal flew quickly back to the Lands Of Mystic on Pegastrite with her arms around him. She says in order for my protection I must now only be Krystal for LadyMoon is now a memory of what I once was. I do this for you MysticWolf for I feel if I stay LadyMoon that I will get hurt so from now on you know me as Krystal.

A lot of evil has been slayed on the dark side of Quintaria. The most important thing now is to rid of the Skulkers from Skulkren, the Hybriant's from Hybrida. For these two forces will stop at nothing to keep the Sword Forged In Flames in the volcano forever. Queen Elfindel will not accept failure but if she does fail she is doomed, she will be slayed. This Is Where An All Out War occurs for the Hybriants, the Skulkers don't want the young warrior to go into Mercenia to claim the Sword Forged In Flames. The dragons of Violureon went into the lands of Emperoric to battle the Imperial Guard Knights of Queen Elfindel. As well the dragons of Fienestra went into Mercenia to battle the High Guard Knights. Some Hybriants were also in the way though three sections of MysticalWolves went with the dragons of Fienestra.

Meanwhile... From the Lands of Imperialica they're the Imperialica Guard Knights and a fleet of Imperialica Knights went along with the young warrior in his quest to help him snatch the Sword Forged In Flames. Four fleets of Imperialica Guard Knights went into Emperoric and fought many Emperoric Guard Knights. For Queen Elfindel had ordered the knights of Emperoric to go into Mercenia to stop the young warrior. As well the dragons of Istopolis went into Skulkeren, and the dragons of Arcticin traveled into Hybrida.  An army of dragons more so a legion of dragons helped battle evil you see not all dragons are bad. In the past dragons were portrayed as evil though these dragons of Quintaria except for Serpin, Draconis, the two dragons which betrayed their homeland. As well the dragon Inferno of the fire wizard Solar Flare is also evil, the young warrior is coming to slay the evil dragon. Strykker Vincent, Theon, Uminon of Stelleron the Field of Riders are shown the young warrior met with the Iron HorseMen of Quintaria. MysticWolf the young warrior, the Iron HorseMen had to go far North from the Lands of Mystic to face the demon looking cyborgs from the Lands of Espitinu had agreed with the hybrids of Hybrida to make sure the Lave Blade otherwise known as the sword forged in flames to not ever be removed from the lave pit that of which is of the volcano it's called the Mountain Of Fire but is also part of the fiery lands known as Mercenia. They move like cyborgs and they sure took orders like a cyborg. Their leader was the the MachineKing...he wore lots of armor, he was covered with lots of metal.

Meanwhile... The Skulkers, The Hybriants... all had to fight MysticalWolves when once confronted by the Skulkers, Hybriants the MysticalWolves turned into a human looking like form. Two sections of MysticalWolves took out there Mystical Arrows, two sections of MysticalWolves withdrew their Mystical Swords. Then to face Solar Flare the fire wizard, if he is successful In slaying Solar Flare the fire wizard then he must slay his dragon who is known as Inferno Dragon. Inferno Dragons lair is located where Solar Flare is, who is like a wizard. who is guarding the Sword Forged In Flames. The young warrior went with his Mystical horse into Mercenia after the young warrior slayed Solar Flare uughh!!! you shall pay for this. INFERNO DRAGON!!! uuggh!!! I summon you, and with that the fire wizard fell over dead. MysticWolf and the fire dragon from hell fought clashed, and clashed. The young warrior held his Mystical Shield up more than a few times. Then the young warrior got knocked down, but rolled over and then drove his MysticSword into the dragon from Mercenia. Then he made his way towards the entrance of the volcano, during his ride to the entrance all the way there he had to fight off High Guard Knights. Then he went up Mercenia's volcano and made his way to the Sword Forged In Flames, then took it from the very pits of the volcano where fire surrounds the volcano, where it stayed in which it stayed centered on a walk like way, was tightly in rock. MysticWolf then withdrew his Mystic War Hammer, smashed by sides of the rock, right before the Sword Forged In Flames was able to fall over, MysticWolf reached for it, it was now his the most powerful sword ever existed. The young warrior with the sword forged in flames took it and then went to where the Pillars are. It took him a long time to get to the Pillars but another member of the New Round Table the Sun Falcon is going to confront Queen Elfindel at the Pillars with his Sword of Pryo. The young warrior had complete his quest to take up the Sword Forged In Flames now all he has to do is slay Queen Elfindel and all the madness that has happened in Quintaria shall all be of the past, the madness will come to and end once she is slayed for Quintaria said the young warrior on his way to the pillars.

Chapter 18 The Pillars

The Pillars which is guarded by this one Monster looking creature who formerly worked for the now slayed Egyptian King was shocked to find Vampyric slayed Queen Elfindel said yes he is dead though there might be a chance he could be restored somewhat maybe even stronger. The Monster that guarded the Pillars was confronted by the the Sunfalcon they battled for what seemed like a long time. The Sunfalcon slayed the Monster by doing what he thought was a dire must he guillotined the Monster with the Sword wielded in flames. Before the Monster of Vampyric was slayed he said this is for taking the innocent and corrupting them birds of your hands you showed me. Well you're not a cat you're a fool and the way you confronted me was uncalled for. The Sunfalcon PyroFalcon drew the battle lines with his Sword of Fire and they fought each other until one was left standing. The Sunfalcon hovered over the slayed Monster, then suddenly this one Shadow Fox appeared in front of the Sunfalcon and he used his flames to make the Shadow Fox disappear for good. For the Shadow Fox tried to touch the ShadowBlade of ShadowMan's and the Sun Falcon breathed fire and the Shadow Fox for a second, or two looked like a real fox though after a couple of seconds the Shadow Fox had disappeared never to return again.   Meanwhile... The Orb of Vampyric and the Orb of the Queen Elfindel were being used but little did they know Pyrofalcon sent his fire falcons to the pillars were Vampyric and Elfindel placed the Orbs. The two orbs were knocked down and destroyed by the fire falcons. Vampyric was met by Pyrofalcon for the Sun-falcon came from the air and landed on the pillars surface I have come to slay you Vampyric. They clashed and Vampyric even though some how resurrected was now wounded again. Queen Elfindel from her castle was like Noo!! Noo!! how can this be how can this be

Meanwhile... The young warrior had the warrior Ravenstar send in an army of Ravens to attack the rest of the normal sized scorpions that were left over from the slayed Scorpius. Also where the pillars were was the ShadowBlade which was created by Quintaria's council of the New Round Table for the warrior ShadowMan. The Shadow Blade had been awaiting for the Shadow Warrior to clasp the sword. ShadowMan went from the Land's of Shadow's all the way to the pillars of Quintaria.

This round like cup which was for imbuement had the ShadowBlade in the center and only ShadowMan could wield it unless passed down to somebody and or unless recognized by a hero.  This half Human-Elf archer was obsessed with the ShadowBlade and he wanted it in his grasp badly. So from the lands of Kiszterian he went into the Land Of Shadows, and once reached the ShadowBlade he somehow was able to pull the blade out though right after pulling the blade an immediate shake in the ground started to happen. The ShadowBlade turned on the Human Elf archer and instead impaled his chest. ShadowMan then appeared I should have known someone was going to try, and steal my blade that's what you get this blade only recognizes good only and I guess your intents for this blade were twisted. ShadowMan took the sword from his chest, and cleaned it off and said sorry it had to end this way. ShadowMan with his sword clung near his chest and thought what a sword I have it's so' marvelous. A Necromancer which Darkstar Rostan sent forth to fight ShadowMan of the Shadow Lands. The Necromancer's name was Necro and Darkstar Rostan sent him into the Shadow Lands to confront ShadowMan the one who wields the Shadow Sword. A Barbarian figure who was hunting down the Necromancer named Barbaris made sure Necro wasn't able to do whatever he wanted to do for he's a Necromancer and they shouldn't be allowed to do what they want they need to be watched and not allowed to roam where they want. Necro had reached the Shadow Lands and made his way to ShadowMan's domain and confronted him. ShadowMan the Necromancer said I want that Shadow Sword but Darkstar Rostan wants it even more then tell him to come claim the sword then Necro don't come here and waste my time. Barbaris is looking for me so hand over the sword so no conflicts arise between us. Are you out of your mind said ShadowMan of course you can't take my sword it is mine not your so back off. No Necro said I will not so prepare for battle and with that they withdrew swords. Necro used some spells on ShadowMan, Necro almost had a grip on the Shadow blade but to no avail. ShadowMan fell asleep from this one spell that Necro had cast but luckily Barbaris showed up and hit Necro from behind which knocked his spell book out of his hand you demonic fool get up I told you your witchery would get you into trouble. With Barbaris's long broad sword the Necromancer's book was pierced in the center with that Necro became enraged and took out his Necromancer Sword you shall pay for this it cost a lot and now I have to start all over again. Well that's your problem Necro for your Necromancer book is evil your spell book is twisted so I did the world a favor and rid of it with my sword. You're barbaric said Necro we both are we're supposed to be allies never replied Barbaris. Barbaris withdrew his Barbarian Sword and started to swing at Necro. Get up said Barbaris and Necro was blocking all attacks towards him with his Necromancer Sword. ShadowMan woke up and picked up his ShadowSword and said get out of my way to Barbaris after that ShadowMan drove his sword into the Nercomancer's chest and then pulled it swiftly out. Barbaris was stunned that was quick yes but there's a saying you live by the sword you die by the sword it might seem like I live by the sword but I most definitely do not. Well the Necromancer lived by the sword and he fell by the sword yes he did replied ShadowMan. Queen Elfindel sends a female Dark Elf to go into Mystic to bring MysticWolf to the pillars which is still Vampyric's, now Queen Elfindel's for the VampireKing decided to split the pillars with Elfindel for there was going to be a huge battle if something wasn't going to be able to be worked out. When the female Dark Elf confronted the young warrior and once he found out that his lady is now at the pillars being held hostage by Elfindel he withdrew his MysticSword and drove it into chest. You Dark Elv's will one day be no more. MysticWolf rode on his pegasus from the Lands of Starr. His Pegasus was summoned into the lands of Mystic and from there the warrior rode to the pillars. Elfindel let go of my lady but she's a warrior just like you she can handle herself and protect herself. If you don't let her go I will bite off your head you evil bastard. Is that a threat no it isn't but you holding my lady hostage is a personal threat to me let her go or it'll be your head for justice shall prevail, and my lady shall be in my arms once again what if I harm her will you go to your knees and submit. Never I would never do such a thing as to join the darkness good versus evil is not a game Queen Elfindel. Then battle me for the rights to hold her again MysticWolf's eyes turned mystic blue and he rolled them in the back of his head. MysticWolf and Elfindel battle with swords and then knocks the MysticSword out of the warrior's hands. Though MysticWolf grabs Elfindel's right hand after a swing from the Sword of Darkness coming at him catches it and twists Elfindel's right arm and steps on it with his left foot. Elfindel lets go of his sword then Elfindel kicks the warrior in the gut there how does that feel but MysticWolf from one knee backhands Elfindel with a furious blow. Then goes for a choke hold with his right hand and then with all his power chokeslam's Queen Elfindel that's what happens when you enter me in battle you get my all and the thing is I never give up. Then once slammed to the ground MysticWolf starts choking Elfindel and won't let up, and a grimacing snarl comes upon MysticWolf's face showing his discontentment. Then let's go from the chokehold and awaits for Elfindel to get up and then prepares quickly to fire two MysticArrows at once into Queen Elfindel's chest Elfindel now wounded. 

MysticWolf and his lady embrace each other she runs to him and they embrace such a sweet embrace it is to finally get to hold you in my arms again they kiss each other and all that remains of evil is Vampyric and his Vampire army. He calls for Pegaseri and was at Linnenduul where he was told to wait until he was called to the pillars. MysticWolf told Krystal you must ride back to Mystic on Pegaseri. She mounts Pegaseri and they ride off to Mystic. The war between MysticalWolves, Vampires has become so intense that when Queen Elfindel heard of his troubles she started to go insane and Elfindel was seen pacing back and forth, back and forth, even went in circles three times. The Vampires and Dark Elv's are being driven back they're losing, Vampyric's dark plague is being driven completely away, once the VampireKing is slayed there will be no more Vampyric plague, no more scum which are Vampires. Even the Dark Bat's of Vampyric learned a big lesson from the Wolves of Nioteri not to mess with them. The Dark Elv's are losing confidence in Elfindel Queen Elfindel knows it's only a matter of time before she is slayed by the young warrior. The Cave Trolls are all slaughtered including all the Frost Trolls all the Femur's that ever existed, even Uruk-Hai are no more. The OrcGoblins, Orc's, every single Goblin is slayed all the filth that was of Vampyric's, Queen Elfindel is now no more well most of it is gone anyways, all that's left are Vampires, Dark Elv's.

Chapter 19 The Final Encounter

The young warrior now at the pillars with the Sword Forged In Flames. A Crimson Sky was shown for the last of the Vampires was coming full circle. Vampires are nothing put filth scum to the world. There is a way to de-vampirise. An already Vampire but it would mean a lot of will-power for that change to happen. So many Vampire guild's today it's not even funny so many Vampyric taverns why do they worship the devil for if he was to come out he would not give a damn about you and spit you out let the devil be doomed to his own hell which he started he was the one that rebelled against the entire world being a rebel against a place and or something is okay but against God' the one who cares for you must there's no reason what so ever to rebel against God' for he did nothing to you in fact he came in the form of man so we wouldn't be afraid yet will still turned away. Vampyric was actually restored and MysticWolf sensed his presence In Quintaria once again. MysticWolf was like how can this be he thought of the pillars which were used to restore higher forms of Vampires if they had a chance that is. MysticWolf then said out loud the pillars must be taken down immediately for the sake of every human for the sake of good for the sake of existence and or maybe they don't have to be taken down. Though Queen Elfindel must be slayed and Vampyric too both of them must not be allowed to wreck havoc anymore. The Shadow Knight/Shadowman... and his shadow warrior's...will send an army to battle the Chaos Orc's, Chaos Goblins of the fortress of Vampyric& Elfindel... it will be this attack that sends Queen Elfindel into complete madness Vampyric will be confused. So the Shadow Knight sends an army through the corrupted lands to their fortress. Many Chaos Orc's, Chaos Goblins were slain by Shadowman's Shadow knight's. Vampyric flew all the way to the pillars For he sensed the young warrior trying to reclaim them. Vampyric arrives at the pillars, he tells the young warrior that the Shadow Knight is/was...a wanted knight... by Vampyric, Elfindel...for his attack against their fortress... but the young warrior won't tell of the Shadow Knight's location... thus angering Vampyric which then the final battle breaks out between the Sun-falcon knight, the young warrior whom takes on Queen Elfindel, Vampyric. and now the battle begins, this battle will determine the entire fate of Quintaria. MysticWolf brought the AngelicWarrior along with him who watched on. Queen Elfindel summoned his nine headed hydra to battle the MysticalWolf warrior MysticWolf. One by one all nine of his hydra like heads were cut off and for the sake of mankind the hydra was slayed. From all heads the Hydra breathed fire and with MysticWolf's MysticSword his hydra heads were cut off. Queen Elfindel then turned into a woman, appeared right in front of MysticWolf after he hovered over the hydra. Look look spoke Queen Elfindel your love that you asked to leave out of this Then MysticWolf saw Queen Elfindel transform into his lady now what ever Shall you do you wouldn't slay your own lady now would you. You're not her I saw the transformation with my very own eyes. Very well so Queen Elfindel switched back to his own form. Elfindel summoned six Dark Elv's to fight MysticWolf and with MysticWolf's Mystic Arrows each Dark Elf was slayed. Queen Elfindel said enough I've had enough with you into the fire you shall battle me and it'll be like Hellfire and Brimstone and at the same time the Sunfalcon was there to battle Queen Elfindel. Vampyric demanded the warrior MysticWolf to fight him instead of Elfindel. MysticalWolf went into the air and so did Vampyric so you want to fight me VampireKing then we shall. Vampyric tried to bite several times but to no avail they battled a long battle it extremely intense and after clashing swords in the air and even on the ground then both went back up into the air and fought each other until one was left standing and MysticWolf grappled Vampyric and soon after punched him with lefts and rights four times and then a hard bite to the neck.  Vampyric and MysticWolf were falling from the air though MysticWolf held on tight to Vampyric's throat and one fourth near the ground MysticWolf jumped off Vampyric, flew some feet away then landed and once landed the young warrior walked away but stopped to go where Vampyric was lying only to drive the MysticSword into his dark heart. With that the Vampires of Vampyric and the Vampires of the world were now no more the Vampyric Plague no more for the ones that were left disintegrated. The Sun Falcon is floored...MysticWolf help me... The battle was very intense Elfindel barely standing, then looked over to MysticWolf come and finish him off Vampyric and every single Vampire in the universe is slayed along with the Aliens of Jentrell. It's safe now join me and we'll rule the universe with a mighty hand. Never!!! The young warrior used the Sword Forged in Flames, slayed Elfindel. Thank let me kiss you before I die... No!! and with that Queen Elfindel started to shake a bit... then dies...Elfindel is now dead...Sun Falcon warrior are you okay??? yes MysticWolf I'm fine you slayed many evils across the universe thanks to you. Let's not forget the other hero's of Quintaria Sun Falcon. Now I must go and rid of the Zentra of Dark Magic and he went to the summit of where the Zentra was, slayed quite many Dark Elv's the Dark Elv's that were left anyways, and with his MysticSword the warrior fended off the electricity coming from the fingers of the hand of the Zentra. MysticWolf drove the MysticSword into the center of the hand, and the Zentra was destroyed for the sake of good. MysticWolf had protected the world of Quintaria, as well the other hero's of Quintaria will be honored for their valiance. Across the universe evil was slayed, a hero was born and MysticWolf was a hero to all of Quintaria. The pillars didn't have to be taken down after all they were purified by Norgan the purple wizard. Now the Hero's Of The Hall awaits MysticWolf, and the other hero's that contributed to the protection of Quintaria. All the heroes arrive and they are given an honor medallion each for their valor and honor in the name of Quintaria. The other side that of which was good to begin with that Vampyric and Queen Elfindel and among others turned into the darkside of Quintaria is now in a current rainstorm where lots of lightning is occurring the other side is now beginning to break off it rained for many days and many nights without stopping and it rained hard now that of which was known as the darkside of Quintaria is now an ocean it's known now as the Burnite Ocean. Remember now Quintaria was once all pure then half of it became corrupted well now that war in Quintaria is over the half that was corrupted crumbled and as a symbol of the victory over the evil the other half of Quintaria was flooded the flood washed away all the filth that had took over the other half of Quintaria. A huge celebration was held throughout Quintaria some years past and now the other half that was the darker side of Quintaria is now an ocean. Norgan purified the ocean though with saying 'may God Bless this Ocean.' MysticWolf held to his necklace/chain cross and asked for a blessing upon this ocean, and the oceans name the Burnite Ocean. Now the Flag of Quintaria is taken up by MysticWolf that was in the castle of the young warrior's. Then called for Pegaseri and he entered the castle and then MysticWolf patted him on the forehead then mounted him and rode out of the castle of Mystic with the flag in his left hand. They rode off towards the sunrise then majestically put the flag on the side of Pegaseri and waved his right hand. Welcome to Quintaria the young warrior said.

The End


Remember now Quintaria was once all pure then half of it became corrupted well now that war in Quintaria is over the half that was corrupted crumbled and as a symbol of the victory over the evil the other half of Quintaria was flooded the flood washed away all the filth that had took over the other half of Quintaria. A huge celebration was held throughout Quintaria some years past and now the other half that was the darker side of Quintaria is now an ocean. Norgan purified the ocean though with saying 'may God Bless this Ocean. MysticWolf held to his necklace/chain cross and asked for a blessing upon this ocean, and the oceans name the Burnite Ocean. The young warrior MysticWolf took the sword of Quintaria and threw it into the ground, and then Quintaria flag that he was carrying from his back he picked it up raised it in the air and threw it down as a sign of good prevailing over evil. My princess Krystal there you are she stepped in front of him.

Kiss me she said and so they kissed. MysticWolf said to Krystal I got something I want to ask you okay ask away marry me Krystal take my hand and marry me of coarse I will marry you in fact kiss me again and feel that sweet embrace of my love for you. I love you Krystal I love you too MysticWolf and with that soon after the two married and had offspring together, and Quintaria was pure again. The triumph over evil was to be remembered throughout all of time. As for the Elv's they went back to there archery and dancing. The Dwarves went back to there mining for silver and gold, the demons that had plagued Quintaria no more. The unspeakable evil that tried to scheme to take over Quintaria is slayed the evil that of which was in Quintaria is no longer existent. All the brave and cunning warriors of Quintaria and steadfast had past the test of time to withstand vicious attacks on their lands. The intense battles within Quintaria will never be forgotten and are to set as an example to all that good will go to any lengths to slay the evil throughout the universe. Intricate was some of the battles and Queen Elfindel the sinister of all Dark Elv's slayed, the demonic VampireKing slayed. The cries of the peoples of the lands throughout Quintaria were heard and we fought proudly by their sides. The devastation that the war caused in some of the parts of Quintaria is now restored. The Honor to the pillars now purified for once the pillars reclaimed Deslon's council made known that the pillars must be purified again so the pillars were tended to, and the fight for Quintaria and to reclaim the pillars will always be remembered. The flag of Quintaria held by the young warrior MysticWolf and he rides off into the sunrise with Pegasuri.


Deslon the talking Wolf was confronted by a horned viper snake sssss stop saying don't go this way or that way I know which way they should go I know the light and the way NO! you don't and this time you wont slither away. What you thought you had wasn't to be...let him go...the Warrior... you mislead a fleet of men into darkness they await to be freed from your darkness The Hyena of Heaven looked at the Hyena of Hell and said be gone forever or face me in a battle for the sake of mankind... the destruction! of hell! it was weakened him like a vampire it's about the good deeds one days... We're in dark times now... Deslore...was to have Devin, Destiny... Drew their mother would be proud... Fortune the Fairy was seen...let the rainbows of gold pour down upon him Now the witch emperor was foreseen though to be destroyed in the final and last battle ever in existence... Ceslin the black bear...was seen I Love you all my people's of Sentria... now known as Zentria...Ceslin... The Hawks of Heaven were seen and the Hen's of Hell were seen may the hens of Heaven be heard... The Wolves of Wool were seen... The Dogs of Destiny were seen. The horned viper snake Snezel was seen stay out of my life entirely... I'm here to lead you to my kingdom come with me, it's this way...he said this to the Striders...come...follow me...follow the snake...but they were to be mislead and deceived... Walk with the Wolves, the Sheep, the Lions, the Bears, The Tigers into PARADISE and in PARADISE walk with them The Tiger Reslin, Kensli Gorilla...were seen... Deslon... your entire royal Wolf family is majestic and is of great and marvelous majesty... Ceslin as well was seen and talking...the bear... All the talking mystical figure heads...and or inspirations were seen... continuation... The Birds, The Ants of the colonies, the Bees of Beez...all buzzed... and the Talking Tree of Wisdom... I guess cause of age trees get faces The Snowmen, The Tree walls they talk but they don't move but they have arms. The King Domenic was to become...brave and cunning a true warrior a duke who became a prince, then a king...a real king upon men... not young...not at all a mature adult Snake...Sneazel you seem to have a lot to offer...but at what cost...   Sneazel came back a second to last time...he was released from being caged and broken in Hell This time instead of Deslon...Domenic the King whom took the place of Dante when he died...slayed sneazel for the last and final time The Hornets of Hell VS The Hornets of Heaven they have red in them...the Hornets of Heaven white The Wasp's of Wisdom stung many people into the Light The Asp's of the Afterlife bite the unwise, the ones who lost hope and the ones with no care The Gorillas of Greatness pounded the Orc's into submission forced them to retreat as well the Gorilla's threw the Goblins around the Elv's&Dwarves fought the Orc's and the Goblins The Gorilla's had armor on for the Orc's had their blades...the Gorillas had blades too meanwhile... As the prince still awaits his princess as he's searched enough he was embraced by the Phoenix Goddess there was a Ram goddess and or a Centaur queen goddess princess waiting to be loved truly... The Cenatur queen and the Minotaur king fell in love finally The black base Minotaur's were seen and the Giants helped them not white like snow but still Taurus's The Crab King...and the Scale was conducted by a Crocodile The Moon Goddess half moon not crescent embraced the prince as well Reslin the Tiger faced the Fire witch, for the Red Wizard was seen Ceslin destroyed them once before...Ceslin took on the red wizard The Falcons swarmed the Femur's one eyed orc's but bigger! with axes and a clubbed tail... The Griffins took on the Goblins... The dark dwarves meaning evil took on the Dwarves of Light The evil elf's took on the good elv's The Green Wizard took on the Shadow Wizard... Shadowman and the Shadow knights took on the Shadow Creature whom of which was resurrected... The Purple Wizard was seen battling the Wrath Wizard... The Owl's of Owlthis took on the Orc's of Orcen... the enemies were being pecked to death and the Ravens of Raventha took on the Smoke creatures The Smoke knights of witchery were seen The Panthers of Panthera were seen fighting the Pests of Pestra...


by Dominic Homan

It's only the Beginning
Prelude to Quintaria


From the Seas of Quintaria to what became a gigantic in sized ocean had tales of Mer-people and they had a Sea-King of their aquatic lands. In the beginning there was a clan of thieves a guild that was set on capturing the ever so powerful Orb of Thunder. They tried quite a few times and failed they tried several times to get past the guardian of the Orb of Thunder. It was once stolen but before the epic novel of Quintaria a warrior named Sharaun from a clan of Siberian tiger warriors named the Tigereans took it back, returned it to Quintaria. There is the Plane of Harmony which has a female named Vanessa she is like paradise with her humble beauty that was used when Sharaun ended up fighting The spirit walkers the Undead who had unfinished business ended up fighting against Darklord's army. These spirit walkers were people, or knights who would not rest until they were avenged. There was also seven Shards of power that had to be destroyed The Shard of Lust, the Shard of Fear, the Shard of Wrath, the Shard of War, the Shard of Elfindel, the Shard of Vampyric, the Shard of Darkness Near the end of the story It's only the Beginning the seven shards were destroyed by a Tigerean named Sharaun. Queen Elfindel a warlock-witch was able to resurrect the Shard of Elfindel, the Shard of Vampyric, the Shard of War, the Shard of Darkness so four out of the three shards came back but once Queen Elfindel, Vampyric were slayed in the last battle the four shards shattered. Now before the lands of Machindon was a great steel wieldier named Machindon he named the lands of Machindon after himself, became corrupt and wanted to rule as king of his own lands and to build an army of machines in knights armor. Machindon became the the Machine-King and it was cause of this that the Decrons came to be so that the Machidon Knights would not over throw any of the lands in Quintaria. The T-7 Series were also created to stand up to the ever so growing legions of Machindon Knights which are also known as demon knights. The Darklord of the Hellfire Kingdom made those evil cyborgs come to life with his black magic. Norgred the great which is called the purple wizard for his purple cloak made the Decrons, T-7 Series come to life with his white magic and thus gave them an essence. The Lands of Espitinu and Machindon are far away from the Elven and Dwarven lands and for good reasons. The Lands Of Starr is where the Pegasus and Unicorns are... the Unicorns were in a war with the Goblins of Gobellion wanting their magical horns for their own use but the people's of Starr would have none of it. The warrior Ravenstar of Raventha was in a war against the VultureKing and his army... the raven warriors of Raventha had ravens all throughout the lands of Raventha.

Notes from The Author

The Beariens a race of bear like beings all the way from grizzly bears to black bears to brown bears they wield their battle Axes of Bearien.

The Mer-people of the seven seas of Quintaria and the Sea King Tridon was in a war against the evil sea monsters that Queen Elfindel had created because of her rage. Lord Zoltar had a long reign and was a threat to Quintaria for quite a long time until he was slayed by Mysticwolf. You see right before they faced off against each other for the first time that's when the young warrior got his powers from legendary Mysticwolf he was first a myth but the myth was to be true he was very powerful and anybody who claimed his power which was to be the young warrior would be very mighty. The Seven shards had to be destroyed and they were by the warrior Sharaun and from the White Guardians of Quintaria to the purple cloaked wizard Norgred the darkness would have a fight they would never forget. It was cause of Vampyric, Queen Elfindel that the darkness was growing stronger throughout Quintaria but the Guild of Light would stand strong with no fear against the Darkness and now since you've seen my marvelous story Quintaria the prelude to this wonderful novel does not have to be written but just by the Prologue, by these Notes from the Author will give you you a wondrous glimpse at what happened in the prelude to Quintaria.

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