Eriemumps: A Christian Four Book Series

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Eriemumps: A Christian Four Book Series

Welcome to Christianity Oasis Purity Publications. This E-book is titled Eriemumps: A Christian Four Book Series by Dominic Homan. Christianity Oasis in association with Purity Publications proudly presents you with this Eriemumps E-Book free of charge for your enjoyment.

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The Dogs of Valentines Day Dogman and His Dogs

Chapter 1

You see Dogman was in a costume and a medium cape size bit small medium small if you could call it that they took on one took on Fly the Fly Genromdo.

The Dogman sent his Dogs and they were trying to nip at the fly insects.

And The Flyman minions, his Queen Flydroa. Flydroa was seen though Flyman or The Fly Gernromdo.

Gernromdo ha Dogman you can't catch me oh yes I can says Dogman running around in his costume.

The Dogs were told by their buddy companion Dogman it was Valentines coming up.

They needed to get to getting his wife Amy.

Their daughter Lucy Walker.

She also likes to play with her red Chameleon squeaky toy.

Leon likes his Frog squeaky teddy toy.

Chapter 2

Genromdo was going Scaring you am I scaring you The Fly was listening to this spirit he said he was the Devil Hand and if he didn't do it he'd swat him Would Genromdo really get swatted.

Being an Uncle and a Godfather having a Niece she's really special and all to me, I look out for her when I can she walked two blocks with her mother somebody.

Just 1 couple of months just say niece yeah niece only.

That Genromdo again Genromdo cut that out just cut that out.

I'll get the fly swatter I mean it. I really do go ahead get the fly swatter buzz buzz buzz.

You wont annoy me Genromdo you just wont remember you called me singer.

Dogman Grant Gritt is against sorcery though sapphire samurai sorcerer, the wooly ram or wooly moth or I called him a fly a few times. Though knowing that they been imposters pretenders make believers.

Well sometimes you just have to expand your minds.

Chapter 3

Dogman was chasing the fly and chasing the fly around and round Fly said quit it just quit it.

No I wont and now the Dogs of Valentines will get the devil hand and swat it just like his hand was swatted by a neighbor a hand slap only oh Christine oh Redmon stay away from that satanish person Mrs. Hart stay away from that luciferian like person.

Dogman Valentines is approaching sooner than we thought.

I wish we could get the low dose two of the medicines im 37 in April 24th.

No royalties it's all good Dogman said to his creator yeah oh wait im just in a costume.

Wish it could be done by wifiphone.

Grant Gritt was talking about William Henry Harrison about the Land Expansion Agreement.

Tyler supposedly had 15 offspring even in his 60s or 70s.

Taylor wasn't a war monger it was started by James K. Polk a democrat.

Early democrat not modern democrat. Millard Fillmore didn't create the fugitive slave act the Whig congress was split though it passed.

Millard Fillmore said I'm sorry I don't think they were fugitives.

Chapter 4

The Modern Philk Party Dogman was preaching about and the Modern Republican party though GOP stands for grand old party. The Modern Whigs weren't as bad as the First Elder Democrats of Ages ago.

Trumpman now in senate trial though mcconnell somebody wont allow witnesses day one of trial he's obstructing. What's the Republican or Trumpman almost 74 him he hiding from the Republic.

Saying nervous nancy shifty schiff mimi mike bloom.

oh yeah berg. Cryin chuck shumer he's just not being very nice almost like a jerk.

House of Represenatives impeached the Donald.

Dogman was reading his twitter, the magnifying glass for updated twitter news.

On his wifi or smartphone.

Dogman skyped and then used Hang out to speak with his friend Keith Kraw yo this is Grant Gritt yeah and they talked about politics above.

Chapter 5

Sandra Bigfoot was at the 9th month of her pregnancy 2015ad and she didn't seek help was it depression was it suicide shame 3rd month ort 4th month they have central nervous systems and can feel pain....they drowned to death.

7 Angels the Seven Angels would be 28 in 2044.

Dogman reflected on Dominic's life yo this is Grant Gritt you still thinking of us comic heroes put in Eriemumps4Christ, yeah we sure are battling the Fly he was nicely somewhat softly tackled Now go wash your spandex costume.

He said my Mom isn't going to like you got my his costume dirty it only got a little dirty.

Grant Gritt oh Valentines oh Valentines yeah is coming up and they were to celebrate with music classic relaxing music, or opera she's a really good singer.

Or the stereo which provides radio.

Chapter 6

Marissa and Brysona where did they go.

The Dogman and The Dogs chased them for fun Dogman in costume said wait up Marissa and Brysona we were only joking with you stop it my Dogs quit chasing them and they sat and went for some water in their backyard.

Dogman was seen playing with his Dogs Flykid, The Fly didn't come around no more not cause of the Dogs though cause of Dogman.

I wonder certain months and a day and 2,020, 2025 2030 2035 2044 2,050.

what predictions using mathematics division and then if what....

The Dogs barked and barked and The Flys all went and buzzed and annoyed Flyman the Fly Genromdo.

Chapter 7

The Dogman was begging to make strides he scared off The Yellow spirit ghost the Red spirit ghost and the Blue spirit ghost.

He has yet to hear from Mr. George's star matter all for Christ's love.

The Dogs all gathered around for Valentines or the day before or day after or maybe that day.

The Dogs were playful playing and Dogman Grant Gritt said thank you Christ.

The Flys were no more.

Dogman said Happy Valentine's to his Father.

The Birds of Patrick Patty Day

Chapter 1

The Birds of Patrick Patty Day Roachman Tommy was getting hunted by the Birds of Patty Day. Tommy the roachman led his roaches out of this house of Kenny.

Oh Kenny I'm glad the roaches came out of our house. Yeah we sprayed to carefully.

Roachman was seen dang that Tommy darn him.

Roachman said look at my buddy Zombieman.....Birdudeman took out zombieman and pecked at his costume.

Chapter 2

Tommy why are you a roachman says.

Claire oh Claire Claire why are you like a pest well you are now one.

You turned into a roachman we must turn them back they should just go back to being a band again.

Oh Kendrick oh Savannah oh Vanessa what is up with Maria Austin what's up with Selena Savern.

Saffron Candra oh Saffron Candra look at zombieman costume oh Jesus help me not to be afraid not to be scared or timid. It's erie a bit. Dillan Lauraletbe.

Saffron Candra look at Zombieman costume Kendrick said oh Savannah oh Maria Austin oh Vanessa what's up with Selena Savern she's supporting zombieman.

Chapter 3

What band their band that doesn't exist though they practice in these tales in Cincinnati.

Oh a Bengals fan yeah and yeah of the Cleveland Browns too and Ohio State.

Oh Christ help me to not be afraid of these Birds of Prey said Jill and Chris.

Carly Corina and Jimmy and Shamrock look at those birds of prey oh just look at them don't swoop down on us Mr. birds or Miss birdi's don't harm us.

Leon Gold and Lucy said Donatello man don't worry.

Dominicus Domini how's the Dogs that's good Christ help me to have a wonderful live and not to be afraid of Eriemumps though they are for Christ.

The Birds of Prey are focusing on swarming the skies in a circle one time I saw 6-7 falcons what an amazing there was barking sounds they flew away.

Chapter 4

Roachman flew he had wings was an emperor roach Claire sprayed Febreeze or air freshener on the roach he got upset and crossed his fingers two of them and gave her the Cross Finger it is used if your upset or if a person was to get a middle finger.

Jill said come here Chris a Bird of Prey was in the sky following him and some Ravens on a balcony years ago 5 Ravens Laughter Mirth birthing I don't know though have a Niece marriage I don't know Laughter Mirth good tidings always hopefully.

Dogs and Cats and Drinks and Food. Friends guess said Chris, food and drinks can be combined Dogs and Cats are two, a woman. I said thanks I'm appreciative my second message therapist first name only Sonja Sheyenne last name unknown that's okay.

Chapter 5

The Roach man was eaten By the Birds of Patty Day.

Roaches he sprayed some at an apartment Donatelloman did spray some cologne on it I think the Roach leaned back would have been like hey what you doing I don't want to smell great. I don't want to smell really gorgeous what's wrong with you. Well its a scavenger though A Raven Crow like bird saw a roach on a window and got it.

Chapter 6

Oh it's Patty day in March then yes a day in march correct.

The Birds feasted on the roaches.

The roaches were being swallowed by the Roaches.

C'mon and c'mon said Larry and Cudro and Noel, Zjempo.

My name he said is Zjempo and I hate roaches.

Let's do the roach stomp the roach roach stop it's approaching its encroaching.

Mark Miggins was a mighty force thats good he has the light and survival skills.

Brittan Brinkens he was a survivor too he'd be surprised.

they stomped on the roaches, and the rats were gotten by their Dogs and Cats.

Chapter 7

Roachman's costume was torn in couple places.

Thanks a lot Barry Birthmore.

BB and MM were talking with one another and BB him got married to Barry Birthmore cousin Martha is in her 40s and an Amy Operahyang.

Amy was for Christ too Jesus.

Jesus wouldn't want roaches around your place.

Warrencastro was seen Elmira Warren and Elaine warren stomped on roaches they said for Christ. Don't be filthy she said be holy be holy.

The Big Spring Rabbits for Christ

The Big Rabbits Coming From Easter Egg Hunts

Chapter 1

The Yellow Jacket Darkstar 1 scared of one Giant Rabbit the Kids were imagining it delusional cause of the Food coloring dye's drinks they had not koolaid. Though mixed.

Yellow jacket Darkstar Pitchblackstar was like giant rabbits he ran away like a fairy like a pixie he was.

Actually a yellow jacket stung him and he fainted.

He was like I'm as swift as a Yellow Jacket though not so optimistic said darkstar.

Chapter 2

GIANT RABBIT bunny was stung by darktstar yellow jacket fake stinger.

They turned huge cause of some serum or formula.

The darkstar and his sister darkstar Standra.

Dohomi Hoohor went to play with Standra Staneisley was like why play with Standra.

Dohomi was like that's not Christ like to reject her she's done no wrong is she holy Standra says I try.

The Homjet was a model airplane he made in a video game VR.

The Domi was a car that he had other drive him around cause Ralph Rompadink couldn't master it. Hey let's try and have a prayer in a circle for Jesus they just bowed their heads okay hands together Standra tried Staneisley was almost sweating though from being nervous cause he knew Peter Prissley.

Chapter 3

Giant rabbits jumping up and down up and down all around looking for carrots to eat the scared kids gave them carrots placed them down on the grass on the dirt if there was patches of dirt.

The Rabbits were big too big for staneisley though he prayed to Jesus.

This ain't a picture book though it paints one almost though short stories for children.

Leonardo Love, Donatello Doveman, Ralph Rompadink, Michael Malengelo

all shook hands lets get these rabbits down to regular size back to normal.

Chapter 4

The Hares were having a good day.

the Hares said this day couldn't compare.

it's Spring time said the children here's for the love of Christianity and they reverted back to normal regular size.

The bunnies were looking funny chewing their carrots, celery.

Ralph Rompadink took the Homjet and Donetelloman Doveman took the Domicar.

Kurt Kinders was a good guy Kindred or kindman a kind man kindness should out beat the darkness out beat coldness. Love Christ Love.

Chapter 5

The Kids Celebrated shout it out from inside the house the giant rabbits were no more and the kids took them back to their eatery cages for veggies.

The Mares ran around the Hares moves around Bunnies, yeah the twinkle and sparkle pop music of Elvis Jericho he sang it was he a tribute to Elvis Presley he did Gospel not R'n'B though Gospel Music.

Elvis Jericho was a good tributer.

Chapter 6

No more giant hares or bunnies or rabbits no ore said Robert Mackarel.

Mackarel was afraid of giants he said oh they are no more phew.

Jackson Mackson Jackson was only into christ like women liked knitting, crocheting, watering his plants and good music.

Mackson said Mackaral just have Jesus don't be afraid though i'am a bit well Lets say Jesus let's not be afraid no more.

Chapter 7

What a great thriller horror story for Christ about the Spring time, how evil was shrunk and should be less in this world the Australian fires were started by refugees that were definitely not Christian their religion starts with an I and also they start with an M.

Ralph Rompadink arrived thanks Kurt Kinders do you have the binders or the notebooks of his daily diary or his notes about whatever he was writing about the world or political like the House impeachment. Prolife is good Carly she is right.

They are at my place well of course they are.

The Five Dogs of Christmas

Chapter 1

The Five Dogs barked at this red shadow ghost fictional of course they scared satan away and Dogman and Flying Squirrels Squirrel man said we did it for Christ.

The Dogs bark at a ghost named satan not a real ghosts don't exist???

Though and his family of Jesus Christ.

Eriemumps of Christ he was barking at the ghost the red shadow fiction.

Chapter 2

Flying squirrelman and Dogman anticipated this so called ghost.

Oh ghost said Derek Divine, who was inspired by the Holy spirit.

Flying squirrelman was said wasn't their Keith Kraw Grasshopperman and Dogman Grant Gritt in 2 short story books.

The Squirrel glided from tree to tree and the back of each car would that be a bit freaky as long as it wasn't in the front of the car don't speed follow the speed limit or try to not go 5 miles more or less or 8 eight not more than eight.

Chapter 3

Grant Gritt and Derek Divine by the Holy spirit Holy star.

And their five Dogs and their Christmas teddy like toys with squeakys very well made and safe they should be.

The Superheros had a meeting Jesus was a superhero. Savior all Superhero's should go on one knee or reflect bowing of head to the Lord Jesus Christ.

Chapter 4

The New year's toys teddys should be fine thank you Dad, thank you Christianity


Jacob and Jenny why are you so talkative just are they said replying to Jared John.

Jared John exterminated the evil ghost red shadow like ghost with his special suction machine.

Chapter 5

The Five Dogs roamed around in relief that the red shadow was gone.

They were in safe haven safe room and safe place from now on.

Thanks to their barking and Jesus Christ the ghost was no more.

Leon Love was Leon Luck too though Jesus is Luck too.

Theres 44 Sundays a year I wonder if I could go 22 or 33 Sundays a year and still see the pets.

They are like family.

Chapter 6

Jerry and Havana were over what a nice Christmas Holiday and yeah I heard your Dogs bark a little while they must have made it gone away that's good.

The red spirit red shadow ghost was saying cut that out your winning you know good ideas and suggestions for America oh keep going you win and United States of America Virtueisty party Dominion Sovereignty and Philk party philk has an acronym prodiy or philospy knowledge intelligence love knowledge and kindred peoples humans loving animals.

Chapter 7

So now the red ghost is gone did this give you eriemumps, if they did Jesus Christ Christ, will tell you it was no surprise. Rat man was gone too his red eyes were reflecting a red shadow ghost projecting one or not. Just Fiction though thank you Christ. Fiction with some non fiction advice, and influential, inspiring all the characters say thank you and keep reading.

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