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Quintaria II and III

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Spiritual Warrior Quotes

Quintaria II and III

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Quintaria II

Quintaria II Prologue:

Deslon who has a son named Deslore 3 years after saying he would in 300 years meets up with Dante the young warrior, then rides in Andudain and then goes onto start his mission for the Sun reaver-blade, then he would need the Moon reaver-blade to further his quest. Batven has waged war and God of the vampires against Deslon, his winged wolves though Batven, Deslon never fought each other. Batven was going to be taken on by Dante the young warrior though Batven's creations were actual vampires and not bats though they had bat like wings...

In the first book of Quintaria "the Alliance" Dante's lover Krystal and him lived happily ever after for 2½ years until the Witch Emperor, the Darklord Sezrin came to be. Dante, Krystal had three kids...Elizabeth, Caitlin, Daniel...in the second book. The Four Castles...they have their second kid...Caitlin...in the third book. The Prince Returns krystal and Dante have their third kid Daniel.

Queen Elfindel was right there would be another evil in Quintaria that would have to be taken out but not just one opposition there would be another enemy known as Darklord Sezrin. With Queen Elfindel, Vampyric being slayed the red dragons, black dragons are no more...though the yellow dragons, white dragons had to battle the Witch Emperor's Femur's. The orc's and goblins were all slayed in the Alliance though the Goblin prince managed to escape with a small clan of goblins twelve to be precise...no orc's though they were all taken out by the Knights of Quintaria. Though the other half of Quintaria which was an ocean with some land now was a good place for the other rare dragons to migrate over to...Though evil was destroyed in the Alliance...when the Witch Emperor came to be, he was in hiding the Witch Emperor devised a plane otherwise known as another realm where he created new lands for the The Femur's of Femuria.

Femuria wasn't located on the map though was shown in a different map of the Witch Emperor's realm and she sent her minions into Quintaria. The Four Castles of book II symbolizes a castle of the North, South, West, East The Castle of the North is the castle of is where the Kingdom of the rare dragons... The Castle of the South is where the Kingdom of Dominor is...the main clan of the Elv's The Castles of the West is where the Kingdom of Shadows is...despite the name Shadows it's place where the Shadow Knight is...who helped the Knights of Quintaria battle the dark forces within the cause of this past darkness was Queen Elfindel, Vampyric... The Castles of the East is where the Kingdom of Senadrin is of the second main clan of Dwarves.

Quintaria II Chapter 1

The Majestic Meeting of Deslon & Dante

Dante the young warrior meet in the Hall of Majesty within the kingdom of Mystic They talked about an evil rising within Quintaria and that Elfindel warned of the Witch Emperor and that by slaying the warlock would bring forth the Witch Emperor. Castle of the North is the castle of is where the Kingdom of the rare dragons...

The Castles of the West is where the Kingdom of Shadows is...despite the name Shadows it's place where the Shadow Knight is...who helped the Knights of Quintaria battle the dark forces within the cause of this past darkness was Queen Elfindel, Vampyric...

Meanwhile a new darkness was rising for the Witch Emperor came to be and she brought back Solar Flare a fire wizard of Mercenia a mountain that is a volcano...

The Ravens of Raventha had defeated the Vultures of the VultureKing, the Vulture warrior's wear no more...The Raventha warrior's triumphed over the darkness that the VultureKing created. Though there were seven realms that were outside of Quintaria though a portal was linked to the other six portals. The six portals were the Desert realm, the Aqua realm, The Crimson realm, the Bliss realm, the Crusade realm, the Fire Opal realm

Meanwhile the newly crowned Queen of Quintaria Patricia Stratigies and her lover and King of Quintaria Domenic. Domenic Stratigies gave Patricia his newly girlfriend a Winterstone with a purple amethyst on it which they are technically engaged to one another. Well Patricia, Domenic were to have a kid together but they are not sure at the moment. He offered Candice and Torrie but they only made it know they liked him but why didn't she fall in love completely with him???

Victoria Anne Wilson, and Candice Danielle, Stacy Kiwi...were all Domenic's lovers. It seems as if another realm was connected to Quintaria through a magic portal Sentria.

The Witch Emperor's rise that warlock witch was seen and Darklord Sezrin was to come into power I shall form and army of darkness but Dante stand's in my way.

Meanwhile Unicorns, Pegasus's, Stallions were seen horse power! said The Horse goddess.

The Land's of Starr was indeed wondrous   The Twise, or the Washure...was seen the Twise people like dwarves almost were seen also the Peppers...bless you said one of them...pass the salt and pepper sure brother, pass me the butter sure thing sister.

Quintaria II Chapter 2

The Young Warrior Rides into Andudain!

The young warrior rides into Andudain to speak to the Dwarven clan he talks about how there are no more orc's, how the Dwarves of Quintaria put up a fight, fought along side Elv's if they had to...in a couple battled the Dwarves of Andudain teamed up with the Elv's of Dominor to rid of the orc's of orcen which was sent by Vampyric. The Castle of the South held a meeting, the Dominor Elv's were told of the rise of the Witch Emperor.

Meanwhile SolarFlare was just thinking on how to rebuild his army though the Witch Emperor made it known to SolarFlare that his kingdom was brought back within his realm. I'am a warlock witch says the Witch Emperor and I have resurrected you the Desert realm is where the good Lizardmen reside, as well and as the Sidewinder Snake, the dragon lizard... the Aqua realm has Water dragons, Mermen, mermaids, dolphins and whales, very beautiful waters, has The Sharkmen, the Shark King...   The Crimson realm has a volcano like Mercenia does, a temple ruins to worship the Fire Falcon...the Bliss realm has golden streets and blue streets, green streets, purple streets all that made of tiles, the Crusade realm is that of which is in constant war and campaigns, the Fire Opal realm a world with fire opals, onyx's.

Quintaria II Chapter 3

The Sun Reaver-blade

Dante after riding into Andudain and taking to the head master Dwarf was told to go into a place which lead to the Sun Reaver inside the wondrous corridor which only could be opened by the blade of light.   The Solar Knights stood guard over the cavern catacombs...they weren't evil nor good knights they were just there to protect the Sun Reaver as well after the cavern catacombs the young warrior will have to get the Moon reaver blade though first he will have to talk with the Lunar Knights and even face one of them to show he is worthy of wielding the blade and now to Sentria...Sentria used to be known as Senteria it was thought to be a different world but it has vast land's! Sentria has Ceslin it's beloved bear and Quintaria has Deslon.

Ceslin who is of Sentria is seen Ceslin the bear is a hero among heroes.

These are the cast of characters through this magic portal. Human ranger swordsman-Daniel Elven warrior-Ashther Dwarven warrior-Yenli pixie of the Woodland-Forests The Dream King with his white crystal ball, his mystical orb ring mystical attire, a mystical figure who sees through your dreams if they are true or not a race of wolven beings, bear beings, tiger beings Wraiths who can only be slayed by fire The King to have two children Gabriel and Denise Yellow dragons only... Unicorns&Pegasus's The Crystal Wizard-good The Red Wizard-evil Domnor-The Black-neutral wizard...

The Red Ruby of Senteria

A ruby that is said to be of magic, it's a jewel that is sought by The Red Wizard though in the right hands it can serve as protence throughout the lands if in the hands of the Crystal Wizard. Femur's-sent by the Red Wizard.

Quintaria II Chapter 4

The Moon Reaver-blade

After getting the Sun Reaver from the cavern catacombs of Sunith...Dante the young warrior had to go into Mooneth for the Moon reaver-blade. The Lunar Knights were awaiting Dante...

The Lunar Knights are in formation ready for the young warrior they are neither good or bad knights in Mooneth they are just guarding the Moon reaver Dante has now reached the cavern of Mooneth where the Moon blade is awaiting for the chosen one to grasp it. The young warrior then takes his blade and blocks all the Lunar Knight's sword strikes luckily like in the the cavern catacombs the young warrior used his Mystical shield. Dante fought on though the Lunar Knights fought a fair fight just like the Solar Knights did. The young warrior was successful at obtaining the Moon blade.   Meanwhile in Sentria...

The Vikings sent by the Fire Witch to slay him but to no avail though he gave himself in exchange for Daniel the Human ranger he was to be sacrificed on the It was written that no one who was innocent shall not die on the Sacred Pillars on it's surface but The Fire Witch did not know that she thought she knew everything and was distraught because of this also the Sacred Shield of Light was a protection throughout Senteria that sacred shield was located in the Kingdom of Light in the outer part of the kingdom in a secured area through some small trees...

The King and his queen had two children and once the Red Wizard was no more and the Fire Witch was no more Senteria was free from evil for all eternity.

Human ranger swordsman-Daniel Elven warrior-Ashther Dwarven warrior-Yenli pixie of the Woodland-Forests The Dream King with his white crystal ball, his mystical orb ring mystical attire, a mystical figure who sees through your dreams if they are true or not.


Senteria is wondrous, is very majestic Ceslin is the most beloved of any in Senteria.

From winged wolves to Domnor the great wizard, to the Human ranger swordsman-Daniel, the Elven warrior-Ashther, to the Dwarven warrior-Yenli, to Johan these characters of good is what makes Senteria very special including the Treants, the Snowmen-The Sents. The war between good versus evil is at hand and the forces of light versus the darknessshall overcome the adversity. There is a ship named The Silver that was used in the battle against the giant Sea Monster. The Sharken has made the seven seas unsafe, so he must be rid of once and for all. The Treants have been knocked down with Goblin axes, Femur axes. It was cause of this outrage that the Treants drew the battle lines, that they wouldn't tolerate being decimated any longer. The Treants became set on slaying Goblins, Femur's and any one who cuts them down. Ceslin knew of this, he thought it was wrong for the Treants to be cut down like that so he told the Red Wizard to stop but he wouldn't. The Treants, the Snowmen teamed up, made their way to the Femur's and fought them. Take this you ugly Goblins and take that you Femur's this is for the Treants and we shall avenge the fallen Treants. The Snowmen threw snowballs at the Goblins, even started fighting with them until they slayed quite a few Goblins. After the Treants slayed some Femur's they left back to their homes. The Treants celebrated but they knew that they would have to help the Senteria Knights in a few battles. There is a secret portal leading to the Secret Door of Santeria a very magical, divine, realm.

Now back to the Quintaria realm.

Meanwhile at the coins of Quintaria are silver, gold, platinum the jewel coins are ruby, sapphire, emerald, diamonds, topaz, onyx, jade... the people's of Quintaria had homes made of the finest brick, and wood... A red headed girl named Valerie really impressed Domenic the Warrior of the West...Dante the young warrior was one of three warrior's being tested to see if they could go on a venture to rid of the evil in Quintaria. Vampyric, Queen Elfindel would need a challenge... Johnathen was among his brother named Davidi... Davidi was the class act musician and he played for the people's of the village near the Woods of Quintaria... Johnathen wielded the golden sword of the Forest of Quintaria which was given to him by the Iron Four Horsemen of Quintaria.

The Lands of Angelic was where the people's of Quintaria went for guidance, whom also wanted a better life within the light The Orc King raised an army, there was also a Femur King of Femuria. As day turned to night in Quintaria the things they did outside they had to wait until the next day...the Quintaria Tavern located just outside the Land's of Mystic was a special place to be.

When the moon is out make love that's what Dante was doing for awhile well kissing only...her lips pressed against his...his pressed up against her's I mean. Niteshade was seen and his bronze dragons I want that moon blade...but Dante has it now I want him brought to me, before me Im the master said Niteshade to grim skull, as well to skelenter my skeleton army is here...

Quintaria II Chapter 5

The Yellow Dragons of Jenotha

The Yellow Dragons of Jenotha are currently in talks with the head dragon of the clan named Yendros...Yendros the Yellow dragon has made it know to the other dragons of Jenotha that the Witch Emperor has been causing this snow storm where the purple dragons are...

The White dragons have been trying to figure out what's up with the Witch Emperor for Dante about three white dragons have gone on this mission. The blue dragons the second smartest of all the dragons have been talking about there war with the blue Orc's... The ice dragons have been in a war against the remaining red dragons of Queen Elfindel...which are now being controlled by the Witch Emperor The Darklord Sezrin has sent.

You see the Darklord Vampyric controlled the black dragons and Queen Elfindel the red dragons though the red, black dragons have been wiped out by the good dragons of Quintaria and the Dragon Slayers of Quintaria. The only evil dragons are the red, black ones. The orange dragons were neutral...Darklord Sezrin whom is not a vampire now controls. Darklord Sezrin controls this three headed black dragon whom lurks in the plane of the Witch Emperor. A plane is also known as a realm...

There is this Emerald green dragon known as Gemdrag...for he is a very rare dragon... In it's only the beginning the Jarcken a giant hammerhead shark threatned the waters though he was taken out by the Mer-King of the mer-people.

The blue dragons love swimming...and the ice dragons love the arctic climate...Yendros is currently seeking Gemdrag so he could tell him of the Witch Emperor, Darklord Sezrin. Gemdrag is very majestic looking and is a good dragon of Quintaria...

The Sun dragons love the sun, they also live in the sun like phoenix's... The Moon dragons live on the Moons of Quintaria... There is the Moon Kingdom still of Quintaria, the Moon dragons love the Moon princess whom they guard, protect for they think of her in high regards. Shadowman, or the Shadow Knight who's dragon is a Shadow Dragon is named Oynx whom would later fight the Shadow Demon once again.

The Jewel Dragons

Diamondrag is the clear white dragon of Quintaria Thystdrag is the new leader of the purple dragons Crystal the white dragon whom is of the white dragon clan Firestone whom is a fire orange colored dragon whom is a good dragon though the orange dragons are neutral he is trying to council them to be of good and not just neutral The Aqua dragons of Quintaria are very peaceful dragons, though aren't timid of anything most dragons aren't. They don't look intimidating though they are the dragons of the water. They are only located on dragon island...though each dragon clan has their own land's these dragons are on the waters around the island of the dragons. Quintaria is a very beautiful realm, it's map is very big...

Bats are seen...

Batven was slayed once and for all...though the Fly's of Flydro a weird villian possessed by the Witch Emperor. Slay you says Dante with my arrows! stay back from me you hear...!

Quintaria II Chapter 6

Batven's War Against The Knights of Quintaria

Batven sent his army of vampires into the Lands of Mystic where they waged war against the vampires of Batven. Batven couldn't get to Dante cause he kept hiding though for good reason he kept firing his Arrows at Batven. Batven flew at Dante though he dodged each attack. Batven then turned into a vampire, by doing so he was no longer just a vampire bat. Batven revealed his vampire blade they fought, fought...

The last war against the vampires was a war of valiance, they fought till there were no more vampires left standing...the arrows flew, the swords clashed one another till the Sun dragons were victorious. The Knights of Quintaria fought with pride...

There was seven Caverns in Quintaria...the Orkob Cave...cavern of the orc-goblins A hybrid clan of these two fighters of evil...

  1. Orkob cavern
  2. Femuria cavern
  3. Dark Elv's cavern...a small clan is known to be neutral... they tend to be gothic these dark elv's
  4. The Vampire cavern for they went into hiding...
  5. The Wolven cavern of the Wolves of Quintaria which are beloved
  6. The Shadow caves a neutral cavern in which Shadow Knights train to face the Shadow demons of the ShadowDemon known as the Shadowdem lord
  7. The Jewel cavern of the Jewel dragons this cave is a big cavern called Jewel Dragon Mountain

The Secret Door ... The Door to Sentria

There was this secret door which lead to Sentria which Daniel the Human ranger, an Elven warrior, a Dwarven warrior found they went into it and appeared right before The King's castle.

Warrior's you are called here to Sentria to defend the lands of which make up Sentria. The Land's of Divinity, the Kingdom of Light Sentria is a very beautiful majestic realm of Snowmen-Sents, Treants these Tree creatures have their own unique Sentria look to them. From Yellow dragons to a really good wizard named Dominor to flying wolves, the most beloved creature of them all Ceslin the might talking bear.

Daniel was to be one of the key warrior's in defending Sentria from the likes of Femur's, Wraith's. The Red Wizard, the Fire Witch have plans to take over Sentria but with the forces of good, the warrior's of the light Sentria shall be protected with honor, valor, courage, pride, the upmost compassion.

The Talking Spruce Tree

The Talking Spruce tree was saught by Daniel Who could give him advice to the location of where the Golden tower can be found. The talking Spruce tree also told him about the Sparkling Caves. The Talking spruce tree which was the only of his kind in Sentria even told Daniel about the walking, talking snowmen of Sentria.

Daniel then tells the talking Spruce tree that he is on his way to the Golden Tower, then he will make his way into the Sparkling Caves. The Treants have been fighting Goblins, Orc's on the battlefield with help from The Snowmen of Sentria.

There was a frost giant who was threating the Sents, for the Snowmen would not back down and they would defend themselves from any frost giant. This Frost giant was sent by the Red Wizard for he saw that the Snowmen could help defeat the Goblins of the Fire Witch though she gave him command of the Femur's, orc's, goblins. The Red Ruby of Sentria was sought after by the Red Wizard though Ceslin had it in his domain. He was keeping it safe from the likes of the evil Red Wizard for it couldn't fall in the wrong hands. The Silver was used to track down the Frost giant...

For some Sentria civilians suited up on a quest to slay the Frost giant for the Snowmen were protectors to those savages whom tried to steal their jewels during the winter. Their was also a giant sea monster that needed to be slayed, the Silver would be used to take the sea monster out. The giant Sea Creature with five fins, a mouth like a shark was a threat to the seas he needed to be slayed. The Silver had cannons on it, was used in the battle against the Sea creature. The civilians who embarked on a mission to slay the sea monster left and set sail into the seven seas. The passed through all the seas in Sentria and then made their way to the sea monster the Sarken. The Sarken rammed into the Silver, though they fired their cannons at the Sarken and they even fired their arrows at the Sharken, it was weaking him. They finally killed the Sarken. Victory was heard, they sailed back to the land, returned to their homes. Sentria was free from the Sarken and now the seas were safe again. The men took out the frost giant...

The Ladies of Senteria

There is a very beautiful lady of Senteria named Taren, she loved carnations, worked for a tavern in Senteria called the Rose Tavern. In this tavern there was a merchant that sold swords, weapons, shields, armor. A girl named Stacy, Torrie, Trish were hand maidens to the King. Stacy danced for the King though Taren is second in the King's mindfor marriage though Candice is his personal choice.

Throughout Senteria there are many ladies, they're very beautiful. The women in Senteria love carnations, the talking trees for they see the Treants as protectors. For there are a few Treants in each city and they mainly look out for the women. There are the Diva's of Senteria they are singers, dancers but as of late they have been told to stay within their domains for they aren't safe now that a war is going on. The women and children have been told to enter the secret chamber door to the downstairs of each their own castle. There are five main Castle's in Senteria but there is only one King throughout Senteria.

The Amethyst Inn

Daniel met with a woman named Tricia Darklord Sezrin used a portal of his own and was in the tavern! Though Daniel said to Sezrin take me instead so he did. In the fortress of Sezrin the warrior Daniel managed to escape the Darklord says I know your disguise it's Daniel in Sentria and Dante in Quintaria though Dante manages to escape though he had to face a three headed serpant that was in in a lair which he slayed! he made his way back to Sentria from the main portal which the Witch Emperor used.

Enter a world of fantasy and magic and mystical wonder...

As a fairy, you fly across the beautiful landscapes of the fairy forest. Cast mighty spells of fairy magic to defeat witches, goblins and other evil creatures, which have invaded the lands of Faire, meet friendly creatures like butterflies, ghost lights and enchanted glow-worms, which will help you to drive away the dark forces.

A long time ago, when magic was a common thing, people were not the only sentient beings on the Earth. There were also trolls, goblins, elves and more. Every so often, wars between the races broke out and chaos reigned. Some kingdoms would win over the others, and some would suffer defeat. The rulers were changing, and enlighteners were born. but then a horrible creature appeared...named masles.

Enter a beautiful fantasy world where Goblins, Dark Genii, and worse use powerful spells in their quest to incinerate your beloved Academy. Create words on your magical rune board to cast your own enchantments and dispel the darkness, collect valuable treasures to amplify your powers and get help from butterflies, faeries, and spiders, beetles.

The Golden Tower

The Golden Tower is said to have lot's of gold inside many have sought this treasure but haven't gained it for skeleton warriors in armor, with scythe's have guarded this tower Daniel went inside this Golden Tower and walked, searched for it's Gold until he came across Skeleton warriors in armor, then their was the Skeleton-King and which he possessed the Skeleton Key to the Treasure chest.

He also has to face the Mummy-King who was King of this tower long ago. He was called King Gold for everything of his was made out of gold Daniel the Human ranger made his way through many areas slaying many Skeleton warrior's and picking up quite a few artifacts. He picked up a magic imbued sword, a golden shield, five diamonds, three topaz's, five sapphires. Daniel made his way to the Skeleton-King, said I'm here to slay you and the Skeleton-King said in reply you took out all my warrior's now I have no army you shall pay for this ranger. We shall see said Daniel now withdraw your sword, so he wielded it, stood firm with his shield.

They clashed swords, shields and fought it was quite a grueling battle for this Skeleton-King was quite tough but once his shield was knocked from his right hand he was vulnerable so the Human ranger Daniel took his magic imbued sword and hit him with it and broke him in half. You are a king no more and I shall take your crown and display it as an artifact. Then out from behind came the Mummy-King hold it right there said the Mummy-King you have slayed the Skeleton-King which was my creation but I'm the real King resurrected now give me my crown what! said the Human ranger Daniel...I thought I put you to rest for good no! this is me now...I'am brought to life...

King Gold lives again! Then fight me said Daniel, in reply the Mummy-King said this is my Golden Tower I had this built for me this is like my kingdom I live up here my kingdom is that of gold though now the Tower is my home where all the Golden treasure is and if you want that Skeleton-Key you will have to go through me. Though if you defeat me my kingdom shall remain and I shall be the Ghost-King of this kingdom and I shall watch over it. The Mummy-King was the first to strike, then Daniel struck back, each fighter blocked each other's sword shot's.

Very skilled are you Mummy-King same as you ranger for I haven't had a battle like this in years. Well this is my golden kingdom and this is my golden treasure you shall not have it for I will not just give it to you. Ranger you will have to earn this key by defeating me our talk ends now says the Mummy-King and then after a second or two he strikes again though Daniel blocks it. Daniel the human ranger then delivers five strikes which are unrelenting in timing he uses swiftness to take out the Mummy King for he took out his left arm and then drove his sword into his upper right chest.

The Mummy King goes to his knees you have taken me out I'm defeated...spare me...

I admit defeat...you have won...take this key...go to the bottom of the Golden Tower then proceed to the north-western part of the Tower and from there exist this tower of mine and go to the Sparkling Caves there you will find the Golden treasure of King Gold. I now become the Ghost-King...leave me...for I shall protect this Tower from any thieves.

After making his way out of the Golden Tower he went to the Sparkling Caves, with the Skeleton-Key in his hand he went and marveled at the Sparkling Caves and then after walking awhile he came to an area where twenty five sparkling diamonds fell out from there placing. He put the diamonds in his jewel bag, this was a reward for defeating the Mummy-King. He then came across a Golden treasure chest and it held the engraving's of King Gold's treasure, he opened it with the key and was amazed by all the treasure he had found. Daniel's white horse was waiting outside, he had someone put a carrier behind him and the ranger had him put the treasure on the carrier, while the helper was doing so Daniel watched him closely. I take this to the King, to his Kingdom and he will help those who has less for The King is soon to be rich but he shall give back some.

The Talking Eagle

The Talking Eagle was to tell Daniel about the Orc battle, about what to expect in the Woodland's Forest so Daniel makes his way to the Land of Eagles. He sees eagles all around him, flying watching their territory and protecting it from the likes of Goblins.

The Eagle says to Daniel in this final Orc battle you and Ceslin will have to fight with valor, with all your might for this is the final battle against the Orc's to end all wars against them, same with the Goblins this is thee very last war between them. The Eagles of Senteria were messengers for the Senteria Knights they carried messages to their leader in battle. Daniel did this in the first battle against the first Orc's in Senteria on a mission to spy on the Red Wizard.

The Pixie of the Woodlands-Forest

In here they would encounter spiders, mantis's, ants but bigger than regular sized insects these were much bigger they weren't huge but they were big. There was this huge Wasp though which Daniel had to slay as he was told but this would be towards the western part of the Forests and in the Goblin cave. Daniel went inside the cave where he went into the lair of the big Wasp they fought, fought until Daniel cut off it's stinger. Daniel then slashed it a few times and then thrust it with his sword, with that the Wasp fell over dead. Once Daniel had left the cave a fairy appeared before him, said Daniel you are the chosen one to take out the Fire Witch. With your help, Ceslin's we should defeat all the evil in Senteria.

The fairy then says beware of the Red Wizard only confront him when you have the Amulet of Senteria. There was a huge crocodile in the Shadow Valley which a Yellow dragon fought whom saved Daniel the trouble of facing it. You could hear the two monsters letting out reptile like sounds. After quite a battle the yellow dragon was victorious and offered to take Daniel to the battle of the Goblins, so he rode on the yellow dragon to where the Goblins awaited and were ready for battle.

The Final Battle against The Goblins

the Dwarven Warrior, the Elven warrior fight along side for the last battle for all times against Goblins. Elven warrior-Ashther, Dwarven warrior-Yenli are seen standing side by side. The Dwarven warrior Yenli said this is for all you Goblins trying to steal out treasures from our mines die you thieves. You tried to steal our beloved diamonds, silver, gold.

Then the Elven warrior Ashther said this is for trying to take the Unicorns horns all of you Goblins in existence shall be wiped out once and for all, every single Goblin shall die. Then from behind the Sents came and attacked the Goblins with their snowballs and ice balls. Take this you ugly Goblins and that!

You Goblins have been known to talk behind our backs when we are dormant, you like to break us apart but now you all shall pay. The Goblins are getting a fight like none seen before. Ashther, Yenli are seen fighting side by side once again after what seemed like an hour the Goblins were no more. Ashther, Yenli went to the King's castle and told him of the news, Ceslin happened to be there. I am proud of you two warrior's you both traveled from the North-west into Senteria away from your people's. The great warrior, craftsman Yenli, the great warrior, archer Ashther will be important in maintaining advantage when we gain one in this war against evil.

Meanwhile back to Quintaria.

Quintaria II Chapter 7

Deslon's confrontation with the Witch Emperor

The Witch Emperor says to Deslon the Darklord Sezrin has his plans set on taking out Dante the young warrior. Deslon says Witch Emperor you have taken out a dwarven clan within Quintaria, an elven clan I will not stand for this we shall battle to the death they fought and fought. The Witch Emperor took Deslon down once with his magic though Deslon took the Witch Emperor down after he got up and leaped on him. The Witch Emperor then summoned the demon beast known as Geldrog.

Deslon dodged Geldrog's attacks and then later leaped on him they fell down to their doom though it was in what was seemed to be a mystical setting. Deslon died but in a mystical way Deslon lived on.

Deslon heard of a Goblin King whom had a son named Karneth a warrior and king whom is against the goblins of Gobellion... This Goblin King is named Derick though for now his son the Goblin prince whom would later become the Goblin King of Zereth The Woods of Quintaria have been known to have Haunters a type of smoke black in color ghosts whom had to be dispelled by the young warrior Dante before the prequil to Quintaria the Alliance though they have returned!

It was God who created Quintaria and the Quintarians lived mystically and for the most part happily...the magic in Quintaria was great...Well through God a chosen one whom fortold prophecies to create a new realm, other realms linking to the Quintarian realm! The Viewing of the Citadels!

There are seven Citadel's in Quintaria...

  1. The Mysticwolf's Citadel
  2. The Vampire Citadel of Vampyric
  3. The Wolven Citadel of the Wolves
  4. The Dwarven Citadel
  5. The Elven Citadel
  6. The People's Citadel
  7. The Dragons Citadel of the White Dragons which was a secret citadel for only they knew about it

There were Six gates within Quintaria

The Gate of Gold, the Gate of Platinum, the Gate of Oynx, The Gate of Jade, the Gate of Sapphire, the Gate of Diamonds Each gate was made out of these jewels, or metal. Norsgorth...was the place where the gargoyles came from... The red, or black gargoyles were signified as Queen Elfindel's, Vampyric's gargoyles Though the grey and green gargoyles were, are allies of the light within Quintaria.

Also it is said that the talking pine trees, can talk and listen though they are of good These oak trees are called Treant pines... There was some prince known as the Prince of Flames...he was neutral...

The Grim of Quintaria was created by God though...he went on a mission to rid of the corruption!... Though the Reaper spirit...would keep one alive if of great importance. The others pass into the spectral realm, from the material realm... A spectral realm is that of an underworld...

The Lands of Taurus and a warrior princess named Victoria... Made her way into the lands of King Voradori, Vandross... Nathaniel was a warrior of the Arrows and Bows...mystical ones I might say Anthony, Christopher were brothers...

Vanessa, Valerie were loves of the young warrior... Vorados was the servant of the Witch Emperor.

The bridges within Quintaria and where the water flows through Quintaria's meditation temple citadel is a great place for serenity and to learn the art of meditation. As the sea dragons, or the aqua dragons went on shore after swimming in the waters near dragon isle they laid on the shore, rested. They also can sleep under water cause they are water dragons...

The Shadow Knight was seen and u could hear someone walking in the background Domilas of Dominor was seen his eyes lite up, eyes of love came over him.

Quintaria II Chapter 8

The Castle of The West & Elv's of Quintaria

The only three Elven clans left Dominor, Linnenduul, Raindein cause the fourth one was taken out by The Witch Emperor.

The Castles of the West is where the Kingdom of Shadows is...despite the name Shadows it's place where the Shadow Knight is...who helped the Knights of Quintaria battle the dark forces within the cause of this past darkness was Queen Elfindel, Vampyric...Though the Castle of the West is also were the Elv's of Dominor are They don't really have a castle though the Dominor Elv's have a kingdom, not just one castle their kingdom is quite big. The Linnenduul Elv's had a gathering where they shared stories and elvish drinks such as white wine, music...the Dwarves of Quintaria like music but it's different type of music...

The Raindein Elv's had a council meeting to decide a new head Elf for their kingdom... The Dwarves of Mithiral were also deciding on a new master Dwarf leader for their kingdom. Jimgi, Trinli, Vinderi were all talking to one another...hey Trinli says Vinderi how goes good just deciding if Jimgi should be the new Dwarven leader. Meanwhile the Dominor Elv's have heard of the Witch Emperor and her realm and also have gotten word that Dante the young warrior will go into the realm. Domenic the new Elven leader of the Dominor Elv's has found a princess named Trisha and their daughter Tristian.

Domenic found out a new dragon an Elvish dragon called Elv dragons they have pointy ears...they are only green in color these Elv dragons... There is also a small dwarvish dragon named Drinli The Senadrin Dwarves gave longer beards than the ones of Aududain Ameril, Jeredith, Erentil, Creinto were the ones that brought back the Dwarvish language Mithrial Dwarves love to make mithrial armor, mithrial arrows, crossbows...

As the sea dragons, or the aqua dragons went on shore after swimming in the waters near dragon isle they laid on the shore, rested. They also can sleep under water cause they are water dragons...

The Shadow Knight was seen and u could hear someone walking in the background. Domilas of Dominor was seen his eyes lite up, eyes of love came over him. The Crystal clear water is falling amonst the Waterfall of the Land's of Mystic Elv's are now singing, being cheerful as can be The stars shine bright then any treasure The moon shines bright like a quotes The sun is dazzling.

The weather Quintaria is almost perfect when spring comes there many flowers even wild ones...in summer it can be hott...in spring the perfect breeze of Quintaria is soothing, in fall the leaves are many colors, including purple, yellow, red, orange, sometimes silver, gold, platinum. In winter it can be white as snow in Quintaria...and the snowmen sort of like Treants can come to life... Treants are very well liked in Quintaria...they have had a war against the orc's rather than the goblins... There have been sightings of Werebears in Quintaria at night in the north western part of Quintaria...this would be where the Treants are located...for the Treants were the ones to report the sightings of these were creatures.

Prince Jeldarius was in love with the ocean and that was his compassion The Striders, or Riders of Quintaria whom dress in Quintarian strider clothing are good swordsmen, as well good archers and they live longer than most humans They are men too but are riders, or striders.

Quintaria II Chapter 9

Andudain dwarves, Senadrin dwarves the only two clans left cause they were taken out by The Witch Emperor though the Castles of the East is where the Kingdom of Senadrin is of the second main clan of Dwarves.

The Castle of the East is of the Andudain dwarves. The dwarves were seen laughing pulling their beards, thumb wrestling, sharing beer... and ginger ale...and the pipe on occasion...no thanks says Dante, his elf friend was next to Dante and the Dwarves. Come young warrior feast with us...

Quintaria II Chapter 10

Deslon the White

Deslon who was thought to be dead came back in a mystical way as Deslon the White. He's also known as the White Wolf of Quintaria now, he takes off to the Castle of Mystic where he roamed the castle of the young warrior for he gave the castle to him.

Dante ! where are you I'm still alive the Witch Emperor took me out though I've comeback to rejoin this war against the darkness I'm back and ready for the fight says Deslon the White they were all surprised and they all went to one knee, paid their respects to the White Wolf of Quintaria

Deslon then tells Deslore he would later face the Snake Demon that Darklord Sezrin created and that he would be successful and that he had faith in him. Deslon the Wolf was seen howl it sound the signal it is time to fight the last battle for awhile...

Quintaria II Chapter 11

The River Knight Takes on the Red Knight And Tales of the Dragons

The River Knight takes on the Red Knight in an epic and majestic battle near the River of Quintaria. This River looks like a mouth, or lips. The River Knight fought with his River Axe against the Red Knight they clashed and most of the battle each knight blocked each other's attacks> Meanwhile the Aqua dragons of Quintaria have been told that they will be needed to battle the Sea Demon of Darklord Sezrin in the realm of the Witch Emperor you see Darklord Sezrin told the Witch Emperor to create a realm...meanwhile the sun dragons were talking about having a kingdom, the moon dragons were roaming their Moon Kingdom protecting their domain...

The Desert Dragons of the Desert Kingdom have their own lands now near the island of dragons...though the dragons have their own lands except for the golden, silver, platinum dragons.

There is a dragon there known as the sidewinder dragon who is very unique. Though there is one very unique and very legendary dragon known as the LunarSun Dragon otherwise known as the PhoenixMoon dragon. The Sun dragons, the Moon dragons, the Desert dragons, the Aqua dragons are very special dragons...the PhoenixMoon is said to give one energy and only appears when the moon and sun is out...

Quintaria II Chapter 12

The Wizard and the Wizardress

The Wizard Norgred actually fell in love ! with this Wizardress known as Veronica. Norgred the purple wizard would adopt two children known as Kengre, Victoria... Kengre was taught by Norgred and he raised him into a young man he then turned wizard though Veronica turned on Norgred and later she became the Empress... Victoria her adopted daughter ran away into hiding until she later revealed herself to Kengre and then to Norgred the great.

The elf's and men were seen dancing, swinging from each other's arm's in happiness. In pure joy of living life once again.

So I see now I know...now I know that you're the one said she.

Quintaria II Chapter 13

The Goblin Prince Disappears

Gobellion was thought to be no more, the Starr warrior's made sure they were to be wiped out cause of them posing a threat to Starr. So a warrior from Starr threatned the Goblin prince and with that he went into hiding. The Goblin prince tried to start a new clan of his own though to no avail...

The Wolf King of Nioteri made a pact with the Goblin Prince he was not a goblin in appearance rather a beautiful dark brown black haired young man named Derick The Wolf Kings name is named Dom...the King of Nioteri told the Goblin prince Derick to turn all his goblins into peaceful goblins that would just be of their own... Dom said to the Goblin prince I see you seek to rule over the hobgoblins of The Goblin prince said come into my sphere and check in from time to time Dom said I will have my Wolven Knights come to check on the status of Hoblin city ...

The Sun is rising and what a beautiful morning says Dom...though it hasn't risen just yet and it's not as beautiful now but it was.

Quintaria II Chapter 14

Deslore Battles the Snake Demon

Deslore was told to go into the Valley of The Snake Demon which the Darklord created. The Snake Demon who has taken out any who entered his domain. Finally the Snake Demon will meet his doom once he faces Deslore. The snake bites Deslore though luckily he's not poisonous, though Deslore was able to dodge the attacks, he kept bitting the snake until the Snake Demon was no more, he fell over dead.

Deslore Battles The Snake Demon of Darklord Sezrin

Shout it out loud says Deslore! Now Quintaria doesn't have to worry about the Snake Demon atleast the Dwarves don't, so now I will Howl it out loud ! ~Howl's~ I am the chosen one.


The Final battle against The Orc's Ceslin, Daniel teams up to fight the Orc's in the last battle for all times against Orc's they are at the Lands of Orc's now awaiting battle. There are about fourty-five Orc's left the rest of the Orc's have been slayed. Elven warrior-Ashther, Dwarven warrior-Yenli who come from beyond the seas who's home is outside of the Senteria realm.

These two warrior's were called into Senteria they were the chosen ones. They fought the Orc's with pride, valiance until the Orc's were no more...

The Orc's fought with their strength, their blades while the Senteria Knight's, well most of them fought with intellegiance, swiftness. They were told to be as swift as possible for they needed to be. In this battle you can see many Knights fighting' with valiance, they would continue until the Orc's were defeated. This wasn't a very big scene as their was only fourty-five Orc's left.

After the Senteria' Knight's victory they celebrated, the mighty Ceslin says good job, Ceslin leaped into the nearest of forests for a drink of water, then said to himself that was quite a battle. Ceslin then leaps back to the King's castle, stay's there with him.

Daniel Faces the Wraiths

Daniel faces some Wraiths just outside the Goblin Cave. It was night time and there was a little breeze outside he faces them with his fire arrows, his Flaming sword.

The Wraiths use their swords but to no avail he blocks the attacks. Daniel fought and fought the Wraiths until he slayed them, he then was praised by Yenli who just came from the Goblin Cave for he was slaying Goblins. The Wraiths would be fought, showed no mercy, the only way to slay a Wraith was by fire.

The Necklace of Senteria

The Necklace of Senteria is sought by Daniel to wear during the battle against the Fire Witch But she is located at her Castle and in order to reach her castle you must past through Mt. Darkness. Daniel was told by Yenli to go, to the Land's of Divinity to seek both the Necklace and the Chalice Their was a guardian of this domain, whom held the Necklace of Senteria her name Athena. Athena was the sacred one whom held the Necklace, the Chalice.

She gave Daniel the platinum sword that was in the domain it was a very special sword. It wasn't like his magic embued sword but it was a really majestic sword. He would use it in the battle against the Femur's, as well he would use his magic sword and now Daniel is ready to slay the evil.

The Chalice of Senteria

The Chalice of Senteria was told to hold an aura to it which would keep thee loyal and true to God which was served with white wine. Daniel sat down with the other knights of Senteria, ate and drank and conversed with The King. Athena was told by the King to give Daniel the Chalice of Senteria, to drink from it. Daniel did so, it was really good He said this is for the Land's of Divinity, for Senteria.

Daniel was told by the King to go seek council from Domnor the great for he is a a very magnificent wizard of Senteria. Domnor will tell Daniel more of the Red Wizard and his plans, what to do if he should ever face the Red Wizard.

Daniel Seeks Advice From Domnor

Daniel goes to Domnor who was said to be in the Shadow Forest and seeks advice so that when he faces the Beast of Senteria he is prepared and ready You have to thrust the Sword of Senteria in his chest in order for him to die.

Now on to the Red Wizard he is very powerful he will be quite a challenge when facing him maneuver around him. The Red Wizard's plan is to gain the Red Ruby of Senteria but with Ceslin, the warrior's of Senteria that's not going to happen but if it were to happen. The Fire Witch would rule throughout the lead and the hyena beings, lizard men would take over, they would make slaves within Senteria but with Ceslin around that's not going to happen. Daniel go to slay the Beast of Senteria for we are tired of him threatening the people's of Senteria. I shall slay him said Daniel and I shall rid of him for good.

Meanwhile back to Quintaria ...

The Queen of Sentria was seen and Domenic was like yea... My love is finally here. Qutie was seen she was a nice doggie... She is the queen's pet of the royal castle The Queen likes her pet for it rids of the pests who try to bug her in the castle.

Quintaria II Chapter 15

The Demon of East

Dante the young warrior went to east of Quintaria to slay this demon known as The Demon of Darkness, or otherwise known as the Demon of the East. Dante went on a journey on his white stallion named Diamon.

Diamon and Dante went into the East to slay the evil, to slay the Demon of the East which Darklord Sezrin spawned. The Demon of the East was awaiting the young warrior Dante. The young warrior rode his white stallion till he reached the cave where the Demon was.

The young warrior recently found an Emerald colored ring which when in the dark put forth a green light. Dante then got off his stallion and told him to wait for him outside the cave, as the young warrior parted ways he then went into the cave where the Demon of the East was waiting for him. As the young warrior was approaching ever so nearer to his next battle. The young warrior took on the Demon of the East, it was quite a battle they fought and fought, Dante moved around and used his skills like he always does though for this battle he had to move around quite a bit he battled the Demon for quite a long awhile and then slayed him.

The cybors of Decron, the Machine King's Machindon knights of Machindon...were seen... The t-7 series ninja robots that were brought to life by the Witch Emperor Bostallica...and Rockester...had good magical cyborgs...basically knights brought to life by magic Not human knights though but knights of mystical magic, wonder The Snow leopards were seen Snowslin was seen hey now I'm extreme kat and know it!

And the Ocelot cat...

Stubborn like an ox yet like a fox...yet like a box...The young warrior Dante was to fight the Witch Emperor he weakened her...

Quintaria II Chapter 16

The Fairy of the North

The Fairy of the North fell in love with Dante she loved him so much she wished him the best though Dante loved her as well but I guess she was really in love with this Quintarian. The Fairy of the North's name is Trish and she offered Dante that she would turn into a woman her height is 5'4 and Dante really is in love with her even though he loves Krystal. It seems as if Krystal doesn't want to have another kid so the young warrior will seek someone else...In fact, Krystal was just her nick name for her name is not known, though she is known as the Emerald princess.

The Fox's of Quintaria were seen...they like run play...and run around... The Wolfmen were seen...I like you my fox friend's said the Wolfmen... The Griffins were seen even the wingless griffins and green wingless dragons and the winged dragons.

Quintaria II Chapter 17

The Warrior of the West

The Warrior of the West is Dante and he must now go into the portal of the Witch Emperor in the lands of Emperoric. Niteshade has returned thanks to Darklord Sezrin his warrior's of Scion will try to stop Dante from going to Darklord Sezrin. Once he reaches Sezrin he has to face a two headed black dragon first, then once Darklord Sezrin is defeated he has to go to face the Witch Emperor. First the young warrior Dante must face a three headed red dragon in order to challenge the Witch Emperor. The purple wizard Norgred has taught Dante everything he needs to know, even a few tips on how to slay the Witch Emperor. The Warrior of the West Domenic told the young warrior that he now has to go into Senadrin the second main Dwarven kingdom.

To hear is to get a sense of relief to see is to know for sure but to have faith is what makes ones life at ease a sense of comfort knowing and still believing in a better tomorrow and a coming...of the light in full circle for the light to shine on the entire world.

Quintaria III

Quintaria III Prologue:

After the meeting of Deslon and Dante, the big mystical flying wolf known as Deslon showed him his son Deslore, his Alpha female. Dante the young warrior the young warrior rides into Andudain and is told were the Sun Reaver-blade is, it has been put in a hidden sanctuary. The Sun Reaver-blade became Dante's blade of energy. The Moon Reaver-blade was also in a hidden sanctuary which Dante eventually found The Yellow Dragons of Jenotha were in talks because after many years of peace, once again evil had disturbed them for the rise of the Witch Emperor caused this. Batven's war against The Knights of Quintaria and the winged wolves was to be the final war between the two sides. Deslon's confrontation with this demon known as Geldrog...they battled and battled they both fell to their doom though a totally unique setting Deslon appeared to have died he did though his spirit lived on and his spirit came to life and mystically kept his body young and youthful. Deslon the White came to be The only three Elven clans left Dominor, Linnenduul, Raindein cause the fourth one was taken out by The Witch Emperor Andudain dwarves, Senadrin, the Mithiral dwarves the only three clans left cause they were taken out by The Witch Emperor. Deslon the White Wolf heard of the Witch Emperor's feats, called forth a meeting. The River Knight takes on the Red Knight, defeats the red knight and slays him the Red Knight took out fifteen Quintaria Knights so the River Knight rose to the challenge and faced the red knight. The Wizard Norgred and the Wizardress Sorgred of Quintaria spoke about the goblins of Gobellion going into hiding...The Goblin prince Disappears Gobellion was thought to be no more, the Starr warrior's made sure they were to be wiped out cause of them posing a threat to Starr. So a warrior from Starr threatned the Goblin prince and with that he went into hiding. Deslore battles the Demon of East, is victorious after realizing Deslon had become The White Wolf of Quintaria hence Deslon the White. Dante the young warrior went to the north east of Quintaria to slay this demon known as The Demon of Darkness he defeated him with his sword. He still has the powers of the Mysticwolf for after he prooved worthy, defeated him in battle he was given his powers respectfully. The Fairy of The North was to tell Dante of his mission to go into the west and speak to The Warrior of the West his name Domeric ...

Quintaria III Chapter 1

The Senadrin Dwarves From the South

After speaking to the Warrior of the West Domeric, Dante went to the South where the Dwarves on Senadrin are, he spoke to the head master Dwarf. The Senadrin kingdom is where Dante and the head master dwarf had their meeting. The last Castle is of the East, is in Senadrin...as stated in the prologue of book two...

He then took his white stallion Diamon to the Land's of Starr, there he got his Pegasus which he flew over Istopolis land's of the blue dragons...then flew over Raindell council kingdom of the Elv's where they go for their alliance meeting's in case of war.   Dante the young warrior stopped at the land's of Nioteri where the Wolves are... and this is where the Mysticwolf's fortress is and only he knows about it cause it's cloaked...Dante then exchanged his Pegasus for a Unicorn in Nioteri, then thanked the winged horse for flying him all this way, then parted ways and rode the unicorn into the council of Rajesturn the council kingdom for Dwarves next to Rajesturn is the land's of Jenotha of the Yellow dragons, above Rajesturn is the Land's of Firenestera where the neutral orange dragons are. The young warrior then got off of the Unicorn in Rajesturn and went into the land's of Jenotha and asked a yellow dragon to ride him to the Land's of Emperoric where the portal is to the plane of the Witch Emperor.

The young warrior did not have to cloak himself for the once evil land's were turned into an ocean. The Burinte ocean though in the distant lay's the Land's of the Witch Emperor which he brought to Emperoric. Gobellion, Orcen, Femuria was brought back by the Witch Emperor which they were now places in Emperoric. Queen Elfindel, vampyric you failed me and now I take those lands that once were in Quintaria and I now make them my own. Dante is now in the realm of the Witch Emperor, meanwhile the Dwarves of Senadrin of the South were seen in a meeting discussing how there is only one small clan of femur's, orc's. In the Four Castles Dante rids of the Goblin prince which the Witch Emperor created though he must meet up with Deslon again as he wants to show him something. Though the young warrior is in Emperoric though my go back to Quintaria two times if needed by using his yellow dragon.

Dante went back into the portal as Daniel meanwhile in Sentria!

The Beast of Sentria

The Beast of Sentria is feared by many throughout Sentria though Daniel was called upon to face him at first the Elven and Dwarven warrior was asked to face the Beast of Sentria but Daniel was to be the chosen one to fight this feared Beast He goes through the valleys and fights the Fire Witches clan the Zarain Daniel the ranger goes through many Zarain warriors.

The Beast of Sentria roars this is my lair and you have chosen to face me then Daniel goes into a defense position, holds his sword up ready for battle The beast charges at Daniel, the human ranger had to move several times out of the way for the Beast was charging at him. Beast of Sentria you shall be slayed I shall end this madness that you have caused I shall put an end to your destruction.

Daniel swung at the Beast several times, wounded him on his shoulder and then thrusted it into his chest, then Daniel took it out, then thrusted him again. roar!!! said the Beast of Senteria, with that the Beast fell over dead.

The Four Castles!

The Lunar Knights

These Knights are active when the moon is out hence they are called lunar knights. They are at war with Zarain warriors The Lunar Knights serve The King along with the Senteria Knights.

Daniel makes his way to the Castle entrance of the Femur King with seven Lunar Knights ready for battle, they fight seven Femur's. No, lunar Knights died though all the Femur's they faced were slayed.

The Lunar Knights were sent on a mission to protect the Treants from another attack by the Femur's with their Femur Axes. Since the Red Wizard knew that the Lunar Knights were protecting the Treants at night he did not send any Femur's to attack them.

The Castle of The Femur King

The Castle of The Femur King is shown so this is what their castle looks like said Daniel to Elven warrior-Ashther , Dwarven warrior-Yenli they fight a few Femur's on the outside of the castle. All three Femur's were taken out and after slaying the three Femur's they went back to The King's castle. Though they ran into a few more Femur's, even Goblins. They made their way back to the castle of the King, the King rewarded them, they talked about the next upcoming battle within Senteria. The handmaidens of the King were shown Stacy, Trish...they were shown practicing with the swords just incase, they were acting as if they were warrior's. The queen Candice is shown my lovely Candice you mean so much to me, I love you with all my heart and soul. We are one you and I...and I love you so much... I kiss you now, I will love you for all eternities.

The Royal Meeting

Ceslin appears before The King in a meeting. The King says he is to marry a queen. He says he will have two children Gabriel and Denise. They will be heir's to his throne and shall be a leader to Senteria.

The King has decided to marry Candice, she shall be his for all eternity. The royal meeting was held at the royal meeting room, Johan, Domnor, Ceslin, The King, the elf, the dwarf were all in attendance. The main mission says the King is to rid of the Femur's for the orc's and goblins are no more. Your majesty we have just got word that one of the Femur general's was slayed.

The Talking Fox

The Talking Fox is said to be friends with Kandalv the Crystal Wizard. Daniel is to go meet the Wizard once again this time in his Wizard's tower. Once he made his way up the tower and to the top of it he saw Kandalv and the Fox which was sitting right below him. The Talking Fox was seen talking to Kandalv... you have spyed on the Red Wizard, the Fire Witch you are one brave Fox.

Yes I'am said the Fox to the Crystal Wizard, who wears a shade of blue around his cloak near the neck. Kandalv then said c'mon Fox lets go on my Pegasus Spiritus, and with that the Crystal Wizard, the Fox, Spiritus flew to the King's castle.


Kandalv the Crystal Wizard and his crystal ball. He tells of the walking, talking snowmen the Sents during the winter they come out...Kandalv has played a big role in slaying the evil along side the elf, the ranger.

Kandalv is seen talking to the Treants, he says you have fought bravely and you have defeated yourselves from this outrage. You have defended your kind against the likes of Femur's and Goblins and luckily the Lunar Knights are now guarding you guys but the peoples also need to look after you as well.

The Castle of the Red Wizard

The Red Wizard told Daniel he'd have to face a three headed red dragon in a lair within his castle though before he faced the three headed evil dragon he had to face a red Venus fly trap of the evil Red Wizard who wears all red and then after that Daniel went to face the three headed dragon they clashed, the three headed dragon breathed fire and Daniel blocked it with the Shield of Senteria.

The Yellow Dragons

Yellow dragons are the only dragons in Senteria thee only dragons they can breath fire, can breath electricity they are good and are used against the Wraiths whom of which can only be slayed by fire, against the Femur's whom have one eye and a Femur Axe, a clubbed tail and chest plated armor they are stronger than Orc's.

The Masquerade Ball

Daniel was invited to the masquerade ball of Domnor which was held at the Royal Hall they were all dressed up in costumes and females dresses.

The Castle of Domnor

Domnor practiced white magic through the guise of black clothing he was a spy for The King his magic skills were awesome.

The Giant Rhino's Attack

These giant rhino's are not evil they are possessed by the Fire Witch so they do pose a threat and must be stopped they were gonna make there way through the barricade protecting the entrance way to the Shield of Senteria though thanks to.

Though luckily Kandalv called upon White Dragons whom happened to be outside of Senteria. They traveled into Senteria through the direct orders by Kandalv.

The Shield of Sentria

After the epic battle against the giant rhino's Daniel the ranger said to Ashther, to Yenli I shall go to the King's castle and seek the Shield of Senteria. The Shield of Senteria which is in the outer part of the King's Castle within rows of some trees he was like now I finally come before the Shield of Senteria it is now mine to wield I shall use it against the Fire Witch.

Once the shield was in his hand he put it on the side of his horse and went to where the Amulet of Senteria was. Stacy, Torrie, are very special women whom are well known throughout the Kingdom. Meanwhile The King was contemplating who he wants to be with and after spending a nite with each of them he decided it was Candice who would be his bride.

The Amulet of Sentria

The Amulet of Sentria was to be put around Daniel in order to gain much defense needed against The Fire Witch when he happens to reach her and which will also give him a few magic spells. Daniel was given the Amulet of Sentria by the King.

The Castle of the Fire Witch

The Castle to the Fire Witch is quite a journey for you have to go through Mystic Mountain which has the last of the remaining Wraiths luckily for his Sentria Arrows thee only arrows of Sentria which is imbued with fire around the tip of every arrow they can be knocked back with a sword but it will not slay them only a fire arrow can do such a thing.

Daniel was to face the Wraith-King towards the end of the Mystic Mountain which the Fire Witch took over, claimed as her Mountain it used to be of Senteria's Some feet from the castle there is the Red Gate of the Fire Witch's.

The Fire Witch was quite timid now just a little bit as she has no fear because of her great power though she told Daniel there was a war between Wolven beings, tiger beings, bear beings whom of whoch stood in alliegance against the lizard men, hyena beings. These lizard men, hyena beings came from the Fire Witch.

The Sacrifice!

The Clan War Begins

Daniel was transported by a magic portal To the lands where the Wolven beings, tiger beings, bear beings stand in allegiance against the lizard men, hyena beings.

The Flying Beetles are amazing beings in Sentria, the Flying Beetles bigger than the average sized beetle used in the war against the wasp's. This took place where the Flying Beetle's are located for the Fire Witch sent her all her wasps into the Beetle land's.

Quintaria III Chapter 2

Deslon's Queen

Dante the young warrior teleported to the Land's of Mystic where Deslon showed him his queen! Theres a female wolf like you??? he says yes there here name Drew... and she's a mother too ! His name Deslore !

Deslon I must be going now so I'll see you when I get back from the Witch Emperor's realm...

The Snowmen of Snowslin the Snow leopard and the trees of snow...Were seen...they threw snowballs at the goblins and orc's... knocked them down and the snow leopards attacked them...

Quintaria III Chapter 3

The Femur's of Femuria Strike Back

Dante the young warrior teleported back into the realm of the Witch Emperor where the warlock witch had been awaiting him with an army of minions such as A few Femur's, a couple of orc's, a few goblins, after battling them, slaying them the young warrior Dante flew his yellow dragon into Femuria.

The Femur's of Femuria strike back against the Knight of Valor, though Dante was luckily not alone you see Femur's are one eyed cyclops like in appearance and are bigger than orc's though smaller than cave trolls. There was four other yellow dragons a total of five dragons who went into the plane of the Witch Emperor. They fought until the Femur's were no more. The yellow dragons also could breath electricity, fire and not to mention they have good agility. Though one yellow dragon was slayed by a Femur and that's when the yellow dragons, Dante finished off the Femur's though luckily Norgred showed up for he contributed to slaying the rest of the Femur's.

The Knights of Quintaria, their shining silver armor, helmets, swords and their axes took on the Insect being's...of the darkness...

Good insects versus bad ones...

Quintaria III Chapter 4

The Orc's of Orcen

The orc's were thought to be slayed but a clan remains of them a small clan infact and their leader the Orc-King with his orcen blade. The young warrior Dante, Norgred the Wizard ended up taking on the orc's...

Dante went on a mission to slay the rest of the orc's while Norgred was already battling them with his wizard staff. Norgred the purple wizard was an asset in helping Dante slay the orc's. Norgred ended up going into the lands of Orcen along with Dante.

Kengre also joined Norgred in the battle against the Orc's of Orcen, meanwhile Dante went into Gobellion and slayed the remaining thirteen goblins. The Witch Emperor saw what was happening through her warlock crystal orb...Nooo !!! she says this can't be happening I sense the young warrior is coming for me.

The Orc King was shown! Orkob was a cave of orc's and goblins though after a very long alliance they broke up... The elf's fought the bad ones, the dwarves of the light fought the dwarves of dark, not to be mistaken with the night, or nite... The Femur King was seen dang! we lost again! The Femur King takes some goblins and throws them against the wall.

Quintaria III Chapter 5

Dante's Vision

Dante looks back at the vampires wars, the war against the Dark Elv's of Elfindel were no more though Dante used his sword of valor to defeat many dark knights Dante envisioned a huge war going on for the Quintaria knights would fight with honor. Though the Witch Emperor, the Darklord Sezrin would try and take over Quintaria. Though the Witch Emperor has plans of her own including turning on Darklord Sezrin. The Witch Emperor sensed Dante was coming for him! I mean her...though he sensed Sezrin was in trouble. Queen Elfindel was no more including vampyric though the Witch Emperor sensed Niteshade was next and then Sezrin and then she said I the Witch Emperor am the last to be fought in an epic battle but I just wish I could have Dante. The young warrior! said to Deslon are you ready for a battle which will determine the salvation, protection, order within Quintaria. Yes I'am said Deslon!

The people's of Iren were seen and Ger'min... Im here said Dante to protect you people your land's are great.

Ger'min we all love our people's for Quintaria and they charged at the dark knight's for Quintaria for God for the Holy Spirit you unholy scum.

I know right from wrong...You should too.

Quintaria III Chapter 6

The Warrior's of Niteshade

Niteshade has been resurrected and so has Scion but only through the Witch Emperor Though Darklord Sezrin was the one who suggested that Niteshade be brought back so that the young warrior would face someone before he faced him. Dante had to fight Niteshade's warrior's. The Great Scorpions were once again a threat though atleast not to Quintaria but to Dante for Niteshade brought them back once he regained all his powers for it was the Witch Emperor who resurrected Niteshade though Sezrin made sure that Scion had warrior's so that Dante would have to use his valor and his skills.

Dante used his Sword of the Mysticwolf in the fight against Niteshade's warrior's. Niteshade's bronze dragons were used in the fight against Dante the young warrior though Dante had Gemdrag send his green dragons who think of them as their king. In it's only the beginning the sun dragons took on the vampires of Vampyric though it was a fair battle as the vampires had arrows which they fired at the sun dragons but the sun dragons could also turn into phoenix form meaning they could literally turn into flames.

The Palladium Dragons were seen...and the Palladium Knight... My prince...Dante...my king...said someone from Iren the Palladium Knight is you It's within you Im not a king yet but Im a humble one and a Christian one but the true king and lord of Earth which I heard of is Jesus Christ.

Quintaria III Chapter 7

The Treants War Against the Goblins

The Treants slay the remaining clan of Goblins which the Witch Emperor sent out from her realm and into the Land of the Treants though the Treants weren't going to take any of it, they fought the Goblins until there was no goblin left standing Norgred the Purple wizard of Quintaria is highly respected and he had to leave the plane of the Witch Emperor, go back to Quintaria for some elvish medicine for he was wounded by one of the Orc's of Orcen during battle.

The Witch Emperor

The Witch Emperor was going crazy because she sensed he was coming for him...and little did this witch know he was learning the arts of magic his powers increasing and so is his desire! Though he has many journies ahead including the following!

The Mysticwolf's...The Mysticwolf's are a race of beings whom belove Wolves whom come from a giant ship called the Wolven a tribal race are they. The Hawks are their allies they are in a war against the Solaris's.

The Mysticwolf's seek the Moonchild's love... The Astrobears and the Toygers are allies they seek knowledge from the Phoenix and Venuschild. The Moonchild and Venuschild are related. The Whalemen of Windris...seeks to protect the tribal statues The Dogmen are in a war against Aliens of Aliexis they are red in color. The Wolfvier's are Wolf beings with wings they're in a war against the Heldros! The last battle against the Uruk-Hai The Uruk-Hai much stronger than orc's were seen in the ...

The yellow dragons faced the Uruk-Hai in the last battle against them Also the Dwarves of Senadrin helped the yellow dragons in a battle against the Uruk-Hai...meanwhile in Senadrin two dwarves had an arm wrestling match with two other dwarves had a wrestling match they grapple and performed for the other Dwarves they got word that the Uruk-Hai have made a comeback, the Darklord Sezrin sent Uruk-Hai into Senadrin though half way to Senadrin the yellow dragons fired electricity at the Uruk-Hai. When the Uruk-Hai came it was a battle that dwarves used their Senadrin Axes, they fought with courage and honor for their peoples.

Darklord Sezrin

The Three Headed black Dragon of the Darklord Sezrin was going to face the young warrior in a battle though first the young warrior must go up against the Darklord's dark fighters otherwise known as dark knights of the Darklord.

Kengre took Diamon the white stallion of the young warrior into the plane of the Witch Emperor. Kengre used his magic to teleport the white stallion into the realm of the warlock witch. The Darklord's dragon battled the young warrior he dodged several attacks from the three headed dragon and fought back with Quintaria arrows, his sword of valor and slayed the dragon monster. Darklord Sezrin appeared before the slayed dragon monster and withdrew his Dark sword they blocked each other's sword strikes then after a moment passed when the young warrior Dante blocked a sword strike he then motioned his sword away from the Darklord's sword and then thrusted him with it and with that the darklord fell over dead. The Witch Emperor needed a new darklord! thanks to Dante!

The Red Dragon of the Witch Emperor

Dante the young warrior has made it past the three headed black dragon of the Darklord, the Darklord Sezrin and has slayed him. The young warrior is now going on a quest to slay the dark fighters of the Witch Emperor. This red dragon also has three heads.

Princess Jolie Dante rescued a girl named Jolie who was hidden from Dante so he could fall in love with her though the Witch Emperor did not touch her. The Witch Emperor gave Jolie to Dante as a gift. Jolie was actually from Quintaria though the Witch Emperor managed to capture one fine young lady for Dante. The Witch Emperor was actually tired of listening to the Darklord Sezrin.

The Emperess

The Empress saw an interest towards the Witch Emperor Veronica now the Empress has made love to the Witch Emperor I love you says the Empress though my adopted daughter Victoria didn't come with me Yes I know Veronica though I love you very much and we shall rule the world and I shall turn on Darklord Sezrin and I won't be there for him when he needs me the most for I foresee the young warrior is strong.

The Werebear attacks the Grim

The Witch Emperor sent for the Grim to take out Dante though Dante ran into someone who transforms into a Werebear. The young warrior's mission was to take out the Witch Emperor... He says to the Werebear you must slay the Grim...for God created the Afterlife, the Un-dead...

Shadow Mountain

Shadow Mountain is where the Shadow Demon is though Shadowman, or the Shadow Knight has taken on the Shadow Demon before but he didn't slay him but wounded him. Shadow Mountain is where the Shadow Demon tried to create a Shadow Empire...the Shadow warrior's of Shadowman made there way into the the land's of the Shadow Demon. The Knights of Shadomen city were prepared to face the Shadow Demon in the Shadow Mountains. They marched into the portal of the Darklord Sezrin which he had created.

The Aqua dragons are coming for the Shadow Demon's Sea Monster located just as you enter the plane of the Witch Emperor, Darklord Sezrin... The Aqua dragons then went into the waters that the Witch Emperor created and they faced the Sea Monster, they flew all the way from the dragon island near the rare silver, golden, platinum dragons and into the portal to the Witch Emperor's realm.

The Battle Against the Witch Emperor

Now that Niteshade, the Darklord Sezrin, the Witch Emperor's three headed red dragon is slayed and now that the young warrior Dante has gotten passed Shadow Mountain it is time for the young warrior to face the Witch Emperor, to slay him. The young warrior faced the Witch Emperor and slayed the warlock witch

Meanwhile Dante goes under the guise as Daniel into Sentria.

The Cave of Jewels

Daniel sought the the Cave of Jewels where he'd find the last remaining Femur said to be left from the epic battle against the Femur's luckily for those yellow dragons and thanks to the Crystal Wizard those Femur's are no more for Kandalv also used his Kandalv staff, sword to defeat them for there was a battle throughout the lands.

The last remaining Femur was slayed and now Daniel gained 50 diamonds, 20 emeralds, 10 sapphire's and 500 pieces of gold it was stored in a magical pouch.

Fight! Fight fight said the Centaur King! Fight the good fight stand up for what you believe in and never let that believe fade...

Protect the kingdom! Defend the gates! Archers on the wall elv's...human's...and the great wizard blast the enemies.

Quintaria III Chapter 8

The Sapphire Tavern

Once Daniel returned out of the Cave of Jewels, he went to the Sapphire Tavern to purchase a few pieces of armor which were better upgrades and the Golden sword of Senteria.

The Sapphire Tavern's lady told of a bear that was going to be sacrificed soon to show that Ceslin would be saught after by her Viking warrior's. The Sapphire tavern was a beautiful tavern if you wanted to buy something you had to use sapphire coins the currency in Quintaria is jewel coins, as well silver and gold.

Daniel was met by a woman known as Patricia she was a princess and she thought of Daniel as her prince. There was a bronze sword seen near a table it was of the Bronze Knight who was seeking! out to slay the evil but now with Queen Elfindel dead,Vampyric, including Niteshade, Darklord Sezrin, the Witch Emperor all evil has subsided though the Bronze Knight senses something which is one more darklord shall try and take over Quintaria and put it in darkness, and at his command. Yes and a dark character appeared and said Quintaria shall be mine to rule and I shall form an army within my own realm!

There has been the Darkstar Rostan, Darklord Gendon, as well Queen Elfindel, Vampyric, the Vampire King The Witch Emperor, Darklord Sezrin The Sorceress, Darklord Maurdon.

The Dogs of Denith were seen they barked at the dark knights which woke the good knights Deslon the Wolf was seen...

The Dog,,,Devon was seen he told Deslon he doesn't like how Wolves on Earth were thought of as bad we are human's companions but you Wolves are basically wild dogs and to take out a dog in the wild is wrong it's their life it's their surrounding's not just our's.

Quintaria III Chapter 9

The Sacrifice of a Bear

When he was sacrificed by the Fire Witch to show what would happen to Ceslin. The Fire Witch scheduled a sacrifice of Ceslin before midnight meanwhile at the Fortress of the Fire Witch she was preparing for Ceslin's final curtain.

The Fire Witch's fire griffins and demon guards all stood watch over Ceslin! including a six fire knights. The Fire Witch's castle was filled with fire opal jewels that glowed! which is worth a lot. King Wicked used his black onyx jewels to buy his armor!

Standing next to the Fire Witch was a monster named Dane and though their was conflict between Sentria's Undertaker the Grim. Undertaker summoned his legion of deadmen to walk with him into war against Dane.

Then Daniel said to his stallion cleverness is as deadly as the sharpest sword when wielded with ample fortitude and directness I shall slay the Fire Witch Daniel shall face Dane in a fight though he will use his Quintaria arrows to face Dane including his sword of valor. Dane the monster was pretty big in size though he would be taken out. Dane controlled some cave trolls which would be taken out by arctic griffins. Daniel the rider whom is a man with longer vitality and geivity.

The Werelions! of Sentria were to face the Were Hyena's of the Fire Witch!

Daniel senses a darkness coming about the third and final darklord, this one will be taken out, or he will try to take over Quintaria but if not then all darkness shall be no more!   The Winds are a brewin...you can feel it a new dawn a new light will shine The winds of truth are felt. Chaos is breakin loose on the battle field... The Wrath Warriors were seen...mercy mercy said the goblins but they got none...

Quintaria III Chapter 10

The Sword of Divinity

The Sword of Divinity can shine in dark places and Daniel was go through a place which had possessed guards of the Fire Witch whom was sent there so that Daniel would not wield the Sword of Divinity for this sword would lite up in dark places. The Sword of Divinity would slay the fire witch and King Wicked! The Sword hummed with energy! ready to slay any evil in his way.

The future king of Quintaria would need this sword of divinity! and he kept it on his back ready for any battle that he would encounter. Daniel is getting ready to slay the Fire Witch's guardsmen in a battle to save Ceslin the bear.

You will make it out of here... You will and everything will be okay, everything will be alright You will fly...Egyptia is seen this time with one God Amun ra...they learned...the Coptic Christian's were seen too, every one united through Christ!

Quintaria III Chapter 11

Through The Dark Forest

Through the Dark Forest Daniel went to slay evil to make his way to the Snakeman's lair which was told by Domnor to prepare to make his way through the Dark Forest. The Dark Forest had demons which glowed yellow eyes there was a Hyena lurking behind a tree...The Hyena was to do battle with a Werelion whom was seeking him out! he was called the Hyena of the Dark Forest.

Wraiths also guarded the Dark Forest seeking the One Sword from Daniel though the one sword could slay the wraiths though a wraith blade could stun Daniel and thus making it so they could take the One Sword though Daniel will be on his guard.

Daniel then met Dane in the dark forest the monster of the Fire Witch was ready to face Daniel. The Were panthers of the Firewitch went into the land's of The Werebear's were set to battle Femur's in defense of Ceslin the bear.

The bear whom can leap far in the air and glide one hundred feet is beloved in Sentria just like Deslon the big wolf is within Quintaria.

The Hornet of the Heavens was seen the Hornet warrior Stung by faith! Taken by the light from the darkness by an Angel of marvelous flight Celtica was seen...through these green land's of wondrous sights, scenery... Through the waterfalls, the rivers, the clouds, GOD is here... Global Originator Divine and his Son who died for mankind for people For the people's of Quintaria and the Earth.

Quintaria III Chapter 12

The Snakeman

He presented a snake like serpant which was used to fight Daniel. The Snakeman, the snake faced the Human ranger You've finally reached me says the Snakeman we shall fight until one has been slayed. Prepare to meet your end Daniel.

No! never! I shall end the madness you have caused the Snakeman has his snake demons ready to attack Daniel they came at him like demons in the night. Daniel was in the snakeman's lair he was prepared to slay the snakeman and his demon snakes.

Snakeman wielded his snake sword which had a reptile on the handle of the sword they clashed swords, they fought back and forth till their was one left standing. Snakeman's lair was filled with snakes!

Scorpius was seen and Sneazel who came back for the third and final time Scorpius took on Sneazel and grabbed him with his pinchers and broke him in half... The Worm of insight was seen...wonderous is life isn't it...I glow I'm glowing don't you see But it was the Wolf, Dogs with the best insight of all.

Quintaria III Chapter 13

Magical Riders

The Unicorn's & Pegasus's of the Lands of Divinity the Elf warrior rode a Pegasus to the last Femur battle located in the Red Wizard's castle they also fought on top of the castle. The Fortress of Divinity was being attacked by the Femur's Unicorns and Pegasus's were seen and they were being riden by the Knights of Senteria The Femur's fought with their Femur Axes and the Knights fought with their swords, shields, arrows. The Femur's were possessed by the Fire Witch, by The Red Wizard and they were told to fight till the very end until they conquered and that they must win the war. Meanwhile the Queen was to be hidden until the war was over so that she would be safe from harm. The two headed Nazgul's were seen flying and they were attacking the Knights of Senteria.

Though the Fire falcons of Senteria would fight the two headed Nazgul's. Domnor was the one who summoned the Fire falcons to go fight the Nazgul's. Domnor fought the Red Wizard once and won. Though the Red Wizard managed to escape from being slayed. There was a red dragon named Dragred but Domnor the black cause he wears black clothing, who practices white magic slayed him. The Red Wizard sought revenge by starting a war. Though the snowmen the Sents helped defeat this evil.

The Snowmen battled the Goblins of Senteria and slayed them, there was a crimson red venus flytrap named Redven but after taking out some Knights of Senteria the great wizard known as Domnor slayed Redven. The Femur's continued attacking the Senteria Knights though the knights would not back down, would fight until the Femur's retreated, or were all slayed.

The Femur's fought, fought and then their was this Senteria Knight with a Bronze sword, there was also Treants who came to fight against the Femur's. For in Senteria the Orc's and the Goblins were slayed a few years ago. The Senteria Knight with the Bronze sword is known as Johan. Johan led the Winged Wolves into battle for him and Domnor were close friends. Domnor was also close friends with Ceslin the mighty bear, Ceslin knew of his desire to help fight the battle against evil in Senteria. Domnor the great wizard also was friends with the bears in Senteria. Johan fought a Femur and with his ablities to move quickly like lightining as he is a very skilled swordsman took the Femur out, luckily for his Bronze shield for he used it many times. Though Johan found an opening, thrusted his bronze sword into the Femur's chest.

Feel me, hold me, need me said the queen to the prince...so he did... Touch my face, kiss me my love my warrior...my knight in shining armor... Deslon looked upon the two lovers awe how sweet he smiled and grinned a bit Dante was like Deslon...you loveable mystical wolf being...creature of the light You were watching...yes...he replied they hugged, she pet him he liked it a lot.

Ceslin was seen now give me a hug like a teddy bear...the bear grinned too visiting from Sentria How hey my friend Ceslin said Deslon.

Quintaria III Chapter 14

The Last Femur Battle

A Last battle against the Femur's for the Red Wizard had seven remaining Femur's in his castle which he sent to defend his castle. For the Crystal Wizard was to fight the Red Wizard once again. He made his way through the Femur's, even gargoyles luckily the Crystal Wizard's staff had the ability of all three main elements fire, thunder, ice and with his ice he froze the gargoyles.

With Johan fighting along side us we are winning the battle, thanks to Domnor and his winged wolves. The Red Wizard was like how can this be we gained the advantage at first until Johan, Domnor entered the battle with their winged wolves.

The Femur's came from Shadow Valley and so did the Wraith-King. Have the Femur's came from the Red Wizard's domain and the other half from Shadow Valley. The Femur's were told by the Red Wizard not to retreated for the Femur' general agreed unlike Goblins there is no retreat for Femur's not in this battle. This is a battle of the ages, to end the war versus Femur's...

There were only thirteen Femur's left a sign of victory...we have almost won said Daniel don't relent many Sentria Knights have fallen but we are almost to victory. Daniel and the rest of them kept fighting until their was nothing left except him, Domnor, Johan, the Sentria Knights.

I sense something said Dante the possible return of Vampyric, Queen Elfindel from book I He thought...wait a sec Elfindel! The queen of maddness no way! Not her I mean him again! That warlock I want you...I want you...thought's of like what the heck again... beg for mercy I will him...Elfindel was awaiting to be resurrected by Vampyric I think the Witch Emperor was behind this...Elfindel was to take heed from the Emperor of Emperoric...

Quintaria III Chapter 15

The Viking's Challenge

The Fire Witch's Viking warrior's are ready for battle, they have been preparing for their fight against Ceslin. The Mighty Ceslin is challenged by the Vikings of Senteria The Vikings are seen marching through on there way to Ceslins lair for he lived in his lair, The King's kingdom.

Ceslin is awaiting for the Viking warrior's to come. He says to himself you Viking warriors will not take me down You will not take down the ravishing, courageous Ceslin.

Ceslin can now hear them coming for him. Then soon after seven Viking warrior's stand before him ROAR!! says Ceslin come get me they start to charge and he leaps forward at them.

He takes one down and slashes at him, then he senses them from behind, he turns around and he swats at them. One Viking warrior manages to hit Ceslin with his staff, with that Ceslin fell down but got up, after a few seconds...the other Viking warrior had a Viking hammer in his hand but he went to charge at Ceslin though Ceslin got up and then tackled the Viking warrior who had the hammer he then swatted him. He then took two out by bitting them, then he attacked the other four with his might. Ceslin then let's out a roar, says now I'm on my way to face the Red Wizard.

The sweet caress of your loving beautiful face , warmth of your skin and the feeling of being intimate of you and I...

The Rainbow falcon was seen shine upon Dante all that he wants gold, silver...love friend's, passion, people who love him, brothers of the brotherhood of GOD, Jesus Christ.

Quintaria III Chapter 16

The Red Wizard

Ceslin makes his way towards the Castle the Red Wizard. The Red Wizard sees the Vikings have failed through his orb which turned red with a touch of orange to it. Ceslin is coming towards my castle I must prepare to face him! he says!

All of them are slayed he then uses his magic and manages to capture the bear he hits him with his staff a few times.

Daniel will come for me, I shall be set free from this evil and you Red Wizard shall be no more! Well I'm the Red Wizard I'm a force to be reckoned with. I the Red Wizard shall rule the underworld with my red attire, cloak. The Red Wizard was preparing to take Ceslin to the Fire Witch's castle.

Reslin the Tiger was seen of Truth...him and the Snow leopord teamed up Snowslin same with Panthis the Panther...as well the Ocelot and the Opal Knights they will fight the evil... The giant rhino's were seen once again...horns to take down the dark castles of the darkness.

Quintaria III Chapter 17

The Pillars

Ceslin is now captured and was taken to the Pillars to be sacrificed... The Fire Witch looked at Ceslin you are to be sacrificed. The Fire Witch had two of her guards at hand ready to fire arrows at Ceslin, only one guard would fire Ceslin was tied down by his two hind legs...Ceslin knew he was going to die though he was innocent the Pillars stood tall because of Ceslin, they were divine. The guard fired an arrow, then Ceslin made an outcry and roared then the guard fired again, Ceslin was wounded both arrows got his upper right chest. The mighty bear was fired at again this time on the side of his upper right chest. Ceslin laid down...

One more arrow one kill him. Daniel managed to fight his way through the Red Wizard for luckily he had his magical sword...Ceslin I'm here! and then he fires an arrow at the guard, then at the other guard watching on. Daniel runs to Ceslin and breaks the arrows and then castrates his wounds.

The Fire Witch says Daniel...you've made it passed the Red Wizard you slayed him, you saved Ceslin...you interrupted the sacrifice he was almost dead, for this you shall pay...

Daniel the human ranger then says with draw your sword fight me to the death. The Fire Witch strikes first, Daniel blocks then he strikes, she blocks his attack, they exchange hits but they blocked each other's hit's quite a lot. Then Daniel sees an opening for she missed her last strike, with that he thrusted her in the upper right chest and with that she fell over dead.

Daniel went back through the magical portal as Dante on his quest to slay the evil and end corruption in Quintaria!

The gorilla's of greatness were seen and Kesli their great leader The orc's were fought by gorilla's with armor that is on the both of them show us the way we need your knowledge and light.

More falcons fought Femur's.

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