Put Jesus First

Putting Christ First

Christianity Oasis provides this Put Jesus First in the Bible lesson into the putting Christ first Bible verse bring forth understanding and peace within.

Daily Bread Devotional Bible Study
The Epistle of Paul the Apostle to the Colossians
Chapter 1

Put Jesus First in the Bible

Putting Christ First Bible Verse

Welcome to our Christianity Oasis Daily Bread study program. This is our thought provoking ... Put Jesus First in the Bible adventure taking a look into the Putting Christ first Bible verse. The absolutely inspiring message will truly bring a smile to the lips and heart and shine the LIGHT of Truth upon your be-YOU-tiful Christian walk path.

Put Jesus First in the Bible
Putting Christ First Bible Verse

Lovely to have you here at Daily Bread for our continuing study of the New Testament. This letter from Paul is addressed to church in Colosse which is in what was then called Asia back when Paul wrote it, and is now Turkey. His message is clear ... Make Christ first in everything. Although Chapter 1 is only 6 sentences long in your Bible, Paul packs a lot of praise into each sentence, so let's get right to it and learn all we can from Paul's words to the Colossians.

Put Jesus First in the Bible Quest
Putting Christ First Bible Verse Explained

As you may know from previous epistles, the introduction of praise and identification of the Godhead is common for Paul to start off a letter with. What is the main point in this greeting?

Put Jesus First in the Bible Truth
Putting Christ First Bible Verse Meaning

God created everything, and through (the blood of) His precious Son, Jesus Christ, we have the hope of eternal life, and the gracious gift of forgiveness that makes our souls snow white in the Lord's eyes. Therefore, live in Him, by Him, through Him, united with Him, as part of Him, putting Him first in everything, making Him your priority, depending on Him, knowing him, being one with Him, loving Him, needing Him.

Put Jesus First in the Bible Method
Putting Christ First Bible Verse Blessing

Think of it this way, Jesus is part of us, and we have no problem putting ourselves first, so putting Christ first should be easily done. This is another of those great little reminder note sayings. Put in on your fridge, on the bathroom mirror, on the frame of your computer screen, on your key chain ... Anyplace where when you see the words, you can whisper a word of praise to Him in your mind. Even a quick "love you" can make so much difference in your life, you'll see.

Put Jesus First in the Bible Conclusion
Putting Christ First Bible Verse Summary

Can't wait for you to join us again for the next part of this letter from Paul to the Colossians, so come on back soon and we'll share it together, right here at Daily Bread.

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