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Christianity Oasis provides this Rape Counseling program with Christian Rape Victims Support as well as Rape Victims Counseling for those seeking genuine Rape Victims Recovery.

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Welcome to our Christianity Oasis From Pain to Purity study program. This is our Rape Victims Support study. The truth within this SON-derful Rape Victims Support study to Bring Peace To Victims of Rape will truly enhance your be-YOU-tiful Christian walk.

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This Christian Rape Victims Support study was shared by a Christianity Oasis Ministry member and this Christian Rape Victims Support program is intended for those souls whose hearts are lost in a sea of confusion and pain and are seeking hope. Those whose minds and hearts are full of despair, shame, pain and even guilt over the loss of touch with their inner child, due to rape.

It is also for family and friends of rape victims and rape survivors who need Rape Victims Support and who are trying to cope with their loved one during the difficult times and seek to share Rape Victims Support.

It is also for those who seek to reach and teach those they encounter who are rape victims and rape survivors.

Christian Rape Victims Support
Rape Victims Counseling

Rape ... Even the word itself sounds defiling.

The definition of rape is ...

To force another to have sexual intercourse, to seize, take, or carry off by force. Rape, also referred to as sexual assault, is an assault by a person involving sexual intercourse with or without sexual penetration of another person without that person's consent.

Christian Rape Victims Support and Rape Victims Counseling Statistics

The statistics on rape in America alone are staggering as much as they are frightening. About every 60 seconds, an American is sexually assaulted. There are over 470,000 rape victims in America each and every year. Statistics show that 1 in 6 women in the United States will be raped each year. Rape stats reveal that one in seven women and one in thirty men (In the United States) have experienced an attempted and/or completed rape in their lifetime. The circumstances of the rape victims are very different, but the doom and gloom left within the victims souls afterward, is very similar.

National Sexual Assault Hotline Hours:
Available 24 hours: 1-800-656-4673

Most choose to bury what happened deep within their minds and share it with few to none. They feel alone and live in fear most of their lives, in particular when they are alone. Almost anything they see or hear triggers the horrible thoughts of their past, bringing forth many various types of negative emotions.

The emotional ups and downs we are experiencing are hindering our relationships.

You go through your day feeling fine, then something reminds you of the past and the emotional roller coaster begins.

If someone approaches you when you are in this state of mind and heart, that person can become your verbal punching bag. Leaving them wondering what they did to deserve that type of behavior. After being snapped at a few times they start putting distance between you and them and soon ... The friendship or relationship is in jeopardy.

This Christian Rape Victims state of mind and heart usually evolves into addictions (such as alcohol abuse, drug abuse, cutting and other self harm techniques) which resulted from their many attempts to find an "escape" from the bombardment of thoughts and whispers.

Music for Christian Rape Victims Support
Genuine Rape Victims Counseling

As time passes, it becomes a vicious cycle of confusion and pain which become so overwhelming that most cannot bear it.

Most just feel ... Broken.

by Scott Stapp

Why are we overcome with fear?
What if I told you that fear isn't real.
Why are we overcome with death?
What if I told you my friends your doubt
You could live without!

There is a question I want to understand
Why can't everyone tell the truth and learn to love again

Do you know ... What it feels like to be broken and used
Scared and confused
Yes I know

One more question ... I know time is dear
Is what the world speaks of love really real?
The answers not of this world but very clear
Look above to find love and you found eternal life

Street corner preachers you've heard before
Friendly advice just gets thrown out the door
There is a question that I want to understand
Why can't everyone tell the truth ... And learn to love again

Do you know ... What it feels like to be broken and used?
Scared and confused
Yes I know ... What it feels like to be broken and used
Scared and confused
Yes I know

I'm Broken!

Christian Rape Victims Paths

Those who are caught up in this web, have two choices ... Fight or Flight.

Most choose Flight.

The result ... The victim being encaged in a Spiritual prison, as tho they were the guilty party instead of the victim.

The inner child within the adult body is so very horrified at what occurred that they choose to hide within.

They build a castle within themselves with very high walls. They dig a moat around their castle and fill it with things man dares not look upon much less ever try and touch again.

They fear communicating with just about everyone in their lives and this can also include their friends and family members. So, they hide within their castle and peek out from the highest window and grant audience to strangers from a safe distance.

Trust ... Is not easily established, if at all and in most cases even tho they appear outwardly to trust ... They always fear losing the friend or potential friend because the friend might see the ugly that they themselves believe they see when they gaze into their own spiritual mirror.

Christian Rape Victims Masks
Rape Victims Recovery is Possible

Sooooooo ... Most of these rape victims and rape survivors wear spiritual masks.

These Rape Victims support masks are used to protect them from anyone ever seeing thru them and knowing what happened to them.

The one wearing these masks can even become a second (or more) entity or character as they begin to wear this mask more and more often, even forgetting themselves what lies they have told as to conceal their shame and belief that they are somehow guilty.

Guilty ???

Yes, many believe themselves to be guilty ... Most feel anger and pain, but many feel shame and even guilt.

They feel that they somehow could have done this or that. Maybe if they would have not done this or that. Maybe they lured on the predator somehow.


So, what is your story?

Christian Rape Victims Counseling Testimonies

It could have been a matter of date rape, violent rape, statutory rape, incest rape, gang rape, rape due to influence of drugs or alcohol, raped when things escalated too fast with someone and things had gone too far, though you asked them to stop, they continued, despite your pleas and now you live with that horrible thought of what you now see as you allowing it to happen to you.

Maybe you were in a place that you shouldn't have been and it just happened. Maybe you were suppose to be with friends, but they got separated from you? Maybe the friends encouraged you to go further with someone and you did, but changed your mind but the predator did not. Maybe you were taken advantage of because of a medical condition? Trusted a person and later found out they were not trustworthy when they forced themselves on you? Taken off by force? Placed in an unsafe place because of unfortunate circumstances (eg. Prison)?

Maybe it was work related? A supervisor took advantage of his/her authority and touched you in ways that made you feel uncomfortable. Unable to get away from the way you were being treated because you needed the job to pay the bills.

If you were in, or are in, one of those situations or a similar situation, this program is for you. I would like to ask you to join me in a relaxing and ultimately healing Rape Victims Support journey.

This Christian Rape Victims Support program is divided into 3 Steps.

Whether you wish to study one Christian Rape Victims Counseling Step each day, or all Steps at a time is up to you.

As part of this Christian Rape Victims Support program, I would also like for you to start a Personal Journal. Just jot down your thoughts, your trials and tribulations, your questions, maybe write a psalm, or your goals, once a day. Keep it private ... Just between you and God. When you find answers to your questions, write them down too.

That is very important. It's a great way to look back and see your progress and it also shows the Lord your determination to be healed.

Below is a list of studies that you can choose from which may relate to you or a condition or addiction that you have accumulated because of what occurred. Consider reading one or more per day as you take these steps including today.

When you are ready to proceed to Step One of the Christian Rape Victims Support and Rape Victims Counseling for Rape Victims Recovery program, just click on the link below.

*Be sure to save this Christian Rape Counseling page* to your favorites so you can return when you're ready to take the next Step, and may God's Grace and blessings be with you, every day of your life.

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